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  1. Time for the 8th status?





    Gandalfo stop silencing this man's freedom of speech! 


    Edited by MightyTom
  2. hannibal has a target on his head unlucky 

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    2. erikur


      Yeah Bro, I Heard He's Talking Mad **** Lol. 

    3. devvy


      i heard the same dude .

    4. fat robert

      fat robert

      5 different people managed to own up hannibal

  3. fat robert


    Heinrich Furrowed his eyebrow, as Heinrich has previously managed to pierce his long-sword through her chest, perhaps the princess is an undead creature.
  4. Image result for toilet

    1. erikur


      pajeet clean my toilet

    2. HurferDurfer1


      i heard from a reliable source that robert is a coward and also bad at nappy wars

  5. farmer shady the fat

  6. why does 'raid baiting' exist

    why does raiding cooldowns exist

    why does raid rules exist

    why arent the weak killed by the strong

    how is this medieval rp

    why do freebuilds exist

    why does tythus buy burger king with donation money

    why do we have magic

    why was ioannis admin


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    2. Chub


      Just got back from my expedition in the jungles of the Amazon, met some lovely people. ?

    3. fat robert

      fat robert


      >where the weak is protected by  unfair rules claiming to be 'fair' to protect erpers

      nice medieval cool fantasy roleplay premium minecraft roleplaying server 

      "Welcome to Lord of the Craft, the world's #1 Minecraft Roleplaying Server. "


      not for long lol

    4. Asleep


      lotc was supposed to die in october 2014 remember exodus killed it

  7. fat robert

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    "Nor would I if I was you" Remarked yet again, slapping his belly
  8. fat robert

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    Ferdinand slapped his belly as he read the negative reviews obviously emerging from Dark Elven degenerates , laughing loudly as he began rubbing his hands against each other, his plan was coming along nicely. "I sure do love slaughtering queers" Ferdinand remarked.
  9. fat robert

    [Denied][I] Josh3738's Game Moderator Application

    good goy
  10. ( ( ( community guidelines ) ) ) 

    Edited by fat robert
    1. Skylez1


      you have problem, clown??

    2. fat robert

      fat robert

      yes i have a problem with ppl banned for pointing out genuine pedophiles 

    3. Skylez1


      ah yes......

  11. remove freebuild


    remove raidcooldowns


    remove raid player limits



    1. Luv
    2. devvy


      remove robert

  12. fat robert

    Community meeting questions topic

    when will freebuild be removed lol
  13. fat robert

    Remove Freebuild (please)

    remove freebuild or remove lotc