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  1. The Republic of Tassarea What determined life ? What determined wheter a species gains intelligence and senitence ? What determines the origin of a species. These are questions that would have been easy to answer just two years ago. Before First Contact happened. One would have said that the Tassareans were not created, they had evolved on the planet, they originated from primates. Yet now, that idea lay in jeopordy. At least, it was under heavy scrutiny. What was the chance, that two species would evolve in almost exactly the same way. Being biologically nearly identical to the Tassareans, down to their very genome. It did not make sense, at least with the evolutionary theory. Thus, many Tassareans had turned to something that, whilst not entirely extinct, had faded into the background. Almost entirely dissapearing over the years. Religion For what other explenation could there be then that all life was created in the image of a god ? Well several. Including that evolution might have a certain hard-wired road, co-incidence etc. There were even several conspiracy theories that all species had been created by an evolved species and then scattered through the galaxy. The last one just being a conspiracy of course. But the easiest answer to the question was found in the spiritual realm rather than in the spiritual realm. Thus, religion was starting to make a comeback in Tassarean culture. Becoming more prevelant as people sought it out in order to explain the question they asked themselves. One of these religions was the religion of the Stellar gods. An ancient religion based around the associations of the gods with the stars. It said that the gods were once mortals like anyone else, but that they had evolved beyond their original boundries and became gods. It had never been a major religion in the past, yet now it was rapidly gaining in popularity. And as such, in one of the community halls Priestess Alisa Xanandros looked out over the crowd that had gathered. She allowed herself a small smile. Before the first contact she had already been interested in the religion of the Stellar gods. Or Stellars in short. Specifically relating to her education as an Astromonist and how they were on of the early establishers of that branch. Yet when First Contact happened it all just clicked. This was the explenation of life. Of everything, it all just fit, the legends, folklore, it all just made sense. And as such she spoke to the assembled people before her. ”My fellow Tassreans, thank you for coming together on this day.” As she spoke, several people listened intently, mostly curious on what she would say. ”It is hard to believe. That it has been so long ago since First Contact, almost two years already. How has time flown by.” Alisa said, herself brimming with enthusiasm and dedication. “Almost two years since our entire reality has been turned around. All our previous preconceptions have been shattered. And now we have been tasked with find a new explenation.” Alisa then let out a short laugh. “I have found a new explentation, though even I myself am not sure if I am correct.” She then looked around the room. “But I have found my answer in the Stellar gods.” She then spoke in a bit of a lecturing tone. “Nearly two millenia ago the first sign of the religion appeared. The first legends spoke specifically about the mother. They said that she, a being of infinite kindness, saw the galaxy and saw it to be empty. Thus she tasked herself with filling it with life. Spreading life accros many planets in her own image. When her task was done, after she created new races, she created a dozen other beings. Who would be the other gods. They were tasked with many different tasks, yet it is the mother that is venerated above all.” And as such the history and lore of the religion was explained further over some time. Until a certain point came. “As such I ask you all, is this not the explenation of life ? What else could have created life except the Stellar or other gods.” Most of the people were quietly nodding among themselves, tentatively agreeing to what she was said. Especially as all the things that she said seemed to fit, and after checking online sources seemed to be accurate of past lore as well. It all just fit so well. No one answered for a moment, and Alisa looked happy with herself but then an old and wizened voice cut through the silence. “Many things young miss.” Alisa turned to where the sound came from, as a wrinkled man stood up from a chair. “Why is it necceserily gods that created life, though more importantly what truly makes a god ?” He then continued on speaking, slowly walking forward to where she was standing. Speaking slowly and quietely, but being heard all the same. “What would we look like to Tassareans two Millenia ago. What would they see if they looked at us. At our technology” There was silence for a moment, as Ford was silent and everyone was hanging onto his words and also thinking. “They would think it was magic, would they then not think that we are gods ?” ”They probaply would. So if our predecessors would think us to be gods, why would it not be the same for us. What are gods except being who have advanced so far that we are not able to understand them. As our ancestors would not have understood us.” Then without realizing it, the old man stood in front of Alisa and he whispered. “And I ask you then. “ “ Can gods truly exist ? ” Actions I Seeing that the Tassareans are not the only life that is in the galaxy the general populace is worried about a theoratical attack from hostile races. If they do exist. As such to increase the protection of the nation the first dedicated Tassarean warship is built. A destroyer-class ship to be specific. [6M, building a destroyer] The Exploration ship is to go with an ambassador to the capital of the Protorian assembly. In order to facilitate a good diplomatic contact between both nations. Furthermore, they are to begin on discussing the potential of a trade route between the two civilizations. [MOD] With a new, and ideal, planet coming into possesion of the Republic it is rapidly developed into becoming a commercial hub. Whilst also being built to serve as a trade depot with the Protorians. On top of that, the planet also serves as a minor tourist hub. Seeing as it still has many natural sights that have long been lost to Tassarea.(100k C for 10 CI) In order to improve the technological level of the Tassarean civilization more research is put into increasing the output of Researchers and research facilities. So as to create a greater understanding of the Universe. [12R on T1 Research facilities(12 already spent)]
