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  1. That was kind of a unique situation, yet there are ways around it, but they aren't really easy to do, and usually require another person's help.
  2. It's an interesting idea. I personally like it, I just wonder how the Dread Knight's would defy the Dread Lord in the first place? Another good thing to mention is that the Dread Knight probably wouldn't like themselves much if they gained freedom of mind. They'd feel pretty bad after all that they did, and would have no purpose any longer. It'd take a lot to get yourself back on your feet mentally after something like that.
  3. Hi

    1. Augor


      hi boid. I didn't know you sent this to me until now. <3

  4. Lenniel'onn Should be more like. Lich'onn haha get it born of lich hhahahah ohgodwhathavei done
  5. Damnit Dread Lord. I need you so I can speak to you IC.

  6. You cannot hide from me, bearjew.

  7. You're never going to be able to run from me.

  8. This is a very amusing thing, but I just think I should point it out. I've been on the server longer than you have, and I swear that I've never seen you change your profile pic, and if you haven't, that's a feat, bro.

    1. domainoft


      I made this Aegis, ago. There are many things about me that haven't changed much over the years. But your wrong about one thing I think. You might have joined the forums before me. But not necessarily the server.

    2. Augor


      I was accepted to the server the same day I joined the forums and made my app. I was pretty quick about getting in. But whatever, I just found it amusing you had the same avatar for two years.

  9. Hadley why are you always so good at this?

    1. Augor


      She strikes again. I need to go hide. >.>


    2. Birdwhisperer
  11. This line right here really concerns me. The want for OOC power is not why you should be wanting to play a Dread Knight, or a cultist for that matter. What should drive you is the want to supply people with fun RP that is engaging, and fun for everyone. Becoming a Dread Knight just because you want to be able to hard to kill, and WANT to be able to have some OOC power, is not why you should want to join. Denied.
  12. Accepted. I'll find you ICly and some point as well.
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