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    Yo wassup, should I come back to this home skillet ding dong?


  2. I think in the end, the mechanics of firearms on this server would be akin to that of magic or crossbow roleplay that we’ve already had for years. It’s honestly just an aesthetic difference at the end of the day. When you consider that most RP is done with an honor code, most people already do well enough following rules. And we have systems in place to deal with people who powergame the use of a firearm. Whether we limit their use and make them OP or, make them an interesting alternative, allowing someone to have pre-loaded firearms that can either make or break their chances in an RP fight I see no harm in it. I for one, think it would be cool to have a universal chart that firearms follow on a roll table. Universal so that everyone has access to these rules and terms of usage, that way we can all govern the RP at hand and call out any issues provided. I would love to be involved in the development of such a system, as I truly believe some cool and wonky scenarios could be had with something so simple implemented. Besides, we’ve had cannons before and Asulon, and even not that long ago. The time should come where we sit down and lay out ground rules for firearms, and make it something fun an interesting for all the stories being forged on this server. Would I like to be shot with a pistol and have it hit some random spot on my body based on a rudimentary roll table? For sure. Would I like to see the powder fizzle out on a low roll? Of course, I now have the next move and all my opponent did was shoot sparks. Would I like to see their gun pop in their hand because they’re inexperienced with firearms and clogged their barrel or even double loaded? Again, of course. It has potential to be great with little effort, or terrible, and a lot of that will be in fate’s hands. Ultimately, that is where I see it being most interesting and fun. Just a quick thought I’d like to add. Reading through various works of early accounts from various physicians in the past and their memoirs. Arrow wounds were most certainly more lethal. Not just due to the speed in which arrows can be let loose, but also from the fact that arrowheads cut and cause much harder to heal wounds for the human body. A bullet didn’t quite need to be extracted from a wound in all cases, as it was very likely the body would encyst a bullet projectile and cause no issues down the line. An arrow head getting stuck in the body in most cases would cause constant issues. Pus being constant due to the inflammation that would occur from the flesh constantly cutting itself on the jagged arrow tip. I could go on forever on that subject, but if you wish to find this information explained in better detail, look up Joseph Howland Bill’s “Notes on Arrow Wounds”. While he wasn’t a “medieval” period doctor, he certainly saw the clash of two different worlds and the effect on said men involved during the time. Keep in mind, this is during the Civil War, most firearms used in this time would be ages better than the ones we contemplate adding due to whatever balance or aesthetic differences people see. Thanks for reading this old fart’s post.
  3. Is it worth coming back guys? :^)

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      It is not worth coming back no.

  4. Woah this looks different.

  5. Looking for a skinner, willing to pay some money or buy a game for'em idc.

  6. We got August boots, can we get like a September hat since September is my birthday month??? Cool thankie.

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      i told u there was one rule

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      the august boots thing isn't related to the month

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  7. RP with me.

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      There is a chance I'll be online this weekend !!

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  8. Be my daughter again.

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  9. Gavin would nod while looking at the notice. "Halstaig is always in need of good working folk." He'd then set off, looking to speak with whomever posted the notice.
  10. Sup?

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