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  1. That was kind of a unique situation, yet there are ways around it, but they aren't really easy to do, and usually require another person's help.
  2. It's an interesting idea. I personally like it, I just wonder how the Dread Knight's would defy the Dread Lord in the first place? Another good thing to mention is that the Dread Knight probably wouldn't like themselves much if they gained freedom of mind. They'd feel pretty bad after all that they did, and would have no purpose any longer. It'd take a lot to get yourself back on your feet mentally after something like that.
  3. Augor

    Princeton's Re-Application For Fm

    I like this guy.
  4. Augor

    I'm A New Player And I've Got A Few Questions

    There's a soulstone pillar in your nation of residence. On the topic of claiming a home, you will more than likely wish to speak to someone in a position of power, (all in RP, of course). You can ask this person, probably a Steward or Lord, about buying a home, or gaining one in some other fashion. That should get you set up, buddeh.
  5. Augor

    [Actor] [For Real] Jallentime's Et App

    Justin is a chill person, yo.
  6. Augor

    Augor's At Application

    Mcname: augor1 Forum Name: Augor Skype Name: augor2.0 Do you feel you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the standards we have for applications? : As a player, I've been on the server for what is nearing three years, and I have played quite a few characters, big and small. I understand it quite well. Why you want to be an AT member? : The Application Team is a position that I've long held in the highest regard. It's a position that sifts through the newer players, and accepts the one that have put forth the effort, and have the experience to roleplay into the server. This is not where their job stops, though. The same team also serves as a guide to the newer players of the server, moving them through the steps, and, if they have problems with the application, they assist them. To me, the team has stood for more as a tool for guidance, and helping the newer players get through the gates of an application and into the land behind the gates which is LotC. Joining the app team will allow me to assist new players on this task in a better, and more efficient way than before, and to help the server by allowing those that are ready to enter, and nudging those that are not quite ready in the right direction. Also, reading stories is fun, and sometimes the people that you accept end up being really good at it, and you get a nice kick from them. Is there anything else you would like to add?: I can be on for a majority of the day, and extending into the early morning on weekends. Timezone is CST
  7. Hi

    1. Augor


      hi boid. I didn't know you sent this to me until now. <3

  8. Augor

    Mrjoshy's Trial Gm Application [Fa]

    From my experience, this individual is well balanced. Not only this, but he seems to be able to make level headed decisions, and can look at things from multiple viewpoints. Couple this with the fact that he has good worth ethic, and is willing to do some things that others may not, it's pretty good material for a GM.
  9. Augor

    [Actor] Heial's Et Application

    Jallentime's RP is nothing but spectacular. Much better than mine, anyway. +1
  10. Augor

    [Actor] Swgrclan's Event Team Application

    He's like. An entire clan of swag. +1
  11. Augor

    [Actor] Slic3Man's Event Team Application

    Slic3man is a sodomite. But he sounds like Crit1cal. +1
  12. Augor

    The Lich's Character Card

    Lenniel'onn Should be more like. Lich'onn haha get it born of lich hhahahah ohgodwhathavei done
  13. Damnit Dread Lord. I need you so I can speak to you IC.

  14. You cannot hide from me, bearjew.