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  1. Clan Ordo Through the Military base that the Clan had established Yunan Ordo marched. At his side two of his fellow clansmates and Mando’ade. He quickly and in an orderly fashion marched to the command center where a gathering of the Clan’s highest members where gathered. To be precise there were 4 other Mandalorians part of the Clan’s high command. They were: Tarro, Vorten, Valen and Voll. With Voll being the only female amongst those assembled. As he arrived Yunan nodded to those assembled with a quick “Vode” which was quickly mirrored by the rest in the tent. Yunan then moved to the holo projector where a map of the nearby area and the settlements on it were clearly displayed. More specifically the map showed the Southern point of the continent on which Clan Ordo was located. Mostly focusing on the islands of it and the coastal cities. Parts of the map where factions held territory were either colored Orange, black or grey. With Grey being the colour for neutral cities and black representing the pirates whilst Orange represented the Clan Ordo forces. On the map were four cities, Nozam, Trebian, Kazam and Andwell. With Andwell being the main hub of the region. Yunan then spoke in his calm and authorative voice.((Translated to galactic basic from Mando’a)) “Brothers, we are gathered to discuss how to pacify the local area and thus gain the materials and men needed to find the artifact.” He then lets the screen magnify towards the town nearerst to the Mandalorian base which was neutral and then turned to orange. “As you all know we have recently aquired the aid of the settlement of Trebian. They will help provide us with equipment and possible recruits. However, for now we will mostly focus on expanding our airforces. ” Yunan then turned to Valen “Valen seeing as you are the Senior pilot you will train 20 more of our fellow brothers to be able to pilot our craft. This might be a bit excessive for what we will get but it is better to have too many pilots than too little.” Yunan then continues on about the other topic. “Our next goal will be to subjugate the town of Nozam and offer it similair terms to the ones offered to Trebian. Hopefully the negotiations will go in a similair manner.” He then turns to look at the other Mandalorians “After t-h-a- [REDACTED] ”Once that is done we will start our search for the artifact. Right now we have limited intelligence on where it might be located. It could be located on either this continent or the other. All we know is that it is on the planet. Thus we will need to develop better sensors. The R&D department will thus have to work on increasing the strength of our sensors or find another solution to actively scan large areas that go relatively deep underground. Understood ?” The other Mandalorians nodded at this and walked away ((more rp might be added later)) Actions -The settlement of Trebian is asked to focus their production on building the Mandalorian type fighter and 20 Mandalorians are trained as pilots -Yunan studies information about the local area -The techy Mandalorians and Engineers are ordered to create or aqurie some strong sensor -A main base is built and fortified
  2. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Yngbald watched with interest as he saw the creation of the elements to be unraveled as well as the creation of the runic language. Though there always was the issue of possible mortals needing to learn the language from somewhere. Maybe he needed to create an artifact to tell the mortals these things as well as being a bastion for his power and influence. This as well as other things roamed through the mind of Yngbald until he felt himself be leashed and his power reduced to a fraction of it’s previous strength. He frowned at this, it would mean that he could achieve far less than he previously could. However, it also meant he could do more to set up his experiments and do small-scale influencing of the mortals. Yngbald then thought about what experiment would be most interesting to see. Then a thought came to mind. There were evil gods and there were good gods and neutral gods but what was stronger, good, evil or neutral ? It would be interesting to test out what would be the result if there was a good, neutral and evil group of mortals. Then the party which was victorious in the end would prove what was stronger or otherwise there would come an interesting outcome for what could otherwise be created. And thus Yngbald changed the alignment of a part of the sea, for now starting with only evi as he was quite weak. With his power he used his malicious thoughts to create an aura of debauchery and malice in the sea and with a tired sight looked upon it. Satisfied with his result and wondering how his future experiment would progress A temporary hibernation for Yngbald set in in order to have him regain his power. Which he did in the inner chamber of the great tree in order not to be disturbed by Exitius’s temper tantrum or Ixthaliziumm’s shennanigans. AP spendage: 4 ap The alignment of an area is turned to evil. Though of course the people in this area area also made to be generally more creative and curious. https://imgur.com/a/FiFUGlx 1ap is not invested at all
  3. Roberik

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Discord: You have it Faction of choice: expedition 12,The mando’a GLORY TO MANDALORE !!!!!!!!!!! Faction name: Clan Ordo Brief faction history: Clan Ordo was a prominent clan during nearly all of Mandalorian history. Being prominent warriors and rulers during the golden era’s of Mandalore as well as having famous mandalorians Mando’a like Canderous Ordo. However just as Mandalore degraded so too did Clan Ordo. During the Mandalorian civil war much of the clan was split amongst the various faction. One group joined the Death Watch faction. Wanting to return to the ancient days where the Mandalorians were mighty conquerors. Now after many years the clan has rebuilt from the bloody civil war. However, even after the civil war some of Clan Ordo have betrayed its ideals for subjugation to the empire. Now the true Clan Ordo will return to prominence and maybe one day return to Mandalore to free it from the grasp of the traitors who have denied their history. Now the time for Clan Ordo has come once more, VODE AN !!!!!!! Hero name: Yuran Ordo Brief hero backstory: Just like any true Mandalorian Yuran was trained from birth to become a warrior. Amongst his fellow brother warriors of house Ordo Yuran trained to the become the greatest warrior possible. Even at a young age Yuran was found to excel in combat and command. Thus he was trained to the standards of proper Mandalorians, going through harsh training and becoming stronger from it. Though sadly Yuran was born after the Mandalorian civil war, thus not being able to fight in war. However, he has experience fighting bandits and now at the young age of 21 took command after the last leader of Clan Ordo almost swore allegiance to the empire. Not wishing to suffer this dishonor Yuran together with many others of his clan left, fleeing from Mandalor and the empire. Knowing that as they were now the Clan could not achieve victory against the empire. But one day if Yuran has anything to say about it Clan Ordo will return to Mandalor to liberate it from Imperial oppression. Hero point Acquisition: 2 points into command, 5 points into combat, 1 point into piloting, 2 points into knowledge. Any specific items/equipment request: All the usual Mandalorian gear + a basilisk droid Suggestions ?: RETURN MANDALORE TO ITS FORMER GLORY !!!!!!!!! also just make sure to have the players interact properly and set up a good rp environment. And try to stay true to lore and have much of it.
