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  1. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti In his throne Ulwnis contemplated, it seemed he would need to accelerate his plans for militarization. It seemed the Altmer were up to their old tricks once again. Attempting conquer Valenwood once more in an effort to reform the Aldmeri dominion. Ulwnis could in no way stand for anyone being above him in position. It was simply something that he did not even consider, it was just as logical to him as that the sky was blue, why would he be the vassal of someone he was superior to and would only decelerate his growing power and would restrict him. But he also knew that in a conventional war he would in no way be able to defeat the Altmer, which was why he would need to fight unconventionally. Make sure that he had more advantages than the Altmer had so that he could if not defeat them make sure that they did not defeat him and cause a stalemate. But how could he do that, the Altmer had much more troops than him and a larger fleet so they could fight him both in a direct front or they could do a naval invasion. He would need to counter either option but how. Then Ulwnis got a sudden sense of inspiration. He could not win from the Altmer in a direct fight which was why he would not fight in a conventional way. He would fight them in the forests, taking advantage of the large amount of forests in his lands as well as his people's inherent knowledge of it. He could simply destroy the supplies of the enemy, set up lightning ambushes, assassinate enemy generals and officers from a far off distance by archery and stay hidden whilst doing so. They could make sure that his enemies would not even get to fight a direct confrontation. Still it would be wise if he built defenses around his cities and set up a stockpile just in case there was a long siege. He would also need to make sure that he set up funding for the militia act which could prove critical in the defense of the city. But the two most essential parts would be to Have a strong outer wall as well as a inner citadel to take care of defenses. He could use his army as well as a citizen militia to thus easily and effectively defend his capital. But he would also have to make sure his port was defended. But to defend his port he could use his army. He would need more troops for this but he was sure that they could hold the port of Falinesti so as to take out any naval invasion. Yes he could do that but he would also need to make sure there weren't any spies or thieves in his territory, he would need to set up an intelligence service to make sure of that. But that would not be much of a problem and more traditional, Ulwnis then continued plotting the rest of the day on how to make sure his territory did not get conquered by the Altmer. Actions 12 ap is spent on setting up the rangers. An organization with the goals of being skilled in (In order of importance): Stealth, sabotage, scouting/setting up ambushes, archery, knives (if they have to get in close quarter combat). This organization will have a set number of 50 Rangers and with each Rangers only being allowed to have one apprentice. If one ranger dies the other apprentices will be judged for who is the most competent to take the position. Most of the funds are used to train these rangers in the aforementioned topics and fight a guerrilla war if needed. They are also to be trained in the tactics, military and mindset of the high elves as they are the most likely opponent of Falinesti in the future. 3ap is spent on setting up counter-intelligence agents to take care of internal security from spies or from revealing secrets. As of right now their goal is to find any and all spies that are in Falinesti and arrest them or eliminate them if there are no other choices available. 0ap is spent sending detachments of the new soldiers to attack the bandit hideouts, reclaim their stolen goods in the name of the state and capture the bandits so as to let them work in the gulags. 0ap together with the to be captured bandits the old guard military (except those judged to not be incompetents) are sent to the gulags so as to be of use to the state. 0ap is spent organizing a secret meeting of the remaining free lords of Valenwood and sending letters to all the remaining nations to discuss the issue of the High elf invasion of Valenwood 0ap is spent gathering food and supplies that could make sure that the city of Tierm could survive a siege of about 2 years long. Income 6ap standard 4 ap trade 2ap economy 2ap from docks 1 ap from gulags (2 turns) Total ap:15ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Southpoint (sea) Navy 1 carrack Military 500 Heavy infantry ? (old guard) 500 light infantry ?(old guard) 4000 light infantry (new guard) Population 91,15k bosmer (wood-elves) 6250 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 97,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth
  2. Roberik

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Republic of Indonesia Location: Indonesia, the isle of Java, Jakarta, Parliament building The parliament of Indonesia was bristling with excitement as the different delegates spoke with each other. And indeed there was much to be excited about, the united kingdoms of Arabia had somehow managed to built a successful space-craft far beyond modern standards and the UN was being reformed. But even so there were also domestic issues which the parliament had an interest in. The foremost of these being the HUGE corruption scandal that was now discovered. Everyone in the parliament and the public had expected and known that there was a large amount of corruption in the government but everyone was shocked by how much of it there was. Thus much depended on the speech that the president would make now. Then the president, standing at his booth, spoke to the gathered assemblies. "Welcome fellow politicians. Today we are gathered to discuss several issues, which are: The United Kingdom of Arabia's achievement in creating a viable space-craft, the reformation of the UN and the domestic issue of corruption." Roharje then cleared his throat and took a quick sip of water. "Let's start with the Arabian space-craft. As we all know now the United Kingdom of Arabia has managed to create a viable space-craft. Capable of going from Mars and back in a short time, this they proved by going around the Canadian space craft traveling towards it. I propose that we congratulate the Kingdom with their achievement but do not involve ourselves further. As space is not a topic that is not on the agenda for a long time, trying to gain their interests now can be seen as boot-licking or greedy of their technology. But a friendly gesture to this new superpower would be a wise choice " This was followed by a quick debate of whether this would be viable and a wise course of action in which the parliament voted in favor, then the second issue of the meeting came. "Recently the United States of America and Russia have started the UN up again. With the majority of the world's nations joining it. I propose that we join the reformed UN. If we did not join it we would be able to represent our own interests in the international stage left efficiently and are in a more favorable position in case we come in a military conflict. Furthermore, the improvement of international trade might result in increased trade" This was followed by a more extensive debate. Though most of the debate was not focused on whether or not they should join the UN but more that they should vie for a position in the new security council if it was established. The general consensus of this was that Indonesia would join and try to push for a position in the security council but not put too much effort into it. Then came the more controversial part of the meeting. To which president Kasumu spoke once more. "Recently the study of the special commission investigated the topic of corruption in our nation and the results were immense. 63% of our judges accept bribes on a regular basis and whole sections of our administration have stopped working because of corruption. We all undoubtedly agree that this must be dealt with but most of us disagree on how harshly. Thus I have come up with these measures for corrupt officials " The president would then cite the example from the actions menu. A.k.a. returning the money of the bribes to the government. This was followed by much disagreement and agreement in the assembly. Thus after a heated debate that lasted hours the measures were enacted. Though it was close the president's personal supporters as well as other factions in the parliament ultimately supported his decisions and so they were enacted. Actions President kasumu sends a message to the United Kingdom of Arabia congratulating them with their discovery. Furthermore, the Republic of Indonesia joins the United Nations. The president states that he hopes that the UN will help bring the violent situation in Africa and British intervention to an end. The corrupt officials are dealt with. The corrupt officials who got more than ten billion dollar in bribery would be executed. Furthermore, the scale of their debt would be found and would be paid for. A.k.a. they got 20 billion dollar in bribery so 20 billion dollar will be attempted to be seized. If the person that got 20 billion in bribes does not have it anymore all of his assets would still be seized and sold but the remaining missing money would simply be put on records but mostly ignored. And whilst not all officials are executed this particular method would be used on all corrupt officials. A.k.a. they will pay back their bribes to the government and if not their assets are seized. On top of that those officials who were not executed would go in jail for 10 years and would of course be relieved of their jobs. To top that off nearly all the money they made from then on would be needed to pay the debt they had gained by accepting the bribes and would only get a small amount of money so that they and any children if they had them would survive. [MOD] Carbo nano-tubes [7 pages remaining] Transport hubs [7 pages remaining ?] (does the money taken from corrupt officials improve the process ?)
