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  1. The Hedge Knight

    My Glorious Lore Application

    LordCommander is a great guy, incredibly nice and he answers questions very well. He's well invested in his work, and actually enjoys discussing it instead of viewing it as a chore and I surprisingly don't see that often. I give my full support to this application, I thoroughly believe he's got what it takes to be a great member of the team, and really get things done. +1
  2. The Hedge Knight

    [✓] Lotdu'Octeva Land Charter

    Govanalvo signs the thing. "Yes, very good, yes."
  3. The Hedge Knight

    [Pending]Ender_Panda's ET Actor App

    She's a good kid, I give her a magical +1
  4. IGN(s): Chimlet Age: 20 Timezone: UTC-06:00 Discord: Chim#3384 What map did you join during?: Beginning of Asulon! Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes. Average daily playing time?: About four or five hours. Usually later in the day after a work shift. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I was on the Application team for a short time. This was for about two months? Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I've been with this server for a very long while. I've met plenty of people, some I've liked and others I've had to bite my tongue with. But the positive folk have always outweighed the negative. And I'd like to have the opportunity to start helping people out and do the best I can to represent the server in a professional, yet friendly manner. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I applied twice about two years ago as far as I can remember. Anything else you want to tell us?: I've already completed a modreq! https://gyazo.com/963cf099fbf5dadca71bad597a377ac2
  5. The Hedge Knight

    [Complete][Complete] Family looking for a house

    Gavin would nod while looking at the notice. "Halstaig is always in need of good working folk." He'd then set off, looking to speak with whomever posted the notice.
  6. The Hedge Knight

    [Denied] TheJollyPear's AT Application

    +1 Good guy, he seems really devoted to his cause, and that says something.
  7. The Hedge Knight

    [Actor] MajesticOwyn's ET Application

    I think he's a good guy, and I see no issue with his RP. I think he could do the job well! +1
  8. The Hedge Knight

    mkkk AT App!

    She's got my support. She'll be friendly to the new folk, and seems to have gotten her way into almost every aspect of RP. So I believe she can do it. +1
  9. The Hedge Knight

    Gaius Marius/boddhisatva's Lk Application

    Gaius is the man. He's literally this job. +1
  10. The Hedge Knight

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    10/10 Lark I love you.
  11. The Hedge Knight

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    6/10 I see you all over the place.
  12. The Hedge Knight

    The Marked Men - School Of The Stag.

    The night was cold as it always was in Kaer Aardwen. The northern lights drifted across the sky like brilliant colourful waves, carrying the full force of the winter with them. Three Marked Men stood in one of the many courtyards of the great keep, staring up at it. Wind battered the courtyard as snow flicked past their faces. None budged other than to blow warm, foggy breath into their hands. They had become accustomed to such elements. Loud and echoing footsteps broke the constant whooshing of the icy wind, causing the men to look at each other in confusion. Blue energy seemed to condense in one spot nearby, taking on the shape of a young man. The Marked Men remained calm, as they had been taught to when dealing with ghosts and conversed with the being. The being disappeared once more and the men split up to find it. For half an hour they traversed the expansive fortress, all apart from one finding naught. The man who did find the ghost learnt that it wished to return to a forest. They all agreed to assist the being in such an endeavor. The Marked Men traversed the white expanse of the frozen mountains surrounding Kaer Aardwen, shivering and holding their hands out infront of their faces. The air stung like pins when it hit bare flesh. They eventually stumbled down a moonlit, icy hill until they reached a frost encrusted forest. The Men remained quiet, watching the ghost as it began to fly in a rapid straight line, eventually dissipating into thin air. The company did its best to follow it, eventually reaching a deep pit with dry blood and flies at the bottom. All of a sudden a voice boomed from all around them, it was similar to the specter’s but more sinister somehow. A red shape appeared in the corner of the three trio’s vision, looming at the edge of the pit. It hissed. A strong wind seemed to blow through the forest and several branches fell from the trees. The poltergeist seemed furious. Before they could react, the four men were battered with branches and roots coming from all directions. The anti-mage among them did his best to dispel the flinging objects, but not without his companions taking a beating in the process. A log was wrenched free from the earth in which it was buried over time, immediately propelling into the large thug, Norris, the Janitor of Kaer Aardwen. He doubled over and groaned in pain. As soon as this happened, the Marked with ashen hair darted to the left. The poltergeist noticed this and locked eyes with him. The roots that were assaulting the other two began to curve in his direction, gaining speed. The anti-mage deftly raised both hands, sending a stream of grey mist over the roots, causing them to crumple and shrivel up and die before they reached the running man. The poltergeist looked almost scared as the man bounded up the hill and weaved between trees, tracing a semi-circle around its flank. A second Marked Man, with blonde hair and a fresh face, began to mimic his ashen-haired accomplice movements. The spirit was oblivious to this as it focused its energies on halting the incoming ashen-haired man. It tore a tree down to block the path, the ashen-haired man sprinted and jumped over it, though roots shot from the ground and snatched him out of the air, tearing him back down to the ground and slamming his face into the dirt, dazing him. The younger Marked began to pant and sweat gathered around his forehead. This would be his first kill. He sprinted forth, grabbed his sword with both hands and thrust it into the spirit’s back, causing it to dissipate into red mist before disappearing entirely.
  13. The Hedge Knight

