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  1. God forbid if the same stagnant nations we've had for 10 years take a tumble.
  2. "Does a single soul truly care?" A flaxen-haired elf uttered aloud upon reading the memo. "Allow the 'Aheral the sorry end they so seek and rid Almaris of your 'thill taint." "Thoughtless dimwits, the whole lot of you."
  3. "Kill the bees, I say! One stung me just the other day! For what good is this bug if not for the honey in my mug?" So the elderly farmhand swore to another, gripping his hoe to whack each hive he might uncover.
  4. Skin: 8 Bid: 500 Discord: spinzir#7777 IGN: spinzir
  5. Wealth beyond measure, Outlander.

  6. A certain elf altogether similar in appearance to that of the missive gawked upon it's condemning clause on the roadside. "Hmm... I've seen that face before."
  7. This server died with Limpy Tardly.
  8. UNBAN @Despacito SHE deserves it.

    1. Parker


      please do it

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