  4. Roberik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan Shall Ashura subdue a man like me ? I shall be born again and then I’ll cut the head off Katsuie... ------ Brigadier Wong Yeong-Jan more commonly known as ‘The man’ by his men or by ‘The collaberator’ by some of the more rebellious citizens under the empire. Brigadier Wong was at the moment the highest ranked Korean in the empire. Though that was logical considering he was leading the first and only all-Korean military unit and that Koreans were only allowed in the military for about half a year. Right now he was also probaply the most famous Korean considering that he was on the face of many recruitment posters used for garrisons. Wong himself had come to lead the brigade because he was probaply the only Korean with some military training that had not fought in the last war and young enough to be used as a nice proper propaganda figure. He had gotten his education from a private tutor, since Wong’s family consisted of quite wealthy Koreans who had wanted him to become a relatively well-off administrator. Considering that under most circumstances he could not join the higher echelons of soceity. But that was before Korea was more closely integrated with the empire and now more and more positions were made accesible to Koreans. At least his tutor, an old Japanese veteran had also taught him about the military battles he participated in. Allowing him acces to information about important battles and books that contained strategic information. Thus by having a, somewhat decent, military education he had been appointed as the Brigadier. Though he himself was also as green as the men he was commanding at the moment. Even now he needed to spend at least 4 hours every day learning modern tactics from a retired general who had fought in the Russo-Japanese war. As Wong walked towards the command tent where he was called he reflected on how some of his countryment taught of him. By some he was called a traitor, collaberating with the occupiers. However, he himself saw that he was just making things better for his countrymen. It was highly unlikely that they could ever become free again and even if they did so it was possible the Japanese would be replaced with a regime which was much worse. On top of that conditions were currently massively being improved for Koreans so by doing this he was helping his fellow Koreans to have better oppertunities. On top of that if Korea somehow gained independence they would probaply made a puppet of some Imperialist European power so this was the best option for everyone. Still he had to clear his head, right now he was being called to the command tent of the division. Eventually Wong arrived in the command tent. There he saw the Lieutenant General as well as his fellow commanders. As he walked in he noticed that a large map was positioned on the large mahogany table that was located in the center of the room. When Wong saw the map he noticed that it was quite close in, involving specific and accurate maps of the terrain and what looked like a large city. From the distance he was at he couldn’t make out much detail but he saw it was a coastal city. Then the Lieutenant General, a wizened veteran from the Russo-Japanese war spoke. “Men, in the coming offensive we have been ordered to attack a port city in order to either ease the Northern offensive or most preferably to allow a Northern push towards Bejing.” The Lieutenant General then pointed at the map, now clearly stating in large the name Tianjing. “His Imperial Majesty has ordered that we, together with the marine corps and the 3rd and 14th are to take the city of Tianijn. The plan is that the marines will first establish a beachead north of district of Hangu. From here they will move to take the district and secure the ports there. Once these are secured we will be transported to the port and are to, together with the marines, half of our brigade will then hold the district whilst the other half will move southwards towards the other dock of Binhai. We are to take these ports to allow the 3rd and 14th to swiftly disembark. A key point to this operation is to now allow Beiyang forces to blow up any bridges that cross the grand canal.” As the Lieutenant Generaal spoke Wong started to feel a sense of dread. They were going to take part in a naval invasion, to take a city with an unknown number of soldiers with unknown fortifications whilst taking part in brutal urban combat. But the situation could be worse, they were part of the Imperial army so they could probaply take out two for one. On top of that they would have almost a year to plan the operation. So Wong was confident that they would win, that the empire would prevail. Actions More ships are constructed for the Imperial Japanese Navy to make sure it can deal with any more foreign fleets. To do this 1 more dreadnought and four light cruisers are constructed. On top of that the construction of ships from last year continues as well as repairing any leftover damage from the battle of Bonghai Bay. [MOD] The mobilization of the 500k soldiers continues so as to make sure the troops are sufficiently trained. The Imperial staff does not want the troops to die in masses, at least not without taking some Chinese with them. On top of that the training of the marines continue so that, just like with the standard soldiers, they do not die at first contact. [MOD] Seeing that a larger supply of guns and other weaponry is needed the government opens and expands several military factories. Here they are to make sure that the quantity and quality of the weapons are improved. This is so as to sufficiently arm the troops that are being mobilized and that will be mobilized. On top of that it is always nice to have some weapons