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  1. 6/10 I know you from somewhere
  2. Viva la Chevaliers! www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/86505-the-chevaliers/

  3. Information on the Chevaliers is publically available, as their members recruit actively. In addition, booklets are passed through the citizenry. The Chevaliers are adamant that they are not a knighthood, instead claiming to be an order dedicated to honor. The group has no holdings yet, and does not seek any until they have sufficient men to justify one. The current Marshall of the Chevaliers is Jeremiah de Valletta (Megazero34. That means dont bloody message Semperosa), who may be contacted for any questions relating to the order. Contacting the Order The Chevalier Principles Code of Honor Structure (Ranks) Allegiance and Fealty specifics Honorary Titles & Merit Awards Culture Information (Auvergnian) Noble Chapters The signature of the Patriarch of House Valletta, Adam de Valletta (Semperosa), is affixed to all booklets passed through the realm. In addition, the Marshal of the Chevaliers, Jeremiah (Megazero34), has signed below. Includes with the pamphlets are applications that can be turned in to any member, indicating a desire to join the group. Application for entry into the Chevaliers If you wish to apply to join our brotherhood, please state your name and information relevant to yourself. Your oath will be taken when you meet with an officer of the group, after you have been vetted for entry. Send a letter to the Marshall (Megazero34), or meet with an officer. Any soldat who is asked to take you to his superior will do so without question.
  4. Can one of the admins tell us who's DDoSing so we can fight back or something?

    1. nppeck


      I doubt they are going to expose themselves like that.

    2. Dargene


      Ip trace is useless, They filter themselves to places like china, Ukrain, Japan.

    3. Semperosa


      Thats true, they use Tor-style routing, Im sure. But if their filters are collapsed they will need to manually find a new place to send the packets through.

  5. Out of Character Information MC Name: Semperosa Age: 16 Time Zone: EST Do you have TeamSpeak?: [http://www.teamspeak3.com/] Skype? [Leave skype name here] Yes to both. Skype name is Aixiaris In Character Information Why are you interested in joining the Guivrets? I am looking for a use for my talents in protecting and serving a noble house and their interests. I wish to come under the wing of a strong and powerful duchy, and to further their goals. Have you read and understood the rules of the Duchy? I have. Name: Adam Di Silvari Race: Human Age: 28 Are you 100% committed to the Guivrets? No other commitments made? I have no other allegiances. What are your skills? [Give exact stats /stats in game] I have mediocre skills in swordfighting, and I am talented at mining and wrestling. If my lords require it, I can also fix armor and weapons with a novice hand (Swordsmanship 10, Mining 40, Blacksmithing 10, Wrestling 15) Do you swear to abide by the oath? [Copy+Paste Here, but make sure you have read it.] I, Adam Di Silvari, Swear upon my honor that I will uphold the peace and security of my lord, Balian Guivret and Helaine Guivret. To keep the Guivret family safe, to protect and support the Duchy, and to do my job to the best of my ability. I swear to protect the flag of The Guivrets, the Holy Oren Empire, and to remain loyal to the Guivrets.
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