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  1. L0rdT0mas

    Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    With all due respect to the guy as an individual, I do not think he should be a GM. I had more negative interactions with him than good. Several of those bad instances occurred simply because he was not paying attention while handling something or moderating. It will have to be a firm -1 from me.
  2. L0rdT0mas

    Wintertide Ball

    Ronin, who was in the hallway of the palace, overheard Duke Will’s statement. He smirks and shouts at the door of the Duke’s room as he passes by. “No need to tell us again m’lord! We all were already well aware of your love of balls!” He suppresses his laugh to limited success as he scurries away quickly before Will could come out to see it was him.
  3. L0rdT0mas

    We Came As Crows

    Ronin raises a brow at the man’s foul comment after such a battle. “It is not I who lacks balls, but you who lacks a brain my friend. I would tell you to go grow one, but I fear that is not possible for you. One thing you should try to do is amass a bigger rally for yourself, since yours is rather pitiful I must say. Learn to think before you speak, especially when you speak to men smarter than yourself.” Ronin nods to his friend Lord Rhys before snapping the reigns of his horse and trotting off to see to the wounded men of the alliance, leaving that one boy behind to ice his newly inflicted burn.
  4. L0rdT0mas

    We Came As Crows

    “At what cost?” Ronin says as the wounded are wheeled past in rickety carts by the hundreds. “We lost half our men, and our fields continue to freeze over, all for what? To obtain a useless keep?” He sighs, his breath visible in the winter chill as he trots beside fellow Curonians. “My friends I fear we have played right into the hands of the Red Vaeyl. I fear we are already too late...”
  5. L0rdT0mas

    Mass Bans and You

    I think that perhaps it sounds good on paper, but then I am reminded of this. It is the responsibility of all the people that play LOTC to read the rules of the Server. The server rules are not incredibly extensive or complicated, thus it is not too much to ask for a player to be fairly familiar with server rules. I believe that a player who breaks the rules, should be penalized in accordance to the severity of the rule break. GM’s in my experience, always for the most part at least try to investigate a situation and apply their best judgement. This rule you propose would only allow groups to claim a leader gave an order, and let that specific player take the fall for a rule everyone else knowingly broke. That’s my two cents.
  6. L0rdT0mas

    Words of Peace

    Captain Ronin reads a copy of the letter. He crumples it up and throws it in the bonfire nearby, its heat barely melting the snow that falls on the city street. He looks down as his wool cloak flaps in the wind, upon the army of Curon that marches in rank and file, and the few Arborians left joining their brothers. “Damn them. Damn them all. We’ve cut through fire, we shall cut through frost. Let them come, and let them fall on cobblestone streets, the streets our forefathers laid for us here on Atlas.”
  7. L0rdT0mas

    robobadger's Event Team Builder Application

    When it comes to building this guy is a machine. He pumps out builds left and right all the time just for kicks and they are always great. Definitely a wise addition to the team. +1
  8. L0rdT0mas

