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  1. Progressing along at a steady pace - the important stuff will be done.. and actually getting everything up when 6.0 goes live is an adventure in of itself :) Having said that - extra help is always welcome! Let it be known that our build crew could always use another pair of hands - simply shoot me a message!
  2. [Renatus 6.0 Dev Blog] Part 1: Getting Started! Hello, and welcome to the second Development Blog on the Renatus 6.0 Capital! I’m Senda - the person in charge of the construction team, and in today’s edition we’re going to delve into Housing and Development On behalf of everyone involved, I can tell you that we are all incredibly excited to finally start lifting a few of the curtains that will, for the most part, continue to block and obscure the full view of 6.0, till the eventual release. Housing Today we are taking a look at the planned housing in the Renatus capital. From the amount of houses (or plots) we are aiming to have, through the variations in size and shape, all the way to what the City Administration will allow inhabitants to change! Let's hop right in with a bombshell: We are going to allow inhabitants to change everything. First up, let's review the town plan, which has changed slightly: Housing is outlined in three sections: Light Blue - normal housing Red - Merchantile housing Yellow - Harbour housing This demarkation of different types of housing is less of a fixed thing, and more of a rough template of what will likely be the distribution of the different kinds of players and their interests within the city. Those with an interest in running a shop will likely try to congregate around the main avenue - running from the entrance of the city, underneath the Palatial arches, to the far end of the city. Those that simply want a place to live will likely settle beyond this 'hotspot' area, either deeper within the city, or at the waterfront of the harbour.. or they may be a group of criminals that want to keep a low profile and want a plot that is a little out of the way ..either way, the main point is that housing is a flexible thing, which we will accommodate. Here's a peak at the housing under construction: Who wants to score some nostalgia points? Development Right then, with the basic plan in place and construction underway.. let's tackle the whole 'inhabitants can change ANYTHING'-bombshell! Plots can be torn down and rebuilt When rebuilding, players need to adhere to the foundations of a plot for house dimensions City officials (Stewards) will administer a 'does not look like total crap'-check Foundations can be changed slightly - again, Stewards will administer this. We are building a city that aims to cater to players and their development, instead of constraining them. Won't this turn into a giant freebuilding ****-show? Not if we administer this properly. As ever, communication is key - simply sitting down with someone is often all it takes to work things out / offer help / make changes. There are a ton of reasons for the city administration to deny the initial request of a player to change something in the city.. and many more ways for us to communicate to explain the reasons behind our initial refusal. What follows is a discourse that will aim to accommodate the needs of the players, so we can move forward with their needs. What this approach will allow is players taking true ownership of plots within the city. Not simply paying tax, pointing at a prebuilt house and going 'that one is mine' - but true ownership. The kind you normally only get from constructing your own small town, with your own house-design. In this city, you can do just that - rent a plot, build your own house if you want! Entire districts could form in an organic manner - groups of players deciding they want a part of the city to look visually distinctive - imagine the possibilities. In conclusion of today's Dev Blog, we leave you with something else that is visually distinctive: See you all at the next one!
  3. Potentially yes - This project is a bit of a blend of different styles.. and subject to a crapton of change (stylewise) as we progress through it. The Palace for example, has gone through 4 different stages of design alone before we settled on the current shape - and that is simply the shape! As for the Gothic influence, you can blame my love for the Warhammer universe, from which I draw inspiration where I can. Currently, Onslaughted, Charlemagne and DPM are hard at work wrecking my lovely roofing further refining the style, removing and replacing elements as they see fit. Some of the Gothic might remain, some might not. Future updates shall reveal how much influence remains :) You are more than welcome! Looking forward to having you be part of the roleplay in the city :) Likewise - your Dominion build has certainly sparked my interest and Ill be looking to plan a visit once the initial rush of 6.0-capital-construction dies down. I shall shamelessly link your post for some blatant cross-promotion:
  4. [Dominion 6.0 Dev] The two week mark