and supplies in reserve in case any emergency forces need to be raised. It is also made sure that none of the weapons are faulty, seeing as it would be good if none of the weapons exploded before they were supposed to explode. [MOD] In order to deal with the massive WAVES of Chinese troops the R&D department is ordered to create a new and modern light machine gun. The hope is that this mobile and dangerous enough to deal with the Chinese troops who would be equal or superior in number but inferior in quality to the modernized Japanese forces. Without any machine gun support the coming campaign will probaply result in harsh casualties in any push towards Bejing. [MOD] The propaganda continues so as to improve war enthusiasm. The propaganda mostly includes posters of Koreans and Japanese bravely fighting together against hordes of Chinese whilst a shadowy figure laughs from behind the scenes in Europe, pushing the Chinese to attack their fellow Asians. Thus whilst results are unknown the goal is still to create a more pan-asian anti-Imperialist sentiment amongst the population. [MOD] A payment is made to the chinese factions, the Guangzhou and the Yunnan clique in order to stop these factions from transferring tactical goods to the Beiyang forces. Aiding in establishing the blockade without forcing the Japanese fleet to stretch the navy thin. [MOD] In order to free up more troops for the Beiyang front the Korean garrison is filled up more by Koreans. This time the Korean percentage allowed in the garrison is increased to 50%. However in order to join the garrison the Koreans will need to go through a background inspection as well as a psychological test in order to flush out anti-Imperial sympathisers. [MOD] In order to make sure that the marines will be ready for any future naval assaults wargames begin on the Japanese island of Taiwan. Here the whole marine corps are to practice first establishing a beachead whilst being harrased by enemy forces and after that taking a hostile city. On top of that more training is given to the soldiers in general [MOD]
  5. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Yngbald watched from his place in the void as the forest grew from his power. Blooming into a great variety of Plants and trees, all with a potential to be used. He also saw how creatures and planets were imbued with the force that he created. But his attention was quickly drawn away as he saw the chaotic god Ixhalizzum something wandered through his forest. Then he looked on with mixed horror and interest as the god of uncertainty tooka part of his magic and twisted it. Making it chaotic and binding it to the sea. As he saw this Yngbald temporarily panicked but quickly calmed down. He should not worry. He could compensate for the chaotic elementand this might add more variety to magic and the need for more creativity whilst using it. Whilst Yngbald was partially appalled at what Ixhalizzuml has done with his magic he looked with curiosity and anticipation as he saw Exitius create dark magic. It was intriguing, showing quite a lot of potential. Whilst this may be a darker kind of magic it also showed great potential. But seeing as magic was twisted more and more Yngbald realized he needed a more stabilizing factor. To make intent more clear and to compensate for the chaotic influence induced into it. But how could he do it, and make sure it was not easy to twist into something else. Which turned Yngbald’s mind to what was assured, the light was assured wherever something went as well as the darkness. These things could not be twisted, maybe he could do something with the absence of light. Maybe create certain symbols with it ? Yes he could do that, he could create symbols with a lack of light which could make someone’s intent clear for magic and add more complexity. But for that he would first need to create this dark substance, and whilst he was at it some others which would help progress his experiments. And as such Yngbald created the elements of the world. A possible building block that the god of chaos might not be able to twist. Then when he had created the elements he would use the substance later known as ‘ink’ to create the Runic alphabet. The first symbols to be used, not having grammar or the like but merely focusing on intent. MAJOR EVENT: Yngbald creates a large number of elements to be used in the world. (These are all the elements in the periodic table which do not exist yet + some unique elements.) Amongst these elements are -Adamantine: A metal that can only be manipulated with magic, great heat and skill. Making it nearly impervious to most mortal weapons and a material only to be forged by the most advanced of mortal races. -Marydion: A type of crystal which can help conduct, gather and store magic. It is relatively rare but a great tool for any mage. It can draw from this magic a huge amount of energy and this green crystal can , if the situation is desperate enough, be used as an extremely dangerous explosive by a powerful mage. -Carcerium: Living fire, a rare liquid found hidden in deserts, near volcanos or in the underways. This liquid is highly combustible and can burn nearly any being. This fire does not discriminate and could prove lethal to both the target and the user of it. MINOR EVENT: The Runic script is created. This language can be used to more clearly project intent into magic or create something more complex than an instinctive spell. Who knows what this might be able to do combined with enough Marydion to store magic ? In any case the symbols created in runic language can help store magic in certain materials. This should help stabilize magic when it is at a low point or a very high point. Allowing the dispersion and absorption of energy in certain materials.
