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  1. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Central dome, Imperial palace Alexander Varellion smiled in his office, he had done it again he had won the election. He had worried that this time the election would be a lot more close than before since his people might be anti-HCF but to his immense surprise they had MASSIVELY voted in his favor. If he didn’t know that the elections were fair he would say that he had cheated and changed the numbers. Yet this immense show of support also worried the emperor since he worried that whilst his people trusted him immensely could he live up to their belief and could he truly make sure all that trust was placed on him was well given. Alexander breathed out, he knew it was he had done his best and now they kept going further pushing the boundries of what was before thought to be impossible yet the great faith his people had in him made him worried. There were some groups that supported him and believed in him in a radical way looking a bit like some of the popularity cults on old earth that some dictators tried to create for them. Some even went as far as killing him a god which was utterly ridiculous as he and many of his friend could consent t. However, this all gave him an advantage in possible elections and would give him a very loyal core to his army. But this extremism could also cause some chaos to happen and some people to go too far with their ideas. Finally Alexander thought that it might be the best to simply let it be for now and keep a close eye on those personality cults. Then he went back to work but then he wondered about another thought that has started to plague him. Some things did not make sense, at all. First and foremost of the things that did not make sense was the jump drive. It has saved the Imperial Republic as well as all other human colonies yet no one knows where it actually came from. It was just found in the ships when they were finished and the power requirements it shouldn’t even have worked. No one knows how they work or how they are made, no one knows where they even came from yet it was the thing that had saved them from ultimate destruction. Adding to that was that around 4 years ago when the shipyard was improved there was more done whilst the same procces had gone on as always it just didn’t add up. Then that same years there were said to be some sightings of a man in white clothes which in normal circumstances would be nothing but it made the mystery of that year all the more weird. Alexander then thought to himself forget it, tommorow is another day and knowing myself I’ll think about it tommorow anyways. The next day Alexander thought a bit more about the position of the Imperial Republic in the galaxy. They did not have any close neighbours that were a threat to immediate expansion but they did have some pretty large empires surrounding them. Some of them were: The galactic allience, The Redon Imperium, The Karras Dominion and The galactic Ystor. He knew that to create a safe situation for the IRM that they needed to be sure that they wouldn’t be attacked and the best way to make sure you are not attacked is to give persons no reasons to attack and make friendly relations. The first were possible for all nations but the second option wasn’t any option at all with the Ystor. Still with the others he could maybe do a diplomatic mission to those nations. It also helped that the Galactic alliance and the Redon Imperium were located in the major galactic trade route now that the Protorians were at war. Well Alexander decided it is time to meet some of those nations soon and make sure that we will not be attacked and be destroyed them immediately in the near future. Then Alexander turned his attention to his activities for the day and the foremost of these was the ceremony of christening the ship “The emperor’s hand” with the traditional bottle of wine. “The emperor’s hand” a name decided for by the citizens of the Imperial Republic in honor to him winning the election. It was one of the few things that they demanded and he would be glad to do it since it required not much effort and it could improve the morale of the people. He then made himself ready to depart as he finished his coffee and did his hair (though he didn’t particularily like the last part.) Then he readied himself, read some more essential information, send orders and give advice to some high-ranking officials and he went out of his appartment. When he went out he was immediately flanked by two of his bodyguards the praetorians who accompinied and guarded him everywhere he went. They were good guards they gave him his privacy when he was in a safe situation but in all decisions safety was the most important goal to have so that he wasn’t under any danger by any possible assasins *cough” SATO assasins” cough*. Then flanked by his guards he went to his own personal fusion powered car which was inconspicious when riding next to other cars the difference being that again it was fusion powered and it had itoron-steel plating which was able to stop any almost any small arms weapons available by humanity for now. About half an hour later he arrived to the edge of the dome where a squad of helicopters were waiting for him. Then with an salute and a greeting he stepped into a random plane which then lifted off and inside he looked outside of the helicopter looking at the fields of moss as far as the eye could see and into the blue sky. And to think that just a few years ago that everything that was here