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  1. Been doing photography coursework all day ;_;

    1. Tigergamer


      I've been at art coursework all day too :<

    2. lev


      I've had IT coursework .______.

  2. omfg just because you can't take off the training wheels

  3. You will be sorely missed Alec, thank you for everything you've done~

  4. Happy Birthday Deco~ ;3

  5. What's your New Years resolution, LOTC?

    1. Glasiconas


      To harass you more on skype. :P -Signed LoTC

    2. Twiddlepop


      I'll take you up on that.

  6. 5 or 6/10, your name rings a bell but I haven't seen you too much~
  7. Happy New Year for when I next see you, Lord of the Craft!

  8. Thank you everyone for contributing to my thread, it's an issue I follow quite strongly and I'm glad to have heard everyone's opinions.

  9. Well that's a debate and a half.

    1. Jarkarll


      You have great ideals, Twiddlepop, I applaud you.

    2. Twiddlepop


      Thank you very much!

  10. Incoming rant topic.

    1. leave me alone

      leave me alone

      Incoming!!! GET DOWN!

    2. Jibuis Winterborn (Vinnie)
    3. gingernut97


      Good points on that topic.

  11. Skin requests open again! No more to be done tonight, but leave your requests!

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