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  1. can anyone tell me how the tokeballs work, i tried rightclicking, tried shift right clicking its not working

  2. So i have a character that wants to live on a ship. How would one go about doing that?

    1. Viltaren


      Find a nation lead who is willing to let you buy part of their plot. i've been approached by a few people and given the m the go ahead, and other nation leads may be open as well.
      People may upcharge you, but, the base rate is 0.1 mina per horizontal block of space purchased. 

  3. Tayelikel


  4. Good luck with the magic app, hope it gets accepted! *throws bird lady your way*

  5. What is your Minecraft Account Name?: Kizumachan How long have you played on LotC?: 3-4 years now, a long time! How many hours per day/week are you available?: 8- 10, a few hours in the morning and then in the evening. ( 9-11:30am CT and 9:30- 12:30am CT on mon-fri then all weekend im free) Have you read and do you thoroughly understand Magic Lore?: Yes, Mostly familiar with elementalism and witchdoctor. What Magic Lore do you hold the most experience with?: Elementalism, and witchdoctor I started out with elementalism and it's stuck with my character throughout the years. Witchdoctor came later and still use it to this day. Write about a magic-related topic that you find interesting (e.g. How mental barriers work): The versatility of the magic . Most times people default to having shamanism as a combat magic, however there are many other uses. There have been times Elphaba has used fire to help put out a burning house, or used earth to make small shelters for orcs she was hunting with. Elementalism truly shows orcs at there finest in my opinion, showcases what bonds with the spirits can do. It shows how a truly devoted shaman can develop into more then just a brute soldier. Although combat is vital to orc culture there is so much more to it. Even in a symbolic sense, Elphaba (my character) had used earth to build a pyre for her son, washed with using water, used fire to burn the body, and air to blow the ashes to the sea. Although this took awhile, it was not all done at once. She wanted to use the spirits (As shes a devoted shaman and worships the spirits) to send her son off properly, not many people see that side of the orcs, or the magic. But it is such a beautiful and creative side. It brings interesting rp that helps characters grow. The fact that it has such versatility also means that there is not a /right/ way to play it. That as long as the core rules and lore of the magic are followed, the player can use it to shape there story, there character however they wish. As a member of the MT, that is what I would strive to do. Help current/prospective students see the true potential of the magic and be there to help them/the magic devolve and evolve! Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: None, Hopefully this will be my first! Do you have a Discord account? (You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note; Discord is required to communicate with the team): I do! Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it: Never been blacklisted
  6. Tayelikel

    By The Seaside - Storm Elementalism

    Elphaba had watched her student die before her. A moment of doubt, of dread washing over her as she lost another so close to her. Aside zlashs dead body she cried and pleaded for the spirits to allow him to live. She could not bear lose another so dear to her heart. There were already to many graves, memorials she wept at. It was a faint sound, but the sound of hope, a beating hear and the breath of air as Falum woke, burnt, marked by the bolt that took his life. But he lived. Elphabas heart stopped for a moment as her hope returned. Here he was, the son of one of her best students, vorgos child had stepped up to the spirit, taken the trial without giving into the hesitation or fear. Vorgos spirit had truly been with his son that day, as Falum got up to his feet there was something different In him elphaba noticed. A maturity, appreciaton for life perhaps, she couldn't tell for sure but she smiled, smiled at the man he was becoming, seeing the potential that drew her to teach him. He was no novice, not after this. Looking up to the sky she smiled "vorgo, I know you see him, I am proud, as proud of him as I was of you. I miss you dear friend, I wish you were here, with us to witness this" she said to herself in a small prayer as she helped wrap and tend to falums wounds, she nodding to him as he seemed to come to. "I hope the conversation went well" she beamed after her own heart settled "I'm proud of you, very proud..." looking at him once more she knew her student was destined for greatness, that he had much to offer to the orcs, and the spirits. She looked forward to the many adventures to come
  7. +1 yes please! he would be perfect and for this, always trying to enhance rp for the better!
  8. Tayelikel

    [Denied]Hedgehugs Trial GM application

    Words cannot express how well rounded, thoughtful, and passionate hedge is. from his time in shamanism, helping the orcs bring it back to life, to his attitude ooc, helpful, kind, lacking any bias. honesty. All my exchanges with him ooc and rp have been for the better. He would be a perfect addition to the team +1
  9. It feels so good to get back to making longer rp posts! Thank you so much to hedge and Evark for helping me with Elphies spirit walk I had so much fun working with you two and it made for such good rp!


  10. I have a question for any of the MAT
    I had a mind magic character (Rathina Oussana) who i had shelved for a bit, im bringing her back and want to be sure the accepted magic app i did would still be valid

    1. FlamboyantTyrant


      Assuming you have a valid accepted magic application that isn't in the inactive subforums, it should be fine.

    2. Tayelikel


      Yeah, just noticed I cant find my app, I know i did one, it was a /long/ time ago, what would I have to do to start my magic back up legitimately since I can't find my old accepted one? 

    3. FlamboyantTyrant


      Most likely, we had a cut off date for grandfathered magics back in March (I think) to prevent people from "unshelving an old" char and trying to bs that they had magic with exceptions made for legitimate cases where an older player may have returned. Toss me a forum PM or add me on skype at halt999 if you want to talk about this in more depth since I have to head out atm.

  11. Tayelikel

    [Denied] IronLich [MAT] Application.

    There could be no one better :) talking rp and ooc, He gives so much to others roleplay! he deserves all the respect and would make a great addition to the team +90000
  12. At work for a few more hours, thankfully a 2 hr training turned into a 2 hr break because the trainer never showed up lol

  13. ugh tht moment when you cnt remeber your characters history. i cant remeber how elphie started anthos, if she was with the elves or orcs, all i remeber is the fallen, the druids, her going to the orcs. but i cnt remeber the order! gah! lol

  14. Where have you been?

    1. Tayelikel


      moving and getting ajusted in new home :) back now