  6. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Yngbald observed from the void as his fellow godlings created the worlds, moon and shaped the planet into and shaped the world and/or their own dimensions. Yet he found that something was missing, that there was a void in the universe that needed to be filled. At first he did not know what but then he got inspiration on how to fill the void. Because a vacuum could not exist something needed to fill the void up. He could use energy to fill this unseen void, and energy could be used for many purposes. Yes, it would be most intruiging what could be done with energy. It would be all the more intruiging if this energy could be used for a variety of purposes, to extend one’s reach and make dreams reality. Thus Yngbald looked upon the unseen void, lacking eyes but seeing this void more clearly than any other. He parted with a small part of his being, of his own energy because something could not be created from nothing. Then he saw with fascination as the unseen void became filled with a great spectacle. Great acts of lights as the various strands of energy connected with one another, endlessly forming new forms and twisting into new ones. Growing ever more complex. Though this was done at a slow pace it was most enjoying to see this. But Yngbald could not watch this beatiful piece of art forever, he needed to do other things. For the glory of Ao. With this Yngbald looked down on the earth once more. He saw the potential it held and he saw the gods twist it to their wims. If he himself were to manipulate it, it would be wise to have his own sanctuary, a place to call his own on this planet. He wished for a place to interact with future mortals but what would be a good enough place. He needed to be in a central position, one where he could extend his influence properly. Thus in a land with a mild climate, where the neither the heat nor the cold had control he made his hold. He created a great forest, filled with strange plants, each with a purpose to be used. Each plant had a use, be it for food, healing, protection, construction or poision. Each to be mastered by any who came upon it and make it their own. Here the trees were to be strong, made of timber and to reach to the sky. It’s inhabitants numerous and the forest filled with life. Feeling another part of him leavy his godly form Yngbald smiled as he looked at his creation with empty eyesockets. MAJOR EVENT: Yngbald creates magic. The energy which mortals will in the future be able to utilize for their own purposes MINOR EVENT: Yngbald creates the great forest. A great forest where each plant has it’s own major or minor use
  7. Roberik

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Agerian Commonwealth (no rp this turn) Actions 5 ap, payment to the Trade Federation for selling weaponry to the Agerian armed forces 5 ap is spent upgrading Mark I heavy infantry into Mark II 40 ap, upgrading shipyard to level 6 20 ap, project generation 29 ap, building 4 LC’s and 1 assault ship 25 ap is spent making Mark II variant I armor. Seeing as shielding is now improved the general quality of the heavy infantry suit needs to improve with it. Some improvements will be, faster movement of the suit, better reliability,a longer oxygen supply and grav-clamps on the boots of the suit. Tile improvements across the Commonwealth. Novam Domum. Industry: 3 improvements and 6 ap Business: 3 and 12 ap Agriculture: 3 and 3 ap Total tile improvements: 9 (maxed out) and 21 ap Catonia (xylorite planet) Industry: 2 improvements and 4 ap. Cadia: Agriculture: 3 tile improvements, 3 ap Business: 3 and 12ap. Total tile improvement: 6 and 15 ap Elysia: Agriculture: 2 tile improvements, 2 ap Business: 2 tile improvement and 8 ap Total tile improvement: 4 and 14 ap Badab: Business: 3 tile improvements and 12 ap Juno: Business: 1 tile improvement and 4 ap Army 40.000 active duty soldiers ---------- 25.000 regular soldier 15.000 Heavy infantry 25.700 droids -------------- 4800 X1 droids 19800 Tithonus droids 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids 850 vehicles: ------------- 100 heavy walkers 750APC's/tanks 1st Armored division 3000 heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids Pop stats Population: 2540k humans. 30k Redons. 16k reptile friends (Karras) Total pop: 2586k Available manpower reserves: 259k soldiers Agriculture tile improvements: 8 Planets in the Commonwealth: 7 8 divided by 7 = 1 2% pop growth bonus
  8. Roberik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan  Shall Ashura subdue a man like me ? I shall be born again and then I’ll cut the head off Katsuie... ------ VICTORY AT BOHAI BAY In late September a fleet, holding most of the heavy ships of the Imperial navy sailed into Bohai bay to destroy possible Chinese naval opposition and set up a blockade. However instead of merely the Chinese navy it found that there was a combined German and Chinese navy. Giving definitive proof that the state of Germany has been interfering with Asian affairs. The Imperial navy whilst outclasssed by the German navy and the puppet Beiyang fleet, managed to defeat the enemy with great vigour and with absolute loyalty to the emperor. Now the pacific lies open to the Empire of the rising sun. Will you aid the empire in freeing Asia from Imperialist influence ? Then sign up at your local recruitment office or buy war bonds near your local Imperial garrison. Actions Admiral Shimamura noticed during the battle of Bohai Bay that the German ships had much less casualties than should have been expected. With victory coming at a harsh price. He specifically noted that shots that hit the hull which should have sunk the ships did not. Even as the areas that were hit should have been filled with water. Wishing to know the secret behind this technique of the Germans the 2nd class battleship that had been sunk by the Japanese navy is to be investigated and the secret that kept it from sinking reverse-engineered if possible. Furthermore, if any munitions of the for now designated ‘light shot’ are found in any of the ship wrecks orders are to give it to the R&D division to see if they can also reverse-engineer it. [MOD] Seeing as a large part of the Imperial navy was destroyed at the battle of Bohai Bay it is logical that the navy should replenish it’s numbers. Thus, the emperor and naval command have ordered another 10 destroyers to be build, replenishing the losses of Bohai Bay. Seeing as the 10 destroyers from the beggining of the year are already done there should be room in the dockyards. On top of that 1 dreadnought and 2 battlecruisers are commisioned to help replace the losses of Bohai Bay and strengthen the navy. In some ways Bohai Bay was a boon to the Japanese navy as it meant that many of the outdated ships were due to be replaced by more modernized versions [MOD] With the naval part of the war proceeding expertly the focus is now put on the land war. Knowing that it is heavily outnumbered as of right now the Imperial Japanese Army are ordered to fortify their positions. These positions are focused around rivers and open stretches of land. In particulair the open stretched of land are to be fortified, seeing as a river crossing can easily be stopped with a well-trained brigade. These fortifications mostly rely on machine guns as it is expected that the Beiyang forces will mostly rely on their overwhelming numbers rather than large amount of artillery support, especially once the blockade starts taking effect.