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  1. heart mind soul 

  2. heyyyy ; )

    Edited by Cari
  3. Jimehhhh

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Mysterious man makes a return.
  4. Nice antag throne room.

  5. Jimehhhh

    Awaken My Hate

    (You got me on the case chief.)
  6. Jimehhhh

    [Denied] [Actor] Gus' Event Evocation App

    +1 I love Gus with all my heart and he is one of the greatest, most loyal people on this server. He deserves great things.
  7. Jimehhhh

    [Accepted] Spod's Trial Application

    He's a swell boi. Sometimes memes hard, but loves harder.
  8. Try harder to lock me out of my forum account next time :>