was were endless deserts and a black sky signifying the lack of an atmosphere. He had achieved much yet much still needed to be done and he was in no way finished yet. Then 15 minutes later he arrived outside and from the sky he could see the crowd standing out of the shipyard cheering as the planes came closer. Then once he stepped outside the applause grew to an almost frantic level as they saw Alexander step outside of his helicopter. He then walked outside and waved at the crowd as he walked into the shipyard and the newly constructed ship. Then he turned to the crowd standing in the shipyard which was kept away from him by his bodyguards and the normal security who were still cheering loudly until Alexander motioned everyone to quieten. "Today we are gathered here to christen this ship." "This ship is a show of strength of us as a people and the strength with which we will protect each other." "I am humbled and honored by the trust and loyalty you have given me and I will make the Imperial Republic the greatest it can be to my full capacity." "You the people suggested me to call this ship the emperor's hand." "This ship is a shield, it will protect us from any danger that comes here and every shield needs to be held by its hand thus I dub this ship THE EMPEROR'S HAND" when Alexander shouts the name he would throw a bottle of wine against the ship and an enormous cheer went through the crowd. Then the engines would go on and the ship would push itself out of the hangar and into orbit into space to protect the Imperial Republic from danger. Actions 4 ap is spent finishing the combat suit which is starting to be called mark 1 power armor and improving the armor plating if everything else is finished. 1 ap is spent studying the body of the abomination and most importantly its strengths, weaknesses and how effective they will prove against the new armor. 0 ap is spent sending the original frigate to the Karras Dominion and the Redon Imperium on a diplomatic mission 0 ap is spent letting the scout corvette continue its mission but focusing on the systems (tiles) bordering Novam Domum first 0 ap is spent creating a 10 square kilometer area in which there are few to none trading regulations similar to earth's original SEZ's in which alien merchants can buy pieces of land of max 200 square meters and which is hold under careful watch so that the economy won't suffer from bad deals. 0 ap is spent finding out the history of the jump drive and how it came into the original colony ship, how there was more finished during the year the frigate was built which should be seemingly impossible and researching any mentions of a man in a white suit in recent history in any relation to aforementioned events . population 202,000 homo sapiens solaris Military 7500 men in the Imperial guard
  2. Can I be added Username: Robwar80 email: [email protected] I'll be adding some information for the (on the wiki) unknown city of Mordskov
  3. I robwar80 am looking for someone to play the (unkowingly) adopted child of Marcus Hotchen. The lore of this char is that he was found as an orphan left alone by parents who couldn't take care of him and Marcus found him and went to raise him. This child is a human male Marcus is a relatively wealthy man who has the role of chancellor of the barony of Mordskov, the foremost vassal of the new human empire in the crownlands. A skin is provided for anyone interested and my time zone is Central European. If anyone is interested or wants more information please pm me in game, react to this post, send a skype message to Robwar801 I look forward to rp with anyone interested.
  4. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial center, Imperial palace, conference room The emperor Alexander Varellion walked onto the podium in front of the senate with applause following him as he did so. Then once Alexander ascended the steps onto the podium of the great hall that was the senate room went silent as Alexander began to speak. "My people, today we are gathered here on the at the dawn of a great revelation." "Just recently we thought we were the last of our kind and might have been alone in the galaxy yet as proven we are not alone." "With this comes great benefits with new friends and allies however, some people shun us for believing in what we think is right and working together in an beneficial relationship." "You know of whom I speak, I speak of the Terran federation who have denounced us just as we returned to the fold with our brethren ." "We, the people of the Imperial Republic, who have done no crime except joining with our natural allies are denounced as power-hungry and backstabbing and calling us and our allies unequal." "Whom are they to judge us for our actions, have they an higher opinion then you the people, do they have an higher opinion then our allies." "NO, they despise us just for our stance on slavery, one of the most vile and cruel things in the galaxy and allow millions to suffer in the future." "They think that they have the moral high point with them saying we should not enforce slavery that people can choose to abide slavery if they want." "Yes we should not enforce our will upon others in an ideal galaxy yet the galaxy is not an ideal place and slavery is practiced because it is beneficial for some." "It is our moral duty as humans and good citizens to stand firm against the sight of evil and corruption." "Together we will stand against the tide of any opponent that comes before us might it be the abominations from our moon which will soon be purged or the Terran