[MOD] On top of that 500k more soldiers are to be mobilized, if possible it is hoped that they will be ready around late 1915, seeing as a year is adequate enough to properly train soldiers. The recruitment is not to be rushed but seeing as the Empire still has a large available manpower pool this should not be too hard. [MOD] With the wish to free up troops for the main front and to involve the Korean part of the empire more in the war Koreans are (to a limited extent) allowed to enlist in the army. This mainly involves the local garrison, with this new act Koreans are allowed to recruit in the Garrison until at maximum 20% of the Korean garrisons are made up of sufficiently loyal Koreans. On top of that ten thousand Koreans are allowed to enlist for front-line combat. Though doing so they would be mostly added to Japanese units. To make sure that the Koreans and Japanese will intermingle and thus cause the Koreans to become more loyal to the empire. (With there also being a focus on assigning Koreans to squads that are not too racist.) There is one exception though. A single brigade of 3000, consisting mostly of Koreans is allowed to form. Mostly for the purpose of propaganda but also to see if the Koreans are sufficiently loyal. [MOD] The marine force is expanded to 10 thousand soldiers. This is to make way for the second part of the grand battleplan. They are to, similairly like with the other marines, train mainly on naval landings and establishing beachheads. The hope is that if succefull the marines can help in a crucial future push for Bejing. [MOD] To enable all of these actions to happen and to get sufficient fundings for military projects the economy is partially-mobilized and the military/navy budget is VASTLY increased. Accompanying this are increased war-taxes except for producers of military arms. They are encouraged to expand so as to better fuel the Imperial war machine [MOD] Finally some propaganda is spread around the empire. Urging the people of it to unite against the Imperialist threats that want to subjugate Asia under them. This is also part of creating a common goal for all people under the empire, as well as making the peoples under it more united. The hope is that this will decrease racism and further work to make Korea a part of the empire. [MOD]
  9. Roberik

    [OOC] Dawn of Divinity - God Game

    Forum name: Roberik (I really need to change this) Skype: You have it God Name: Yngbald, god of Magic and Progress Appearance: Yngbald would have the appearance of an old man. Covering him is a dark cloak, being able to cover his face in darkness or keep it clear to any observers as Yngbald wishes it. Under his cloak he wears simple clothes, with the appearance of the clothes changing in regards to whate enviroment Yngbald appears in. Though whenever he goes through chaotic lands he has old bronzen armor. On top of that he carries with him a staff, willed into existence by Yngbald with an ivory white color with runes etched into it. But those are not the most noticable things aboutt his appearance. No it are the two empty sockets that are where his eyes should have been. However, when he actively uses his godly abilities or uses magic his sockets are filled with a bright blue light. Yngbald is a shapeshifer so he is not necceserily limited to the appearance of one race but when in private or with the gods he is either in humanoid form or simply a mass of shadows. Agenda: Yngbald, whilst not active in the creation of races if it is not needed he will involve himself in mortal affairs to see the mortal races progress. Seeking out the secrets that creations holds and using it to their advantage. On top of that he will possibly push mortals to do certain things to further certain …... ‘experiments’. He will also create the forces neccesary for the experiments as well as several differents areas of knowledge mortals can explore. Yngbald dislikes and slightly fears Ixthalizzum. Fearing that he/she may interfere in his experiments and the progress of mortals. Description: Yngbald is a god that sees creation as part experiment and study. Thus he wishes to see the different things that mortals can create and how they will use their creativity to do things the gods can’t even imagine. To achieve that he wishes to cultivate the mortal mind, to make them wiser and make them adapt so that they can take part in experiments. With his goal to get the mortal races to discover the secrets that creation holds he will if needed interfere with mortal affairs but generally he is off-hands about mortals, subtly guiding them towards greater goals and experiments. When the mortals discover a new application of obscure knowledge or manage to solve an impossible solution Yngbald is often giddy and enthusiastic. However, he is often quite moody and angry whenever disasters happen that set back his experiments or the progress of mortal races. But he is also irritated whenever civilization stop making progress and become a stale slate. Thus he dislikes both gods of either extreme order or chaos, preferring a mix of both. Sample creation: Magic, or that is what the mortals would call it. However in all actuallity it is changing matter to different forms. May it be from gaseous to solid or the reverse. Some mortals are gifted with the ability to be …...... catatalysts for this transfiguration. They have the ability to efficiently and for a low amount of energy shift the matter of one object to another. The things they can create with transmutation are limited with the knowledge they have over the elements as well as the complexity of these elements and structures. Some elements can also be easier to change to another if they have similair qualities and characteristics. Certain changes also get easier the more often they are done, thus allowing magic to be either focused on versitility or in a specific ability. To top it off some mortals are simply better conductors and can, with enough knowledge, change the elements to another in larger quantities, thus making some mortal truly dangerous individuals.
