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  1. The Wilted Flower

    Marcy immediately burned her note to hide any evidence.
  2. oh you made it again cool yeah
  3. Tahmas' Post-Cleanup MT Application

    thomas is a good man and knows like 11 magics on one character fits the bill i'd say +1
  4. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Event Actor] Whiplashist

    Whip's a pretty neat fellow with lots of good ideas Get him on board kids
  5. Flyers in the Shadows

    "What kind of a plan is that? Trying to kill a Godlike figure with a darkstalker? Why is this man considered a threat?" Steven scoffed.
  6. in this age of negativity we should all recall the shining beacon of light that is phineas and ferb

    1. Whiplash


      Image result for firing squad


      LOTC rn yeet

    2. Luxury


      ptsd from scream singing THERE S 104 DAYS OF SUMMER VACATION

  7. i like this idea :haha carrying around alchemist's fire:
  8. Beardmancy

    crumena's next magic
  9. [Denied] Tahmas' MT Application

    good man yes sir yes sir don't stress yourself out too much
  10. Allow Players To Open Shops At CT

    alternative idea: fast travels at ct so people can get to places with shops !!!
  11. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    ruh roh
  12. are people sick of walking yet