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  1. Time to step down

    Can't say I'm losing sleep over this
  2. [Denied] Leap1Ghosts goes for the FM Team

    Has the playerbase's interest at heart +1 P.S. @Arhbi Leap isn't responsible for what others do.
  3. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    From personal experience and or opinion I can tell you this isn't true
  4. The Hanseti-Ruska Masquerade Ball

    Lynnette Ilyana Túre will attend, if only to show those boorish valah what real women look and sound like.
  5. Her Playground

    "Good. Aslong as they are valah men, good." Lynnette comments
  6. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    Why the **** is this even something that needs to be discussed? GMs do your bloody work for once and hand out warnings when rules are abused as much as is claimed (which knowing lotc is probably still understating it). Or heck, kick some of the pvp goons if they have shown no will to make this enjoyable for the otherside aswell.
  7. Who are you and why are you following me

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ghost_Of_Leap1


      @NorlandChan Well then I guess it's a good thing that no one cares what you think isn't it?

    3. NorlandChan


      You'd be surprised. Me n me buddies got some good laughs from this.

    4. overlord2305


      You mean like how everyone got a laugh out of norland getting shat on during the invasion of their meme fort

  8. Forums acting weird for anyone else?

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    2. overlord2305


      Sends me to a page with a big "apply now" button when I click on the logo at the top of the page that would normaly take me to the landing page. When I clcik the apply now button it sends me to a modified landing page lacking much of the recent threads section or the status updates.

    3. Tofuus


      Ya, we've modified the front page of the forums. Checkout this thread for more info 


    4. overlord2305


      The thread preview is sticking out kff the screen to the right. Am on a phone

  9. Make space marines canon but only playable by the kha

  10. [✓] Overlord's ban appeal

    IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.) overlord2304 & overlord2305 Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.) http://prntscr.com/i7kvt2 Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) @Morganosaurus Rex @Leap1Ghosts @Kinslayer @Kaldwin @Crushems @Cornivore @Inquisitioners (I might have forgotten someone so feel free to remind me) Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.) I've had time to think over what happened and while I still believe that the discussion being held was largely civil I have also come to understand that the way in which I continued to escalate the discussion by repeatibly replying and rebuking arguements was not contributing to a usefull discussion despite it remaining civil. If I am let back onto the server I will refrain from unnecessarily escalating discussions and conflicts like I have done in this case. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.) http://prntscr.com/i7l2xt (Yeah it's cropped I know)
  11. Flawed ban reports

    And here I was thinking you stopped being cool. Couldn't agree more. Loves and kisses, over.
  12. [✗] Overlord's ban appeal

    IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.) overlord2305 & overlord2304 Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.) http://prntscr.com/i3mq02 Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) @Morganosaurus Rex @Fitermon @Inquisitioners @Kaldwin @Kinslayer @Crushems @Cornivore @Leap1Ghosts @NurpleDurp @Zacho Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.) A BR was posted about me and discussion about the points raised as to why I should or should not have been banned. During this discussion things were said that were for one reason or another deemed to be so toxic as to warrant banning nearly everyone involved. In my honest opinion this is a gross overreaction and I truely feel that none of the involved parties (yes that includes me) should have been banned and that one or two warning points should have been handed out where applicable instead. On closer reflection I can understand some of the points that were leveled against me on the ban report in question regarding my behavior being toxic and I'l be more carefull as to when and with who my definition of joking is appropriate or not. Furthermore I would like to request a secondary GM review the comments that led to this ban, both my own and those of others as there are players who remained civil the entire time beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it does not feel right to me personaly to have these players suffer a three week ban over participating in a relatively civil discussion. On a final note, if this is to be denied then I would like to request a reason for such to be given instead of a simple 'denied' so I can reflect on the reason given and for the sake of transparency. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.) N/A
  13. [✗] Kaldwin's Ban Appeal

    In my opinion Kaldwin should have been given one-two warning points at most for what he said if even that. (I was one of those involved, just go check the thread)
  14. [✗] Inquisitioners' Ban Appeal.

    Though my opinion is probably irrelevant at this point I'd still like to come forward and say that while there were certainly specific users that said things that crossed the line several times over @Inquisitioners was not one of those and they stayed as civil as one can be when debating and rebuking points. Heck I'm going to go one step further and say that nobody should have been banned for what was posted there. At most one or two users should have received a warning point or two, we have the system, use it.