  3. Roberik

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Republic of Indonesia Location: Indonesia, the isle of Java, Jakarta, Parliament building Roharje Kasumu walked up to the presidential booth in the Indonesian Parliament. He had just recently gotten the position of president of Indonesia. A great responsibility and one he would not be used idly like with his predecessors. He knew that what he would say in this room would shock the politician's here. Probably making most of the politicians here be afraid or furious at him. But he had not come to power here by the hands of the soft men here in parliament but by the graces of the people. For a long time many of the politicians in this very building had put their own interests before those of the people. He would not let the state tolerate that longer. Corruption was an issue that had plagued Indonesia for a century. Keeping it from becoming a great power and causing the exploitation of business and the people. At the very least he would know that at the end of his period of president the rot inside the heart of Indonesia would be cut out so that the heart could beat strong once more, not holding them back any longer. As the spotlight shone on his face Roharje spoke. "My people, today we are gathered to see my rise of power. We live in a tumulteous time. War in the Indian Gulf with countries with Imperialistic ambitions trying to regain lost glory, aided by tyrannical governments in their own quest for power. Yet in these trying times we need to watch out for our own people first. And our people have been betrayed by this government for far too long " A low murmuring sound then spread through the parliament as many politicians got nervous. "I promised this in my campaigns and I will say it again now. Our country will be cleansed by the stain of corrupt politicians that claw at it, sucking it's life blood for it's own gain. Thus I have create a special department for the handling of this corruption. It will root out the corrupt officials that plague our courts and even this very buildings with their greed." The President's tone then went cold "and the new crime for corruption has become the capital punishment. Any public official or judge found out to be accepting bribes or favors will be executed." These words were quickly followed by a cry of outrage. The politicians cried out in either disbelief and anger or sat in their seats, remains silent as they continued watching what was going on. A loud gavel was then heard throughout the room to silence the politicians who sat in it and the president continued speaking "But I do not want an unnecessary loss of life. Thus this offer will be given to any in the administration, judicial system or of the cabinet. You will confess your crimes to the state. Return at least 1/10th of the money gained by bribes and you will be allowed to leave the government without any more repercussions. Those who do not accept this offer and are found out to be corrupt officials will as stated before be executed. Choose wisely" The president then sat down as the Parliament sessions continued on as normal but with much more tension. Actions A special commission is set up to investigate the Government and the judiciary system for corrupt officials and judges. This commission will be carefully checked to make sure that the entirety of it is loyal and vigilant to the government. This commission will start with purging the judiciary system of corrupt officials before continuing on with the rest of the government. [MOD] An initiative is started by the president to connect the islands of Indonesia better. Thus he has ordered that each major island will gain a large transport hub. This would help with connecting the islands better. The smaller islands would also get a transport hub but of course of smaller size than the ones on the major islands. These hubs would only be built if the island had more than 10k citizens. [MOD] Diplomats are send to Australia, Malaysia and Papa New Guinea. These diplomats are to offer these nations to join the Asian Trade Co-operative or ATC for short. It would involve each nation having closer trade relations, the decrease of import and export regulations between these countries as well as a defensive pact so that each of these nations can defend each other in time of need. [MOD] If there were enough funds left over research would be done into carbon nano-tubes. Or more specifically how to mass produce them whilst keeping the quality of it high. [MOD]
  4. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis sat inside his wooden throne, seemingly calm and collected, a beacon of stability. But on the inside he was fuming, it seemed that his military was made up of INCOMPETENTS. It seemed that whilst he had focused his eyes on improving the literacy of his subjects and improving the economy the army had slacked of because of a lack of threats. This would not do. But how would he solve the issue that was the question. He doubted whether he could turn these men into proper soldiers once more, a tendency to become drunk would mean a lack of discipline in one's nature. He would need to make sure that these soldiers were replaced but how would he do that. Ulwnis contemplated this, maybe he could find a dungeon and shove these men inside of it. If he was lucky he got a dungeon with the loot inside of it, if he was even more lucky and all of them died. And even if some survived they could easily be discharged from the military though that would leave a whole bunch of unruly workers. Maybe send them to the gulags too if they survived. Yes he could do that, maybe they would in such a way provide more benefits than they had done before. Maybe the extra profit they brought could be used to fund a new army, one better equipped and train to a much higher standard. But first he would need to make sure he had a loyal cadre of soldiers that were more capable than these ones. It would be a wise course of action to use new graduates from the school. They would at least be loyal because of history and culture classes and he could make sure that they stayed disciplined. Maybe sending the other soldiers to their deaths and to the gulag would also provide a good example of what would happen if they slacked off and became like them. Yes that could work, a triple win situation. 1. He got a dungeon if any were found 2. his military would be purged of incompetence 3. It would serve as a reminder to what can happen. But now to more pleasing issues, the schools they were producing bright students, ready to do innovation for the cause of the county. And he had gotten an audience with one of the students who had a most enlightening idea that Ulwnis had to smile at. Sometimes he just loved to see people discovering new ways to benefit him seemingly out of nowhere. But this student he had this idea that some kind of textile making workshop could be made. Powered by a small river it would with the help of that power make huge amounts of cloth from cotton. It was truly a radical but most certainly intriguing idea. If pulled of properly the revenue it could make was incredible. Ulwnis then allowed him a small smile, soon all internal issues would be dealt with and then he could prepare himself for what the world would throw at him. Or would it be the Alter as Ulwnis knew that one day they would come and try to regain their former dominion, but he would be waiting, preparing himself to destroy them when they tried that and to make sure none would interfere when he gained dominion over Valenwood Actions 10 ap is spent researching a water-powered textile mill. The hope is that the force of the power will cause movement to be generated, this movement would result in work benches weaving textile, or more specifically cotton into fabric. The hope is that with this invention mass amounts of clothes can be fabricated on a scale never seen before. With this project the help of expert weavers is employed to make sure their knowledge on weaving is properly used as well. Furthermore, men and/or women skilled with machinery or logical processing would be put to work to help in this project. It is also made sure that the information of this technology will not be leaked to other nations like with agriculture by making sure that the people working on this project are loyal and loyal private security protects the research rather than drunk soldiers. 