  2. The Republic of Tassarea Much had changed last year. Much had changed since a lone ship entered the atmosphere of Tassarea and revealed something to the people of the humble civilization. Extra-terrestial life existed. This had awakened many things in the Tassarean people. An adventurous spirit, a new drive to explore the unkown and discover what secrets it held. A dream of a glorious future. Yet … With the the appearence of extra-terrestial life fear also arose amongst some Tassareans. These new aliens might be friendly to them but what said that other aliens would be the same ? What said that there were not some horrible monsters amongst the stars, or great conquerors. These were the thougths that plagued the minds of many Tassareans. Yet it worried Dr. Bernhard of the institute of biology more than most. As a man of science he knew the potential that was held amongst living beings but also the dangers. He had learned of the Rixian plague, the orange fever and all other diseases that happened when two foreign peoples met. And that was with Tassareans. Who knew what diseases could be spread now-a-days. Sure a cure could be found easily enough with modern technology but in the meantime a great threat was still clear. In any case, he put his mind to rest. He had more important things to focus on. Like analyzing the, what had been termed ‘Protorian’, DNA that had become in possesion of the Institute. When he entered the Institute he went to the main room where a large projection of the DNA strand was shown on a hole-screen. Next to it stood the Senior Researcher of the institute, Dr. Ford. He seemed to be fully focused on the image of the strand shown before him. His grey hair seeming to somehow frizzle with excitement. As Ford’s gaze pierced into the projection, as well as looking at smaller screens that showed specific data regarding to certain aspects of the Protorian body. Even with his back turned on Bernard and with his age Ford somehow still heard Bernard approach. As he did so Ford spoke. “Absolutely fascinating is it not ?” Bernard, nodded in agreement. “Indeed, though there is one thing I can’t explain.” Ford gave a cryptic smile to Bernard. “I see you saw it too. The greatest mystery of the Protorians are the lack of mysteries. Their biology is nearly identical to ours. Down to our dna. The main difference that is clear to us is the Melanin levels of our new friends. There are some minor mutations as well, derived from surviving on their planet. Yet, the baseline is the same. These Protorians are made with the same template as us.” Bernard nodded at this. “It is indeed highly unsual. I have run additional diagnostics and have come to the same conclusion. From biometric scans and some research they also appear to have the exact same organs as us. As well as other biological functions. This is too similair to be the work of mere natural-evolution.” Ford gave a small nod at what Bernard said. “Indeed, the chance of this is fairly unlikely. Which leads us to another question, one that we have tried to answer since the start of time.” Ford then stared into Bernard’s eyes. With Bernard feeling as if he was being stared into the very depths of his soul. “Does god exist ?” Actions In order to secure a buffer for the capital of Tassarea and to generate more funding a sector Eastwards of Tassarea is colonized by the Colony ship built last year. Which will in the future be used to generate additional funds. (expeanding east) I With the introduction of the Protorians sentient life is now a fact. Which has awakened a great urge for exploration inside of the Tassarean people. Combined with the recent discovery of warp drives Space exploration has now been made viable and as such an exploration ship is built. (1M) Forseeing a big investment next year on the colony which will, hopefully, by then be established this year government funding is kept in the treasury. In order to prepare for a larger project. [55,5k C] More time and effort is put into improving the lab equipment of Tassarean Researchers. [12R on T1 Research facilities]
  3. The Republic of Tassarea ((Rp will be posted later)) Actions More universities (1RF) is built on the planet on Tassarea so as to improve the general education.(15k C) Furthermore, more factories and infastructure (1 BI) is built on Ginea in order to faciliate a larger amount of materials for the future. (10k C) In order to protect the capital and expand the capacity of the Tassareans another Colony ship is commisioned in the shipyard of Tassarea. (8M) In order to promote Tassarean culture and dishes. A large sum of money is invested into culinary establishments, educations, shows establishments etc. In order to create a greater culinary culture in the nation of Tassarea and perhaps in the future in the new nation which was met. (40k C) Finally, more fortifications are built on the capital of Tassarea. Seeing as sentient life outside of Tassareans is real more protection is needed for Tassarea. Thus money is spent on fortifying the planet. (10K C) 9RP (4 previously invested) is put into a faster way of travel. Specifically faster than light travel. Which was proven possible by the recent visitors to Tassarea.
