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  1. Small Map, One City (Map Idea)

    Before I'd say this is a dumb idea, but theres been some good rp since everyone was more or less moved to the ct. Might be worth giving this a try, which is going to happen when we're transitioning anyways so good timing.
  2. Cool about the 1.12.2 update but when is the programming staff going to finish giving every race a damn buff and balance the existing ones

    1. Ragnio


      @overlord2305 Racial buffs and debuffs are being removed with 6.0, as stated here;


    2. overlord2305


      Guess that makes sense. When are they removing pvp though.

  3. When someone puts a gate on their boat to keep people from hurting their feelings by rping

    1. overlord2305


      Or start partialy citing random facts

    2. A Moongazer

      A Moongazer

      When somebody denies rp from raiders returning home from a victorious raid because m-m-MeTA???

    3. ThatWeirdGirl


      When someone tries to hit someone with a brick, splash acid on and strangle strangle with a rope at CT. Lets also not forget the great ker wolf kicking of 2017 and the countless souls lost. Also lets remember constantly saying 'impure' and yawning when one would normally act with confusion slash fear and other poor RP choices. And finally the meat of the issue, the property damage, attack on an elven child, and IC sexual harassment. Then they post complaints OOC dispute showing very poor RP quality and poor OOC behavior. This has been an ongoing issue with you.


      But no.


      It's not your fault. I'm just stating random facts.

  4. Looks neat size wise, like it could actualy be occupied by a smaller group of people and still feel lived in. Cool.
  5. Alternative Death System

    While I have nothing against this in principle the average player probably won't be too ken on having to wait to be resurected or possibly use their char each time some goon disagrees with them and lobs their head off. This system has a place, just not here.
  6. So who the hell actualy aproved the renatus boat, it's not big, it's comedicly so to the point where I doubt it has a high enough bouyancy factor to stay afloat

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. grubgoth_wud


      200iq Harvard intellectual

    3. Narthok


      There are literally two small boats, bolted to the side of it to help it float

    4. overlord2305


      Purge boat is done. Has sun bathing area.

  7. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Making it application based could sort that out
  8. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Event team could have actors make temp 'mysterious strangers' (wizards elemementals etc etc) go to people who have shown interest in a magic but can't learn it due to this issue and give them a oppertunity to learn through said actor's charachter
  9. Crusader King II - Lord of the Craft Mod

    I will learn to play ck2 if it means I get to march haelun'ori armies across the globe in a grand purge
  10. Hraesvelgr's Eyrr

    All this magical power yet they still lack the willpower to just go on a date again
  11. The Unity of Ash and Bronze

    "Good. Now I won't have to waste my acid purging these fools. If they are willing to create short lived infertile children doomed to die without offspring of their own then let them whilest we purge the rest of the impure. And have these 'nobles' sterilized anyways. Just to be sure." Ilyana said
  12. @501warhead just confirmed the kha will be the primary protagonist race during the entirety of 6.0

    1. dogbew


      ...Am I /warhead/ now?

  13. The Battle o' Rochdale

    Ilyana would write down the exact number of deaths and injuries on a piece of paper "How odd that the hou-zi, literal apes, have less internal conflict than these semi-sentients running around proclaiming their species to be superior above all."
  14. [Denied]GM App Dragonayr :)

    -1 got someone banned over accidentaly popping despite offering to fully repay him