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  1. L0rdT0mas

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    Jarrack reads over his fathers post. “It was just as I predicted. They insulted us, attacked us for no reason and without provocation, and then demanded mina. In response, we agreed to a set day for a just battle. Hopefully the Adrians will remember from now on, that even if both sides rally their full strength, Curon will still outnumber Adria three to one. Hopefully Adrians agree to keep the peace. Ave Curon, ave Imperia.”
  2. L0rdT0mas

    An Open Letter to Weak Wilhelm and the Curonites

    Jarrack reads over the letter and scoffs, throwing the parchment in the flames of a fireplace. Even in his young age, the lad is shocked. “The Adrians were once a strong people. They once knew honor. Now under a new leader who is old, and a coward, they seem to have forgotten. We thought they were our allies. Shame. Adrians attack Curonians during the peaceful day of our Emperor’s wargames, and then try to cover it up. The agressors are so desperate, they try to make us seem like those without honor. A sad display. No matter, we will make quick work of these idiots. We outnumber them three to one. They have no defenses, and don’t have the backing of any other group. This will be good practice for our army. We will remind them what happens to those who betray the integrity of the Empire of Man. The way I see it, it seems like Adria is trying to rebel from the Empire...” The young heir stands, walking out of the hall. “It is time to remind Adria what it means to poke the bear.”
  3. L0rdT0mas

    Ducal Writ of Abdication

    Hands in shadow hold firmly a copy of the document. The parchment of the paper suddenly ignites, and the figure drops the document. The burning paper falls slowly down, into the dark abyss of a chasm bellow. The parchment and the flame it carries illuminate the black rock of the chasm sides, finally burnt up, the ashes float down, never to be seen again.
  4. L0rdT0mas

    Charter System [Your View]

    Why are Charters not allowed to take land in the freebuild wilds? I have no stake in this, but it peaked my curiosity.
  5. L0rdT0mas

    Curon Freedom Festival

    “I’m weak.” Said a man.
  6. L0rdT0mas

    Community Meeting

    Hey guys, it is I, the magic plugin topic bringer upper. So, to beat this dead horse once again; Will we be getting a magic plugin? Will LOTC ever be getting a magic plugin, even an incredibly basic one? If no to either of those questions, why not? What are the obstacles preventing a magic plugin? plez don’t @ me.
  7. L0rdT0mas

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    One of the best posts in LOTC history? Maybe? Probably?
  8. L0rdT0mas

    Dev Update December

    ~~~~~~ Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but is it possible that the dev team will ever consider working on a magic plugin at some point? Even a supremely basic one? I remember the days of /cast sear if you had emeralds in your inventory back in Anthos. Even that was pretty cool. You guys talked about all the new possibilities with 1.13 available now, it would be cool to see some plugin magic.
  9. L0rdT0mas

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    Placeholder for the Yatl and the Ice Wall
  10. L0rdT0mas

    Dev Update December

    What happened to this? This was so cool when it was announced, can we potentially see a return of this ^? Especially with a major update and new map coming? It is the perfect time to roll it out. I know it is maybe not the easiest thing, but there are a lot of people out there that would seriously love a magic plugin. It would certainly add a lot of fun and flavor to the server.
  11. L0rdT0mas

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    High cost is a good idea. The big nations are the groups that are the primary catalyst for waging wars on the server anyway. Without strict CB’s, there needs to be a check so that blatant throwing around of war declarations by big nations doesn't happen. The reason CB’s were thought of in the first place was because the community hated random warclaim threats. So making the price steep will force nations to really consider if a war is worth it at all. This is how it should be. Even the biggest nations would want to way the cost vs the benefit of going to battle. That being said, we don’t want to make it a pain in the ass to declare the war in the first place. It just ruins the fun on both sides. So the solution is to loosen restrictions on declaring war, but make the cost high. Simple. The war rules should just be rewritten on this simple principle: loosen restrictions on declaring war, but make wars cost more. Everyone will be happy with that. Big nations get insane amounts of mina quickly anyway. Get rid of all this bureaucratic stuff that everyone hates. A war rules page should ideally be only a couple paragraphs long.
  12. L0rdT0mas

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    With all due respect to the guy as an individual, I do not think he should be a GM. I had more negative interactions with him than good. Several of those bad instances occurred simply because he was not paying attention while handling something or moderating. It will have to be a firm -1 from me.
  13. L0rdT0mas

    Wintertide Ball

    Ronin, who was in the hallway of the palace, overheard Duke Will’s statement. He smirks and shouts at the door of the Duke’s room as he passes by. “No need to tell us again m’lord! We all were already well aware of your love of balls!” He suppresses his laugh to limited success as he scurries away quickly before Will could come out to see it was him.
  14. L0rdT0mas

    We Came As Crows

    Ronin raises a brow at the man’s foul comment after such a battle. “It is not I who lacks balls, but you who lacks a brain my friend. I would tell you to go grow one, but I fear that is not possible for you. One thing you should try to do is amass a bigger rally for yourself, since yours is rather pitiful I must say. Learn to think before you speak, especially when you speak to men smarter than yourself.” Ronin nods to his friend Lord Rhys before snapping the reigns of his horse and trotting off to see to the wounded men of the alliance, leaving that one boy behind to ice his newly inflicted burn.
  15. L0rdT0mas

    We Came As Crows

    “At what cost?” Ronin says as the wounded are wheeled past in rickety carts by the hundreds. “We lost half our men, and our fields continue to freeze over, all for what? To obtain a useless keep?” He sighs, his breath visible in the winter chill as he trots beside fellow Curonians. “My friends I fear we have played right into the hands of the Red Vaeyl. I fear we are already too late...”