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  1. why can’t i post phineas and ferb songs to @Gusano’s profile anymore

    this displeases me.

  2. you are powerful

  3. Steven squints at this part after rereading the missive, then writes one of his own, stapling it beneath the original. “The rune of Belka stopped functioning decades ago, and recently all runes have stopped functioning. So you already lied. Get pranked, idiot. – Steven Vega Novokain Valnelis Iyliar, Runesmith of Arcadia.”
  4. “alright loser” comments Steven. “Maybe you shouldn’t put their friends in danger just for existing, and they wouldn’t attack you. Just a thought.”
  5. [!] the entire application is written in green crayon Full Name: Steven Vega Novokain Valnelis Iyliar Age: a lot Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): none Residence: Eris’ house in Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: SpodoKaiba Discord: SpodoKaiba#2174 Timezone: EST, god’s time
  6. we exist on a similar wavelength
  7. do you love me? if so, how much? is anybody gonna tell rosey that being a druid just because her parents are is a bad reason?
  8. i think part of it is probably just getting burnt out, but there’s probably still some truth to your part
  9. Steven laughed hysterically as he read the missive, until he saw the name Hiren. He continued to laugh, just less intensely. “Hiren, the pacifist? Espionage? What in the world do you gain from kicking this kid out?” He let out a small sigh as he caught his breath, shaking his head slowly. “And just when you were starting to gain some respect for banishing the Thanians..”
  10. i love you no homo

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