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  1. "Where's.. Where's my Pa?" Julius asked brokenly. The Words barely escaped the boy's mouth, speaking even as blood sept from his re-opened face injury. Platitudes were whispered, promises uttered. Content in knowing his father was safe, the Barrow slipped back into a deepened slumber. In the dawn that came news of the Carrion's death spread. When the stragglers made their way into his place of recovery, Julius knew. Their looks of pity and grief told him all. Oh, Julius realized. I have nothing, now.
  2. Username: Remothy Discord: insert edgy name here#6969 Skin Reference: Alex or Steve model: Steve Skin details, if any (the more, the better): Base!
  3. Username: Remothy Discord: insert edgy name here#6969 Skin Reference: Alex or Steve model: Alex Skin details, if any (the more, the better): Base Skin - Skin, Eyes, and Hair. Slight coloration change is fine!
  4. Candlelight illuminated the parchment held between delicate hands. There sat an Elfess with fine clothes, and keen eyes. Her hair fell to her back in loose waves, cosmetics long washed away as the moon rose. Ever-so-distant she heard the dual snores of her Mayilu from their bed.. their warmth still lingering as she inspected the parchment. Wordlessly her mind begun to wander, that curiosity so-often tucked away clawing it's way to the forefront of her mind. Gaze darting back to the bed, Taliyu allowed a soft sigh to pass her lips. It was without noise that she rose from her seat. Footsteps silent as she carried herself to the bed. Regardless of what would happen tonight, she thought, tomorrow will hopefully solve the boredom within. Her eyes blurred with darkened spots as she slipped into a dreamless slumber. When the morning sun rose, so too did she. She would seek out this 'Redmane'.. and discover what he sought to preach.
  5. An Open Letter to Mage's Guild Penned by Thessalia Elverhilin To say I am shocked with your snide comentary would be an understatement. Knowing that this here Guild planned to bring about such a horrific crime only to turn around and claim that they had no intent to do so. You are correct in saying that the Mage's Guild publicly condemned the Voidal Tears. But it was not these meetings that revealed your foul plan. Through silent undertakings your ilk met with those of Elvenesse, agreeing to undertake the task of opening such a tear for 'Scholarly Purposes'. All in attendenace were in agreement, as stated by Ayche, a highly ranked member of your Guild and former seat-holder of the Collegium. You knew the world would refuse to allow this to occur, and conducted the planning in secrecy. It was only through my personal involvement that your plan was revealed. To those unaware, my name is Thessalia Elverhilin. Elder sister to Anordal Elverhilin whom was one of two Mages that discovered the way to open tears. I have witnessed first hand the horrors of these actions, and every day I work to ensure Voidal Magi uphold the delicate balance they so often overlook. At the time this plan was revealed I was an Adeptus Minoris of the Mage's Guild and was to teach a class of Seekers the truth of the Void, Tears, and the dangers thereof. Yet when I very loudly voiced my disagreement with the Mage's plan, I was was forced to resign. Through my involvement with the Guild, I can confirm that their plans were legitimate. Not only did your Archmage confirm this, but now you attempt to cover it up. You 'condemn' the very practice you sought to preform after you and your ilk were confronted, a poor attempt to make it seem as though we are accusing you falsely. Shame on you. Shame on all of you. Own up to your crimes. Act like the adults you parade yourselves to be. Though this missive will surely bring a target upon my back, I refuse to sit in silence as you spew lies in the pitiful attempt to cover your own behind. Blessed day, Mage's Guild of Urguan. Blessed day.
  6. Sat upon her throne of ruin, did an Elfess stare upon the missive. Glee and discomfort warred within her pallid form. "Seems it is time for Thessalia to vanish once more."
