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  1. heart mind soul 

  2. heyyyy ; )

    Edited by Cari
  3. new map doesn't make me wanna kms, nice.

  4. i ******* love skittles

  5. what a beautiful wedding

  6. Anyone up for making me a skin? I'll pay something like 100 minas. It shouldn't be an especially hard request. thnx.

    1. Privet


      Gleeshers'll do it. (gotta wait for her to fix her **** tho)

    2. Sentis


      I can do it for free, if you want.

    3. Cari


      Sure, have a go. I'll message you.

  7. ban spiffytaylor

    1. Taylor


      wtf is this

    2. Cari


      im triggered

  8. Are Frost Witches still a thing?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cari


      Okay, thank you!

    3. K0TA


      I got brutally slaughtered by one a few weeks ago. She proceeded to consume my flesh while I was still alive. Yes, yes the overpowered, seductive witches live.

    4. TavernLich


      OP? Hahah... No. Just shove a fireball in their face ;)

  9. I hate Christmas.

    1. Lima


      Christmas hates you.

    2. monkeypoacher
    3. Anderssn


      Lauren you're such a sad person :c

  10. Eisá Fáoláin begins to sharpen her weapon. "This could be fun."
  11. ate the babies lol #peckish

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    2. Zhulik


      Michael Brown's parents didn't care about Michael when he died, they just wanted court cash to buy some more liquor.

    3. Cari
    4. susitsu


      You didn't invite me...?

  12. ::OOC:: MC Name: Kandiifloss Did you ever have a character with magic?: My main character has literally just started learning electromancy. Are you aware the rules of Magic: Yes. Skype: nqgmandy ::IC:: Name: Aeri'laya Age: 26. Gender: Female Race: High Elf. What would you like to learn?: I want to learn first aid because I believe it is a useful thing; anything can happen at any time and it could come in handy. Alchemy also fascinates me and I want to learn more. Which Class(es) are you enrolling for?: First Aid and Alchemy.
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