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  1. "Death to the plague of ata that have turned Larihei's nation rotten" - smug mali'thill Ilyana Túre
  2. ---------(*)--------- 11th Amber Cold, 1758 The cold wind howled and hounded at the town house's shudders only to be drowned out by cries of pain and then soon tears of joy as the two thill were joined by a third for the first time after their long wait. Larihei Túre, that was to be her name, raised and thought by the old ways by father and haelun both, yet with some of the more radical ideas of the latter interspersed throughout. Always amongst the valah of ves, yet clearly more than their ilk with whom she played in the streets.
  3. Dovuna wamen bad

  4. Ilyana takes offence at the ker plagiarising the name of her long time friend
  5. Ilyana would find the nearest declaration, adding to its bottom a small comment of her own 'it is most unfortunate to see fellow mali damage the state and its reputation with such valah ideas. All Mali are born with the exclusive right to their bodies and are free to use and do with such aslong as it does not infringe upon said right of other mali. To deny such is to disrespect not only the mali whom's right you have violated, but also your ancestors whom died and struggled so your bloodline may continue.'
  6. @Silverstatik excuse me what the ****? 

  7. i mean all you had to do was ask, sure I’ll play online chess with you

    1. overlord2305


      Why not I suppose.

  8. Interesting how you assume I'm angry and not just b0red, projecting?

  9. [!] Clung to the local noticeboard of several local taverns would be a note which prominently featured a large sketch in several colors to add detail to it. 'These two deviants were found huddled close together in the dark corner of an Haensiatic tavern, whispering sweet words to one another. We cannot allow such behavior for it will inevitably lead to the most foul of disgraces that is the mixing of Human and Elven blood, for which death is the only fitting punishment.' The note would lack any sort of signature, though whomever wrote it must spend a great deal of time doing so judging by the readability and elegance of each and every word
  10. Ilyana clearly recals the attackers heading back home after being positively frightened by the prospect of a fair fight upon seeing the defenders' numbers.
  11. Easiest, and most boring WC win I've experienced in four years of play lmao

  12. Ilyana could do nought but let off a small smile as the news reached her, feeling emboldened in her belief that the state had grown into a wicked perversion of its own ideals now that one of its communal corner stones had shown such impure behavior as ridding himself of life. Regardless she only dwelled on the news briefly before going back to her conversation
  13. When two normies ree so loud when you make fun of them that the sound alone knocks the earth out of it's orbit around the sun

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