federation in the future I know that you my people will always stand strong and will remain loyal to our great nation." "So my people us this all true and do you all stand strong no matter the circumstances." The crowd would then cheer yes and there would be some shouts going through the senate hall though a bit more silent in a certain area Alexander then continued on once the crowd got more silent"Now back to the topic, we have an very large and very dangerous base on our moon and I plan to purge it from the abominations that live there." "These creatures are dangerous and a disgrace to the galaxy and if I get re-elected once again then I will assure you that I will all that is in my power to destroy those creatures before my term is over AND if you elect me again then I might be able if you fully support me and the circumstances allow it abolish rations." This then got a large applause but this time silent in a small group amongst the crowd. "Now my people have a nice day" Alexander would say before leaving the podium and going backstage." In the elections there are two main competitors for the title of emperor. Alexander Varellion and Hiroshi nirato. Contrasting with the former election Alexander is supporting the more militaristic factions though, he is still leading the left whilst Hiroshi Nirato is repressing the right leaning factions. In the elections there are two main point of contention, HCF and the market. Alexander is pro-HCF and wants to keep a mixed market economy whilst Nirato is supporting of a free market economy with monopoly's allowed and he is anti-HCF and pro-SATO. Now the question is, who will win the election ? Actions the elections happen 0 ap is spent on promoting the identity of being Imperial and try to get people to see themselves as most importantly an Imperial and not a member of their former nationality 2 ap is spent on making another frigate for defense. 2 ap is spent on finishing the suit in which there will be added in the helmet interface the newest FHT tactical vision as well as it's itoron-steel plating. 1 ap is spent on making a railgun rifle to work in conjunction with the combat suit which will help with issues of recoil and weight which will be a lot less of an issue than in normal cases. 0 ap is spent for the scout corvette to scout all systems in a 2 system radius of Novam Domum for xylorite and Itoron. Army 7,500 men in the Imperial Guard and there are some prototype combat suits ready. Population: 191,500 pure humans, no human-xeno hybrid abominations here
  5. Imperial Republic of Mankind Return to earth Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace, Emperor’s office Year: 6-4-2121 It was late in the evening on the planet of Novam Domum at the capital dome of the Imperial Republic of Mankind. Here most light would start to go out, people went to sleep to prepare themselves to go to work yet at the Imperial palace the light kept shining, more specifically from the emperor’s office. Here Alexander Varellion was typing at a rapid pace on the laptop in front of him . If a person was to go inside they would be surprised by how messy the office looked. There were a couple of coffee cups scattered around the place and random files littered the place. The centerpoint of the office though was the desk that stood there and the light that shined on Alexander Varellion’s face. His face did not look that good though as any person could see. Tired eyes, pale skin and a yawn every few minutes after which he would again take a sip of his coffee. Alexander knew that this was not healthy for him but he needed to get his work done. Since who knew how much lives could be saved if he had the time to give new orders and how much more people could rebuild their lives. He also needed to figure out how to destroy the grey abominations, especially with the recent sightings. Thus he had stubbornly denied any move to get him to go to sleep, most pressing from his secretary Lily. Alexander felt a warm feeling as he thought of his secretary who had stayed with him for almost as long as he had known even on earth. Then he would pause. Earth, the memories were painful, all that had happened there and all he and humanity as a whole had lost. Thus his thoughts drifted of again to past times on earth and how he had become friends with Lily. Flashback Location: The Netherlands, Haarlem, Earth Year: 8-1-2091 A loud screeching noise could be heard loud as a child groggily woke up from his nice sleep. The child then half-awake pushed the off button on the alarm and slowly woke up. He then looked up and saw on the clock in his room that the time was 7:15 and that he would start to wake up for his first day to the 3rd year class of his primary school. It would be very exciting since he would meet new children who he would hopefully make friends with. He then walked to his parent’s room and then pulled at the bed sheets of his parent’s bed sing-songing “mommy daddy can I go downstairs ?” His parents would then slowly wake up and his mother tiredly spoke up “of course sweetie.” “Ok thank you mommy.” Alexander would say after which he would then go down. Before he went downstairs though he grabbed a book from the side table next to his bed before he went down. The book was called Onwards to space and was a super cool book about how people went to mars to go and colonize it and go on incredible space adventures. He then went downstairs and read it in the comfy chair while waiting for mommy and daddy to come downstairs to prepare breakfast. When he heard them coming down the stairs he ran towards