    (4.0) Ghouls - Playable Zombies

    MC name: Chimlet225 Timezone: Central UTC Skype: micklepaco Why do you want to play a Ghoul: I always enjoy helping out and providing some fun RP when I get the chance. Whether it be through barter or just a good sit down and dine RP. I think this would be a fun thing to get into, causing some strife to folk while also bringing them together and possibly forming new friendships through having to duke it out with a ghoul in a group. Ghoul Description: A large boned fiend, he was obviously a man of larger stature in his life. Though, now reduced to his current state he is thin, broad shouldered, a breast plate covering his swollen gut. He wears the very same sallet he was buried in years back. He is missing an eyeball, due to the blunt trauma that had ended his previous life. What armor he used to have on his arms seems to have slipped away, leaving a hanging pauldron to dangle from his breastplate. His body can almost be mixed up for the dead on the battle field due to his half armored state. Do you understand & agree to uphold the rules: Yes, of course.
  14. The Hedge Knight

    [Complete]Selling A Tome Of The Fisher

    "One thousand." calls Gavin from some random area. (Been moving all weekend :/, using my phone.)
  15. The Hedge Knight

    [Denied]Chimlet's Trial Gm Application.

    Minecraft name/s: Chimlet225 Age: 18 Time zone and availability: UTC-06:00, or Central. I appear often at nine at night and stay on until four. Then I pop on around one and stick around until two. This will change when college swings around. Skype: micklepaco What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: I haven't felt any ambition on change unless it is needed. Though I always want to bridge the gap between the players and the staff. I remember first joining the server and always feeling so threatened all the time. I'd like to be the guy who lightens it up a little while maintaining a professional outlook on the situation at hand. Really that is my only issue other than the occasional community rifts, where folk just boil up on each other a little too much. What are your finest qualities?: I can remain even headed during situations and don't enjoy a horrible time. I like to find an even ground for almost everything though I know when it's achievable. And above all, I like to keep things smooth during any situation, ensuring all is relaxed and not stressful on anyone. I also strive to help anyone who seems to be misguided or any of the sort. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: I come into issues when multitasking at times. But I've been working on this by actually putting together planners to better prepare for school and such. Another poor quality I have would probably be my excessive detailing. I tend to go into much further detail than is truly necessary when speaking with folk. But I try to keep things to the point more often when the situation calls. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: I would look to Taufirewarrior, Raelplayer, and Kalamoot. I've had times where I met each of them for a while and feel most comfortable with them as of now. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: Nobody, I haven't met all the folk of the team. But I'm sure I could get along with anyone. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I have free time all night. And some events in my life will only add to more free time. I'll be online whenever possible and would be willing to hop on if called upon. I'm also the sort to stay around if I'm the only staff member online.