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  1. : ( not funny!

  2. heart mind soul 

  3. heyyyy ; )

    Edited by Cari
  4. Where am I?

    1. Cari


      where are u ?

  5. Nice antag throne room.

  6. Try harder to lock me out of my forum account next time :>

  7. Ya'll should be fearing my full team of Drowzee's. **** transferring, these strats are legit.

    1. justDEWit


      My Charmanders will rise. . .

  8. Edwin tilts his head at the poster, furrowing his brow as he takes a little longer to read it than he should. He reaches up to give a scratch of his beard, muttering out, "Off to find Tree spel men, I guess."
  9. Save me from the nothing I've become.

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    2. Anonymous_Potato


      I am trying to to die.

    3. Anonymous_Potato
    4. Anonymous_Potato


      Im so bored when lotc isn't working!!! D:

  10. Nexus Stalker down! Great event guys!

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