4ap is spent training 3000 light infantry. It is made sure that these soldiers come from the schools with history and culture classes and are for now held in a separate unit from the old army. Seeing as it is quite ineffective and Ulwnis does not want this new generation of soldiers to be affected by the same issues as the old one. 1ap is spent scouting the territory of Falinesti Income 6ap standard 4 ap trade 2ap economy 2ap from docks 1 ap from gulags (3 turns) Total ap:15ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Southpoint (sea) Navy 1 carrack Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 83,15k bosmer (wood-elves) 6250 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 89,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth
  5. Roberik

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    Application: Country desired: Republic of Indonesia Leader name: Roharje Kosumu Background: The Republic of Indonesia was projected to be a great nation in the 21st century yet it was determined not to be so. With the rise of other major factions Indonesia was kept in the background, ignored and shoved aside as the spotlight of the world was aimed on Europe, America. This frustrated the population of Indonesia who had expected to be a global superpower at this point but had seriously fallen behind. Thus they elected Roharje Kosumu to be the new president of Indonesia. He would purge the administration of corruption and maybe, just maybe he could bring Indonesia in the spotlight. Do you praise Pok: yes, I suppose as a minor god in the Pantheon of frp's
  6. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis sat in his wooden throne, contemplating what he would make his followers do this year. He was satisfied that education was improving across the country. The history and education classes would make sure that he had loyal soldiers and agents in the future whilst the others would make sure that his populace worked more effectively than before. Working in more advanced crafts and resulting in more money flowing into the pockets of the crown. Even now the results of the investments into education were starting to be seen. The numbers of skilled craftsmen were quickly increasing in numbers, starting to produce luxury garments and robes, a good resource to export to other countries as well as good trinkets and exotic crops.. Though he suspected that markets of his current trade partners were too small to adequately benefit of this new development. It could be wise to gain more affection with Aurion. They would provide a large market for any produce created in the future in the county and keeping good relations with them would mean that the chance of them protecting his trade routes would remain highly likely and hopefully this would result in the money to keep flowing into the government pockets. And of course the government was him. Still Ulwnis would be more happy if his entire population was educated. It would be a nice thing to boast about if he ever met any other leaders and he was not entirely sure but it might result in him having the first government to have a completely literate populace. Except maybe the Dwemer though he was not sure. Still it would be quite an achievement and a strategic boon to him. It would probably result in his population becoming more knowledgeable and able to develop new technologies. Which was something that Ulwnis was quite eager to see. He believed that if one had technological supremacy over ones enemies that the person with the superior technology had an immense boon and more possibilities to exploit certain situations. But then Ulwnis's mind shot to his territories. To call them small would be an understatement yet his sole province was quite rich. But he himself wanted to get more land. This land could aid him in getting more resources for his craftsmen to exploit and export. And export meant more money which was always a good thing in Ulwnis's books. Because who did not wish to have money to further increase one's money, research new technology or employ an army to protect one's self. Or possibly attack but that would be so uncivilized. Attacking another person without prior provocation was heinous, it was always good to have a decent casus belli to seem like the justified party. The party who was acting reasonably. But as of right now war was not something Ulwnis had on his agenda for a long time. War cost money and money could be more effectively used in the economy or education. Furthermore because of the altogether friendly and close-nit relations in Valenwood military expansion would most assuredly be seen as aggressive and hostile. This would mean that if one had to secure Valenwood he or she would need to act wisely but Ulwnis had not come as far as he had by being unwise. He took as few chances as possible, even now exploiting his people into creating a better economy and becoming smarter so as to employ better jobs and be loyal to him. Ulwnis then stood up and would go to the prison to see the thieves that had been captured. He had hoped that these thieves might have had a small amount of treasure that could be used for the coffers of the crown but it seemed that they were not leaching of the economy that much. But how could he best use them. Employing them in the territory of other lords would probably provide only limited funds and would become a diplomatic incident if it was discovered he would be behind it. Even if he had plans to get his own agents they would be his own, not the bunch of scum that was now rotting in the dungeons wasting space. Ulwnis then realized that he had arrived in the dungeons where these thieves had been gathered. Here he saw that the warden was sitting there in his chair, he seemed to be doing some paperwork which Ulwnis approved of, much easier than hearing so many people whine all the time. Much more efficient use of his time. Then he saw that the warden's eyes saw him and immediately saw him straighten and bow at him. "M'lord, I had not expected you" Ulwnis then put his intent gaze on the man "Indeed it seems you have not warden. How are the prisoners doing ?" Ulwnis said in a semi-interested tone. "It is doing alright, they are becoming physically less fit because of a lack of movement but their body is not suffering because of a lack of nutrition" Ulwnis nodded approvingly at this. It was good to hear that the prisoners were in a good state for what he wanted to do and it was nice to see that this man was somewhat educated and knew how to talk properly. "That is good to hear, you will go to administrator Crannick and bring these prisoners to the quarries. There they will be paying the price for stealing from proper citizens" Once he was finished speaking the warden gave a short bow "As you wish m'lord" Ulwnis nodded affirmatively at this and would then move away back to his personal chambers. He would go to sleep for today, a good amount of sleep was always needed if one was ruling a country. Actions 10 ap is spent settling a province to the east of Falinesti, in an effort to increase the territory for the county and get more land to develop it's natural riches 3 ap is spend for enhancing the education system once more. Getting the final stretch of education enhancement so that each and every citizen of Falinesti is literate and educated. 