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  1. Felsen Armed Forces Application Part I Personal Information OOC Minecraft Name: Mitchamaya Skype Name: Mitchamaya IC: Name: Merrian Montierre Age: 35 Race: Human Are you a citizen or Oren? Yes or no: Yes Can you wield a weapon properly and usefully? Yes or no: Yes Felsen Armed Forces Application Part II Aptitude Test The following is a basic aptitude test to show us, as a future soldier, the ability to solve problems. Do not be offended either by their simplicity, or their difficulty. They are not meant to beat you into a pulp. Highlight the correct answers in BOLD. 1. Which number comes next in the following series? 3,6,9,12,... a) 14 b) 20 c) 2 d) 15 2. In the word ONOMATOPOEIA how many o’s are next to a vowel? a) 2 b) 4 c) 1 d) None 3. FAST is the opposite of? a) RUN b) BEHIND c) SLOW d) QUICK 4. Answer the following diagram by writing 1, 2, 3, or 4, respectively according to the boxes from left to right. Answer here: 3, 4 5. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? a) African or European? b) Stupid Question from a stupid movie. c) I don't get it. d) y u do dis. e) 11 m/s Felsen Armed Forces Application Part III Why you want to join and what you can offer us. We don't want your life story or some sappy love note. Why do you want to join, and what can you offer us? Write in the space provided below: I wish to acquire the combat skills befitting any upright citizen to better serve the nation of Oren. To take up arms in defense of my countrymen, King, and Creator, I can think of no greater calling. I offer my full dedication and concentrated ambition to the Felsen Armed Forces; the will of the nation is my own. Signature: Merrian Montierre
  2. What's the purpose of the website mini-navigation?

  3. Could someone direct me to a fresh 1.5.1 jar?

    1. Cereidon (Tetsuzaru)
    2. Mitchamaya


      Ah, crap, it's not downloading anything. I assume it's supposed to start automatically?

    3. Mitchamaya


      Tried another browser, got it. Thanks!

  4. Someone ought to coin a shorter or otherwise pronounceable version of Burzûmkûtotaz. I'd like that. It could be Burzy! Or Burzum. That works.

    1. blindmind


      Burr-zum-koo-toe-tahs. I think?

  5. Do real world accents exist in Lord of the Craft? Are there or variants to them?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gemmylou


      Dwarves are Scottish and Adunians are Irish



      Rhodirs are Russian.

      Plenty of people speak with a light accent everywhere in Anthos, anyway.

    4. SortedJarhead


      Adunians can be Scottish too. . .

  6. I don't know if this is bothering anyone else, but the alt-text on this site is displaying way too quickly for my liking.

  7. The John Smith texture pack hasn't updated for 1.5 properly, so the oak wood of so many walls says "missing texture" on a white background. I'll pretend it's tyvek.

    1. Kaiser


      there's a glitch in the matrix, I see...

  8. Installed ubuntu... I have no idea what I'm doing.

  9. I always feel like I've been caught in a trap when I visit a profile that keeps track of visitors.

    1. Bircalin


      You -know- you want to...

  10. I've noticed people like to center their forum posts, but I find it harder to read.

  11. Curious that there are no tax guides in the economy guides forum.

    1. gingernut97


      Tax evasion. Tax evasion everywhere.

  12. I'm really fine having no fast travel. The cities aren't so far from each other.

  13. I'm very pleased with Anthos! Thank you, everyone involved.

    1. Purple Llama

      Purple Llama

      From what I've seen it looks great

      P.S all I've seen is a ccrash screen so far XD

  14. I could have prepared better for this. Like making a name. I need to make a name right now. Oh God, I don't have a face either.

  15. Is it a bad idea to have a plan for a character's life? I can't help but design an interesting outcome for a character's later life whilst creating them, but I do not know the reprecussions of trying to influence the progression of a character. Is it better to allow them to develop naturally, subject to their interactions with others? I intend to have my character undergo a great change within 6 months, but I feel I first ought to know if this is a poor course of action.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Raptorious


      Not at all, it's what I do mostly with my characters. However if something fairly big happens that will change the direction of your character's life, I suggest going with it. You'll have a much better time, trust me.

    3. Mitchamaya


      I'll adapt it by what happens then. Thank you.

    4. jtringl


      You set your endgame and goals for your characters life, but you leave all the details on how you get there up to the course of RP.

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