    Totally welcome.. hey wait a minute! Looks intruiging - are the yellow and blue sections also housing? Also - the black section (Barracks) seems quite large compare to the space reserved for housing. Is that intentional (or just a perspective thing that I am not seeing right) and if so, what is the story behind it - is it going to be a MEGA barracks or a building that combines other functions besides the barracks?
  5. [Renatus 6.0 Dev Blog] Part 1: Getting Started! Hello, and welcome to the first Development Blog on the Renatus 6.0 Capital! I’m Senda - the person in charge of the construction team, and in today’s edition we’re going to delve into the first stage of this (somewhat) massive undertaking. On behalf of everyone involved, I can tell you that we are all incredibly excited to finally start lifting a few of the curtains that will, for the most part, continue to block and obscure the full view of 6.0, till the eventual release. First things first - let me get a few questions right out of the way: Who on earth are you? Well hello there, internet stranger - I am Senda. Known by some on this server since the heady days of Asulon. My characters are exclusively human.. and mostly in the same line of work - construction or management of some form or another. I have had the pleasure of running both very small townships and capital cities, and the insight that comes from that continues to serve me in the design and construction of new cities. Once again, I have been called upon to construct a capital city for a new map - this time, by Mogroka, the ruler of Renatus. Are you doing this alone? Good grief, no! I have the luxury of a vast array of friends and contacts (both my own and Mogroka’s) that have culminated in the formation of a team of people - all bent towards to the development and construction of this new capital in some way or another. The Team: Mogroka (Renatus nation leader and neverending source of requests for Phallus-shaped palaces - which we politely decline at every opportunity) Senda (Team Lead - Does a fair bit of building, but considers his chief role to be that of delegating tasks and keeping the work moving along) DPM (Builder - Kyle is a wizard with world edit - we rest safe in the knowledge that he causes far less suffocation and death with his commands than 501Warhead does) Onslaughted (Builder - Expertise in castles - instrumental in the design process behind the palace) Charlemagne (Builder - Messy Medieval ‘Liason’ - Trol insists he does nothing, but what he really does is actually help a ton, both by building and providing advice. His Messy Medieval background will pay dividends when we get to later stages of this project, where we are looking to add the ‘busy city’-feeling to the project) Tehlulu (Builder - Expertise in interiors - will be taking care of the palace interior. Keep an eye out for the palatial featurette Blog!) Vezzin (Library Liason - The city will play host to a number of guilds and organisations, of which the famous Library is one - Another featurette will go in-depth on this!) EtowTheSaltyCat (Credit to Etow - Builder of entire cities - currently not actively engaged but nonetheless instrumental to the current process, having done most of the groundwork we base the current design on) With this team in place, we got to work! As with previous projects, the first thing we settled down to do, was create our (informed) vision of what we wanted the 6.0 Capitol to feature. Not just in terms of architecture or interesting landmarks.. But in terms of playability - the facilitation of Roleplay and events.. And a concentrated effort to keep the footprint of the city small, to avoid an unnavigable mess. To break it down: We need a city that is large enough to house a population of the same estimated size as Adelburg/Petrus/Johannesburg. That means quite a number of houses of varying sizes. We need the houses to be functional and enticing to live in, as shown by Steward feedback through various cities - not too small (3x3 dirt shacks will not do) but care must be taken not to make stuff too large either. Generally a variety of sizes works best, up to and including a few Manors that can house entire families. The city needs to dominate the landscape without being a massive fortified eyesore. That means no gigantic walls that block all vision of what’s behind them - rather normal sized walls with the taller buildings naturally sticking out over the top - giving the impression of a vibrant city. With the land picked for 6.0, we sat down to ponder the options and placement of various structures.. And found an intriguing.. Potentially elegant solution to the conundrum ‘Where do we put the Palace.. And how high do we build it.. If it is to dominate the skyline without being excessively tall.. Or increasing the footprint of the city to an unjust degree? The answer was to put it on top of the city. Like a table. Housing runs underneath the Palace, doubling up on the space used, without interfering with Roleplay, as the emote distance in blocks for normal conversation will not cover the distance from the Palace above.. To the street below. The merchant haggling about the price of a loaf of bread will not interfere with the tense diplomatic discussion the Emperor is having in his Throneroom. The only challenge is turning a simple box on 4 legs.. Into something that looks like a visually interesting construction. The solution was to break it up into multiple smaller boxes and towers and arranging them in an interesting pattern (Onslaughted’s expertise at work). There is a TON more to come, as with future Dev Blogs, we will take a closer look at the thought process behind the specific architecture, the layout of various Districts, the plethora of interesting landmarks (other than the Palace).. And the Palace itself! For now - we leave you all with this screenshot of our work in progress:
  6. Adelburg Chronicle - 1630 - Your source for news on housing, taxation and events!

  7. Anyone here playing (or with a mild interest in) LotR / The Hobbit - the Strategy Battle game? (tabletop wargaming with miniatures) Finishing up a dwarven army.. might make a post about it.

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