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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Provinces Location: Novam Domum Rain was rocking down the streets of Novam Domum. Small streams flowed across the streets as people took shelter in shops to the side or rushed to either their work or their homes. Through the dark water a pair of men in dark clothes were walking through the streets as if they hadn't even noticed the rain at all. Then after what was almost 10 minutes the men went into one of the many tunnel/bunker entrances that littered Novam Domum and walked with darkness surrounding them on all sides. The pair of men walked on for what seemed like hours, remaining silent on the way, the elder of the pair knocked against a door in what seemed like just a regular storage room. one of dozens upon dozens in the tunnel system. This knocking was in a peculiar rhythm and after almost a whole minute of knocking a voice come from the other side of the door the elder man of the pair was knocking on. "What comes at night when the citizen sleeps ?" With which the elder man in front of the door. Who had a noticeable scar running across his face replied. "He who uses the shadows to hide and those who are the shadows." Then with a loud cracking the door opened and a pair of guards were there in full power armor, holding their position and observing the men. They noticed the scarred man to which they nodded their heads inn their direction and one of the pair of guards said. "Identification please." As was standard procedure even though both guards clearly knew the scarred man. The scarred man then took from one of his jackets many pockets his ID card, to which his companion followed his lead and also showed the guard his ID. The elder man then spoke "Inquisitor Allisandor Carrow and Interrogater Timothy Faulks." To this the main guard nodded and both guards lifted up their rifles allowing the pair to pass into another room. This room was filled with much light and people milling about. People were chatting, instructing or discussing with each other on several issues. In the middle of the room there was a large table that showed a holographic statistics or maps and on the walls there would be several screen showing data. From population demographics to the known criminal elements inside or outside of Imperial space under watch from the inquisition. Furthermore the room was well lit and was fitted with itoron-steel panels to make sure that the base was protected from bombardment. Most of it was ignored by the two men though who walked to a single door at the end of the room in which's proximity almost no men came. All instinctively staying away from that single door and what would lie behind it. Then the elder of the companions knocked at the door and a voice said "Come in." As both men walked inside in the center of the room sat a seat with it's back turned to them and the same voice as earlier said. "Just as I was expecting, inquisitor Carrow and investigator Faulks, I have an assignment for you" Army 20.000 active duty soldiers 5000 Heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids 1st Armored division 3000 heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 50 tank droids Actions Reluctantly 3 ap is spent on 'reparations' 4ap is spent on constructing a colony ship 8 ap is spent on improving the capital of Novam Domum even more to be the true jewel of the Imperial provinces 4 ap is spent on making sports arenas imitating the colosseums of old of the Roman Empire and the Olympic Games where the best athletes can compete for prizes and glory, centered to attract tourists and interested candidates from war-like cultures which are not xenophobic. Especially the Redon Imperium but also to promote a strong martial tradition (business/event, not sure about that last one) Any Redons interested would be hired to help organize the events and give advice on the construction 3 ap is spent on project Fulmuris 2 ap is spent on researching effective boarding pod with the purpose of boarding enemy capital ships after it's shields were taken down. 0 ap is spent on scouting and settling a habitable planet with the colony ship 0 ap a small search is done by the inquisition to investigate supposed mystic/strange occurences to see if there are signs of psychic activity amongst the population. (13 ap Invested business) population: 880.000
  2. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Republic of Brazil Location: Rio De Janeiro, the slums The sun was shining warmly on the slums of Rio De Janeiro. Through here a man walked through the streets with a pair of sunglasses and a hat on to give him some shade in the warm sun. For all appearances the man looked like any other who might walk through these streets. Though he walked with only a bit more class and his clothes were a little bit better than most here. But nothing out of the ordinary. Behind his sunglasses President Manuel De Acevedo walked through the slums where he had lived so many years flanked by a pair of bodyguards who also wore other clothes for the situation. It was unique the times he could manage to get a free day during the week. Still, it was nice for him to walk through these slums and see what had improved. In the last few years under his presidency he could be happy to say much had changed. Whilst most people here still were not extremely prosperous most now at least had a job. Furthermore what warmed Manuel's heart more was that most children were of the streets. Still his thoughts were contradicted as he saw a young child of 10 years old walking through the streets. Manuel raised an eyebrow seeing this. Since now would be school time for all children still in primary and high school. Then he approached the boy though he could see the disapproval in his guards eyes with him taking an unnecessary risk. He then spoke to a child in Portugese "Hey, what are you doing here on the streets alone when it is school time." with this the child responded with a shrug and spoke with a casual voice " I am going to go play football with a bunch of my friends." though the child seemed suspicious of the stranger talking to him. The kid also had a feeling he should recognize the stranger from somewhere but he could not remember exactly. The older man then spoke "Shouldn't you be at school learning ?" At this the child scoffed "School is boring and cramped, it takes almost 2 hours to walk there and the teacher herself isn't even that smart." At this Manuel rubbed his chin and responded to the child "Maybe she is but there is a chance that by listening to her you could get more food and have more things to play with." with this the child responded "Yeah but the school is cramped sweaty and hot, it is almost a hot oven in there. That might change soon." the stranger said to the child in response and the child wondered what this single man could do to change something like that. The man was probably over-imaginative Economy GDP: 1.08 trillion GDP growth: 40 billion per year GDP growth investment: 13/10 3 ap is spent on working further on the educational system by building more schools in the poorer areas of Brazils and training more and better teacher. This with the goal to create a future for the next generation. Hopefully as President De Azevedo said, "They will be the golden generation." 2 ap is spent on further investing into the construction of roads and infrastructure between Colombia and Brazil to create a closer connection. Military More Brazilian troops are moved into Mexico with 10 attack aircraft being send to help take down key positions of the cartels. An inquiry is done to how many reserves don't have good jobs and how many would wish to become active personnel of the army. Foreign policy The South American defense treaty is proposed (Read earlier post) Internal policy An idea of Pan-Americanism is promoted, by the idea of all South American joining together under one banner through diplomatic means being promoted.