the door and followed his daddy and looked as he saw him make breakfast. He then saw a weird word on the microwave as his daddy made his cornflakes and milk warm. “Daddy what is that, hey pasta us that stands on the microwave ?” He said struggling to pronounce the name. “Nothing to worry about, just a ridiciously cheap product,” he then muttered to himself as he read the small tag” why must everything say made in Australia.” He then went on to prepare breakfast for his son and then right before his son left on his bike to school. “Remember Alexander, try and make friends and not only read books ok.” “Of course daddy” Alexander would say eagerly He then started cycling towards school Around 10 minutes later Alexander arrived at his school where he would nervously listen to the start of year speech and after that he would meet his class. Then he needed to sit in a circle and everyone was introduced to each other. There was nothing special about anyone at the circle except from one person, a girl but she was a girl, he would first try to find other friends, he didn’t want to get cooties. Alexander’s genius mind denied that he didn’t want to be friends because of cooties but because he was nervous but Alexander ignored it. He then talked to a group of cool boys and joined them. But it did not feel right since the boys did not feel very kind but he had to have some friends right. For that day Alexander followed the groups of boys until the next day when in the break the group went to the girl that was sitting alone at a bench alone reading a book and looking like she was alone. “What are we doing guys” Alexander asked nervously as they approached the girl. “Nothing, just giving her a lesson” the biggest boy in the group would say and Alexander found that that did not sound good. Then the big guy of the group of 4 (excluding Alexander) spoke to the girl in an (for a child) menacing voice”what do we have here, a loner reading a book all by herself boohoo .” Alexander started to feel very uncomfortable with what his ‘friend’ was saying, especially after the girl started to cry. He then interjected “guys maybe we should go.” Which the leader squarely rejected by saying “no little guy.” Alexander then felt something building up inside him until he felt that it couldn’t be released and he stood in front of the girl protecting her from the slowly approaching bullies. “NO you are mean and I you will not bully her.” Alexander would said steadfast. The leader of the group then scoffed and said in an angry tone”Don’t go in our way squirt.” Alexander remained standing where he was before the leader of the group punched Alexander in the face and Alexander started to cry which was then noticed by the teachers. An indignant teacher then said “Mr van der steen what is going here ?” After the situation was explained and the bullies walked away Alexander sat with Lily in silence for some time until he spoke with regret clear in his voice. “Sorry for helping them, I didn’t want to be mean.” “Ok, thank you for protecting me though” the girl would say Alexander nodded” what was your name again ?” “Lily” Alexander would nod before noticing the title of the book the girl was reading and would speak in excitement “Is that the book onwards to space”. Lily would nod,”I love that book” Alexander would say in excitement”me too” Lily said. “I wish I could go to space and have amazing adventures” Alexander would say and Lily nodded”me too”. “What would you want to be when you are older ?” Lily asked Alexander with curiosity in her voice. “I want to become an inventor and a king like king Arthur.” Alexander said with pride in his voice. “But you can’t be both at the same time right ?”Lily asked in confusion. Alexander countered with”why not ?”. Then the bell rang and they got back to class. What both of them didn’t know that this was the start of a friendship that would never break and that would survive even after earth was death. -present- Alexander sighed as he though of those fine moments he head on earth but he also smiled as he though of how he met the love of his live. He then looked up. Where had that last thought came from. He just ignored it and though further of how he had met his best friend for life. Then he cleared himself up and remembered he needed to go to work once more. Actions 0 ap is used creating a very small storage shed on the moon to preserve and store the grey abomination body 1 ap is spent trying to make large areas of farmfields with potatoes on them. Meanwhile some of the domes would stop producing potatoes since they were to be moved outside as well as a few other domes and they would start to be replaced by luxury products like coco beans, coffee beans, sugar etc. 2 ap is spent on trying to create a large powered combat suit (like picture from last post) 2 ap is spent creating a university for the people of the Imperial republic and improving the education system 0 ap is spent on setting a corvette on a journey east following the galactic cluster looking for signs of civilization (path of the ship if undisturbed) Military: 7,500 men of the Imperial guard population: 182,500
  6. Well that is not completely true, people like Tyras manage to do two different frp's at the same time and MTVSHBG most of the time has different mp dates then Czar so you have enough time to make posts for either frp
  7. I would be interested but I don't know much of the lore so a good link or reference to lore about the game would be appreciated. furthermore will this work with the usual ap system or use a different system ?
