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  1. Snow elves still aren't a real race and never will be
  2. Fascinating reports to purity police
  3. Can I just say I find it strange that staff usualy lock a thread after replying (in a major way) to it, thus prohibiting any further feedback being given or people expressing adjusted opinions based on what has been said

  4. Tosali best house

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Birdnerdy


      I for one have enjoyed my roleplay with the Tosali Clan : /

    3. Birdnerdy


      roleplays a norland tartar with straight face lol

    4. overlord2305


      @nikabell you were never in Tosali, you were with th3, and we all know the only reason you left that bunch is because your relationship ran aground faster than everyones hopes of ever getting baldrick to pk

  5. "I just hope whoever mans the gate has a better definition of 'impurity' than lacking knowledge, then again if they do have the same misguided definition that would mean they must be most impure aswell for lacking the knowledge to properly analyze weather paterns or predicting economic growth." lynn said to herself
  6. Oracle can be heard laughing aloud before picking up a large rectangular slab of metal "anyazh waht tu play wak a imperyal"
  7. Gotta love me some American internet censorship

    1. mitto


      press f to pay respects to this mans opinion

  8. Also screw books 

    1. Abeam


      wheel of times good af though

    2. overlord2305


      Wouldn't know

  9. Still waiting for programming staff to be officialy called just that.
  10. I just heard baldrick died, WOO

  11. "And yet no man understands why the empire is no better than the greenskins" basillia muttered to herself
  12. Which member of staff do I need to  hurt for updating the server to a version that does not yet have forge or optifine AGAIN

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    2. Fimlin


      NOT TRUE! there is a forge version, and mods like mpm and schematica work fine as 1.12 mods with 1.12.1 forge, so it is fine actually

    3. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      i know plenty of mods are fine for 1.12.1 however optifine isnt

    4. Fimlin


      optifine 1.12.1 works with mpm 1.12

  13. "And yet they bar other races from their cities for being 'barbarous' " Oracle proclaimed
  14. Collette is acting like she has a stick up her ass http://prntscr.com/g57qs8

  15. I blame Norland for what just happened