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  1. Name: Bramble Berryknee Race (must be halfling 'er gnome!): Halfling Residence: Berryknee Burrow Pick for Sheriff (pick one): Nob( X) Ja'Runk'Ungri( ) Pick for Mayor (pick one): Mimosa(X ) Bill the Fox( )
  2. [!] You find a paper note inside your mailbox that smells faintly of sweet berries, it reads: The Robbery of Berryknee Burrow 'Allo der fellow residents of ta' Shire. Eet grieves me so tha' me first lettah tu all'ov'ee has to be in ay' negative light. This howevah cannot stand an' I need to warn all the other weefolk of our village. In the night it appears a robbah stole not onlee a lil' from our familys' storage to construct our new home - but a vast greedy hoard! We lost nearly all of our metal for tools to dig, nearly all of our require timber to build our frames, and random decorative keepsakes we wanted to hang on dah walls. It grieves me to see our village the subject of such crime. As ay' newly moved in family, we can't help but feel threatened and our trust is now shaky. As yew all know - it is Halfling tradition to trust our neighbors and not lock our belongings. Eet seems by followin' dis we dah Berryknees were takin' advantage of by either a biggun or a weefolk (Knox forbid). Please spread dah word and le' catch this criminal or criminals! We mus' protect our traditions and ensure newcomers likeh meself dun' experience dis again. ~ Signed Bramble Berryknee
  3. Bramble notices the flyer on his walk. "Oi 'ough' tu show up n' in'oduce meself! May e'en bake some treatses!"
  4. are the orcs active? thinking of playing one

    1. Lukariatias


      Yes. Contact @Sykogenic for more information. He’s their NL. I’d recommend other Orcs but I don’t know a ton off the top of my head.

    2. Tri


      8 minutes ago, Lukariatias said:

      Yes. Contact @Sykogenic for more information. He’s their NL. I’d recommend other Orcs but I don’t know a ton off the top of my head.

      awesome, thanks a ton!

  5. Hey any Farfolk roleplayers here that would mind helping me out make my new character?

    1. Mozib
    2. adamc2000


      hey and yeah sure if you have skype pm us and im glad to help you out

      Edited by adamc2000
    3. ibraheemc2000


      10/10 for sure!

      Be sure to contact us bro! we would love to rp with you!

      Here is my skype 

      ibraheem[Conquered by Islam] .


  6. When discord decides to reset and suddenly your social life dies

  7. The Empire did nothing wrong.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tri


      Alderaan had it coming, filthy rebel scum!

    3. PraiseTheLord
    4. shortchangehero


      the empire is like that little somolian kid in my school. he punches me, I punch him back harder and then he screams: "ahhhhh stop hurting me I did nothing wrong!!" so I punch him again so  he shuts up, realizing hes not worth the words

  8. Aedrieht looks at the note on the board as he wanders the Cloud Temple in search of strategic and economic opportunity. He gazes upon the fliers all lined up, and stops when he sees the word 'equality'. Looking upwards with shining eyes, Aedrieht grabs the flyer and reads it top to bottom. He walks down the Stone Road back to his home, full of ideas and new beginnings. As he gets home, he lays a sheet of paper on the test and pulls out his inkwell, and begins to scribe towards the Blade Blades. ((OOC: How do you send letters ingame? I just joined only a few days ago. :P))
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