  4. The Republic of Tassarea War. Tassarea had not known it for decades, maybe even in centuries. Especially after unifcation. War was unheard of and did not happen. Yet regardless of how perfect a soceity, there would always be a degree of violence. This is what Officer Jared of the Tassarean Extraction, Pacification and Defense or TEF thought. As he observed the apartment where a kid of rich parents went mental after getting denied a job and after his parents didn't use their influence to get him a job. He took his landlord hostage and kept him at knife's length. With him now demanding a helicopter, money and other things. As if he thought it would do him any good in the long run. By Jude, was the kid stupid or something. In any case, negotiations had broken down and now it was time for the TEF to intervene. Dang it, he had hoped to enjoy the day just going to the beach. But now here he was, in full TEF gear about to rush into an appartment with an armed person. At least the madman did not have a gone, which was a relief. Jared and 4 of his comrades were standing outside of the door into the appartment. His friend, Dave, had a thriller in his hand. A device which caused a great amount of des-orientation and would result in losing your balance. That was if you did not have the counter-frequency going into your ear. Gared, with the help of a nice device, unlocked the locked door and showed five fingers, as well as a motion of a thriller being thrown into the room. Then he counted down from five to zero and then opened the door slightly ajar. Not a second later, after cooking the thriller, the thing went into the room and the madman. Who was standing towards the windows, with a knife on the throat of the woman, fell onto the floor. Five seconds later Jared had the madmen off into chains and he escorted the man back to a holding room until he got a trial. As he looked outside from inside a van Jared wondered if there was still some time to go to the beach. Actions (Turn 3) 45k C is put into establishing sevearl universities as well as setting up subsidies for companies that develop new technology. (3 Research facilities(on Tassarea)) 500C is stored (Turn 4) 15k C is put into helping to fund startup tech companies. Causing more competition and growth in the tech sector of Tassarea. Which would in the end lead to a better economy and more importantly. Better technology. (1 research facility(on Tassarea)) 10k C is put into developing basic industry on setting up mines to gather resources from the newly-settled planet of Ginea. As well as setting up facilities to process the materials harvested. (1 basic industry(on the sector West of Tassarea)) 20,5k C is stored for next year
  5. The Republic of Tassarea ”What is the difference between man and beast. What is the difference between these two ? It is an answer many have have tried to answer over the years yet there exists no definitive one.” The wizened Professor at the Tassarean Creative University looked around the room. “Does anyone here have any of their own views on what is the difference between man and beast ? Come on don’t be shy, raise your hands.” As the professor called out his question in the lecture hall some students tentatively raised their hands. The Professor looked at the raised hand before turning to a female student in the front, with a name tag saying Melanie Barrows on it. “Miss Barrows, what do you think is the difference between man and beast ? ” The Girl spoke tentatively, a bit unsure of her answer. Phrasing it more than a question than an answer “The understanding of our own existence and our sentience ?” The Professor nodded at this. “That is one personal view yet it for the purpose of this lecture is does not fit.” The Professor then looked at a hand that was previously raised. One Mr. Foresterrer. “Mr. Forrester, what would you say is the difference between Man and Beast ?” This studnet spoke with more confidence which the professor approved of. “Our capacity of Rationality and our mutual co-operation.” The professor nodded approvingly at this answer. “That is a good view, and close to my answer to this question.” He then took a moment to look around the room. “In my experience of study and through reading history, culture is the thing that makes us different from beasts.” ”Culture, in this context a culmination of tradition, beliefs and creative arts, make us different from beasts. They allow us to think beyond the purely physical, to touch the non-existent and make it a force to be reckoned with. Culture has allowed us to transcend our origin as primal creatures.” A student raised a hand, as if to ask a question. The Professor nodded at her and allowed her to speak. “So you would say that even if a creature was sentient, if it was without ‘culture’ it would still be a beast.” The professor let out a small sound of delight. “Indeed. I would even go as far as to say the state of our soceity is not determined by how advanced our technology is either, but by it’s culture. With the culture of a soceity determining it’s true value rather than mere material objects.” As he said this murmurs went around the room. Small discussion of the students, with many expressing both agreement and disagreement. The Professor allowed this to go on for a moment before, with a push of a button, letting a bell ring through the room. Which indicated for everyone to be silent. ”To express my points. Look at these pictures” The Professor then began to show slides. Leading from primitive cave-drawings, to religious painting, to modern-art. “As you can see our art has, through the ages, grown at the same time more abstract, personal and flexible. These early pieces of art are primitive, detailing the hunting of animals and gathering of herbs. Focused purely on the physical, later art evolved into a means to support religion. A belief shared by most of the people around them of an abstract being which watched over them. Whilst modern painting can detail one’s personal beliefs, struggles, and moral philosopohies. Showing the greatest amount of variance and dedication into it.” The professor then continued on for a time, but by this time the point had been made. Ater this the class moved out of the lecture hall and continued their studies. Actions 30k C is spend on building more Civilian infastructure on the colony world The Colony ship build last turn is send West to colonize more worlds for the Republic. 