1 ap is spent sending gifts to the kingdom of Aurion. The hope is that with this relations between the two factions will improve, with indirect suggestions being made that if they were interested Aurion could have a trade agreement with Falinesti. If they would prove agreeable to this they would become a new trade partner of Falinesti and Elden root would be replaced as trade partner. 0 ap the criminals are sent to the gulags, *COUGH* I mean manual labour camps to pay off that which they have stolen from society until the government has determined they have paid off their debt to society. Here they would be properly fed and clothed but they would need to work hard labour in either small local quarries or doing other manual labour tasks. 0 ap is spent on searching through the ranks of the militaries for any person standing out who would prove to be talented enough so as to effectively lead the military. Meanwhilst the group of children that stood out in war-games are kept an eye out for in their careers. To see if any of them would show potential as they grew older and more capable. Income 6ap standard 4 ap trade 2ap economy 2ap from docks Total ap:14ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Southpoint (sea) Navy 1 carrack Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 77,15k bosmer (wood-elves) 4250 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 81,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth
  7. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis sat in his throne room, thinking hard. He was personally happy with the defeat of the sea pirates at the hands of the Alter last year and for the large amount of resources that now entered the port of Falinesti. The rise of the young new king on the throne had proven prosperous for now but Ulwnis could not help but mistrust him. For one he was suspicious of where the young king was getting the resources necessary to rebuild the nation. The old king had barely won a civil war against the Thalmor and then suddenly out of nowhere this young king got the money to rebuild the nation. Ulwnis did not like it one bit. And whilst the young king's ambitious nature had for now proven advantageous for Ulwnis he knew that that would not last. He knew that before the High elves had ruled over Valenwood and was suspicious to see if this young king was going to recreate the Aldmeri Dominion. At the very least it would be wise to remain suspicious of this young lord but it would prove much more advantageous to build up the economy whilst he could. Military was good but he suspected that it was near impossible for him to go toe to toe with the Altmer. But eventually he knew it was near certain that one day his realm would truly go to war and he would need to be ready for that day. First he would need the resources to supply his army, navy and to fund new innovations. Innovation was one subject Ulwnis was fascinated by. If one army was more advanced than the other than it could defeat an army many time's larger than itself. If war with the Altmer ever came he would need a more advanced army and navy if he wished to be victorious. Still as of right now the best way to prevent war and economic disaster was to get good relations with the Altmer. Ulwnis then started to think about a possible new marriage. If he got married to another lordship he could create a strong relation and possibly alliance which he could use. And once his order of assassins was established he could even assassinate the royal family of whatever nation he had married into so that his son, daughter or wife would inherit it and he could be regent. Then he cleared himself from these thoughts, it would be better to focus on the now. As he would also need to make sure to inspect whether the resources allocated to education were being used properly and he could maybe spend some time at the training yard, sitting on a throne all day would make him stiff and a ruler who could not defend himself was eventually doomed to fail. This he had learned when he had taken over the lordship of Falinesti from the previous ruler. In personal combat he had easily defeated him and Ulwnis wanted to be sure that he could at least defeat most of the people who would try and usurp his position. Still if his 'history and culture' classes proved to be successful he did not need to worry too much about a revolt happening. These were some thoughts that went through the head of Ulwnis Nightshade as he made his way towards the training yard. ----[rp to be finished at a later date]-------- Actions 6 ap is spent into further improving the economy of Falinesti. This is done by giving loans to the ambitious and skilled craftsmen of Falinesti so that they will create new business, improve their wares and thus give more taxes as well as eventually paying back the loans. (startup loans) (economy) The road to 100% literacy continues and 9 ap is invested into once more improving the system of primary schools so that each and every citizen of Falinesti knows how to read road signs, and also documents and such. As well as the rest of the subjects needed for a good education that were stated previously. 9ap 0ap is spent sending letters to the other lords of Valenwood. Saying that Ulwnis wants to marry and if any wishes to have a daughter of theirs mary him send responses to the letters. 0ap the school system is made use of to see if there prove to be students with great potential and intelligence. Specifically if there are any students who seem to be skilled in leadership and has affinity with ground warfare and one other who has an affinity to the warfare of the sea. 0ap checking for activity of thieves or criminals in Falinesti Income 6ap standard 4 ap trade 1 ap from Falinesti city (Teirm) (economy) 2 ap (for 1 turn) 2ap from docks Total ap:15ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Navy 1 carrack Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 71,15k bosmer (wood-elves) 2250 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 73,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth
  8. Roberik

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Agerian Commonwealth Commonwealth news network "Welcome to the Commonwealth News network with Kate Lockwell. Today's news: Redon supporting education, continued military development and rising tensions. " "This year the Redon has shown that he is willing to fund the improvement of the academy of Novam Domum. He is offering to send drillmasters and other military experts to help train our military with a similar military doctrine to the Redon. Furthermore, he has offered to fund additional courses for the economy, industry and agriculture. We are now going to James Anderson at the Novam Domum academy. " The view then shifts to a standard university type building and a male journalist standing in front of it. "Thank you Kate, here at the academy the Redon investments and influence can clearly be seen. All of the military teachers at the academy here are Redons, they are training the military students to become qualified professional soldiers. There is also enthusiasm here for the possibility of more studies being added, as the men hope that the economy will grow more prominent so more investment can be put into the military. " "Thank you for the news James. " A picture of power armor comes on the screen. "For a long time the premier heavy infantry armor of humanity and the commonwealth has been the Mark I power armor. Yet it is outdated and at the time only had minimal funding. The government wishes to rectify the issue and has put in effort to modernize the power armor and make it a viable galactic standard infantry armor. It is rumored that the main feature of the suit is to be a single layered shield. Some are saying that the government wishes to supply this kind of weaponry to the Redon if the shields prove successful