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  1. Thanks for all the supportive comments guys, really appreciate it all!
  2. Thanks pun I will be making sure that I beat it's ass, need to get back to playing lotc again soon probably after the new map is here. Lotc needs more Scottish that's for sure lol
  3. No I haven't heard of it but it looks promising, looks like it will be a bit later in the future for it to be widespread but I'm glad that there is a possible treatment out there that may be used to help people of cancer
  4. Don't worry I've screeched at the little **** and it still doesn't want to leave me! Don't worry mate I'll be making sure I always stay in good spirits a out it.
  5. Don't really know if this is the right place for this or how to say this to everyone but just to let the people who know me or heard about me have a little heads up about me. I have cancer and so I've not been as active as I have been these past few months (as well as having a girlfriend) so it's been a bit tough on me but I'll survive it. Posting this through my phone so forgive me for any glaring errors. Hopefully I get back to playing LOTC again just maybe after the new map is released. Hope to see you all again soon my dudes.

  7. can someone teleport me out of felsen, someone decided to world edit the damn place and now im stuck and suffocating in the damn wall

    1. craigr34


      im suffocating in the ground and i cant log on because of it

    2. Fishy


      Hop on, a GM is spamming the command to tp you out


    3. craigr34


      im out now, thanks guys

  8. The Grand Salt Kingdom, making salt where ever they tread.

  9. someone ddosed for funsies!

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