2 more rp is put into getting a faster way of travel. So as to facilitate faster travel between worlds (2RP already spent)
  6. The Republic of Tassarea https://imgur.com/L90BMg0 On the tv of most of Tassarea a familiary theme song played as a symbol of a single T followed by two small N’s appeared. With a catchy theme song playing in the background. Announcing another episode of the Tassarean News Network. Slowly the camera began to focus on a man behind an oak desk with of course bright hair and golden eyes as well as a tan skin. All in all a very normal man by appearance. Then the man began to speak ”This is another Broadcast of the Tassarean News Network. Today on the news, a new planet to be settled, economic expansion and protests on Tassarea.” The man then looks ahead of him as in the right-hand corner a woman appears in a vantage point from which a set of ship assembly tools were gathered. Where several parts were seen which were slowly being assembled. The man then spoke. “Kate on Marisha station, what can you tell us about the ship being constructed behind you. ” The woman on the screen had a very rare light brown hair but still had the tanned skin of the general Tassarean as well as the golden eyes“Well Donny, behind me a new colony ship is being built. The T.N.V. Gloria, which will explore and expand towards the Galactic West from Tassarea. In order to find new resources that can be used for future expansion as well as allowing more room for pioneers.” Donny nodded as he heard this. “I see Kate, are there any specific planets which seem like a likely candidate for this Colony ships to go to ?” ”Yes, through rough readings we have been able to gather that Zadar Secundus of the Zadar system is able to sustain Tassarean life. Due to a large amount of water as well as having a stable atmosphere. Though these readings have yet to been confirmed in detail” Donny nodded at this. “Thank you Kate, now to the news of economic expansion. President Larissa has announced that in the coming year there will be heavy expansion in the civilian industry of the colony of Mariana. In order to increase the prosperity of the local population and gain additional revenue for the government. This is also to increase the prosperity and government control of the planet. Making it less of a frontier world and more of an urbanized one.” Then an image appeared of a square on Tassarea where several people, who were seemingly of either lower-class or middle-class origin. “Around Tassarea there have been several protests. Focusing on a lack of jobs for young people. With many students of science having a shortage of job thus causing large amount of competition. As a result many students have gone to the street, protesting that there is a need for more jobs in the science-sector so they can be employed better and to allow for more scientific knowledge.” The news then continued on about the weather and other minor topics. Until ending after the weather was announced. Actions 70k C is spend on building 7 Civilian Industry on the colony of Mariana 5k C is kept as reserves and for future use 2RP is put into researching better fusion engines. So as to facilitate faster travel times 8M is spent on building a colony ship to colonize a sector West of Tassarea
  7. Username: Robwar Ideas and Suggestions?: Block the Saryn from being played nerf Alex Nation Name: The Republic of Tassarea Race: Tassareans History (sorry if I butchered it): Like many races before it and many after it the Tassareans started as a fragmented people, divided by tribes and fighting each other for resources and power. Just like other cultures however, it advanced through the ages, forming different kinds of governments with different ideals, whilst advancing with technological prowess as well. However, with greater technology also came greater conflict, for a series of 100 years a bloody war was fought (about 300 years BU (before unifaction)) These wars were between the monarchies and the democracies. With the war determining who won. Eventually the democracies won, under the leadership of the nation of Larrisa. Who was the foremost democratic power. In the following 200 years the world slowly united, with minor conflict still happening but with the world generally being at peace. In 82 AU (After Unification) the planet of Anexares was colonized. Now the year is 87 AU and a new president has come to power. Map location: Will send it to you in a sec Starting Sectors: 2, boons to be discussed in PM’s
