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  1. NTE_Killer4life

    A Miner's Mistake

    Brummiir slings his pickaxe over his right shoulder as he delves into the deep mines within the city. His eyes glance about his surroundings with a fierce gaze, ensuring the entrance is still supported. He nods approvingly as he deems the entrance to be safe for others as he enters the mines. The light begins to fade as he begins to get deeper and deeper, distancing himself from the light from the outside. Brummiir scratches at his beard as hours go by during his venture. He seems to be searching for a particular type of ore for his next weapon to be made in the forge. Not paying attention to his surroundings, he walks by a weakened mine support in his search for ferrum. At long last, he spots a vein of ferrum just barely peaking out from the wall of the mine. He begins to swing his pickaxe at the ore, carefully breaking away the ore from its stone cradle. With each impact, the weakened support shifts little by little... Brummiir wipes the sweat from his brow as he bends over to pick up the ore has has broken off. An ear splitting crack echoes throughout the empty mines that is followed by a huge rumble of stone hitting each other. Before Brummiir can get out of the way, the rubble embraces Brummiir’s lower body. Many bones crack underneath the pressure of the stone and he shouts for help, mixed with pain. “Halp!” His shout echoes throughout the mines. Brummiir struggles and groans in excruciating pain. Darkness fades over Brummiir as he blacks out from the pain filling his body. Brummiir slowly begins to wake and it appears he has been taken to his clan’s hall. He attempts to get out of his bed but a stiff hand stops him from getting up. It is none other than Utak Ireheart. Utak simply shakes his head and utters a single word, motioning toward Brummiir’s immobilized lower body. “Res’...” Brummiir opens his mouth to protest, but then shuts it. It appears this miner and legionnaire is going to be out of work for quite a while... OOC: So I am going to a mandatory training for the U.S Army from the 2nd to the 18th of February. I will not be able to get onto Mine man for quite a bit, so i decided to create an Ic reason because why not? I will be back to rp soon enough once I get this training out of the way. I will miss you all. I will more than likely be able to still communicate through Discord! Until next time! Narvak Oz Khronammoruk!!!
  2. NTE_Killer4life

    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    Brummiir looks up from what he was reading and nods firmly. “Vereh well written....ah’m impressed.”
  3. NTE_Killer4life

    Grudges Declared!

    Brummir grunts lowly as he says, “Teh grudge ‘as ben settled...teh Treebeard ‘as forfieted su teh losin’ penaltehs well tak’ affec’ unce ah contac’ teh ‘igh remembranceh...”
  4. NTE_Killer4life

    On the Host of Dungrimm: By Jorvin Starbreaker

    ((I absolutely love it. Very well written and should definitely be implemented)) +1
  5. NTE_Killer4life

    Brummiir Ireheart

  6. NTE_Killer4life


    Common Registration (Duel Only) (RP&MC) Name: Priekz’Weigh / NTE_Killer4life Age: 19 Race: Goblin
  7. Guess who's back? 


    Just received my laptop after many long weeks. 

    Can't wait to get back into the swing of things!


    Narvak Oz Dwedmar!

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      man you're a sight for sore eyes, welcome back!