  8. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, outside of the domes. The winds blew through the fields of green that covered all the eye could see and the blue horizon that could be seen if a person looked up. Here in the fields a small group of men walked through the open area simply looking around at how much everything had changed. Among this group was Alexander Varellion, emperor of the Imperial Republic and the person responsible for making this all possible. It was hard to think that just 20 years ago the planet was totally empty without any life or any vegetation of the sorts. Yet now in the decade that the refugees of earth had landed here more change had happened than in thousands of years. Where there was once no atmosphere there was an atmosphere filled with: Carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen all making sure that life could flourish on the planet. Still there was no animal life on the planet, only the seemingly endless fields of moss that covered its surface. The group walking through the fields and more specifically the emperor himself felt a large sense of pride at all that they had achieved. Because of the tragedy of earth much had been lost yet there has also been an unshakable will to progress and to make sure that the species called humanity would survive whatever the circumstances. Finally the planet of Novam Domum was truly fitting of its name as it had become a new home for humanity. Much still needed to be done however and there were many issues that the IRM faced foremost of these was the facility on the moon. The emperor wanted to purge it as soon as he could yet without the alien technology he was not confident of his chances and capabilities of killing the grey skinned creatures that infested the facility. He knew that he could purge the facility once he acquired the laser technology and a few other and he knew that it was all a hair away if not for one critical issue, the lack of the liquid. This frustrated the emperor to no end seeing as not only could he not purge the facility that was almost constantly on his mind but neither could he stand a chance if any aliens with hostile intentions came barging in and simply conquering the colony without any problems. Alexander felt weak and helpless, he never even on earth like to feel weak and helpless and now especially with humanity being as weak as it was and everything relying on him he hated it even more than in normal circumstances. As such he knew that some military measures were needed to be done and to satisfy his paranoia he had something in mind that could make sure the possible last remaining vestiges of humanity were not helpless. He had plans to make a frigate in the shipyard that was armed with railgun and specially adapted missiles that could be used in space that could be used to defend the colony. Yet he craved for the frigate to have laser weaponry and possibly shields like encountered in the moon base but bigger as to work in space warfare. However he knew that for now he also needed to focus on other things and not totally focus on the lasers. As such he gave orders to: scout the planet of Laxamentum the newest colony of the Imperial republic, create a frigate, start making large agricultural fields as to feed the population and a small special project. Actions 2 ap is spent on creating a frigate 1 ap is spent on scouting the planet of Laxamentum for any unique unknown resources and or plantlife and other things that could be useful more specifically previously unknown minerals. 1 ap is spent on making the equipment for large fields of farm with a crop that could work on this planet (most likely potatoes) and once finished spread it around the places on the planet were agriculture would be viable 1 ap is spent on developing a possible heavy powered armor for soldiers to use and be able to be quit resistant and most importantly temporarily stopping the claws of one of the grey creatures. Imperial guard 7,500 men Population: 174,000 regular old humans
  10. when/will the dynamap be updated ?
  11. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Planet of Laxamentum, colony ship Footsteps hurrying through the halls could be heard at almost any point in the colony ship of the Imperial Republic. People ran from place to place doing all the last minute preparations they needed to do before they would land in a few minutes as they had almost fully descended from orbit and had already passed the atmosphere of the newly named planet Laxamentum. This planet was to become the second planet for humanity (as far as they knew) to colonize (not including Earth) and thus the colonists felt a deep sense of responsibility in making sure that establishing the colony would be successful. Thus 10.000 men and women prepared themselves as they got ready to land. Very slowly the colony ship went downwards as it kept coming closer to the a flat area. This area was part of the steppes close to the mountains of Laxamentum but still in the steppes since this was the most convenient landing place and the colonists could eventually expand into the protected valleys of the mountain ranges. As the colony ship got closer the tension got thicker until finally everyone stood silent as a thump could be heard and a voice would speak over the ship com "lady's and gentlemen we have landed, start phase 1 of the plan. Then as the ramp slowly lowered machines, people and supplies were placed onto position and as the great ramp finally touched the ground everyone quickly and most importantly efficiently got out of the ship and started designating several spots for a number of purposes like, housing, temporary storage and kitchens etc. Just a few hours later the outline of several buildings could be seen as container houses where set up quickly as they were very good as temporary housing since they were simple to set up and to maintain. Whilst everything was being set up outside constant radio chatter could be heard inside the command center (which was safe inside the middle of the ship, I mean who would be so stupid to put the command in a vulnerable outstanding position, right ?) Here captain Mathas Smith carefully commanded the whole operation to make sure that nothing would go wrong. From the outside captain Mathas would appear as one of the calmest persons of the ship yet only his experience and discipline made sure that he didn't get a nervous breakdown with all the pressure he felt on him. He felt as if the future of humanity was on his shoulder (which, as far as he knows, is