  8. The ‘Republic’ of China (RP perhaps later) Actions: For some reason the active enforcement of anti-corruption outside of educational facilities are stopped. It is ensure wheter this is temporarily or if it is the president changing his policy. [MOD] Funds are put into modernizing the Chinese naval equipment. Seeing as it is severely outdated compared to that of the other powers. As such the Republic focuses on trying to get the navy onto a similair standard. To aid with this additional research facilities are built, specifically on earth and in the upper class districts of the colonies. [MOD] A large amount of funding would be put into creating better jobs in the colony worlds. A.k.a. setting up factories for computers, setting up more engineering jobs, etc. Jobs that the middle class could do or the lower class could be educated to do. Thus, with better jobs appearing, it would indirectly and slowly improve the standard of living. As well as of course improving the already large economy of hte Republic further [MOD] As a secondary research goal and with some investments from the government if there were any funds remaining, extra radio stations would be built in the lower-class regions of the colonies. Broadcasting how the situation of the people is improving and how those who would ridicule the goverment and would be opposed against them. (A.k.a. Communists without actually stating the word) Are simply interested in oppresing the people in their own way. Damning their souls to a terrible afterlife. The radio stations also broadcast nice music, so as to make the life of the workers a little less terrible. [MOD]
  9. The Brotherhood Lem lemoncloak and Anguy both were laying down in a tree. Looking from the forest at the crossroads inn, though crossroads town might be a better analogy. What had once been a single inn was now the center of a large tent camp. With hundreds of tents gathering around it. It had been a small camp at first, but Broterhood aid probaply had helped to increase it in size, it had practically become the pet project of the Brotherhood, and an experiment in ruling it could be said. With the Brotherhood having a large role in the camps. Though they were crossing their fingers about wheter the Lannisters were going to interfere with it, they hoped not. As the two talked there was a bit of a jolly atmosphere, specifically as they watched the road leading to the tent camp. “So how are you doing Anguy, enjoying dealing with all of those greenies” Lem teased Anguy, giving a small jab with the elbow and giving a grin. As a response Anguy merely grunted a little. “There are some good ones who show promise but honestly it gets so tiring, I am happy I only have to focus on the best ones. I don’t want to think of telling everyone to take account of the wind every time. However it is also gratifying.” Lem grunted in agreement with this. “I suppose you have it easier then. I have to train the greenest of the greenies in combat. God knows how dense they sometimes are.” Anguy nodded at this and the two enjoyed a moment of silence. Sharing a look before each having a quick laugh. Then, after checking that no one was around Lem spoke to Anguy in a hushed tone. “Have you heard of it ?” Anguy merely raised an eyebrow at this. “Heard what ?” Lem wiggled his eyebrows at this. “You know what I mean. That the Iron lady and he are in love with each other like some fancy knight and his lady.” Anguy let out a tired but not so secretly amused sigh at this. “They are not doing each other Lem. Get your mind out of the gutter.” Lem did not miss a beat. “I know that but you know the way they look at each other. And you know that when anyone insults him the Iron Lady goes furious on them like a bear.” Anguy nodded at this, he was about to give a retort when he eyed the road and held up a hand, indicating silence. Then he pointed at a figure approaching from the road. Lem nodded at this. SLowly descending from the tree as Anguy readied his bow. Though of course not notching it yet. Then, as the figure got clearer Anguy got a smile and gave the signal to Lem indicating friendly. Then the two marched towards the road, when Lem saw the person approaching he laughed. “If it isn’t the fearsome bull. The great warrior and master of supplies.” Gendry, noticing the approaching pair rolled his eyes, speaking in an exesperated tone. Glad Tom Sevenstrings was not there. “And if it isn’t the man who pissed on his own cloak.” Lem laughed at this. Speaking in an amused voice. “It is good to see you kid. Any news from the hill ?” To which Gendry shook his head. “Nah, everything is the same. I am just heading to the Crossroads to gather how the supplies are doing and if more are needed to be brought.” Lem nodded at this. So it was just a regular checkup. He then realized a piece of news he had heard earlier today, which Gendry had not heard yet. Lem for a moment weighed the decision wheter or not to tell him and tease Gendry with the news or not. For Gendry it was probaply better not but hell. He would hear it anyway and at least he would see Gendry’s face. “Lad have you heard the news ?” Cautiously, preparing himself not to fall into some kind of joke from Lem Gendry said. “No ?” ”Yer lady friend Arya Stark got married, got married to some Ramsey Bolton and stabbed him but still got maried.” Gendry’s face widened in shock at this, for a moment disbelieving, then he got a litttle angry before just getting an extemely sad look on his face. From his mouth simply came the word. “oh” Looking down at the ground blinking furiously as tears started to well up. As he did so Gendry felt some arms clasp around him and Anguy looked at him, with a look of sympathy and similair loss. “Let’s go get a drink at the tavern” Gendry simply nodded meekly as he was guided to the Tavern by Anguy to drink his sorrows away, at least for today, when Gendry recouped he would realize the costs of aquiring booze and stop drinking. Or at least a lot. Actions The main Brotherhood is re-organized. With the added responsibilites