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  1. hey epic gamer bro

  2. name: steven age: steven gender: steven race: steven
  3. “F” Comments sweater boy, paying his respects to the former Lady.
  4. SpodoKaiba


    “that’s rad holy ****” comments sweater boy as he sees a huge army of rock boys
  5. [!] Messily written notes are strewn haphazardly along the roads of Arcas and the streets of its cities. no good at write or talk. forest not good. flowers and birds dying. things angry and hungry. a lot of hungry. forest dying. no know why. need help. getting a lot of danger. things big. pan
  6. “why do they both keep saying the same thing over and over again” steven ponders as he walks around the city, beginning to carve into the dirt and stone surrounding it.
  7. No. Nothing is gained from it and it only encourages anti-RP attitudes on an RP server. Personally, I prefer not to kill during RP unless it makes complete and total sense, as it erases all character development that could’ve occurred there.
  8. mark when anaea finds out his true identity 

  9. liam uses buzzwords to post snail porn
  10. we live in a society

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