but no government official has decided to comment on this. " The view of the screen then changes to one of the poorer neighborhoods. "Tensions continue to rise in the Commonwealth. Several groups have expressed dissatisfaction with the government. The main three of these are the colonial cessecionist group, the Imperial reclamation party and the group called Humanity first. The Colonial cessesionist group consists of members of the former Colonial militia. These people wish to secede from the commonwealth since the original reason as to why they joined the commonwealth was not fulfilled. Now to the Imperial reclamation party, this group consists of members of the military who wish for the creation of an Imperial dynasty similar to the Varellions to get the power in the commonwealth. This group consists mainly of fanatical former supporters of the Varellion dynasty. Finally there is the humanity first. This group claims that xenon are untrustworthy and should not be able to live in the commonwealth as they are not human. These groups as of right now are relatively small but are growing in prominence." "This was the daily commonwealth news, Kate out " Actions 17 ap is spent continuing the development of the Mark II type power armor. Once again the main focus of the suit would be to develop a viable shielding that could be used for infantry. Preferably a single-layered shield. 50 ap is spent developing Cadia (business). The planet Cadia is known for it's two distinct types of terrain, Savannah and mountains. The savannah's are filled with great fields of wheat and other agricultural produce. But for a large part the mountain remains undeveloped. The government of the commonwealth decided to change that. The goal is for a great city to be developed in a cluster of valleys. Buildings would be built on sloped areas making a mixed city that combines both nature, technology and man-made structures with each other. The development of this city is hoped to improve the general infrastructure of the planet but also to possibly attract more tourists Fleet 5 frigates 3 destroyers 2 LC's = 31 ap = 1 ap maintenance Tile improvements across the commonwealth. Novam Domum. Industry: 3 improvements and 6 ap Business: 3 and 12 ap Agriculture: 3 and 3 ap Total tile improvements: 9 (maxed out) and 21 ap Catonia (xylorite planet) Industry: 2 improvements and 4 ap. Cadia: Agriculture: 3 tile improvements, 3 ap Business: 2 next turn and 8ap. Elysia: Agriculture: 2 tile improvements, 2 ap Army 20.000 active duty soldiers 5000 Heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids 1st Armored division 3000 heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids Pop stats Population: 1,691k humans. 23k Redons. 11k Insect friends (Karras) Total pop: 1,725k Available manpower reserves: 170k soldiers Agriculture tile improvements: 8 Planets in the commonwealth: 7 8 divided by 7 = 1 2% pop growth bonus
  9. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Actions 8 ap for building a carrack to use against the sea pirates 4 ap for improving the economy Income 6ap standard 4 ap trade 1 ap from Falinesti city (Teirm) 2 ap (for 2 turns) Total ap:12ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (land) Elden root (land) Southpoint (land) Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 54,05k bosmer (wood-elves) 2250 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 65,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth
  10. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti "What do you mean pirates ?" Ulwnis said in a threatening low tone, rubbing his temples as he felt his already quite significant amount of stress he normally already had doubling in less than a minute. The servant spoke softly. "Just as I reported sir, any ships leaving port have been attacked by sea elf pirates. This has neutralized any profit that could be gathered from the port. The other regions of Valenwood as well as Hammerfell, Elsewyr, Cyrodiil and hammerfell. It is a global catastrophe " Ulwnis sighed at this and turned to look out of the window. He swore he could hear the screams of his wife as she bore his children. He did not care much for her except the strategic benefits she gave. She was a young woman and as he found out in bed had quite a bit of endurance. But he did not feel any particular feeling of 'love' for her. She was just another tool to get what he wants. But he did keep up an appearance of love and affection to her. It would not do to let his true ambitious and uncaring nature slip to the public. So he would need to keep up appearances and make sure that it seemed like he was constantly busy with the affairs of state. Though to be honest he was busy with that almost all the time. He rubbed his chin as he contemplated what to do, he wanted to get a strong economy and more trade. For this purpose he could do more inland trade but he had a feeling that if he did not deal with this problem soon it would grow to bite him in the ass. The easiest solution was to try and gain as much people as possible to aid him in his venture. He knew that he was not the only one whose trade was threatened by this and any help he could get with this would go a long way to stabilize the situation. But what should he personally do, he did not want to put all of his annual budget into shipbuilding but clearly there was a great need for more ships to deal with these pirates. He then turned to his personal messenger and said. "Send a message to all the lords of Valenwood, Cyrodill and Hammerfall which border the sea. Tell them that Lord Protector Ulwnis Nightshade, count of Falinesti calls for a gathering to discuss how to deal with these pirates and the threat they will pose to us. Furthermore send message for increased patrols along the coast to spot any approaching threats and make sure our villages do not get sacked by these pirates understood." The messenger nodded at this and took Ulwnis's silence as a queen to leave which it was in all honesty. Ulwnis then began to write in his diary, which also doubled as a notebook. It also held many of the notes he used to analyze certain situations and helped make a proper assessment of any minor or major crisis he needed to deal with. In this case it was the new sea pirates. He also made a quick rough drawing of the map of Tamriel and analyzed the map as well as the places hit. He marked the coastal areas that were hit with a red line and observed the map. He saw that the areas that were hit were quite far spread out, indicating that the sea pirates had either a lot of minor bases and a main base or was more of a loose confederation of pirates. Each having an area in which their own fleet operated with their own bases. He found the latter the most likely option and put orange dots on locations where he expected the pirate bases to be. He was almost 100% sure that souther Valenwood was raided from one of the minor island chains to the south. Whilst the western coast of Valenwood, Cyrodiil and the coast of Hammerfel was raided from four possible bases. Now that he knew the possible location he needed to find a way to deal with the pirates in naval combat. This would be the hardest part as this whole conflict relied on naval supremacy. After some mental calculation Ulwnis thought that if he managed to build a trade outpost this year he could get a large increase in budget after two years if next year he built a trade post he could increase his budget by a large amount and could get inland trade with the other states of Valenwood or some from Cyrodiil if they would not accept. Ulwnis's thoughts were then interrupted. When he saw a woman enter his room. He knew that this was one of the women who had the task to help deliver his wife's child. He got a cold feeling as he saw that she had tears on her face. "My lord I got bad news." She said in between sobs "During her attempt to put a child on this world your wife died due to unknown causes. We attempted to try and see if we could try to extract the baby in another way but when your wife died she died with it. You are now a widow sir." Ulwnis blankly looked out, phasing out of existence for a moment before saying "Leave now !" Which the midwife quickly did. After she closed the door Ulwnis screamed in frustration. The women how dare she die during childbirth. He would have needed her for his plan to annex Arenthia. Well she wouldn't have needed to be alive but she would have at least needed to deliver a child onto the world.Now he had no heir and one of his plans were ruined. Arkay was cruel, he had taken only death and had given no life in return. But it was no problem, his plans would recover. He would eventually get what he wanted, sea pirates or women who could not even give birth wouldn't stop his destiny. If worst came to worst and he couldn't get a child at all he could just adopt one eventually Actions 11ap goes into building a Trading post. 0 ap goes to sending the body of Ulwnis's wife who died in childbirth (due to bad rolls) back to her family. 