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  1. Depicted above is the riverbank in the Pinemarch region, on which every single blade of grass has become stiff and sharp. Multiple patches of this same grass have been spotted throughout the rest of the forest, often nearby other mutated creatures. Despite the elimination of the original behemoth within the forest, mutants continue to arise in even greater numbers. These creatures seem to be growing less wary of descendant civilization, which raises my concern for the various settlements located within this forest. To the people of the following keeps, I advise great caution when venturing into the wild, and to always carry some form of armament on your person. The County of Graiswald Edwick Kraken’s Keep As the range of this epidemic remains unknown, the denizens of Warwick Castle and Haense are under less threat, but are still recommended to remain cautious. While we cannot offer a reward for every single mutant killed, any who participate in hunts and investigations will be rewarded in the end, with a bonus for whoever manages to uncover the source of the mutations. People of Arcas, we cannot let otherworldly invasions take all of our focus away from domestic dangers. If this is not dealt with, the entire ecosystem of this region is in jeopardy. – Carl [!] The previous missive is posted beneath.
  2. “what about prince achi” questions sweater boy
  3. “joan is a national treasure” declares sweater
  4. This bounty has been completed.
  5. i hear you infiltrated his clique please report your findings in the form of whip’s log
  6. Steven prepares to jump in some more holes.
  7. The Echelon of Sagacity, overseen by the Lord Sage, is the primary magical and scientific authority of the Concord of Llyria. Enforcement of magical law remains in the jurisdiction of the Traceless Order, while the Echelon of Sagacity focuses more on the acquisition of knowledge. Research and Development: This is the main department of the Echelon of Sagacity. Members of this department are tasked with using magical and/or mundane means to create new tools and technologies for the Concord. They are allowed to work on personal ideas, though there will be department-wide projects requested by other Lords and their echelons. Members are not required to help with every project, but are expected to update the Lord Sage on some form of discovery or invention at least once per elven month. For example; one constant project that the department is tasked with includes defenses for the city, but members that are not inclined towards combative creations are not required to step out of their comfort zone. Members of this department are also the prime contacts within the Maelstrom to assist in understanding unknown presences, either in the Concord or out (though they possess no authority outside of Llyrian territory). When on business to study oddities within Llyrian territory, members of this department are permitted to cordon off areas where access by regular denizens is prohibited. Any other member of the Maelstrom is allowed to not only enter this area, but overrule the decision if they so choose. Parks and Recreation: The Llyrian Frond Society is the main component of this department, headed by Cassian Colborn. The focus of this department is specifically on research, preservation of, and cooperation with nature. More information can be found here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/183722-llyrian-frond-society/?tab=comments#comment-1717888 There are no formal ranks within the Echelon aside from the Lord Sage. In order to join the Research and Development department, speak with the Lord Sage or Empyrion. In order to join the Llyrian Frond Society, speak with Cassian Colborn or one of the other members.
  8. SpodoKaiba

    The Mages Guild

    Applications have been put on hold as the system is currently being reworked. Apologies.
  9. The reward for this bounty has increased to 3300.
  10. The depicted tract of land is only an estimate, as I am not fully aware of the true extent of this epidemic. This will not be a formal notice, nothing official, nothing special, as there is no need, and I am rushing to put this out so that I may return on another expedition. This is simply a warning as to what is transpiring within this forest. Mutated creatures have begun popping up. It began with only one, though this sole beast is terrifying in its own right. Its last reported size is 75 feet long and, likely, still growing. It has approximately 30 arms along its torso, which is covered in some form of tough chitin. While investigating this forest, I encountered several other creatures of varying shapes and sizes that somewhat resembled local wildlife, though retained the black, chitinous exterior of this massive beast, along with warped forms. I am offering another 3000 minas onto the existing bounty on the giant beast (previously attributed to a ‘long bear’), and will be putting up more notices as I identify more of these smaller creatures. I recommend all who live within the area be wary. I have yet to see any humanoid figures, n’or have I seen any of these creatures within any dangerous range of a settlement, but it would be wise to keep on the lookout nonetheless. - Carl [!] The previous bounty is attached to the bottom of the notice. OOC: This is the beginning of what is hopefully going to be the first eventline I see all the way through. Feel free to contact me on Discord (SpodoKaiba#2776) or in game if you want to schedule an attempt on the bounty, or just a miscellaneous expedition into the forest to investigate. I’ll also be contacting nearby settlements for collaborations, so if you are a charter that is inside or near the forest, feel free to message me about that as well!
  11. “how did they figure out so fast that the goal of our city is to dismantle haelun’or culture” sarcastically comments the sweater sage.
  12. “didn’t you guys make him the sohaer at one point?” comments local sweater boy.
  13. being ET like half as many times as you
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