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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    6 or 7/10~
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    5 or 6/10, your name rings a bell but I haven't seen you too much~
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    8/10 :)
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    6/10, I'm starting to see you about a lot ^_^
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    Benboboy's Fm Application

    Benbo is so incredibly worthy of the FM rank. He's level headed and conscientious, so much support from me!~
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    4/10, I've certainly seen you around.
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    4 or 5/10, I only see you on these threads.
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    The Chosokabe and Fukuhara

    An old woman stands by the mirrored surface of a pool, her lined face creased with worry in the silver reflection. Her hands are worn by countless days of work and worry. The wind rattles through the overhead trees, reminding the woman of her son. So strong... So... Fleeting. She closes her eyes as her mind travels back to her son in his bed, sick with the fevers of the earth. She pictures the sweat upon his brow, the clammy, pale texture of his skin. He is not in the right state to lead such a promising clan into the future. The old woman's clothes are whipped about her in the wind, and her face lifts to reveal wise old eyes of darkest brown, framed by silvery grey hair that is tied behind her. "I, Hua-Feng, am bound by hono' to protect legacy of my son." She murmurs, her wind dying down to a breeze. "I w'stand in as Daimyo of Fukuhara until he regain health." The old woman turns, striding away down the pier and into the forest, swiftly returning to aid her son, and to prepare herself for the responsibility that lies ahead. ((Hey everyone! Luke is taking a break, so I'll be standing in as acting Daimyo of the Fukuhara for a mere Two weeks. I hope everything will run smoothly!))
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    5/10 I think people are rating their friends higher than they should be o_o
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    This is second time I've EVER seen you on the forums ^_^ 4/10
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

  13. Great lore, really fun to read! Maybe add an RP example of how the magic would be performed, in what contexts it would be used. How long would a healing or soothing take during RP?
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    Urara's FM App [Withdrawn, please delete]

    I support, I see Urara as a great and exemplary member of the LOTC communtiy.
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    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    Everybody knows Falkor. 10/10
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    [Recruitment] The Sly Jano

    ((Note: This is more of a clan than a guild. Most Jano are born into the clan, but you are allowed to join without this backstory. I.E, you don’t have to make a new character. This clan ties in with the lore of Han'Shai, which still has yet to (hopefully) be accepted.)) ((IMPORTANT: I am no longer the Jonin/Leader of the Jano, please send all Jano related questions and the like to Sealhorn.)) A cold breeze whips against your skin as you enter the Cloud Temple on a cold, moonlit night. Clouds cast infrequent shadows across the glistening surfaces of the pools and fountains; all is quiet, all is still. Suddenly, a gust of wind howls through the Temple, sweeping under the arches and buffeting the walls of the temple. Leaves fly around you as if in the midst of a haunting dance, circling and leaping across the smooth stone floor. A poster hangs just ahead of you. The parchment on which it is written is so black, light seems to shy away from it. White writing sits on the surface, glinting in the moonlight. You walk closer, squinting to make out the words written in the glittering cursive. 不要害怕陰影,害怕時,他們都走了 Do not fear shadows, fear when they are gone. “Living to serve yourself and your cause, disciplining yourself to achieve the utmost skill and power, and knowing that although you are surrounded by others, your blood, your skin, and the very fabric of your soul determine that you are different; you are not like the others.” We are the Jano, the eyes and ears of the shadows. We are the watchers, the assassins, and the mercenaries of the night. ~ Below the poster, a page that has been torn from what seems to be a textbook is nailed below. You lean in to get a closer look. The Jano: An Introduction Of the many parts of Han’Shai society, the Jano are the most elusive, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. They could be effectively compared to the Sphodromantis viridis of the forests of Elandriel. The Jano began their time as criminals and thieves, exiled from their homes due to their unfortunate practices. At first, they fought amongst each other, bickering and squabbling to find power, until one day they were brought together by someone simply known as ‘The Jonin’. The Jano are hard to comprehend to outsiders; they are disciplined and yet contemplative. They can take up numerous false personas and roles in other societies, and they can exist almost anywhere, an omnipresence that is only achieved by their people. The Jano may seem at first to merely be miscreants and brutes, but they actually guide, shape, and embrace the chaos that they are capable of creating. They are highly dedicated to the ‘greater good’ concept which Madokara guided them towards, and they contest the noble Cipang for the best protection of Han’Shai. The Rites of Passage The Jano commit many, many deeds in the name of Han’Shai, therefore it would be difficult to find a Jano that doesn’t engage in chaos inducing plots of manipulation or other intrigue. The Jano are wary of the risks involved with having a person commit such acts, often without supervision or oversight aside from the Jonin’s constant awareness of their acts. Because of this, the Jano have many rites of passage where the apprentices of their society are trained rigorously prior to being given tasks. Another page scrap is pinned beside the first. The Hierachy At the top of the Jano hierarchy is the Jonin, the all-knowing and all seeing leader of their people. Below the Jano, there are four positions (Chunin) to be filled; the Kancho, the Teisatsu, the Kishu, and the Konran. Sometimes, only one or two of these positions are filled at the time, depending on whether the Jonin finds a suitable candidate. The basic members of the Jano are called the Genin, and they make up the majority of the Jano populace. Relations The Jano allow their reputation to spread, but when contacted, if the true Jano nature of the member is not known, then they are highly likely to pretend to be of another clan. The Cipang and the Jano have many philosophical differences, and therefore can be rude and uncivil with each other at times. Despite this, both clans are able to put aside their differences for the good of Han’Shai. The Ji’Sin and the Jano share a special bond, most likely due to the respect that the Ji’Sin have among the members of Han’Shai. The constantly moving and changing lifestyles of the Jano mean that they have notorious trouble with relationships, but the Jano mostly find their companions among the calm and peaceful monks of Han’Shai, or their Jano peers. As you move away from the poster, thinking about what you have just read, you see a glimpse of a shadowy figure standing atop the roof of the Cloud Temple. Another gust of wind makes you shield you face, and when you look up again, the figure is gone, leaving only moonlight in its place. ((Thank you to Izo for the lore-y goodness!)) Jonin: Sealhorn (Izo) Genin: Talf (Cobra), Megacomet79 (Suifuto), KingSir Click here for the Charter! Click here for the Lore! Click here for the Organizing thread!
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    [Accepted]Cappy's GM Application

    Yes Please.
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    [Recruitment] The Sly Jano

    "By the Sengoku period, the shinobi had several roles, including spy (kanchō), scout (teisatsu), surprise attacker (kishu), and agitator (konran).[21] The ninja families were organized into larger guilds, each with their own territories.[23] A system of rank existed. A jōnin ("upper man") was the highest rank, representing the group and hiring out mercenaries. This is followed by the chūnin ("middle man"), assistants to the jōnin. At the bottom was the genin ("lower man"), field agents drawn from the lower class and assigned to carry out actual missions.[24]" Does that help? (It's from wikipedia, for reference).
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    Geo's Wee Gm App.

    How much can one support an application like this? The answer is an infinite amount. I fully support this application, Geo is an astounding Rp'er!
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    Rexx8's Fm Application

    +1 Fantastic Rp'er, and somebody truly worthy to be an FM!