true.) Mathas doubted if he was good enough as a leader like many in positions of leadership but he reminded him that he was chosen for his competence and experience to lead men into battle or simply run a base otherwise he wouldn't have been chosen for such an important task. As the day slowly came to an end after hours of hard work Mathas was pleased with all the work that he had done and that everything had gone according to plan. Actions 1 ap is spent letting the corvette scout both systems of IRM (Imperial Republic of Mankind) space for something or things that match the signature of the crystalline liquid inside the energy cell as well as looking for other unknown and unique elements or items that were/are unknown at the moment 2 ap is spent trying to figure out how exactly the mechanism works(presumably turn liquid into usable energy or it works as a type of dynamo) and try to see if they can replicate it as well as the rest of the energy cell and if that doesn't work try to make a lesser version of it. 2 ap is spent on making a nitrogen factory that will make sure that there are huge chemical reactions that release nitrogen into the atmosphere so the air of Novam Domum is safe enough to breathe in and to make sure agriculture will be possible. Imperial guard 7,500 men population: 164,500 humans
  12. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, senate building The emperor walked up to the podium in front of the senate where he or the speaker of the house would normally speak in case of meetings of the senate. It was a relatively large room with a large number of seats, a good amount of decoration and finally an elevated podium where government officials would sit and where a person would present their case or give a speech in this case it was the emperor Alexander Varellion. That was because for a long time since their people had last left earth something new was given to them, hope to explore the galaxy and spread out the human race. Recently in the Imperial shipyard the first of many colony ships has been constructed the Ego Optimus which would guide humanity forward towards its glorious purpose. After straightening himself up and thinking about all the good and bad effects that this speech would have he prepared himself one final time before walking towards the podium accepting the applause he was getting of the politicians standing at their seats and he would then stand there in front of everyone, then he began to speak the words that could change the fate of the IRM (Imperial Republic of Mankind) forever. "Today we stand on the eve of a new age, today we will explore the final frontier and learn the secrets of the universe." " We will spread around the universe spreading mankind around the galaxy and experiencing our glorious destiny by making our race strong again." His tone would then turn grave" Yet there is something that I should have told you sooner, 2 years ago the big question that we have had since our first moment of existence has been answered, are we alone in the galaxy and the answer is, no." the emperor would emphasize the no and look at all people in attendance and stared at the camera and as voices started to be heard he lowered his hands as to indicate to be silent as he had not finished his speech yet. " On our moon we have found the research facility of an unknown alien race that was most likely experimenting on alien creatures for their own purposes." " However they died because they were not careful enough and were destroyed by the abominations that they had tried to control." "These abominations of grey skin and predatory nature are part machine and part creature but totally disgusting." "They killed 24 men who bravely stood against them and gave up their lives so the 2 survivors could tell the tale of what happened." Then the emperor's voice turned more determined and inspiring. "Yet we will not break to the threats of the galaxy and we shall know no fear of these creatures as WE are humanity the most stubborn of the galaxy and we shall survive no matter the costs and the consequences and any such abominations and aliens that will stand against us as we ensure our survival will regret the day they ever crossed us." "So people of Novam Domum, the light of humanity and the shining beacon of civilization will we bow down in fear for those filthy creatures." his voice would grow louder and would wipe up the emotions of the people in the hall until most of them shouted "NO together with Alexander and he would continue to speak making all people listen intently to his voice. " We will purge those abominations from our moon we will purge them in the corridors we will purge them in their cells and we will purge them until their graves." "Until then I will know no rest as long as I am assured that humanity will never have to fear those creatures and that they will die on the moon and that that will be their graves." "So my people are you ready to venture forth into the galaxy to spread out our civilization and make Mankind strong." He would continue making a fist and shaking it to rile up the audience who he would let shout "YES" and some other quotes like " long live humanity" and then one voice spoke would shout to Alexander's surprise " LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR" which would quickly gain traction across the crowd and across the domes where everyone could hear the speech or watch it on the tv and there people would all follow the wave that was the support for their leader who had let them to a new purpose, gave them a new hope, and promised so much more. Then for the rest of the day one shout could be heard almost all the time at bars and homes with families and friends celebrating and toasting all shouting " LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR". Actions 2 ap would be spend sending the corvette to explore the tile to the galactic east of Novam Domum and to scan for a lush green planet and a good place to start a colony on that planet, then once a safe spot and planet would be found the colony ship would fly with their warp drives to the planet to settle down and start a new colony 1 ap would be spent carefully dismantling one of the energy cells and studying it and most importantly seeing if it can be reproduced. 1 ap would be spent reducing the amount of CO2 sent into the atmosphere which would most likely go rather easy seeing as the factories were made in mind that they needed to reduce CO2 at some point (see one of the first posts) Imperial guard 7,500 men with 2500 volunteers being recruited into the army this year Population: 155,500