  10. Roberik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan  Shall Ashura subdue a man like me ? I shall be born again and then I’ll cut the head off Katsuie... ------ Location: Japan, Yokosuka naval district: Actions Seeing the growing tensions in China, as well as a growing German presence in the politics of China a partial-mobilization of the army is ordered. This means that the national reserves of Japan are activated as well as actively deploying the army regiments of the Imperial army. On top of that numerous other measures are enacted to allow Japan to wage war if needed. However no conscription is ordered and no war-propoganda made. [MOD] In an effort to improve Korean industry/infastructure as well as improving supply transport througout the country an effort is made to build a large amount of railways in Korea. This should aid the country economically as well as giving more strategic resources to the empire. With railways aiding in the deployment of troops accros this territory of the empire. [MOD] With the hopes of getting proper landing craft the R&D division of Japan are ordered to create a modern version of landing craft. These should help aid with naval deployments as well as quick embarkation onto the land from the sea. [MOD] From the recently expanded Imperial shipyards 10 destroyers are ordered. THese are used in part to test the capabilities of the shipyard as well as growing the naval supremacy that Japan has in Asia. [MOD] Any excess resources in the budget would once again be put into education. The hope is that with this the general literacy and knowledge of people in Japan increase. Furthermore, more focus is put on Korea to help that part of the empire develop itself. Though in Korea there is also an emphasis on loyalty to the empire as well as the need for Asians to unite so as to be strong against Western influences. [MOD]
  11. Roberik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan  My life came like dew dissapears like dew. All of Naniwa is dream after dream. ------ Actions Like in the previous years the development of the Korean steel industry continues. Making sure that large amounts of steel are available for further industrialization. The goal is of finishing more steel mills with the foundations now finished and improving steel production to a significant degree. [MOD] With the Korean steel industry developing back in Japan more dedicated industry would be made. This is done by further subsiding businessmen and lowering specific taxes. These industries would be focused on making more developed products based of the raw materials from the provinces. This should help improve industrial output in mainland Japan.[MOD] Knowing that he has to deal with the issue whilst not offending the military PM Yamamoto sets up a number of plans. Made sure that they did not offend the military whils still improving conditions for korea. Firstly, the instution of prostution is now partially nationalized. Any active brothels will need to register themselves to the government. These brothels will need to follow a set of regulations which ensures that the courtesans working there are not forced and have certain protections and rights. Furthermore, this is set to improve the conditions and quality of brothels themselves. Though to make sure the soldiers can still satisfy themselves they get a discount. The amount of tax on brothels would also just be a tiny bit, in return for the discounts. Running illegal brothel(s) would result in the discharge of any government/millitary job as well as very heavy fines. Furthermore, in case of the military it would result in disciplinary action if the offender does not agree to close his brothel or legalize them. The second part of this initiative involved the violation of Korean women by Japanese soldiers. This is done by making rape of Koreans a punishable offense. Resulting in soldiers losing one month of their wages as well as sending a message to their wives (if they had any) of their activities. Furthermore, minor disciplinary action will result from this. The final part of freeing Korea is loosening the restrictions on free press. Any newspaper or media company has to register themselves to the government. They will then have to pay tax like any other company but for the most part they can print their own issues as long as it does not hold any anti-government or Imperial sentiment. For this the larger Korean newspapers will get a government official to inspect the issues of anti-government sentiment. THe smaller Korean newspapers whilst not being actively inspected can still be heavily punished. The punishment for spreading anti-government or Imperial sentiment could result in punishments ranging from 10 years in jail to execution because of treason. But as long as no anti-government or Imperial sentiment is in the newspaper they can generally do what they want. [MOD] For the purpose of training the marines and testing the current naval production capacities of Japan 100 landing craft are ordered from the dockyards. These are to help the marines with training as well as possibly serving in actual war.[MOD] Meanwhilst in Korea a breeding program begins to gather fine horses from Asia and start getting good horses to expand the Japanese cavalry corps. These could help in any future war on the mainland with both their mobility and firepower, gained from the cavalry rifle. [MOD] Finally, whilst Japan already has a large literate population PM Yamamoto invests in improving the education available to Japanese citizens. This is to make sure that the general amount of skilled labour in the country improves as well as helping create a growing middle-class of workers. Furthermore, to please the wealthy constituents of Japan, they are assured that this will lower amount of poor people in the long-term. This as a result would also means ideologies like Socialism are less likely to take root. [MOD]
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    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan  Holding forth his sword I cut Vacuity in twain; In the midsts of the great fire, a stream of refreshing breeze Location: Korea, road to Pyeonyang ------ Captain Momoi Osamu looked out over the fields of Korea from his elevated position. The captain was riding on his horse accompanied by seven companions and was travelling from the countryside back to the regimental camp in Pyeonyang. They had been sent out to check on a small village in the countryside which rumors had indicated might be having rebel sentiment. But they found out that those were mostly rumors and the few dissidents that could be found in the village were quitened down by the sight of the guns and horses. Which was to be suspected of petty peasants like those. Right now Momoi was riding next to Tamashiro, the second in command of this small squadron. Tamashiro spoke to Momoi. "Do you think anything will have happened whilst we were gone." To which the experienced captain shook his head. "Probaply not much, there is the chance that some steel mills will be finished but I do not expect much to have happened. But truthfully almost noting happens here. Being assigned to the countryside is boring. The only thing we can do during shore leave is drink some horrible local drinks that they make. Half of the taverns around here don't even have Nihonshu." To which the XO nodded in conformation. "True but back home there might be some interesting developments, I heard from a cousin that the PM is trying to lower the voting barrier." The veteran snorted at hearing this. "It is unlikely to sucseed, those politicians like their power too much and will not simply give