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  1. Valentina could hear the exact moment the Tennallar's got their invitation. The Elf huffed, mentally noting the need for thicker walls, and allowed herself a small smile as she returned to her reading.
  2. Bruh. I thought we all knew to stop using it. Legit had a whole sit down in an older Delf server in 2020...
  3. "The Inquisition?" Muttered a short 'Ame from her living room's loveseat. She skimmed over the majority of the report carelessly, brows furrowed as her mind lingered on an all-too-familiar religious order.
  4. |||| The Magi’s Digest |||| Volume #1 24th of Snow's Maiden, SA 137 Introduction Upon realizing the time necessary to create individual Research papers on the topic of the Void, the author of this publication, Thessalia Elverhilin, deemed it would be easier to work on developing projects if said papers were instead published in installments. The Magi’s Digest as now held within the hand of my readers is the method such will be delivered. In order to prevent potential confusion each volume of digest that is released shall open with the information critical to the primary subject, date of writing and publishing, and with a section to elaborate on the formally written topic with quotes directly from the author’s journal. This paper does not work in collaboration with others, however the findings of other Magi who have collaborated on experiments will be properly recorded. The Author may be contacted by carrier bird OR via note delivery at the Tipsy Stag tavern in Lurin. Any requests made for other’s works to be published OR magic teaching will be ignored. Ripple Theory Across the ages Magi have been united with nearly all branches of non-Voidal scholars with a single question: Why does Magic change? [1] It is a question many of us now think of when we spend time pondering the orb. Older Mages who have witnessed the peculiar phenomenon have oftentimes blamed it upon irregular shifts in the Void. For example, I was able to locate a surviving document from the Athera’s Mages Guild that seems to be the earliest recording of the shift. [2] [3] “Much like nature, magics is ruled by a series of physical and metaphysical laws. Magic has capabilities and limitations, things it can do and things it cannot. Spells operate in certain ways. A fire mage can only control a blaze they summon and upon losing focus it dissipates. Mind mages cannot communicate over very long distances. Summoned water cannot be drunk for it will vanish in the body when the spell expires. While no mage can break these laws, one thing can warp them: time. The physical laws of magic cannot be broken but they do change: they are not constant. They slowly change over the years and decades, powerful abilities become less effective or even impossible and new avenues of magical spellcasting open up. The changes are very subtle over the lifespan of most descendants with only major ripples or disruptions of the Void being able to create a noticeable change quickly.” As read in the above excerpts we establish two things. There is an unwritten and non-material law of magic that our world is beholden to, such as the law of gravity. [4] Changes in all non-defic Magic or Universal Law can be attributed to changes in the Void. [5] [6] And just like that we are able to answer our initial question. Simple, no? Alas, nothing in regards to the Void is ever that easily explainable [7]. While our initial question was answered, it is that very answer that leads us to a new question: What causes the Void to change? This is the true question this paper seeks to solve. Of course one may always write off the causation as being something ‘random’ due to the Void’s nature of being a primordial Chaos [8] [9]. As painful as it may be to admit to the more logical minds of Descendant-Kind there are some things that simply aren’t meant to be understood. However that will not be the stance taken here. For while the Void may be incomprehensible, that does not mean we are unable to theorize about potential causes relating to it. As such, the following concepts written will henceforth be dubbed “Ripple Theory” that later branches into to-be Published “Faith-Theory” that further elaborates on this concept with other facets of the Material Realm [10]. Every ‘shift’ in the Void shall now be noted as a Ripple for ease of communication. Ripples seemingly occur at random intervals with no major cause that can be found in our realm or the metaphysical. They range in severity, from the light tailoring of spells or Magic’s function (such as turbulent Voidal Sickness inflicted upon those utilizing enchantments [11]) to more severe cases such as the utter loss of entire schools of Magic (such as the loss of Electrical Evocation [12]). Strangely this is not a trait exclusive to the Voidal Arts (even if it may be more frequent than other disciplines) and can be observed in other Magics. Defic Magics can attribute their changes to the very powers that gave it to them, however it is interesting that Magics that have no such source experience these changes just as Voidal Magi do [13]. Seemingly with no thread to follow, too many Ripples that affect Magic in too different ways, with unaffiliated Magic even being an external factor in play, there is no immediate answer that can be puzzled together to solve our question. We are left with nothing but our own imagination to fill the holes [14]. Imagination. It was that word alone that struck me [15]. To utilize any sort of Voidal art one must be able to imagine what it is they wish to do and mold it to conform to the Material’s Law before being able to pull it from the Void. Of course, saying that any sort of Mortal can cause a Ripple by believing it enough would be both discourteous to Magi and downright moronic in practice [16]. Though it does serve as a stepping stone to what may be the answer we so desperately seek. Descendants through the ages have historically drawn a connection between Dreams and the Void. While I cannot find the source for many of these beliefs [17], it is not a terribly hard conclusion to draw. It is this anecdote that now leads me to present a potential conclusion for our working theory: What if the Void is impacted by the Unconscious mind? This solution would tie several loose ends that our theory has presented: The irregular pattern for Ripples to occur, why Ripples impact things beyond