  13. Imperial Republic of Mankind The life of an imperial citizen Location: Novam Domum, Residential district, Worker's house, bedroom It was silent in the bedroom of Kyle and dust was hanging in the air whilst the only sound was the snoring of a man and woman until a screeching loud noise that came from the deepest pits of hell sounded through the bedroom. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Kyle and his wife groggily woke up and Kyle with his eyes half opened slammed his hand to turn off that noise box from hell. He then slowly went up, yawned and started getting out of bed and got to the main room in his one story apartment in one of the apartment complexes in the Novam Domum residential district. Then he walked over to the coffee machine, put a cup under it and started it up meanwhile he started to begin preparing breakfast for him, his wife and his child whilst he walked around like a zombie as he was half-awake at the moment. A minute later Kyle brought food and milk to his wife who was laying in bed with a noticeable large mass at her belly (and no she is not fat) he then layed back to her and give her a kiss and putting his hand on the belly. He then felt a heartbeat and smiled "so how are you doing my darling and my little child," he would chime as he played the breakfast next to his wife who was laying on bed smiling", I hope alright" he would say with a large noticeable smile. "Well we are doing alright thank you, though my little child is a bit of a kicker, he is just as annoying as his dad" she would joke. "We can't have that can we,"Kyle smiled", that would just be oh so terrible." he would then tickle the belly to which his life started laughing"Kyle... Kyle..... please stop" she would say in between laughs and Kyle would then give his wife a big kiss before leaving saying" well, I'm going to work now have a nice day.". Then he quickly put on his clothes finished his breakfast and then left the apartment building going down the stairs and then rushed to the train seeing he only had a few minutes left and as he rushed towards the train he went inside just as the door was closing and he swept the sweat from his head but was disturbed by a friendly joking voice. "Well it seems as if you are late even when going to work, I wonder how you will deal with a child." Kyle's best friend Derick chided. "I had to make breakfast for my precious wife and I hoped that the longer I stayed away the less I would smell you, you stink." Kyle then waved his hand in front of his nose before getting punched lightly on the shoulder by Derick and they would continue joking until arriving at the final station at which they needed to step out and they walked towards the miner's station and suited up efficiently and quick. They then went on the train and waited as they in half an hour arrived at the mine. Here they took their mining equipment which was always locked at the mine for safety procedures and went around 30 meters ending at a tunnel/cavern where a part of the iron ore was already dug out but you could still clearly see the brown rust that signaled the ore. Kyle then powered up his drill and started to cut out all the pieces of ore he could see whilst at certain points he could see behind him that supports were added as to make sure the ceiling didn't collapse on him. At around what would count as 14:00 in earth time one tune was sounded through everyone helmet which signaled the start of lunch. They then went to the main floor standing in the line of a large robust machine that put a sort of paste and water into two different holes in the suit thus giving food and drinks. Kyle then ate and drank his food using multiple buttons on his suit mean whilst he remarked on the intercom to a few of his friend "I feel like that Darth Vader guy from that very old earth movie Star Wars if I am correct." "Yeah, though I don't think a lot of people have watched the movies seeing as they are mostly a movie icon that introduced new special effects, wow they were so bad you can't believe it, anyone could see it wasn't real new movies have so much better graphics and special effects." The rest would agree on the intercom until the sound started again and they continued their work and went down the lift to their positions and started to mine, then at around 18:45 and the klaxon sounded signaling the end of the work day. Everyone then once again went to the lockers and locked up their mining equipment. Then they returned once again with the train and then another train eventually arriving back at where they had started and Kyle returned to his wife who had mostly stayed home most of the day and he had a nice evening meal that she had made with the rations she had collected that day and at that moment he rejoiced her being with child seeing as they got extra rations now though most were for her and his child. He then excused himself after his evening meal, went to his bedroom to pick up a small book no larger than his hand and then went to his toilet. Then he carefully made sure that his wife was not around, locked the door and then grabbed a small photograph of Alexander Varellion from behind a painting, opened his small book and read out. " The emperor is the greatest being above all and is the Shepard of humanity." " He guides us and protects us and will forever stand as our eternal guardian." " He makes the land green and the sky full of clouds brining a better future for all of humanity." " He brings us the space and an eternal frontier full of glorious future of mankind." " He gives us food and health and brings us our children." " He is the light of a new age and preaches our glorious future." " The Emperor is god and god is the Emperor." " The Emperor denies his divinity yet only a true god would deny his divinity thus proving he is truly divine." " Emperor protect us from sickness and bring us health, bring us children and give them life." " Deus imperator praetorium." " The emperor protects." Actions 2 ap is spent making a level 2 shipyard to make a colony ship." 4 ap is spent on making a colony ship once the shipyard has been finished." Imperial Guard 5000 men are in the army Population: 149,000
  14. It seems Courland is forgetting their own history."Marcus would remark"With Oren it also started with this people joking about how weak a few baronies were but then it kept growing larger and larger and then Oren was gone, it seems that the same might happen again but this time with Courland being on the recieving end this time.