0 ap is spent calling for a gathering of at least all of the lords and ladies of Valenwood who have territories on the coast as well as those of Hammerfall and Cyrodiil if they were willing. This gathering would be held in Falinesti if all parties approved and would deal with the issue of the sea pirates. Income 6ap standard 3 ap trade 1 ap from Falinesti city (Teirm) 2 ap (for 3 turns) Total ap:11ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 56,05k bosmer (wood-elves) 2250 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 57,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth
  11. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis couldn't help but have a large smile on his face as he looked over the reports he had gotten and the view he had from the elevated position of his keep. They said it couldn't be done did they. Well look who was laughing now. They were calling it the greatest feat of construction in the Valenwood and his neighbors were in awe in what had been achieved until now. Well if they were in awe now than he really wanted to know how they would look when Falinesti became the richest region in all of Valenwood. He wondered if he asked them for trade agreements if they would refuse now. If they had seen the growth of Falinesti to this point already than he did not doubt that they wanted to benefit of it too. Ulwnis did get a small frown however when he got a report about the literacy rate of his people. It seemed that about 68% of his population were literate as of right now. About 18% higher than that of the other states of Valenwood. But still not good enough in the mind of Ulwnis. The average region of Cyrodiil and High rock was still more literate than his state but that was not the intended goal that Ulwnis had. He wanted to make sure that each and every one of his citizens could manage to read. He would make sure that his people were the most well educated in all the land and from that knowledge he would create great tools that would aid him in his pursuit of becoming the greatest state of Valenwood first and later the sole remaining state in Valenwood. It also helped that his history and culture classes would make sure that he had a great source of loyal soldiers and agents to draw from when the time was right. For now he would seem like a peaceful ruler to the fellow lords and ladies of Valenwood. Seeming to be another friendly bosmer. But in time all of them would kneel at his feet. Ulwnis then made his way towards his throne room where the great hall was normally mostly empty except for a few people it was now almost filled to the brinks. The wooden halls and stone floor hosting a great number of his servants. Mostly Bosmer but also a few Altmer as their numbers in the county had increased due to the refugee crisis. He eventually stood in front of his throne and looked at the people. Closest to him were his advisors and key personnel who did the minor tasks of ruling the county for him. Whilst he focused on the major issues they went about implementing it as good as people. After that there were his soldiers, keeping back the greatest mass that consisted of the normal citizen. Enthusiastic with the current progress the lord had made. As he stood in front of his throne he raised his hand to ask for silence and an enthusiastic silence was given to him. Only broken by a few quit whispers. "My people. On this day we are gathered on the eve of the success of a project that many said was impossible but see what has happened. In the eve of two years I have managed to rebuild our city and our pride. We are now the jewel of Valenwood but is that enough. No it isn't. The only limits we have are the limits we put on ourselves. I will not allow that we put any restraint to ourselves. I expect that each and every one of you works to your greatest potential. If you are a baker bake your bread to perfection so that your neighbors will be fed and made strong. If you are a stone mason build this great city to it's fullest potential and create houses for our people to live and prosper in. And if you are a teacher teach the children to the best of your potential. Make them reach their greatest potential. Each and every one of you performs a vital task to our great nation. Now with the gifts that I have given our people and will continue to give I do not want you to ask. 'what can Falinesti give me' no I want you to think 'what can I give Falinesti'. I expect the most of each and every one of you, live long and prosper." Ulwnis then sat down enjoying the sounds of applause and enthusiasm. Having a great smile on his face of benevolence and kindness. But behind that face was another face. One of maliciousness, greed and ambition. To him all of the people before him were mere tools for his enjoyment and to achieve his goals. In the end all that was done was for his benefit and he would establish a dynasty and nation that would last for a thousand years. All would see his glory and he would be remembered in history as the greatest bosmer, no the greatest man that ever lived. Actions I have become dad, destroyer of Children's play time. 5ap is spent further improving the schools of Falinesti and making them more widely available. The intended goal is to make sure that everyone in the county will become literate and thus hopefully resulting in a larger amount of skilled workers in the future. It is expected that lord protector Ulwnis's approval rating amongst children will plummet immensely as it now becomes law for all children of six or seven years old attendance at school will become mandatory. The education will last about 6 years and will continue with the same curriculum of mainly counting, reading and history and culture but other subjects thought about is earth craft(biology and a bit of physics). Teaching children how the earth works and what different plants do as well as man craft. Teaching children about the different crafts of people and teaching how it works as well as the lay of the land.(geography and science) 5 ap is invested into rebuilding the docks of the county. With the hope of it increasing the amount of commerce flowing into Falinesti and by extension the capital of Teirm with the hope of once more increasing the prosperity of the county. Income 6ap standard 3 ap trade 1 ap from Falinesti city (Teirm) Total ap: 10ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 46,45k bosmer (wood-elves) 1500 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 47,95k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth 400 from city (1 turn) 1200 new farming equipment ( 1 turn remaining) 750 Altmer refugees (1 turn remaining) percentage growth. 4% base + 2% for 6ap investment 6% percentage growth.