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    Finally. This will put a real motivator on groups to actually try and promote activity. @SeventhCircle What about small freebuilds that tended to pop up this map and then just go empty, leaving bad builds all over the place with no one playing in them? Will the regions that don’t outright ask for a activity checker get one anyway?
  9. Username L0rdT0mas Discord L0rdT0mas#2391 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? (was) Arbor and The Empire Staff History I was on the Event Team as an actor almost two years ago. I was on for about two or three months, if my memory serves me correctly. I was a lot younger at the time however, both in age and in mind, and made a couple small mistakes. Despite this I absolutely loved being on the team, and I wrote and created many different events and event lines. Ban History Yes. I will do my best to recall my history, a lot of it is very old. I searched for a really long time through my forum activity, so hopefully I've got everything. If I am missing something, it is not intentional. This summer I was banned for asking a GM (who I talked with regularly) on their opinion of another GM's ruling. The other GM found out, and declared it modshopping, and I was banned for 3 days. A long time ago I was banned for a couple days for taking a couple blocks of coal from a cart build, thus griefing it. I was much younger then, and it was pretty stupid of me. Blacklist History: None Why do you want to join the Event Team? I've taken a break from LOTC over the last three months because I moved to college, and I needed time to settle in. Something stuck with me however, during my hiatus. Right before I left for college there was a large event line that I took part in, created by Malgonious. For context, Malgonious and I had known each other for a long time, as we were in Norland together for about two years. At one point down the road, he and I got into a disagreement, partly for immature reasons on my behalf. Despite this, and knowing I was about to leave the server for a time, Malgonious extended an event opportunity to me. He offered to include me in the story, and give me a really unique way for my character to leave everything behind. My character was leading a very active group at the time (Arbor), so this was a great way for me to step away from that leadership position. I got to become a member of Malgonious' event team for a short while, and participated in several of the major events. After one of the major event battles had ended, I got messages from two newer players (they seemed newer based on their names and skins), telling me how much they enjoyed the event and how much they enjoyed fighting my character. I felt incredibly good after that, knowing that I helped create an event that was so fun for these two players that they went out of their way to message me. I was reminded how awesome it was to be on the Event Team, and to not only create stories, but to make them a reality that players might enjoy. I was reminded of how fun it was to help other ET's during their Events, and giving them feedback on how to best heighten the tension for the players they were rping with. I want to get back to being on LOTC, and I genuinely can't see a better way to spend the majority of my continued time on the server. Why should we accept you onto the Team? Firstly I'd like to think of myself as a good team player. I always do my best to make sure that whatever part I am assigned to play, is played well. I work hard, and I don't make excuses. If something is assigned to me, or needs done, it gets done. I'm good at taking critique and I listen when shown where I need to improve, something I worked hard to develop. I communicate, and I'm always up for providing my input or constructive critique. At the same time, I have learned the value of holding such constructive critique back when it isn't asked for. Especially among creatives, I believe it is important that when one is not leading a creative project, they are attentively following. Secondly, I'm a good writer and story teller. I don't mean specifically in terms of my grammar and spelling, though that is important. I'm referring to creative writing, visionary writing. I've always been a creator at heart, a reader and writer. This was the case even when I was on the team those years ago, the difference now is that I've certainly improved. When I was last on the team, perhaps I was not that much younger in age, but I was definitely much younger in my ability to develop ideas and execute them. Despite that, I loved being on the team, and put a lot of time into it. During my short time as an ET, I wrote several separate and rather long event lines, and implemented them successfully. I wrote many 'one off' events, and implemented those. If I wasn't doing one of those two things, I was constantly asking around to see if other ET wanted help in their events. Thirdly, I've quit all my major rp leadership positions, and I don't plan on taking up new ones. Mainly because I find that when I am too heavily invested in a major leadership position (such as a duke, lord, etc.) I begin to become increasingly frustrated with the server due to stress. I was able to reflect on the reality of this during my hiatus, and it was very liberating. The other reason for not taking up new positions is because I would like to dedicate most if not all of my time to being on the Event Team. I'm sure that this is something a lot of applicants like to say, but I'm quite serious. My biggest inspiration for actually returning to LOTC, is the idea that I could be on the Event Team again. That I can have an outlet for all the fantastical ideas and creative concepts that float in my head. My biggest inspiration to return to LOTC, is that I could perhaps once again make events that are so critical to enhancing a player's experience on the server. With the announcement of the new 7.0 map, and the big increase in daily players, my interest in getting started has only expanded. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Events using soft magic systems - Events often go beyond or are outside the typical realm of LOTC lore which players must normally abide by. Doesn't mean events should be breaking lore left and right, but events often do go beyond what we can call "known lore," in fact most events seem to. That's often what makes events exciting, they are new, never seen before. I want to explore the use of soft magic systems in an event. For clarification, soft magic is magic in fiction that is often left unexplained or mostly mysterious. (Example: Gandalf's powers in The Lord of the Rings. As opposed to a hard magic system which can be understood in great depth like in The Inheritance Cycle) I want to explore an event line that perhaps gives someone a magical item that grants them powers that are hard to understand, or create bizarre results. As time goes on, perhaps the player(s) begin to develop an understanding of the power of the object, and they use it to solve puzzles or obstacles they were not able to before. An event that genuinely stumps the players at first, begins to unveil itself as the players take time to investigate and experiment. Quests - In my view, these are the classic tales of epic fantasy that we all know and love. A band of unlikely (or maybe likely) heroes that set out when fate forces their hand. I always love participating in events where there are only around 5 to 10 people, where a dangerous quest must be undertaken to prevent darkness. A quest where the heroes set out, gain early victories and confidence, only to falter and fail when it matters most. They recover, and perhaps a mentor steps forth, or a weapon is uncovered, giving them just enough of an edge to emerge victorious. I've been in many events like this, and they are always very satisfying when done well, balancing difficulty and reward. High Fantasy - These have always sparked my imagination a little bit more than low fantasy, though that's not to say that low fantasy lacks opportunity. Yet massive Dragons, corrupted wizards, black knights, these are the stories I find myself imagining in my head from day to day. Low Fantasy - Despite what I said above, I am also deeply interested in creating more personal stories. Stories that are involve a smaller number of players, but strike deeper chords in those players. Events that force players to make decisions that can impact familial rp, sew the seeds of mistrust, etc. Underdog - There are lots of players who actively seek to participate in events, or go out of their way to engage in them when announced. But there are also a lot of players, either newer or who play characters that would normally not seek adventure, that don't go seek events. I believe that finding and providing these players with more "low key" events, can create some of the most interesting stories. For example; a couple of characters are walking down the road (perhaps players that just play ordinary citizens) and they find there on the side of the road a man unconscious. A deep wound in his side, and a few feet away lays a violin looking instrument, snapped at the neck. The players would likely aid the man, taking him to their home to tend to him. Unbeknownst to them however, they would be getting themselves involved in a much deeper and more dangerous story. But perhaps by befriending the man, they would be compelled to help. Much like a heroes journey, characters who normally would not seek adventure are pulled out into the world to do something they may not think they are capable of doing, but are compelled to help. Such a story is very satisfying for the player to participate in, because they feel a true sense of accomplishment, and they feel their characters are stronger in the end, if they succeeded. To summarize. My imagination is sparked by anything and everything that I feel creates a compelling story. A story which by the end, those involved end up changed in some way, for that is character growth. What makes a good event? I suspect there may be some parallels between what I say here in this application, and what I said to answer this the last time I applied. However I am purposely not looking at my previous application because I feel like my response to this should be authentic to how I'd answer today. So if there are parallels, or serious differences, that's why. There are two types of events which I think, when looking at them as a player, are fantastic. The first are what I'd call World Events. These are events where something on a very large scale, like an invasion, dragon attack, or city defense, is happening. These events are a lot of fun because they make players feel like they are participating in something that might change the course of history, especially for newer players. The second type of event is what I'd call a Character Event. An event driven not by pre-decided plot points and moments, but by character decision and action. However fun world events are, I believe that it is these events that stand out among the most. An event where players feel like their decisions and actions actually matter, and have consequences. I've been in numerous events where I just felt like I was along for the ride. I felt like it was cool to be fighting these sand spirits or whatever, but I didn't really care. I had not invested in making any decisions in this event, other than tagging along. I believe the best events make players feel a need to make a decision. To provide choices that don't always have clear cut impacts to them. Difficult decisions are difficult because they are shrouded in uncertainty. They are difficult because one doesn't know the repercussions before the decision has been made. I think a great event is an event that confronts players with difficult decisions, but it shouldn't end there. The event should follow up, and make the players doubt their decision. A genuine feeling of "maybe we should turn back?" should be in the air. That's what gives these decisions weight, and if the very first decision of an event has that effect, then it will set a precedent for decisions to come. Decisions should also be rewarding, encouraging players to keep going. By putting decision making in the hands of the players, an ET does another vital thing. They allow for the story to impact the character. If a player feels like their decision played a role in the death of an innocent person, they will question it and themselves. If a player feels like their decision making played a role in outsmarting the dark wizard which led to his downfall, the player will feel pride and accomplishment. Players should feel like they are driving the stories that involve them, and not watching from the back seat. I also think events should be fun! This is fairly self explanatory, but I think it's really important for events to be a much more 'relaxed' time to rp. Let players pull out their best tricks to fight the foe. I think that these are the things I ask myself when writing an event. Does this event change the player(s) in some way by the end, even if in a small fashion? And if I were a player, would this event seem fun to me? Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: A Broken Bard The Eye of the Beholder That’s No Ordinary Rash
  10. L0rdT0mas

