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  1. Chikachu

    Phrases And Idioms

    The Adunians had a list of these once... i know at least one of them was using the insult "malaherl" to mean someone who is stuck up. I'll see if I can find the others. Edit: Idioms: Acting the fish: To act like a fool, or make a fool of yourself or others. A mina to you: Basically good luck Bear’s a bear: Tell the truth By the Orc Calendar: When Pig’s fly To be a horse by the ninth mile: To be Exhausted Stuffing the Brain: To force an idea into someone, to indoctrinate someone (‘e’s dun a bitta’ stuffin’ th’ brain, ‘adn’t ‘e?) The gem that overflowed the dwarven vault: Basically the straw that broke the camel’s back When you speak of the birds…: Basically speak of the devil. The long phrase is, “When ye speak o’ th’ birds, the birds do be a flappin’”. I’m sure surprised: “I don’t care”. Usually accompanied by the rolling of the eyes.
  2. #FaizMadeAMistake... and I'm sorry my dear friend, but you earned your ban.

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    2. Burkester


      But u cybered with greene and didnt get banned??

    3. Chikachu
    4. GodEmperorFlam
  3. Chikachu

    Elven Songs

    I love you so much right now. I've been trying to write elvish songs for ages and I can never get them right!
  4. Just a note... mina actually means free in Adunian. You can come up with some history from that if you'd like
  5. ((While I understand this may be a roleplay thread and what not, I am going to make this very VERY clear. This is a MEDIEVAL Roleplay Server. This means that anything that you create MUST BE BASED ON MEDIEVAL LIFE. If you would like to make this Lore it's own proper culture, firstly you should make it so that it is strictly medieval based. From what I have seen of the roleplay of this group, it has become something resembling a modern London gang. That is not right. Swearing every since sentence is ALSO inappropriate. We may allow some swearing, but excessive swearing like the kind I have just seen is not right. Should any member of the staff come across another encounter with this group that seems much MUCH more modern than it should be, there will be consequences. Just so you are aware, this includes the IC name of "Glo' Gang" as the word gang did not come to mean anything of the sort until late renaissance. Keep it Medieval people, or your group will be removed.))
  6. Keeeeeeem... Wai u nu tell Chi u mak purti tings?!?! Seriously, I'm in awe right now. These are beautiful Hate to sound too feministic or whatever, but I love that you don't draw those unrealistically skinny women. Makes me feel a tad more comfy in my own skin seeing your work. :3 Much love to you, mai fwiend.
  7. I honestly do not understand why this thread was honestly made... No offense OP, but you don't want there to be forced PK genocide, and no one else does, and honestly I'm fairly sure that it was decided back in WR times that you CANNOT genocide a certain race. Certainly they hunted the Dark Elves for sport, but I'm also fairly sure that the WR had no intention of genocide or forcing PK. Pk will NEVER be forced on someone unless they themselves do something that we consider self-pk: such as suicide or sometimes causing too much drama - something that mods decide needs to change. So really... this thread is a bunch of people yelling at a wall.... like, everyone yelling at a wall. I'm not going to lock it, but just be aware that you have no reason to think that genocide is ever going to be okay on LOTC. Even the OP for those who read it said they didn't want it to happen. No worries here.
  8. Alright, I think this has honestly gone far enough. This is just getting worse and worse so I think we're done here. Helpinghands, if you would like to see if this lore can be approved onto the server, then make an ideas lore post about it before just making a guild. that was there is a public record of the GM and the LM that said you could do this, and then you can continue. For now, I'm locking this. If you really feel the need to keep arguing, take it to PMs please.
  9. I'm going to say this thread is done. If you really wanna reopen it, pm a mod with the reason. Don't care if you pm someone else or myself, but I think everything has been said.

    1. howard


      yay we have a GM again

    2. NTE_Killer4life



  11. I agree... somewhat. If the roleplay is particularly bad, then really it would only make things worse, not better. Maybe if someone wants to have the nation leader killed permanently they can get a GM to watch the rp and then if it IS superb they must perma. I dunno, it doesn't seem right to force them on the off chance the rp really is bad.
  12. I just encountered my first furry guys..... it was kinda odd... and a bit unpleasant.

  13. Festival of Rebirth and Rivalries is on at Atgaard.

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      looks like you can't handle the event ~member tired of gm corruption

    2. Chikachu


      .... Really? Is that because I warned you for harrassment?

  14. This is actually something that has been bothering me for awhile now. I feel this pvp vs. Rp fight is yet another tear in the server. It's why I've been trying to work with the rest of the staff to find some sort of compromise. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them! Feel free to pm me.
  15. you have a great singing voice

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