  12. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Stab right, stab left, dodge backwards, being upwards strike pierce through the middle. These were Ulwnis's thoughts as he fought against the master of arms of Falinesti. Ulwnis relished these moments. The moments where he did not have to think about administration, politics and fulfilling the wishes of the masses but just fighting against a worthy opponent in a duel. He had come to the throne of Falinesti as a military man and he made sure to remain fit to combat any possible rebels who would try to gain the position he had rightfully earned. He and his master of arms were as of right now in a bit of a stalemate. Neither being able to gain the upper hand and fighting a battle of attrition. After about a 15 minutes Ulwnis just for a second slipped his guard up but for two warriors one second was enough to mean defeat. And the master of arms indeed took the opportunity and managed to hold his wooden sword at Ulwnis's neck. Both men were breathing heavily and after a moment it was silent before Ulwnis laughed and shook the hand of his master at arms. "Well Damon that was a good match. I haven't enjoyed myself like that for some time so thank you for that, but now I have to return to the duty that is ruling this county." Damon would nod at this "It was a pleasure to have you practice and make me put in a bit of effort in a fight my lord. I'll just continue instilling some discipline in these maggots, much luck with ruling my lord." To this Ulwnis chuckled for a moment before saying "You also have much luck with these recruits Damon. And try not to be to harsh on them, we need them disciplined not broken" Ulwnis then made his way towards his throne hall though he could swear he could hear someone laughing as he left to his chambers. Ulwnis then quickly changed into his more formal clothing before making his way towards the throne hall. There he was greeted by a small gathering of men in decent clothes. He knew that these were the foremen of the construction projects who wanted to speak to him about the progress that had been made with the construction of the city. Ulwnis moved to go and sit on top of his throne and waited in silence for the foremen to start speaking. He enjoyed watching them squirm nervously as none had the courage to go first, though he did not let any of that show on his face. Eventually one of the foremen spoke up. "My lord we have come with news about progress with the construction project." The foreman would then scrape his throat before seeming to say a mental list. "This year we have managed to finish the outer tier of the city. It is fully completed and we have started construction of the middle tier of the city." Ulwnis nodded at this. He had expected about that much considering that it was indeed a truly ambitious project. He then frowned as the foreman had grown silent and was nervously fiddling a bit with his clothing. He then said in a slightly annoyed tone. "and is there something else that bothers you foreman ?" After this the foreman spoke up getting a little bit of courage whilst also speaking extremely nervously. "Well we have discussed the issue and we do not think that the city plan that you have is not going to be completed. The project is simply too large in scale for the resources we have available to us and whilst we think it can partially be completed we are not sure if we can ever manage to fully complete it" Hearing this Ulwnis would start to get annoyed. His fist would be clenched in annoyance and he would speak in a threatening low tone. "If I say the project can be completed then it will be completed. If someone else says it can not be completed ignore them because you listen to ME. Now in the coming years you will continue your....... work and even if it will continue for 10 more this project will be completed. Understood foreman." Ulwnis said making sure that the foremen felt fear. After hearing this short speech the foreman nodded nervously. "It will be done my lord" "Then begone" Ulwnis said dismissing the foremen. After this command they left quickly and when Ulwnis knew he was alone he would facepalm and muttered. "I am surrounded by idiots." Actions Those silly experts say it can not be done mhm ? MORE AP FOR THE CONSTRUCTION PUT ALL OF THAT 9 AP INTO THE MACHINE AND PUT THOSE SMUG BASTARDS TO SHAME. 9 ap goes into continuing the massive restoration and rebuilding project of the city for the different tiers. 0 ap, a marriage request is sent to Arenthia to ask if the lord or lady of Arenthia is open for having one of his/her unmarried daughters (if he/her) has any marry him. 0ap is spent screening the altmer refugees for any dissidents or people rebellious in nature. Income 6ap standard 3 ap trade Total ap: 9ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 37,25k bosmer (wood-elves) 750 smug bastards (altmer (high elves))
  13. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis sat on his throne, rubbing his chin as he contemplated the news he had gotten. It seemed that the woodlands realms of Arenthia, Greenheart and Elden root seen it fit to trade with Falinesti. That was most advantageous but not as interesting as the offer he had gained from Southpoint. An alliance, of all things he had not expected this but it could serve his goals well. Maybe he could marry with the royal family of Southpoint or Arenthia. Getting a royal marriage would cement his alliance with Southpoint better but if he could marry into Arenthia's family, get a child and then assassinate all other remaining family members and put the blame on someone else and appoint himself as his child's regent then he would automatically get almost direct control of two major territories and still have a good ally remaining. Yes this plan could be quite effective if he got a good order of assassins. Which is something on the agenda but not for now as they would not prove as cost effective as he would personally hope. Deep in thought Ulwnis did not initially notice the messenger entering his throne room before he announced his presence and got Ulwnis to look up. "My lord, I got the reports you asked for" Ulwnis then waved away the messenger, indicating him to leave the reports behind and the messenger boy then quickly left the room. Ulwnis then picked up the reports the messenger had left behind and read the census reports. It seemed that there had been quite a significant amount of growth this year. At least his dunderhead underlings knew how to **** each other. Ulwnis snorted at this thought before focusing on the numbers and contemplating the actual benefits of a larger population. It would help resettle the lands that had been lost in the great collapse but they did not give much in the way of actual materials as of yet. Though Ulwnis thought to himself, they could provide more taxes if they grow more prosperous. And public works often resulted in an increase in prosperity. For a moment Ulwnis also thought if he should educate his underlings. Their idiocy could get quite annoying at times and it wouldn't hurt to have one of his underlings actually know where Southpoint was located and how to get to it. It would also mean that his people could become richer, it would mean that the people could have jobs which were more of secondary or tertiary purpose. These jobs would inevitably generate more income and be more taxable thus increasing the income of his realm further. He could even make them loyal by teaching them to be loyal to him from a young age. It would mean he would have a loyal core of soldiers, agents and citizens in a few years. Yes