  8. I have been gone for a while but I am back.

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      glad to see you back

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  9. NTE_Killer4life

    Brummiir Ireheart

    Name: Brummiir Ireheart Titles: None Age: 212 Height: 4'8" Weight: 158 lb. :-: Personal Characteristics :-: Birth Date: ((Character created 1/4/17)) Primary Objective: Restore the Ireheart Clan to its former glory. - = Sub objectives To complete [ ] Become Clan Father of the Irehearts [ ] Establish the Mining Guild [ ] Find someone to be with [ ] Have a son/daughter (Adopted would be fine) Completed Failed Priorities: N/A Motivation: Booze and Honor Greatest Achievement: Slaying a dragon Failures: N/A Biggest Failure: N/A Self-Confidence: Lots of it. Traumas: Not being able to say goodbye to his father. Afflictions: N/A Embarrassments: That his father tried joining a Cave Dwarf Clan for a stupid reason. Worries: Becoming an outcast like his father Soothers: Ale, food, and brawling. Instigators: Witnessing executions that are similar to what was described to him of his father. Desires: (See secondary objectives) Wishes: That his father was still alive. Regrets: Seeing the Nation of Uruguan fall apart. He is saddened by this greatly but wants to push on... Secrets: His father was Belrim Ireheart, aka the Shunned dwarf upon the wall of shame Confidantes: N/A Soft Spots: Fellow dwarves, halflings, and the helpless. Cruel Streaks: Kha's Musical Instrument: Voice/Drums Quirks: N/A Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous Catchphrase: “DUNGRIIIIMMMM!” “Ardol-Akash!” "Arruuuu!" "Narvak Oz Dwedmar!" Autograph: (TBA) :-: Mental Characteristics :-: Known Languages: Broken common and Dwarven. Lures: Ale and brutal weapons Manias: Fighting Memory: He doesn’t remember much of his past. Phobias: N/A Savvies: Fighting, drinking, and brewing booze. Ineptities: Complex brewing such as Alchemy Temperament: choleric yet sanguine Hobbies: Fighting, smithing, mining, and drinking. Pet Peeves: Immaturity when the situation is serious, Non-Dwed speaking Dwarven, and kha's. :-: Intellectual Characteristics :-: Logical-Mathematical: Average Spatial: Average level Linguistic: Fair Bodily-Kinesthetic: Clear and Well Musical: Fair Interpersonal: Fairly well Intrapersonal: Eh, sort of. Naturalistic: Very Well Existential: Not all that well. :-: Philosophical Characteristics :-: Morality: Help the helpless, protect the weak. If bad must be done to do so, then so be it. Etiquette: Either violently or calmly. Attitude: Protective Outlook on Life: Great aspect of living to fight another day. Perception: Optimistic when it comes to fighting Standpoint: Warrior/Average Dwarf Philosophy: “If it can be solved with fists, so be it. If it can’t be solved with fists, find a way to.” Political Party: Dwarven Nation / Uruguan / Agnarum Taboos: Slay any of his kin :-: Spiritual Characteristics :-: Animal: Boar Religion: Brathmordakin Deity: Dungrimm Devotion: Very enthusiastically, especially in battle. Superstitions: Waking a man while he is sleeping brings bad luck. Alignment: Chaotic Good Virtues: Commitment, compassion, determination, honor, and perseverance. Vices: Impatience, greed, anger, jealousy, and wrath. (though these only show at certain times, doesn’t mean he is all of those all of the time) :-: Apparel :-: Accessories: A metal spike strung by a leather string hands around his neck. (Where he got this must be found out IC) Dress Style/Wardrobe: Usually seen wearing heavy armor accompanied with chainmail and wearing the green tunic jorvin gave him as a gift. Equipment: One handed axe made of Dwarven steel, a Dwarven-made shield, 3 throwing axes upon his belt, a crossbow, and a flask. Most Prized Possession: The necklace with a metal spike upon it. Most Valuable Possession: The Tooth of a Dragon Trinkets: N/A :-: Social Characteristics :-: Communication: Talking and Actions, obviously. Criminal Record: None, but the dishonor his father brought upon his family may haunt him. Discriminations: Elves, Khas, Goblins, and Orcs Dominance: Iron-Fistedly Ego: Not a big ego. Emotional Stability: Strong Expression: Speech and Actions Humor: Dirty minded jokes and banter. Liveliness: Average Mannerisms: Rude at first, but can open up over time. Patience: Impatient at times Reputation: He may have a bad reputation if dwarves were to find out who he is related to, if they remember at all. He would have a bad reputation for those affected by Ireheart trials. Sociability: Great Status: Quiet Style: Firm, yet open. :-: Sexual Characteristics :-: Gender: Male Gender Role: Male Orientation: Bisexual First Love: Artemis Succet Past Love Interests: Michael Corvin, Artemis Succet, and Asfrid Grandaxe Current Love Interests: Jorvin Marital Status: Sigle Significant other: None :-: Common :-: Insults: (Past) “Ya foigh’ loike t’em Orener church boys!”, (Past) “Heh..Ah’ve seen betteh from t’em churchin’ choir boys. Ya migh’ know’em, t’ere from Oren.”. "Ah've 'eard betteh from a fockin poile o' rubble!" Emotional Status: Happy Expletives: Swearing and Insulting Mood: Great State of Mind: Healthy Words: Lad, lass, lassie, laddie , etc. Farewells: “May yeh beh as stewn”, “May th’gods watch oveh ye.” Greetings: “ ‘lo t’ere” , “ ‘lo” , “Grettin’s”, etc. :-: Intrapersonal Connections :-: Immediate Family Father: Belrim Ireheart (Upon the Wall of the Shamed of the Ireheart Clan) Mother: Lira (Tavern Wench) Close Relatives: N/A Distant Relatives: N/A Ancestors: N/A Acquaintances: Wulstag, Jorik Allegiance: Agnarum and the Ireheart clan Allies: Any ally of Agnarum Enemies: Anyone that is the enemy of the Dwarven Nation. Followers: N/A Friends: None Neutral: N/A Heroes: Kjellos, Wulfgar, Midgor Inspirations: Bastion Pets: N/A Rivals: N/A Role Models: Bastion Subordinates: N/A :-: Life Story :-: TBA
  10. NTE_Killer4life

    Brummiir's Card

    [=- UPDATED -=] Added a Failed section to objectives. Added a failed objective to said section. Failed [ X ] Create Armor from the Dragon Scales he has acquired. Reason: Donated them to his significant other.
  11. Would anyone be willing to do art of my character, Brummiir Ireheart?

    1. TheLemonHead


      Sure thing, DM me for the info

  12. NTE_Killer4life

    Brummiir's Card

    UPDATED Added 2 more secondary objectives to list [ ] Attempt to convince a rune master to give him a flesh rune. [ ] Destroy the lass who threatened him with ghouls and frost witches.
  13. NTE_Killer4life

    [Denied] [Actor] Z3m0s's ET Application.

    Cool guy and would be a good one +1
  14. NTE_Killer4life

    Brummiir's Card

    UPDATED Completed 3 secondary objectives Find a lass to be with Get into the Ireheart clan Join the legion Added two more secondary objectives Get a smith to make him a weapon out of the dragon tooth he acquired Complete his Ireheart trials Added greatest ahievment Slaying a dragon Added Dominant hand{s} Ambidextrous Added two more catchphrases “Arrruuu!” “Narvak Oz Dwedmar!” Updated Love interests and significant other Artemis Succet