of the Brotherhood requireing a more ordered command. The Brotherhood would be divided into several categories. These would be, Protection & Prevention, Supply, Hunting, Training and building. With each branch being assigned different leaders. With the Protection & Prevention branch being dedicated to warning villages of the mountain or his raiding parties coming and countering small groups of raiders, this would be headed by the bald-man, as he has the most experience with the mountain and his tactics. The Supply department is focused on supplying the Brotherhood with Food, weaponry and other essential goods, as well as the villages under the protection of the brotherhood. This division is led by Gendry, in order to give him more experience with a position of leadership and his experience with smithing and thus with weaponry. Hunting would be led by Anguy and would mostly consist of his progidy’s. They would go trek through the woods hunting for game and useful herbs. Training would be led by the iron lady who would train the recruits into a more disciplined unit, with some assistance by experts in certain fields like archery and other weapons. Finally there is the building department. Which is focused on helping the villages and refugee camps under protection of the Brotherhood by building new homes and assisting where possible. This department is co-led by both Beric & Edric Dayne. With Edric being the person most focused on this, in order to train him further as well. [MOD] (You don’t have to respond to all of this xD) The Brotherhood, of course, responds to the refugee crisis in the Riverlands. They do this by helping to set up the Refugee camps, bringing a sense of order to them. Here they organize the refugees into groups who gather food, a group who care for the children, elderly and wounded, a group who help build warm houses and gather supply for winter and finally a group who would build pallisades around the camps to defend against bandits and who would be trained to defend against other threats if possible. These groups would also recieve a small amount of food from the Brotherhood in order to keep the smallfolk fed and busy. Thus making it so they have something to do and have a goal. The Brotherhood would further help in gathering wood for lodgings and helping to build them. Whilst also of course, trying to get the sympathy of the smallfolk, even if they would not join the Brotherhood. [MOD] More fishing boats are created, especially if there is any excess wood. These would be put to work helping to feed the refugee camps. [MOD]
  10. Brotherhood without Banners Things were cheerful inside of the hollhow hill. Things were going good, peace was returning to the Riverlands and the Brotherhood was prospering. Then a tired messenger with despair set on his face. This quietened the Brotherhood, especially as the messenger rushed to Lord Beric who was resting. He whispered in a hushed tone and Beric got a tone which was grieving. Then with solemn steps he moved towards the center of the hollow hill, where the majority of the main Broterhood was gathered. Amongst them a bald man who was cleaning his sword. Who also kept an eye on Beric. Beric slowly breathed in and out. Before opening his voice to speak. “I have just recieved terrible news. Whilst King’s landing was being besieged someone or something ….......” Beric could almost not bear to speak the words, and looked straight at the bald man with great sympathy and pity in his eyes, speaking now in a especially mournful tone. “King’s landing is gone” silence just silence It was as if everyone there could not believe it. As if Beric had just misspoken or something, pillaged and raped sure, damaged also reasonable, but gone, simply gone. Amongst these people the bald man looked out into space. Almost most shocked of all. Then he began laughing, not joyful laughter or even the laughter of sadness. But a laugh of sadness and with a hint of madness hidden inside of it. The bald man laughed, and laughed and laughed. Laughed as tears flowed out of his eyes, laughed as the Brotherhood turned to him with sympathy and laughed as he was brought to his cot. He laughed for hours until he lost the energy to continue laughing and merely sobbed. With an armored woman having an arm around him the entire time. Whilst the bald man left the meeting Beric looked to the rest of the Brotherhood, still sadness but also conviction in his eyes now. “Previously through paltry evidence I presumed that nobility were not fit to rule us. Both through my own experience and the proof of the recent war. Yet that what has just happened they are just mere footnotes.” His conviction was now filled with passion. “This is what happens if the nobility has the power. When one man has the power to destroy the greatest city of Westeros in but a moment.” Though passion now filled his voice his voice did not louden, but Beric spoke in a quiet and deadly voice. “No man should have that power yet we live in a realm where by mere birthright a man can have the power of life and death of us. Now look at where this had lead us.” Beric shook his head. “No, we must not live in a realm where this is possible but we do.” He then glanced around the room. At the gathered crowd, with some still dazed but all deadly quiet. “We do live in such a realm, we live in a realm where Stannis or other madmen can decide our lives on a mere whim. Where they can destroy entire cities. Where we are oppressed. Where we lose nearly all of our food and craft and keep but a fraction of our goods. We do live in such a realm” Beric’s voice entered a more sad tone at the end of his sentence. Yet