he could wait for a few years because Ulwnis was a patient man. He would wait patiently to see his realm flourish and prosper, he would build alliances, marry families and see them die and their lands go to him. And he would see all the other lords of the woodland realm fall in time as he was patient. He would see them fall with only him remaining and in the future he would rule all of Valenwood. Ulwnis then allowed himself a malicious smile as he did his part in making his plans come to fruition Actions 5 ap is spent rebuilding the city of Falinesti in a certain way. The city would be built with such a design in mind so that it is divided into three rings you could say. The outer ring would consist of building only one story tall. These building would be next to the city walls and would continue on towards the keep until the hit the middle tier. This consists of building which are two stories tall and after that comes the inner ring which is the smallest one for now and has buildings of 3 stories high. Furthermore a web like pattern is made for the streets connecting the city. This is to do this so as to make Falinesti quite a stronghold. The houses would need to have their roofs accessible and mostly with flat roofs. The goal is that archers could climb on top of the houses and fire through enemies marching through the streets. If the outer tier of houses is taken more elite archers would fire from the middle ring and if the middle tier falls the same would go for the inner tier. The web pattern would make sure that the city was organized and that the streets could easily be blocked off by basic defenses like carts and other simple barriers. Still the defense part of rebuilding the city would be secondary compared to simply rebuilding or renovating the city so that it would be more prosperous. A.K.A. the 5 ap would go into economy. 4ap is spent starting the construction of the schools. The goal would be to make sure that everyone could get a 6 year education starting at age 6 or 7. They would learn classes about reading, counting and the other classes which would give them the knowledge necessary to aid them in their future work. Another class that will be implemented is indoctrination/propaganda *COUGH COUGH* I mean history and culture, it will 'teach' the children about the history of the world and the culture of the local people and the glorious future of Falinesti and the lord protector. Still the main focus is on real education and indoctrination second. 0ap is spent accepting the offer of Southpoint and lord protector Ulwnis offers to have the alliance be mostly defensive for now but offensive too if the lord or lady of Southpoint wants to take it further. Income 6ap standard 3 ap trade Total ap: 9ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 28k bosmer (wood-elves)
  14. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis looked down at the city of Falinesti from his elevated position on the balcony of the small keep that was put on the highest point in the city. Below him he could see sprawled before him the meager borders of the city. Ulwnis scowled at the sight. Most of the buildings were only about one story high and much of what remained were buildings either renovated after the great collapse or built anew of destroyed and empty buildings. All in all it was a disorganized mess and Ulwnis intended to change that. He would make sure that such a pathetic city would not be the capital of the greatness he would create. As such at some point he would need to rebuild it entirely. Make it organized, structured and defensible. He already had dozens of ideas in mind how to best achieve his goals but he knew that most of them required a lot of materials and manpower. Manpower and materials he could use for something far more effective, farming. Farming was the lifeblood of any people, nation or tribe. It provided a safe and stable way of providing food for any gathering of men and women. He knew that many others if they were in his position would simply build more farms. But Ulwnis found this approach less efficient than he would like. What use is it giving someone land if they can not do it efficiently. Efficiency was the core principle philosophy in Ulwnis's philosophy and he could not mentally or emotionally allow himself to have some inefficient farm waste the space which would be given to the farmers. Furthermore getting better tools would allow larger farms which could be run more efficiently. 'Yes' Ulwnis though to himself 'better farming equipment and methods would indeed prove quite efficient in the future. Quite a bit more effective than restructuring and building the city at this point in time' with these new thoughts in his minds Ulwnis would make his way towards his personal chambers. Here he would plan and document his plans for the agricultural improvement with orders which were so simple that most of his dunderhead inferiors and minions could understand what he wanted them to do. Still he would need to leave as few possible options to sentient error as possible. Thus he worked into the night with a small candlelight lighting his rooms as he dreamt of the distant future and the future that was closer by. Actions 6 ap is spent making sure the craftsmen, inventors and farmers of Falinesti put their money where their mouth is. (a.k.a. make them busy) they are given the task to create better tools for farming and create better methods. The hope is that with this farming can become more efficient per square mile so eventually Falinesti will use it's fertile land as good as possible. These hoped for improvements of already existing tools or new invention are hoped to make both crop farming more effective and to learn how to use the crap of livestock as a better way to grow plants. 0 ap is spent sending diplomats to all remaining nations in Valenwood to come to terms about a trade agreement. In this order: Arenthia, Ilvenar, Woodheart, greenheart, south point, Haven, Elden root. These diplomats would continue on until at least three of these states accepted a trade agreement and would then continue on to get a good impression of the rulers of the other nations and their attitudes. A.k.a. who are aggressive, peaceful, friendly or hostile etc. Income 6ap standard Military 500 Heavy infantry 500 light infantry Population 20k bosmer (wood-elves)
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    Tamriel Imperialus (OOC)

    Application Map location:Valenwood Nation/Tribe: The County of Falinesti Capital city: Falinesti Leader: Lord protector Ulwnis Duskpool Brief history: The flu was the destroyer of civilization. When the flue hit valenwood most of the races who lived in it died just like any, man orc or other creature. It was anarchy and soon rival warlords fought each other until all had perished or one survived. For many years the people of Falinesti were oppressed by a ruthless warlord who become fatter and fatter whilst his people starved in the streets begging for a scrap of bread. Any who resisted were executed and even the military began to doubt whether this man was the right leader. Then a prominent member of the army, Ulwnis Duskpool together with the majority of the army executed the tyrannical lord and he took his place. Ulwnis whilst harsh was a fair lord and he made sure to bring justice to Falinesti and be a righteous ruler. And under his reign the people have prospered and are now ready to claim a place in the history books. Skype Username: Robwar Do you have a general idea of the lore ?: yes (use dark green for borders) https://imgur.com/a/C80Akwc (CURSE YOU MAC PAINT !!!!!!)