just Voidal Magics, it connects the lines of Descendant Imagination’s impacting the Void in unconscious ways, etc. In the opinion of this Author, it would be an understandable and logical solution to our question with little evidence to outwardly disprove it [18], albeit with new questions that may add to the conundrum: Who all is capable of impacting the Void in this way? What does it take to create a Ripple? Are there other factors that can change the importance of one’s dream? Unfortunately these questions open up many doors that I will be unable to answer in this volume. Some that I may not be able to answer at all. At the end of it all, everything here is disprovable and lacks solid evidence, theories crafted only through leaps of logical judgment. Just as everything so sept in the Void’s Chaos… we may never find a true answer, and that is something I now leave in the hands of you readers. While there may be no singular truth in the law of Universal Function, there may be in the mind of the one now reading. Footnotes [1] - “So help me GOD if another one of these motherfuckers asks me why shit changes I’m going to start production of those Flatulence theories so I can fuckin’ stuff them into their faces.” [2] - “Had to dig out my first notebook from when I first began learning. I didn’t really bother to take care of it so most of the paper’s have given up over the centuries..” [3] - “Managed to write down what I could salvage from the original into my new book. Almost forgot I used to write everything in Elven before slipping into Dwarven a couple decades after that one. Anyways, here’s what it said..” [4] - “..cannot believe I had to explain gravity to this dipshit. He didn’t get it after I dropped an apple for him, so I just threw one at him. The concussion probably didn’t help me win favors but he finally got it!” [5] - “..Gods are fucky. Godly magic is even Fucky-er. Didn’t Xan cuck the Paladins by taking away one of their powers not too long ago?” [6] - “..is making me start to believe the Aenguls and Daemons are just divine babysitters. It’s like, they gave a toddler a toy and are having to take it away because the toddler used it to commit atrocities..” [7] - “..morons who don’t understand that magic can’t always be understood. One of these days I’m going to bite someone and refuse to explain why. Maybe then they’ll take a ******* hint.” [8] - “[Redacted]’s first lesson went great! She already had an okay-ish grasp on the concept of the Void, but once I hammered it home that it was chaos she seemed to get it. On another note she seemed to have some sort of existential crisis…” [9] - “Today I have had to explain basic Theory Fundamentals to a Mage that should be at my skill level. Every day I wonder why we haven’t let ourselves get destroyed in one of the ‘World Ends’..” [10] - “..most non-deity-ish Planes seem to function mostly like ours. With the Void stuff, anyways. Still having flashbacks of the one Cain told me about..” [11] - “New Ripple just dropped. Non-Voidal Mages get blasted with Void Juice and suffer like us for a bit. Get fucked Fire-Sword.. Ers.” [12] - “..Seems that all practicals of Electrical Evocation have reported the same thing. Another lost to the ebb and flow of the Void it would seem.” [13] - “People always fail to remember that EVERYTHING was once part of the Void. Honestly, even if you do not practice Voidal Magics, it’s rather dumb to shun the concept of it entirely..” [14] - “So. Maln appeared again. He said something to me about our belief impacting the Void.. something about it make me think of ..” [15] - “..keeps coming to me. There’s something there that my mind is trying to latch to, but I can’t figure out why. At this point I may need another pin board, but going out now without three days sleep..” [16] - “..don’t explain everything to them step-by-step they’ll get their panties into a twist and ***** about it not making sense. ******* Mages.” [18] - “If Raziel says one more goddamn thing about Yisar I’m going to beat him so hard he’ll be able to dream about the stars he always raves about..” Signing off, Thessalia Elverhilin
  5. Doing some mina art coms for practice^^ Feel free to DM on Disc if interested!

  6. In the past several parties came forward with reports about then ST-Manager Spoon's misconduct that had no action aside from a demotion to normal ST. Why did you not take more action with these reports and why was Spoons only banned this year? (Genuine question, as someone who attempted to involve Admins on behalf of a victim. Insight into your POV of the ordeal would be very appreciated!)
  7. Thessalia paused to look over the letter, her eyes rolling. "..Stupid feckin' idiot. How th'**** do you get caught out so badly that the feckin' Orcs come after ye?"
  8. +1 The amount of times I've overriden the wrong slot makes my head hurt..
  9. Logo's hot, web design.. is not imo
  10. Valentina frowns at the document, humming an odd rattle as she showed the document to her Fiance without a word. @_yink_
  11. In the ancient year of ~2016~, my friend group all made characters VERY VERY VERY roughly based on MCD Characters. I still thank God no one understood "Zani" was based on Zane when she was alive...
  12. Dw, you joined post 2016. The only people who are weird about it are people to avoid imo
  13. There sat a serpent eyed Elfess within the Tennalar Tavern, observing the younger members of the Talonii in idle. Distantly she reminisced on the new conflict at hand. Of the Norlander who had broken into their Holdings four times, disregarding their warnings, and returned a fourth. Of the Human who stabbed one of Llora's oem'ii who attempted to lead him out. She did not laugh then, nor did she now in the small tavern. With a side-wards glance to her Fiancee -- when the words of Rumil shared with the Ashen state reached the Talonii -- Valentina would stand. When that moment came, she would stop at nothing to protect those she claimed as hers.
  14. "Kidnapping and murder?" Muttered a serpentine-eyed woman incredulously, reading the missive over Arynn's shoulder. "How does one kidnap a person that breaks into your keep? A Thief who disregarded two warnings and returned explicitly to sow discord. Humans.. confuse me."
  15. Less of an ask and more of something I'm sharing. How's it feel knowing that Lylion's daughter (Luna!) is still alive and active?
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