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  1. Hello friend! How are you?

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  3. third year on here today bbs ;)

  4. rip et dreams, holla at y'dog

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      don't think reapplying would change the outcome, dear

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      i think you're dumb then reapply

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  5. Stance on auto fish? Is it allowed always or only in rp? I

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      It's allowed but don't afk with it on

  6. If anyone needs a skin, make a request on the post I've made! It's free, I just won't skin armor or hair/face.

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      im the opposite lol i can only do hair and face, pls teach me how do clothes

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  7. ET app is officially back. holla from my momma

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      Tell her I love her.

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      yub. your marriage certificate's in the mail, boo

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  8. DJSneeze

    [Denied] Spoduminister's ET Actor Application

    I've known Spod for a few months now, and can confidently say they're fantastic at roleplay, have a solid grasp of this server's lore, and would definitely bring a creative spin to things. Make 'em ET! +1
  9. Minecraft Username; AshleySkelp Skype ID; rabidanimalz Time Zone; EST Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report; I haven't been banned or been reported for anything of the such, so no strikes or anything of the sort! Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions?; No, I have not, sadly. What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present); I only play LotC, really. My computer runs Minecraft well, but not much else. I've never had a good computer, so haven't had chance to expand. I look forward to doing so now, however. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member?; Both my characters I play at the moment are human. I'd like to keep Audrey, but would free up my second card, if I had to. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain; I think my events would cater best to humans or halflings, but I do think they would settle well for any race. I'd like to focus on making my events welcome to all, because the events I favor have made all races welcome. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event?; Key factors to a successful event, in my opinion, are organizing things ahead of time and ensuring that even if the event isn't focusing on something peaceful in nature, it is fun for everyone who plays a part in it. This applies to even spooky events! Though the event would of course have an air of malice to it, I'd be sure to make it fun in a way, if that makes sense? When was the last time you saw an event?; Since my first app, the last event I'd have seen would be the transition one. (Duh.) But before that, it'd have been a festival I held, because I just never get to see events really., which is sort of why I wish to become ET in the first place. Anyhow, I have held several, and they've been good learning experiences, but I want to continue with them. Bring some fun, eh? What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing?; I have a good understanding of the lore, holding a basic knowledge of most things, as I have played on this server since Anthos. Strengths I bring to the team would be good ability in organizing, the knowledge I mentioned, being very active ((I have no life, iss okie.)), and a genuine want to be on the team! I miss the small, fun little events Anthos brought to its people, and would love to bring them back. I've always thought it would be so cool to be able to be in control of it, and would now like to try. I also am okay at building, though this is not the role in the team I strive for. I've put together festivals even with a computer that barely functioned. So, or I would like to think I do anyway, I bring several things to the table; ability to organize, a level mind, and new ideas! Why do you want to be part of the ET?; I kind of went over this in the previous bullet, but nontheless, I will revisit it! I don't see nearly as many events as I would like on this server. I've always loved goofy fun, and wish to place an importance on this. Between bumbling creatures or doofy party-like events, I miss when events were a regular occurrence. I wish to do something about that, as I have started to, with Aethermoore's festivals. The role as ET would help me to bring my ideas to life in more clear ways, to provide more to the community, and play around with events other than festivals I have already organized. I want to unite the server in ways other than bloodbath, quite simply. My Three RP Scenarios; For 1 -3 People: An oddly dressed woman would approach a few men on the road, golden bangles glittering on her wrists. Her hair tumbles to her waist, it a deep brown in hue, and her eyes are green, shining with mischief as she looks upon the men. A rich purple skirt sways around her bare legs, green vines seeming to be painted upon her skin, and a belt with potions is at her hips! The woman would greet the men, an air of mystery seeming to surround her, an exotic musk clinging to the air. Offering her wares for sale, some musical, others alchemical, the men would hardly be able to say no to the merchant. They'd talk some more, and drinks would be offered to the men. Soon after drinking them, they'd find themselves experiencing wild hallucinations, and the woman would briskly take off, leaving them to learn the weight of being so trusting! But wait, this event could take two paths. If all men took the drinks offered, it would go over mostly without incident for the woman. She would leave them each with a mysterious trinket, each with its own story. If one or two had not, it may have escalated to a fight upon the men's realization the drinks were drugged. This event gives players the chance for either some fun rp fighting, or a chance of finding unique role play items and a story to tell! For 5-10 People; This event would take place within a cave, beginning with a ragtag group of explorers finding it. The cave would be tucked away in a hill, mostly hidden by foliage. To even enter, a blade would be needed to cut through the heavy vines. One of the stragglers, an elven woman, would catch onto a faint whimpering from deeper into the cave, and the adventurers would take off for it hurriedly, a lit torch carried by the leader. And surely enough, they would find an enormous wolf, its chest heaving in pain. Those participating in the event would have several choices, to leave, to attempt to save the wolf, or to put it out of the misery. The wolf, however, will die either way, unless an incredibly skilled healer is with the group, in which case it could potentially be tamed. If not, however, the people would find a heavy tusk driven into the wolf's belly, blood pouring after it. It is suspected to be a weapon of an orc, and if the adventurers were smart, they might take it as a sign to abandon ship. For 20+ People; Music fills the festival grounds, people swarming in as the scheduled time arrives. Festivities and people selling wares surround them as they arrive, suiting a broad variety of races and personality. This event is just there to allow for fun! Apple bobbing, lotteries, pig races, and treasure hunts would occur, leaving no trace of boredom to be found. Icy cold beverages are offered, and food to feed a nation is available! The festival goes on into the night, dragging on and on until at last, only a few stragglers remain. Those who have helped are thanked, and the hardy task of packing up after such an event ensues. Events like these are what I would like to focus on, a way to bring the community together. How long do you plan to stay in the ET?; I would like to stay on the ET as long as I'm needed and active on the server. Should there come a time when I'm not able to provide the players with event role play, I'll contact the team that I no longer feel of use, and I'll leave. I see no use in staying where I'm of no good, and would especially hate to think I'm holding a role I am no longer deserving of. Other; Posts regarding my past ET app and events I have put together can be found in my post history. Tell me a joke; What did the crushed grape say?
  10. Festival tomorrow at 7 PM EST in Aethermoore. All are welcome!

  11. Festival Friday in Aethermoor!

  12. DJSneeze

    [Denied] WolfTheRoach's Second AT App

    I've worked for him as an architect before, and can confirm he's easy to talk to and get along with. -1 because you still owe me payment for that job. But +2 because you'd fit the team!
  13. me for et 2016-alloftime