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  1. craigr34

    Too Rich to Die Poor (ecksdee)

    Old Master Bobo follows the stream a bit further down stream until far enough away. Upon seeing the Commodus he goes to slow himself down against the current till Commodus' body has caught up. "Fawking rord Hibiki coming in ruining arr of my prans! Atreast Commodus ees safe for now..." He slowly drifts commodus and himself towards the shoreline. He then helps commodus to his feet limping him away to one of the yakuza hideouts. "Yoo wirr be safe Commodus, yoo are undah wathfurr eye of the Yakuza now. I wirr be ownah of thee Canteena tirr yoo are hokay."

  3. craigr34

    [Accepted] ZHULIK'S GM APP

    I will make sure Zhulik will hold up his end of the bargain for making LOTC decent again. For too long we have had mediocre GM's take us as the community for granted, Zhulik will make sure we get our /Premium/ roleplay server back again from the elite! I support Zhulik for his path to GMship.
  4. craigr34

    [Denied]Good Guy Shady_Tales' GM Application

    The whole of Scotland will support shady in his path to get GM, you will make LOTC great again by freeing the wrongfully imprisoned Kincaid while doing away the evils that crawl around LOTC. I, craig approve this message. +1
  5. craigr34

    [Denied]CynicalKing's Trial GM Application

    Harold would honestly make a great GM if he was accepted onto the team, he is hard working and will criticize you if he believes that there is a better way. Sometimes he can come of sounding harsh but that is sometimes what you need for someone, telling them how it is and none of that sugarcoating crap come people do. He can also take criticism very well and he will do his best in order to change himself for the better and will take the blame for anything that has been proven wrong. All in all he would be a great addition to the team +1
  6. can someone teleport me out of felsen, someone decided to world edit the damn place and now im stuck and suffocating in the damn wall

    1. craigr34


      im suffocating in the ground and i cant log on because of it

    2. Fishy


      Hop on, a GM is spamming the command to tp you out


    3. craigr34


      im out now, thanks guys

  7. craigr34

    [Actor] MajesticOwyn's ET Application

    If Bagley can get ET then Majesticowyn can get ET easily aswell. +1 all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. craigr34

    Cynicalking's At Application

    Accept him so he doesn't go for GM please my life depends on this. Other than that he's a good guy +1
  9. The Grand Salt Kingdom, making salt where ever they tread.

  10. craigr34

    [Denied] Sir_Niccum's Forum Moderator Application

    One of the few times I post, give this man a +1!
  11. craigr34

    [Denied]Assistance And Coffee

    Please try to remain civilised folks, and keep responses constructive. Everybody has flaws, and it is the duty of those around us to inform us of their existence, but also to provide neutral feedback and assistance in fixing them. Please also refrain from posting -1's; nobody is keeping count and it does nothing but make the app-writer feel bad. Treat others how you would wish to be treated!
  12. someone ddosed for funsies!