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  1. Adelburg Chronicle - 1630 - Your source for news on housing, taxation and events! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166205-adelburg-chronicle-1630/

  2. Anyone here playing (or with a mild interest in) LotR / The Hobbit - the Strategy Battle game? (tabletop wargaming with miniatures) Finishing up a dwarven army.. might make a post about it.

    1. Samler


      I presume this is like Warhammer fantasy /warhammer 40k? Right?

    2. Space


      Make a post.

    3. Lark



  3. Words cannot describe the dissapointment I feel, walking around Petrus.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Swgrclan


      I never saw Petrus as flawed, personally. You did a good job Senda.

    3. TeaLulu


      Always kinda been icky. Can we please do something more sophisticated

    4. tapesauce


      Pretty damn **** build, funny you criticize Dewpboy's with your checkerboard patterns.

  4. *browses the forums to see what has taken place since the start of his break..*

    1. _Deutschland_


      * death by stupidity *

    2. ChumpChump


      *renovations of petrus*

  5. Skype chat for those with questions about / looking to live in / just want to catch the latest on .. the 4.0 human capital: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/114534-skype-chat-for-those-with-questions-about-the-40-human-capital/

  6. Hm. What about the transition between the Fringe and 4.0? How are we to get there? By boats? If so.. why not use said Boats as a map? Start a big construction effort by all races to build boats (appropiately sized and styled to match the cultures), that should keep people occupied for at least a week. Then have an event to launch the boats. Then move them all into a "fleet", close together. (Perhaps we are forced to lash them all together to survive a storm or something). Then.. enjoy some roleplay doing all of the above? Just tossing out an idea, perhaps its utter rubbish.. but who knows, my rubbish might lead to someone else sparking a good idea?
  7. On the new Gamevox while doing some more work on 4.0. Ill be in the Oren subchannel if anyone feels like chatting away into the night.

    1. iMattyz


      Slave labourers getting 4.0 done 4 u guys :))

    2. Senda


      Well, I must be one happy slave then. Building a dungeon is great fun!