it away to the common people. These rich men want to keep their power." Tamashiro did not know how to respond to this and remained silent as the company rode on. At nightfall the company set up camp and went to sleep. Momoi woke up suddenly, sweating profusely and being stock still. He did not know why he had been awakened but that become more clear when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching his tent. As such the sergeant carefully grabbed his cavalry rifle and started to aim it at the entrance of the tent. About a minute later the noises intensified and what looked to be a farmer stepped in. He had a pitchfork and Momoi saw a murderous intent in his eyes. So barely hesitating Momoi pulled the trigger of his rifle which proceeded to bury itself in the head of the angry farmer. Woken up by the sound of a gun firing the rest of the camp awakened and Momoi could hear the sounds of rapid footsteps running away. Taking a moment to realize what had just happened Momoi muttered. "Damn, we're in trouble." Actions -Seeing as the foundation has been laid for a domestic steel industry, development on this subject continues. This is done by continuing the plans of last year and setting up several steel mills in Northern Korea and the other neccesary infastructure for mass producing steel [MOD] -The Government puts a large investment into creating new dockyards on mainland Japan and the supporting infastructure. The hope is that with these dockyards Japan can expand it's navy more effectively [MOD] -To prevent the same sitution of housing to happen regulations are drawn up for the housing market by trusted officials. These regulations would involve having at least a bit of Hygiene and having two toilets. To deal with the current issue the prime ministers suggests creating several decently-maintained public toilets near these new apartment blocks. [MOD] -The development of staple food continues [MOD] -Around 1000 Japanese recruits are to be trained as marines. They would be trained in naval assaults, establishing beacheads and fighting on islands. This is mostly as an experiment but if succesfull could result in an expansion of the program [MOD] -Seeing that the active repression of Koreans are causing more problems than it is solving prime minister Yamamoto orders it to become more lenient. As such active repression of the media and Koreans were not to be arrested without proof or reasonable suspicion. The hope is that by being more lenient the annexation of Korea will be less of an occupation and help it to become a part of the empire. [MOD]
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    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan Holding forth his sword I cut Vacuity in twain; In the midsts of the great fire, a stream of refreshing breeze Location: Tokyo, residential district The wind blew softly through the streets of Tokyo, sweeping fallen leaves with them and swaying tall proud trees with it's force. Milk white clouds scattered accros the sky, creating a canvas for any artist to pain on it with their own imagination. But the sun shone hardly, both bringing life to the green plants as well as taking it away. Yet these forces were tame compared to the rising force of progress, great machines could be heard througout the city. Long lines brought invisible forces accros the city whilst black smoke rose into the air. Men sweated, warm drops rising on their heads and falling. They sweated in large rooms filled with burning heat but billowing forth great quantities of steel, tempered by the skill of masters. Men and women sat together with families in rooms made for couples, humanity and nature were repressed in return for civilization. ------ Actions - Seeing as Japan was importing most of it's steel from other markets both the prime minister and the emperor agree that the domestic steel industry should grow. Thus a plan has been made to improve the steel industry of the nation. This plan involves A: Improving and expanding mining operations in Northern Korea. Where large deposits of Iron are available. B: Creating steel mills in Korea. This would help improve local prosperity and industrialization as well as giving the state more acces to large quantities of steel for it's own use. [MOD] - With many families moving to the cities where there is now a lack of houses for the increasing number of immigrants a dire need for more houses has been established. Thus the government has ordered several building companies to build large apartment complexes in the industrialized cities of Japan. These apartments do not have to be luxurious but they should be relatively cheap and able to adequately house the new workers. [MOD] - In an effort to democratise the country even more the voting laws are changed in Japan. Rather than only having a certain percentage of the population to vote prime minister Yamamoto proposes that the wealth requirement of voting should be lowered so as to make the middle-class able to vote in the elctions of Japan. This would help to make the nation more democratic, more inline with Western standards of democracy and it should help raise political awareness amongst the middle class. For this project prime minister Yamamoto has the tenative support of the Rikken seiyukai and the full support of the Rikken Minseito. [MOD] -3000 Cherry trees and one bonsai trees are sent as a gift to the united states of America as a sign of friendship. Though due to an administrative error by a young official the bonsai tree which was meant for the president was sent to Theodore Roosvelt. With the young administrator responsible for the error saying 'Is he not the next president of the USA ?' -If there is still government funds left over from building more housing and increasing the steel industry investments are put into modernizing and improving the efficiency of Korean farms. This would be to help the agricultural produce of Japan so as to prevent a famine due to a lack of food production on Japan itself in the future. [MOD] -A few young men are approached with the proposition to develop new rations. These rations should be able to not spoil for a long time whilst still being nutritious for a relatively small amount of space. This is to make the issue of supplying say a large army, much easier. [MOD] -The alliance with Great Britain is re-affirmed
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    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan Both the victor and the vanquished are but drops of dew, but bolts of lightning - thus should we view the world Location: The Imperial Palace "The 122nd emperor of Japan is dead, his reign will be remembered as the Meji period and henceforth all who refer to him shall refer to Emperor Meji. Now his son, Yoshito will ascend as the 123rd emperor of Japan." Following this statement in the court of the palace former crown prince, now emperor Yoshito ascended to the throne and pledged to serve the people of Japan faithfully. This all went according to plan, following the standard procedure of asencion but then the emperor made his first act known to the people of the nation. "My people, prime minister Katsura Tora has served our nation and the Imperial court faithfully over the years but now it is time for him to give the reings of premiership to someone else. Him and I have discussed this extensively and have agreed that this will be in the best intrest of Japan. Thus I appoint Yamamoto Gonnohyou as the new prime minister of Japan." This decleration was applauded loudly by the masses gathered in the courtyard. Yamamoto was a member of the Rikken Seiyukai, the largest party in the diet of Japan. Furthermore, he