after a long breath his sole eye was filled with fury. “We live in such a realm. Our descendants will live in such a realm unless we do something about this. Unless we do something about this all the lives lost in King’s landing will have been in vain.” Then Beric spoke in a loud booming voice, shaterring any people from their passive state. “SO MY BROTHERS IN ARMS. KNIGHTS OF THE HOLLOW HILL. RISE UP !!!! RISE UP AGAINST OUR OPRESSORS AND BREAK OUR CHAINS !!!! KING’S LANDING WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN !!!!!” Actions The Brotherhood would expand throughout the whole of the Crownlands. With branches being put in the settlements and towns. [MOD] The Brotherhood, in order to mitigate the disaster of the loss of King’s landing. Help provide aid around the Crownlands. Setting up Blacksmiths and other crafts which the villages and smaller towns usually relied upon from King’s Landing. Making it so that the loss of King’s landing would hit less hard in the Crownlands and to help those in need. Giving the people a source of hope. [MOD] With the Destruction of King’s Landing the brotherhood anti-nobility rhetoric grows more heated. Attributing the loss of half a million lives to the nobility due to their arrogance and that people could, by mere birthright, decide the lives of so many people. With many of the same arguments as in Beric’s spread being spread throughtout mainly the Crownlands but also in the Riverlands and a little bit in the Reach and the Stormlands. [MOD] In order to set up a stable foodsupply for Winter extra fishing boats are made. These are to work off the coast and in the rivers of the Riverland to gain more fish for the Smallfolk who are in need. This is done as fish is a stable food and still possible to be gathered during Winter with less problems. [MOD] Meanwhilst the blacksmiths of affiliates of the Brotherhood and of the Brotherhood are to work on putting looted armor into something resembling a standardized set of armor and equipment. With them working to properly equip the Brotherhood. [MOD] With this making of equipment a sigil is to be drawn onto shields and other equipment of the men. A dark green colour. The colour of wildfire. A sign that King’s Landing will not be forgotten [MOD]
  11. The ‘Republic’ of China President Cheng Dao was walking through the gardens of the Presidential Offices. Taking a moment out of his days to be calm and to reflect calmly on several issues rather than being constantly hounded by paperwork and the like. As he walked past one of the trees he noticed the blossom was starting to come on the trees. With the around the garden leaves taking a pink and white colouration. This illicited a small smile from Cheng as he sniffed up the smell of the flower. Savoring the moment as the sweet air of nature entered his nose. Then, he frowned as he heard the sound of footsteps rapidly walking over gravel. He had often made explicitly clear that unless the situation was of the utmost importance he was not to be disturbed at this one small spot of free time. When he turned around he saw the minisiter of naval affairs approach him. At his sight Cheng felt his hand twitch. The minister of naval affairs, whilst a somewhat competent official, did grate on his nerves. Especially his personality. The man was, just like Cheng, from the upper class of soceity. Yet in constrast to Cheng the man flaunted his wealth and status whilst Cheng did not. The man was arrogant and vain, yet to appease a few factons in the nation he needed to have this position. And admittedly, he was talented in the management of naval affairs. Giving the minister a withering glare Cheng spoke softly. “I hope you have an important reason to interrupt me at this time of the day.” As he heard the soft voice, often connected to Cheng being furious the minister rapidly swallowed before speaking. Not wanting to be executed by the man who could do so if he desired. “Sir. I am making a plead for you to listen to my earlier advice. We need to build more cruisers, if we do not it would diminish our status as a great power and will leave us weakened by any attack by the communists” With the Minister spitting out the last word in disdain. Hearing this Cheng let out a sigh. ”In that case we shall commision a hundred new cruisers.” He said. Internally sighing as he would prefer to put the resources into other projects. However he needed to please the more Militarist factions. And truthfully the Minister was making a good point. The minister was surprised by this reaction, though not completely pleased yet.”Thank you president bu....” Whilst he was speaking Cheng sent a glare at the Minister. Quickly making clear that the conversation was over. Knowing he did not want to agitate the President further he made a quick bow for the president before leaving. Coming out the same way he had entered. Cheng let out a final sigh before continuing his walk in the garden for a few minutes. Already thinking of ways how he could make his displeasure more clear through indirect ways. Actions: The anti-corruption agency is empowered some more. With them gaining presidential mandate to be more thorough and extreme in their actions. Though not going so far as to enrage the people in the government too much. However, a small number of troops is given to the branch. In order to deal with more violent officials, though mainly to serve as a threat. [MOD] The Internal Security Bureau (ISB) is allocated increased funding. In order to set up a more comprehensive network of spies to secure the internal stability of the nation. Defending it from hostile nations, mainly focusing on communsit