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  1. The Templar

    Sprite Rewrite

    I've never seen a sprite outside of the Dominion. Haven't since inception. Nobody can talk to them except druids or other fae, at that. Might as well just hardshelve them and move on if they're only capable of having meaningful RP with the druids or other fae, which tend to stay exclusively near the druids.
  2. The Templar

    Sprite Rewrite

    No thanks. The druids have /enough/ fun toys to play with. If you're rewriting sprites, make them something the whole server can RP with.
  3. Daily reminder that pedophiles are filth, and rely on their friends to protect them while they abuse children, leaving trauma that lasts a lifetime.

  4. I didn't know that was a thing that could be done. The staff now have /no excuse/ to not prosecute pedophiles.
  5. Nowhere did I disagree saying it was difficult to fake. I said that if it so easy to fake, discord should not be an acceptable source for information regarding bans.
  6. Preach! I keep getting DMed by people who say this **** was done to them by gms and admins when they were 14 and 15 years old. It's horrifying.
  7. I was likely not in contact with the server during that incident, as I do not remember it. Your post highlights, however, how asinine it is to consider discord an "LOTC Medium" for the purposes of bans, if it is so easily faked.
  8. You make a very valid point, one I can sympathize with. Nobody likes being slandered, and this is the most damaging slander of all. However, with all the evidence that keeps coming forward, the odds of it being false are extremely low.
  9. We should ban the cyberers, actually. It's against server rules, and discord is an LOTC medium according to the Administration.
  10. This ain't the real world, "honey." It's a minecraft RP server where the staff reserve the right to ban you for no reason at all in the rules. If reports come in that someone is molesting children on the server you run, you ban them immediately, review the evidence, and if it was false, you apologize and ban the accuser. Simple as. Quit being so condescending in favor of an outed pedophile. edit: You may also want to consider that false accusations can and do ruin lives in real life, costing people their jobs and livelihoods even if they did nothing wrong. This is a minecraft server run as a hobby by Tythus and Telanir. They are under no obligation to continue service to anyone they deem detrimental to their brand. I've had multiple people PM me already trying to justify the Pedophile and her behavior, and it makes me want to vomit.
  11. Keep this pedophile BANNED! When MULTIPLE PEOPLE come to you saying they have proof, YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IT'S NOT FAKE! permaban this rapist and reinstate the GM who did what you were too biased to do! CHILDREN ROLEPLAY HERE! CHILDREN ARE YOUR TARGETED DEMOGRAPHIC! ******* PROTECT THEM ALREADY! This **** isn't tolerated ANYWHERE ELSE BUT A PRIVATE MINEMAN SERVER! Do this **** on an MMO like WoW or Warframe and WATCH THE BANS FLY!
  12. Pedophilia is unacceptable for this community, as it should be. If there's proof, permanently ban them like so many others have been. Deal with it severely. If you cannot be bothered to provide a safe environment, then shut the server down. It's as simple as that.
  13. Aila smiles as her friends in the Qalasheen become allies of her home nation.
  14. The Templar

    Friends no More

    A friend of Richard's in his unlife, but now only a ghostly apparition comprised of emerald stardust, Ianril gazes upon the exploits of his deceased comrade from the Halls of Xan. "if only you had listened to me, old friend.. You and I might yet still be allies.."
  15. The Templar

    Arcane Incantations

    Is this going to be allowed for the arcane only, or is this for everyone to use?