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  1. A rather reclusive elf merely closes the gate to her vineyard, having lost all faith many years ago.
  2. A young and rather drunk Doomforged guffaws wildly as news reaches him in the local ditch outside of Holm, where he was last sighted. “Ah fockin KNEW tha’ frostbeard bastar’s would fock it up! Narvok az Dormmar!”
  3. You know, I can sort of get behind this, but at the same time, no. Druids don’t particularly /need/ undead teachers. It seems like just a way for PKed druids to come back and still have druidic power compared to the usual soul shadows available. Just use the immortality button that is Treelord and be content with that. Y’all already give it out to most druids near a PK age to begin with.
  4. I agree with you. Unfortunately, it came down to votes and the votes came out strongly against enforcing them in any way, shape, or form that could be applied to the entire group.
  5. Utterings have been declared non-canon due to how strict they are. the LT had refused to enforce them and so they’ve been scrapped despite the protests of the old guard wanting them to stay.
  6. The Templar


    Username: AstartesTemplar Outfit or Full skin: Outfit Urgency(when you need it) : It’s not urgent. Race: High Elf Age: 200 something. Description: Pink and blue medieval dress. Steve model, please. (Optional) Reference picture:
  7. Can we not have yet another endgame circlejerk? If you just want cool aesthetics, follow the example @Gladuos set with the Paragons of Light. Don’t make a blatant grab to become protag mages and call it flavor.
  8. Actually yeah it did. Thanks! Lightwells were also supposed to be added as a ward replacement, but the other clerics decided to axe our wards 100% with no replacement.
  9. Sadly, this rewrite predates the entire mandate, and thus didn't particularly take anything into account. I think this idea came from "liquid light" as a holy water meme, but I can't be sure.
  10. Only five or six people actually participated in the rewrite, Fury. Only three of them were participating from the start. You yourself were not one of them.
  11. We tried to give it a uniqueness, but the clerics at large voted last-minute to abandon months of effort in the hopes of an ultra-conservative rewrite keeping us from the shelf.
  12. Woo. No shelving for us. Time to set up a hallowed land to heal in, the only cleric idea we completely forgot about between the mandate and now!
  13. IGN: AstartesTemplar Discord: The Paladin Templar#8370 Race: High Elf Gender: Female Skin Details (Facial Features, Clothing type/colours etc.) Just the dress will be fine 😃 Reference Images:
  14. Great stuff, though the mandated requirement of still needing chanceries to connect misses the point of breaking the chancery-lock. Oh well.
  15. James Kowacz, Standard-Bearer and faithful servant of the Creator, begins affixing recruitment posters along the roads, something the Grandmaster forgot to do. "What would he do without me.." He'd sigh. ((Credit to Fashionbeard for the glorious recruitment poster.))
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