sympathisers. [MOD] More military academies are built. Specifically in the colonies. Where they are built around the middle/upper class areas. Specifically making it so that these social group have more accesibility to the academies. Furthermore, each academy has at least one member of the Anti-corruption agency. To make sure that all the candidates are properly screened for corruption and to serve as a reminder to what happens to incompetent or corrupt officials [MOD] In the colonies more universities and high schools are set up for the middle-class of the colony cities. Allowing the nation to gain a larger amount of learned personell. And in the future possibly further integrate the colonies into the nation as a whole. On top of that several more research labs are set up for military reseach. Mainly foucsing on modernizing the navy. [MOD] 100 cruisers are commisioned [Mod] The US trade agreement is accepted [Mod]
  12. ‘Republic’ of China Actions -establishing an anti-corruption organization which answers only to the president. -setting up research facilities to deal with the outdated tech of the military -reorganizing and improving domestic intelligence services -Starting a new series of officer academies in order to get better, less corrupt and incompetent officers -The exchange program with Japan is accepted ((Sorry for the bad post, I have a few issues with my PC))
  13. Brotherhood without Banners Captain Beric Dondarreon sat in his weirwood seat in the Hollow Hill. Watching the men laugh at a camp fire, making jokes and enjoying company whilst he sat here in soltitude. Pondering … As he sat there he pondered about many things. On the one hand, the war, mistreatement of the peasants and the like was decreasing. In part through their help. Which was a good thing of course, but it also meant the Brotherhood did not grow stronger. As such with the song of the Brotherhood reaching a decrescendo Beric was faced with an important question. What was the true purpose of the Brotherhood ? At first it had to apprehend the mountain, then to protect the peasantry, but what was it now ? The peasants were safe, uncomfortable but safe. If they kept their current course justice would be settled but the Brotherhood would dissapear into the annals of history. Barely more than a footnote made by some maestar. Then after so many years another war would come by and a similair organization would rise up to protect the peasantry. Whilst pondering this a mental cycle began to form in Beric’s head. The lords would fight each other, in order to gain more power or something similair. Then outlaws or vigilantes would rise up to counter the mistreatement of the peasants. Then the war would end and the outlaws/vigilantes would be crushed or assimilated back into soceity. At which point there would be peace until war hit again. Beric realized that it was an infite cycle, one that began when the first men settled Westeros and now they were at another point in the cycle. Yet, they were stronger and more legitemate than any other outlaw-like group before them. If they were smart they might be able to break, or at least change the cycle. Yet, what was the cause for the creation and continuation of the cycle ? Beric’s mind answered quickly, it was the nobility. Of which he himself was a part. They perpetuated this cycle of violence and depravity. Unless he did something about this it would inevitably continue. The harsh but honest answer to this dillema was that to stop the cycle, he needed to remove the nobility. They were the ones who mistreated the smallfolk. They were the ones who sat in their castles whilst the smallfolk worked continiously, only keeping a small amount of their food. Giving the rest to either the nobility or the clergy. He himself had once been a part of this cycle yet now he came to a realization. The Brotherhood was just a small group, they needed to grow into a movement. Something to truly cause change for the people of Westeros. With this realization coming onto him Beric called Gendry, his progidy, forth. Gendry, who had previously been working on repairing his bull helmet after a skirmish quickly complied. Coming towards Beric. “Is there something you desire my lo....... captain.” “Yes, change” Actions The Brotherhood begins preparing for winter, or more specifically helpt the territories under their protection for winter. They begin helping smallfolk with setting up fishing barges in order to feed themselves with fish when winter arises. As well as helping to scavenge food from the wilderness and hunting deers and other animals whose meat could be preserved and shared with the smallfolk. With specifically Anguy and his direct apprentices working on hunting deer and the like. [MOD] Slowly, an idea begins to spread thorugh the brotherhood and from there to the villages it protects. The idea that the nobles are not neccesary to the protection of the peasants and merely caused more dangers for them. With the idea coming that the Nobility needed to lose their status of power. That the smallfolk should decide their own fate, which would not be controlled by the nobility. These ideas would mainly be spread around the Riverlands and the Northern Crownlands. [MOD]
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  15. APPLICATION Discord Name; You have it Nation of Choice (and why?); Nationalist China. Because I always like to play developing nations. Head of State: Cheng Dao Head of Government: Cheng Dao Ideology: Sino-facism Military statistics: See OOC post Did you read all the information?; Indeed Suggestions or feedback?; Make China Great Again
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