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  1. Hello friend! How are you?

  2. #elephantforheadshop2016 yes


  3. third year on here today bbs ;)

  4. rip et dreams, holla at y'dog

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    2. DJSneeze


      don't think reapplying would change the outcome, dear

    3. Space


      i think you're dumb then reapply

    4. DJSneeze
  5. Stance on auto fish? Is it allowed always or only in rp? I

    1. Syfy


      It's allowed but don't afk with it on

  6. If anyone needs a skin, make a request on the post I've made! It's free, I just won't skin armor or hair/face.

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    2. DJSneeze
    3. Petals4013


      im the opposite lol i can only do hair and face, pls teach me how do clothes

    4. DJSneeze
  7. ET app is officially back. holla from my momma

    1. Jimehhhh


      Tell her I love her.

    2. DJSneeze


      yub. your marriage certificate's in the mail, boo

    3. Jimehhhh


      I can't wait another second.

  8. Festival tomorrow at 7 PM EST in Aethermoore. All are welcome!

  9. Festival Friday in Aethermoor!

  10. me for et 2016-alloftime

  11. I've been told by someone that if a character below the age of either 17 or eighteen were to begin learning a void magic, the results would be very.. Not-good. The person whom told me has quite a bit of experience under his belt when it comes to roleplaying magic, and has a remarkable understanding of the lore provided for it. However, I've found no lore regarding this statement, and have looked over multiple guides for void magic. If there is an age limitation, please do link to something proving it, because I'd like to know.
  12. -Turkey noises intensify-

    1. WuHanXianShi14



  13. ~Student Application~ *The application seems to have been written carefully, the words are clear and easy to read.* Name: Evelyn Nithaniel Gender: Female Race: Elf Age: 182 Why would you like to attend our school?: I'm a Tier 2 wind evocationist, and I've been self taught until now. I'd love to ease and speed up this process with a teacher. I'd like to reach Tier 5, and possibly learn other forms of evocation.. Will you be able to pay our entry fee of 150(+50 if you want a dorm): I don't see why not. Although, are dorms decided upon your application, or would you be able to pay for one later on..? Do you recognize that you /must/ remain peaceful with others within our borders?: Yes, I'll gladly remain peaceful within the borders...
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