    gamingfishtv's Application Team Application

    Without a doubt there is potential here, though younger in experience, gamingfish has always been an exceptionally positive player in the LOTC community. He genuinely does take an interest in helping new players get their feet, and utilizes patience when doing so, a quality I think necessary for all Application Team personal. +1
  11. L0rdT0mas

    Your View: Warclaims, Warfare and Casus Bellis

    I really like Narthok’s idea for a more dynamic war system, always have. A warclaim where two nation’s territory’s or a significant swath of land with forts and castles to capture, would be way more fun than the “put them in a box and see who wins” battles we have now. Some of my most fond battle memories from my many years of fighting, were when we marched out together. The army rallied in its capital, and then marched to the battlefield location. Both armies knew sort of where the enemy would be headed, but the design and landscape of the battle was never truly known. Your army could arrive only to realize that the enemy set up their position up on a slope, giving them a significant range advantage. Stuff like that happened a lot. We had to worry about being outflanked, out maneuvered, out smarted. Nowadays your army starts in one corner, the enemy in the other. Whichever side can click the fastest during the chugging lag will win the day. We should work on implementing Narthok’s idea of a more dynamic war system.
  12. L0rdT0mas

    [Community Review] Server Rules Rewrite

    Lol what the hell is the point of a countdown if players can run and then pvp even if countdown wasn't finished? That's the same as just rushing the enemy side halfway through countdown.
  13. L0rdT0mas

    The Knights of Arbor

    Aragon stamps the wax seal of the House Silversteed, and writes below each new applicants piece. "I Ser Aragon Silversteed. Count of Arbor, Duke of Umbra, Knight of the Realm and Lord Paramount of House Silversteed hereby declare the above applicants all accepted citizens of Arbor. Citizenship, and all its benefits and expectations are herein applied to yee."
  14. I've experienced both the best, and perhaps some of Narthok's worst qualities. I've known him for what seems like at least 4 years now. His worst qualities I would say are that he sometimes has a short fuse, though this is something that can be worked on by any person. That, and he is fairly stubborn. That being said, he is also a pretty smart guy, and has a good ability to tackle problems. I've known Narthok (from a LOTC standpoint) longer than most people. With that in mind, I do think that he would be a good addition to the team. I think he should get an interview, and be able to prove his ability. I certainly think he will be a welcome improvement over some of the other players that have applied in the past. The question will be, can he separate his GM duties from his IRP roles. For now, I'd give this a +1, though I do think that is one of the questions he should be asked in his interview.