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  1. fat robert


    Heinrich Furrowed his eyebrow, as Heinrich has previously managed to pierce his long-sword through her chest, perhaps the princess is an undead creature.
  2. fat robert

    [Denied][I] Josh3738's Game Moderator Application

    good goy
  3. fat robert

    [Denied][W] wolfkite1's Game Moderator Application

    laughing stock no thanks -1
  4. fat robert

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    dsdevil is a thoughtful and friendly player who I have always respected from a distance +1
  5. man of allah +1
  6. fat robert

    Lobby Server!

    yes but where are the war rules
  7. fat robert

    bluelyLIT Wiki Team Application #1

    Very much needed +1
  8. fat robert

    Raomir's WT Application

    +1 man of herzegovina
  9. fat robert

    [Denied] [Actor] SpaceOfAids

    lol no
  10. fat robert

    [Denied] [Trial]Fawb GM App #3

    fawb is man of allah
  11. fat robert

    Tsuyose's WT App

    -1 deconstructed my mosque
  12. fat robert

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    +1 literally the best man on earth if u dont accept him allah will honestly punish u all
  13. fat robert

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Shuggie_

    this man is a man of allah 1+
  14. yes i want to be a fat rat