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  1. hello apparently my char is the son of ur gay son how r u

  2. Bircalin

    [Accepted] don't beat me, dad

    For players that have characters that you've very overtly voiced a pretty powerful hatred for, it can be hard for some of us to see this application and not mention our concerns. You've had a history which, of course, you mentioned, that still leaves plenty of concern for players like myself and those that might choose to also voice their thoughts here. What assurance is there that, under the apparent blanket-hatred for any who seem to associate with us, said players can comfortably contact you with issues they may have? I don't intend to slander, I should clarify.
  3. Bircalin

    [✓] The Holy League Charter App.

    Bircalin signs the charter. (Bircalin)
  4. Will you love me yet Lulu

  5. 558 notifications and 1 rep point in the time I've been gone. Feelsgoodman

  6. I'm honestly quite impressed by how much thought and effort has quite clearly been put into this. Particularly, I feel like the weaknesses were designed very fairly and above all interesting and curious. I really do hope whatever work might need doing on this lore doesn't alter it too much from this original product, I'd love seeing how it plays out for sure.
  7. Woowee, it's a real treat to see activity coming up into GMT hours! Silver linin' folks!

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    2. Lark


      You could day activity has...Ascended

    3. Bircalin


      Stop larking around.

    4. Lark
  8. You know you messed up when you're going to bed without feeling tired at mid-day on a weekday.

    1. Aislin


      get a job you hippy

  9. http://gyazo.com/1e0b104c38b5b0a76993a29f873bbe12 Cue getting demoted instantly for the 6th time :(
    1. oblivionsbane


      Plat is where good players go to die.

    2. Bircalin


      It used to be easy ;-;

    3. Heero


      Heroes of The Storm is where it's at. Get with the times, Birc.

  10. DDOS me please plebians

    1. Aagaron


      got you the plus package internet upgrade. eta 12 min

    2. xDK


      Hangon.. Let me get EA on the phone.

    3. yefok
  11. Uh apparently soulstoning to Cerulin (as the home tp for Elves) suffocates?

  12. 12 Years a Slave is possibly the most beautiful piece of creative work I've ever come across.

    1. Space


      white guilt -.-

    2. Rael


      you must have not come across to many works then

    3. Bircalin


      In my opinion, I should crucially add.

  13. How'sit going, chief? :)

  14. remove gm apps

    1. KoTo


      weak banter

    2. Salvo


      remove koto

  15. Where are all my European homies at on League yo??!??

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    2. Praetor


      heroes of the storm is better tbh

    3. Irish


      its a good game

    4. TavernLich


      What a meme.