  15. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, hospital, psychiatric ward The emperor watched from a one sided window the 2 soldiers that were frantically pacing around or crying in the bed and mumbling about monsters. He watched in pity as he saw in which shape the soldiers are and with how few they had survived, he spoke his thoughts to his assistant Lily who was standing next to him. "What happened to them is simply terrible, I trust you have read the mission report, those creatures what they did and what those soldiers went through no wonder that they have mental problems." Lily reacted to that with a sigh and with a few tears in her eyes "I can't comprehend how it must have felt and I agree with what happened to them at least we recovered some technology and answered the age old question, are we alone in the galaxy the answer is no. " The emperor nodded in agreement" True yet it does not change what happened." "We should try and remain this temporarily secret for one to 2 years seeing that we are close to colonizing the next system, when we have colonized it or done all we could and have resources left then we will handle the issue and in the future purge that facility of those creatures." he would say in disgust. Lily nods in agreement. "we should at some point when the facility is purged study the technology inside more specifically the energy systems and the shield that was used, it is an almost alien concept and our knowledge is limited about it." The emperor nods "True yet our military needs to improve their resources and get a good breached before they can truly take over the facility and use it for our own goals. The Emperor then went with his hand through his hair and spoke his thoughts out loud "what kind of race of aliens is so stupid to have so much of these creatures at their facility when they couldn't even control it and now 24 men are dead. Alexander then walked out of the hospital solemnly and as he left and was trailed by Lily he said "Lily when we get back can you get me 24 papers and a pen, I need to write some letters." Location: Novam lunus(moon of Novam Domum), entrance to the underground facility A few people were quickly and fearfully looking making defenses and installing turrets all aimed at the entrance, by Imperial decree it had been stated that nothing was going to get out of the facility at any costs. It was mostly protected with a few mining lasers seeing lasers are the only things that have any effect on the creases and a number of other heavy weaponry aimed at the armor plating that sealed of the entrance meanwhile some experts observe all that they can outside of the facility especially the pedestal and trying to figure out what the language was but without any extra information or words that seemed to be a useless task. one officer talked to another with their suit coms as they oversaw the fortification. "Have you read the mission report on what happened ?" "yeah, it is almost unbelievable luckily though outside here the area is open and we can use our numbers a lot more effectively than inside the facility so we will not get slaughtered, most likely those things are truly vicious, they can survive multiple grenades that literally blasted away the limbs of one of the men." "Yeah those things are pretty scary, I am happy that I wasn't chosen for going inside the facility I'd most likely have died." "True." "Well it is time to get back to work, we wouldn't want to be lazing around and being accused of being incompetent." Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace Alexander was thinking in his office about how to deal with the situations that kept arising and most importantly how to make sure that mankind was spread around and become safer. He knew that to achieve that goal he needed to make sure that new colonies were founded and that he needed to make new colonies. To make new colonies he needed more people and to have more people he could simply wait or take action to speed up the process. Actions 4 ap is spent to start a breeding program that aims to make sure that more children are born and it is promoted that every family should have at least 4 children. Child presentative measures like condoms or pills are forbidden except for people who have sexually transmitted diseases and if so artificial impregnation is done. Furthermore for each child a family has a 5% tax reduction is added to promote child birth even more. Added to this a branch of the government is created that helps with taking care of large amount of children like mass kindergartens and child care facilities Military 4978 population: 139,476