was a man who supported an increase in the democratic process whils still keeping good relations with the military and the navy. He was the best fit as a replacement for the controversial former prime minister. Putting him in power would help quell the unrest rising amongst the public and even in the diet of Japan itself.The decision was a seemingly wise one but time would only tell if it would be a wise one. ----------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOW_UqfdAY4 In the business district of Kyoto was a tavern which seemed to be just like any other that could be found in Japan, the only thing that was different were it's visitors. These visitors were often quite mysterious men who valued privacy and eat and drank in a traditional manner. This tavern was amongst other things also a private meeting place. So was it the case this time, in the tavern a private room had been hired in which there simply one large screen, a soft floor and a small lamp giving of light. The main purpose of this light was to cast a shadow on the screen, keeping the features of one man hidden. This was the sigh to which Matsumo Azumamaru was greeted as he entered this particulair room. Matsumo had been invited here by this man for his job, he sat down on the soft carpeted floor remaining silent as an old but strong voice came from behind the screen. "And ? Have things gone according to plan ?" Matsumo quickly replied to this "Mostly, Yamamoto was appointed as prime minister but much earlier than scheduled. This could possibly turn out to be a good thing but it will offset the timing." The older man hummed as he heard this before speaking. "That is unfortunate but we can not change the will of the gods, be on your way Matsumo, there is much to be done." To which the young Matsumo responded respectfully"Indeed Sensei, indeed." Actions -With the ascension of the new emperor to the throne a new era has risen for Japan. So as to make sure that the state could field it's large army and grow in prosperity the government begins a campaign to improve the industry of the country. This is done by A: Encouraging people from the countryside to move in the cities where they could work in the factories which were available in the city. B: lowering the business taxes for industrial magnates and subsiding start-up companies as well as larger industrial companies so as to encourage these groups to expand their enterprises, create more jobs and create a larger industrial base for Japan. C : offering western Industrial experts and business experts to come to Japan and instruct the local Japanese on Capitalism and the ways of consumerism. It would also help that these expert are also offered cheap land and cheap labour with which their own companies can expand as well. An emphasis is espacially placed on the steel industry. Considering that as of right now this industry is particulairly lacking. The iron for this would come from Northern Korea where a large amount of iron deposits were available. [MOD] - Yamamoto Gonnohyou is appointed as PM - Around 5000 soldiers are to be trained as marines. They are to learn how to do effective naval landings, use island hopping tactics and to hold a beachead until more troops arrive. [MOD] -As a gift of friendship to the US 3000 cherry trees are sent to the US as well as one bonsai tree.
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    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum

    Application Discord Name; You have it Nation of Choice (and why?); The empire of Japan and why ? well ... BANZAI !!! Just kidding, I chose Japan because I am interested in it's history, it's rapid modernization and it's rise as a world power. On top of that it has an extensive and interesting culture which is deeply entrenched in it's people. Thus I hope to continue Japan's rise as a world power. Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Japan, for long it was a country of isolation until in 1853 western ships opened the gates of Japan to the rest of the world. For a time these new trade relations damaged Japan and destroyed the authority of the shogun. This caused loyalists to the emperor to rise up and bring the emperor to power in the bushin wars. During this period Japan had a time of unparalleled westernization which quickly made it a western nation. But whilst Japan was a modern nation it was not yet recognized as a great power. This changed during the first sino-japanese war, in which Korea was liberated of the influence of the Chinese and Japan took it's position as the asian power. This reputation was further cemented during the ruso-Japanese war in which Japan managed to defeat a great western power and managed to cement it's position as a great power on the world stage. It also helped that Korea was officially brought into the empire of the rising sun. Now the emperor Meji has died and the crown prince Yoshito has ascended to the chrysantemum throne and now a new era has started for Japan, for better or for worse. Current state: As of right now a political crisis in Japan is brewing. The PM Katsura Tora is disliked by the army and navy due to cutting the costs of the large navy and army deployed by the former Meji government. At the same time the public dislikes him due to them believing he is more focused on the military. The crisis is still in it's starting stages but if something is not done it could cause problems. For the rest though Japan has a strong Asian economy able to (mostly) build it's own battleships and cruisers whilst also maintaining a strong modern army. It controls Japan, Korea and controls the warlords of the region of Manchuria which whilst officially Chinese is mostly ruled by pro-Japanese warlords. Socialism and a wish for a more democractic government is also on the rise. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Government: Constitutional Monarchy Party: as of right now there is no ruling party though there are supporters of PM Katsura Leader: (emperor/Prime Minister): Emperor Yoshito/Katsura Tora Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Matsumo Azumamaru, he is the [CLASSIFIED] of the [CLASSIFIED] and is going to [CLASSIFIED] Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); I can't find naval statistics for 1912 but from 1905 I have 6 battleships (all British-built) 8 armored cruisers (4 British-, 2 Italian-, 1 German-built Yakumo, and 1 French-built Azuma) 9 cruisers (5 Japanese, 2 British and 2 U.S.-built) 24 destroyers (16 British- and 8 Japanese-built) 63 torpedo boats (26 German-, 10 British-, 17 French-, and 10 Japanese-built) (linked from wikipedia) on top of that I have 3 battleships built between the Russo-Japanese war and now with 2 of them being domestically produced. so 9 battleships. But I presume that a number of others ships were also added so that is to be further discussed. Army: In the early 1900s, the IJA consisted of 12 divisions, the Imperial Guard Division, and numerous other units. These contained the following: 380,000 active duty and 1st Reserve personnel: former Class A and B(1) conscripts after two-year active tour with 17 and 1/2 year commitment 50,000 Second line Reserve: Same as above but former Class B(2) conscripts 220,000 National Army 1st National Army: 37- to 40-year-old men from end of 1st Reserve to 40 years old. 2nd National Army: untrained 20-year-olds and over-40-year-old trained reserves. 4,250,000 men available for service and mobilization. ((more wikipedia links, yay)) Did you read all the information?; yah Suggestions or feedback?; Get a good way to measure the growth of military or navies so that we have accurate numbers. and DON'T USE DICE ROLLS IN BATTLE.