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    Building, making stuff, sewing, weaving, origami, nature, parkour, video games, roleplay, irony, and hates lists

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    Human, heartlander + highlander + santegian mix so I guess it all cancels out?

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  1. yo how to delete account. haven't used in 3 years just wondering

    if some team member required to do this go ahead i don't check this at all and i haven't used it in forever

    1. Poor_Fellow


      o7 you were a fun guy back in the old haense days

  2. @Fishy You were the first player to ever down me in lotc; back in athera outside Petrus, when i was a cringy af 14 year old with a cringy af de bolbec rebellion. cheers dude

  3. HELP! Im being held against my will by Rukio! If I dont get a chance tell my children I ahh!! krkrkrkrkrkrrr.....


  4. Just feeling a bit patriotic. USA, USA,  ya dig?


  5. username: Jrodbazinga RP name: James Hornigold skype name: [email protected] reason for joining: st amayas is corrupt, and this corruption must be stopped. Oren needs to be reformed... and I wish to help.
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