  7. S͏̴͇̺̼͎̟͕̹̯̪̞̰e̷̖̞̜̬̪̱̦̪̰̜̠̲̘̰̲̞͉̗̙͡͝e̸̛͕͙̪͓̯͉̠̫̤͙̦̠̗̗̺͈ ̷̸̵̩̭̙͖̪͕̜̰͚͙̼̤̮̯ẃ̶̧̘̖̲̰͇͍̣̰͔̘̼͉͇̘̣h̵̨҉̛̥̟̱̝̜͍̻̯̮̥͖̠̠̝͓a̧̰͈̯̦̖̹̹͍͞ṯ̵̶̠̪̯͇̞̞̹̻͓̩̞͈̮͓̟͘ ̵̨̩̼̟͓͙͎͍̼̞̳͍͔̪͔̫͘͢͝t͞҉͇̭̩̲͉͉̮̦͙͡r̵̼̗̞̖̣̻̯̱̠͍͍̟ų̡̰̫͔̙̯͓͢s̛̥̞̬̺̹͙̤̝̹̬̠͓̠͖̲͍̟͢t͕̗͚͉͓̦͖̯̞̰̘͔͎̼̘͞ ̧̛̳͙̺̻̺͙̙̦͇͈̭̗̼̩̰͈̣̙̀͜g̸̺̲̹̟͈̰̤̹̰̙̻̥̬̥͓̠͍ͅͅe͏͏͏̵̯̠̲̼͔͙͜ţ̴̯̺͎̜͉̺̖̻ͅs̡̘̰͔̣̪̤̲̺͍͈̯͇͝ ̨̨̰̲̳̱̹̙͔̤͍̠̳͙͡͠y̶̹̖̯͖̺̱̠̠̹̻͕̩̖͍͈̫͝ǫ̸̨̘̜̦̫͉̹̻͍̥̼̭̝͓̀́u̶̢̗͉̞͔̻̩̤͔̫͔͘͢?͏̪͚̞͖͓̤͉̗͔͍̙̟̬͙͉̖ In truth, Thessalia did not know why she had taken such obvious bait. That was a lie. She knew exactly why. Long now did she crave for the sweet silence of the grave, of meeting again with her dearest sisters and mother- Surprise did not come when she was attacked. Nor was it summoned when the creature man before her took her jaw in hand, forcing his accursed ichor to flow through her veins. The darkness that overtook her vison brought nothing but a thundering heart, a whispered farewell. In another life, perhaps she would have put up more of a fight. Would she have begged with him? Perhaps attempt to barter? She did not know. That scared her worse than the impending doom that began to overtake her vision. . . . To say she was surprised would be an understatement. Breathing felt wrong. Her lungs ached within her ribcage, crying out with every breath. She was sore in a way thought unimaginable. Every joint set aflame, screaming their protests as she shakily tried to rise. It took three attempts before she was able to stand. The pain begun to fade into the furthest parts of her mind, replaced by confusion and an unsettling hunger. Shock did not last long enough.. and anger soon took it's place. How dare he fail? Who was he to dangle what she desired the most before her, only to then rip it away? She had an Elf to catch.
  8. Thessalia revels in the chaos, cackling to herself.
  9. OOC ((MC Name: Remothy )) ((Discord: insert edgy name here#6969 )) ((Timezone: CST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Thessalia Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? Companionship, Curiosity, and so as to improve upon my practices. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Fire Evocation What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Adeptus Minors - Soon to be Majoris When should you be contacted for an interview? Any time will suffice.
  10. Pretty much what it says on the tin! I just got a new art tablet, and will be attempting some digital art. Will be doing rough doodles in order to try it out - and also get back into the Art Groove after a year of not having drawn anything. Please note that these will just be rough sketches, maybe more depending on what I am experimenting with. These will also not be amazing, as I'm extremely out of practice. I'll be doing as many of these as I can, but might skip over characters if I think they're too complicated or have another persona I want to doodle more. Please fill out the lil form below if you're interested! Finished pieces will be posted back into this thread. - Form - Contact: [Forum, Discord, Wherever I can DM the Art] Character Age: Character Description: Character Reference: [Please include skin AND other image refs] Cheers!
  11. An Elfess narrows her eyes upon the missive that had been nailed to her manor's entrance, a scowl etching across her lips. "Pheh - keep this off of our private property!" She says to herself, promptly tearing down the missive and moving inside.
  12. Name: Solis Age: Mid 150's Gender: Male Race: Mali'ker (OOC) Username: S1nnerVsSa1nts Discord: insert edgy name here#6969 Timezone: CST
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