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  1. late night ama; ft. pyro

  2. Santegia Memes

    Just mentioning Haria itself would have been enough P.S. these memes are as stale as my trust in humanity
  3. Put a lock on the elven race

    I haven't seen people fall for bait so easily in years
  4. Looking for Girlfriend

    a bird lands near Tajo carrying a note, it reads "Dear Tajo, I long for your embrace so thorougly that I could no longer contain my desire. And thusly I have written this letter to let you know so. If you wish yo meet me then go to the nearest tree with a small length of rope and call my name. - Nuh'houus " on the back of the letter is a expertly crafted protrait of a fine young human lady with flowing hair and bright blue eyes. On closer inspection the girl appears to be a noose somehow wearing a dress.
  5. Just learn to rp or journey across the red sea into the desert along with your fellow pvp goons since you're not adding anything to the rp by pvping
  6. Keys to the Kingdom, Assault on Malin's City

    "Maybe now the 'ame will know their place beneath the 'aheral. With some luck they may even return the the fold begging for help." Lynn stated
  7. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    "Celebration? Did all the Bortu die in a cave in? No? A coronation you say? How dissapointing" lynn said
  8. [Your View] Recent Defender Default change: Feedback

    Get rid of pvp entirely along with the goons that are here solely for it, outside of warclaims it adds nothing
  9. "Valah, if your gods are so mighty then why must their will be carried out by such weak willed and short lived puppets of flesh with a mind so feeble they continue to use ancient texts with no relation to reality as the foundation for their world view." Ilyana commented, taking note of the idiocy
  10. The Gates Of The Wronged

    "Good. Now we can start pumping the saryn gas in again and be rid of the bortu" lynn said
  11. [Denied]Leap1Ghosts' GM App

    +1 trustworthy guy
  12. We need to talk.

  13. Lower the amount of spooks?

    Nuking veris or whatever it's called would be a good start, surprised Oren hasn't warclaimed them yet what with the frost witches and otger such spookes walking around in plain sight
  14. Royal Office Act, 1632

    "I was already wondering when the valah would attenpt to undermine their democracy. Even I did not think they would be foolish enough to do it so soon however." *lynn spoke*