  3. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    South American defense treaty Seeing the rising international tension and increased foreign intervention President Manuel De Azevedo offers a deal to all South American nations from the fire isles of Chile to the land of Colombia. The South American Defense treaty. The treaty will follow these clauses -If any foreign powers not from South America attack a nation which is situated in the continent of South America in an offensive war it will be seen as an attack against the whole continent. And as such it will be interpreted to the whole of South America -Any and all signies of this pact will act volentarily and will not be forced by any nation to sign this agreement. Signed President of Brazil Manuel De Azevedo
  4. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Republic of Brazil Location: Mexico, Puebla Sergeant Mateus Neves Leite breathed slowly as a man with slightly pigmented skin and with a dark green t-shirt on came inside his visor. He was followed by other members of his cartel squad through the streets carefully looking around for any threats. Then a bullet went into his brain and a second after that into the rest of his buddies. Mateus then heard the falling of a bullet shell that had just released the bullet into the man's head. Now they had secured the entrance to the city. The sergeant then let out a sigh of relief. Now the other soldiers would evacuate the civilians from this area of the city. But just a few minutes later the sergeant got a signal on his walkie-talkie and answered it. "This is sergeant Mateus what is the issue ?" Mateus could then hear the voice of his superior major Rafael. "Sergeant we got an issue, several dozen cars and other personal carriers have been detected carrying organized cartel soldiers. They will soon arrive at your location." Sergeant Mateus could feel his heart beating quickly as he heard this "How soon until the cities are evacuated major ? two hours." the major said which caused cold fear grip the sergeants heart. He could only respond with "Ok sir, I will keep them back as long as I can." Then only a minute later he could already see the Cartel trucks approaching, filled to the brim with organized cartel soldiers. When the enemy came within around 600 meters from the Brazilians they started firing their IMBEL's. They could see several cartel soldiers falling every second until they jumped of their trucks and took cover inside a building. Luckily this area had already been cleared of civilians so they did not have to worry about civilian casualties. Then tensions mounted and several times the squads tried to go through the streets but those who tried were filled with Brazilian lead. After about an hour of keeping position with there being several failed attempts from the cartel to pass one soldier noticed something. A large group of cartel soldiers were flanking them. Just as the Brazilian soldiers noticed the flanking force the forward force that was hiding inside the buildings moved forward. What followed was a massacre. Many men died mainly on the side of the Cartel but also on the side of the Brazilians. For the Brazilians what had once been a combat force of 25 men had been reduced to 4 also consisting of the sergeant. Eventually the go was given to evacuate and retreated after taking down around a force of 50-100 men with around 150-100 cartel soldiers still remaining alive. The fighting was grim but victory had been achieved. Economy GDP: 1.05 trillion Growth: 30 billion per year 2 ap is spent on further improving the industry already established hopefully decreasing the amount of unemployment Brazil has 1 ap a better road connection is made with Colombia to increase the amount of trade going from Bogota to Manaus, the biggest city in that area and from there to the rest of Brazil to increase the amount of trade 2 ap is spent on creating more schools so that all Brazilian children can go to school Diplomacy Brazil releases no official statement on either the Catalonian independence war or Wroclac. However Brazil does express concern over the increased world tensions especially in Asia with tensions mounting between Japan and Korea as well as the Indonesian expansion. Brazilian troops continue to support the Mexican government in the war against the cartels A (non-ap) trade agreement is signed with Colombia Military Brazilian troops continue helping in the Mexican civil war but otherwise no action is taken.
  5. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Republic of Brazil Location: Brasília, national congress of Brazil President Manuel De Azevedo looked out into the hall that was the national congress of Brazil. Many of the seats were now empty or filled with new people who had filled these seats. Many of them holding the younger generations of Brazilians. These seats had been made available after numerous politicians had been removed from their office because of corruption. Hopefully the new occupants of their seats would act better than the first. After taking a careful look around the room Manuel spoke into the mice in front of his desk. "People of Brazil, last year we finally removed the yoke of the corrupt from our society and nation. Last year we started the first step into a greater future for Brazil. Now with our money no longer flowing into the pockets of those undeserving of it we will make sure our economy will flourish. I will build schools in the poor areas of Rio De Janeiro and give it's children a future they otherwise wouldn't have. I will help set up new businesses so that the poor and other people will get a job. Finally I will demolish many of the slums and put large cheap apartments in their place so the people will not have to live with merely a few sheets of metal above their heads. Now I will not only focus on internal matters but also external matters. As such we will train several British units in jungle warfare but we will also aid the Mexicans in their civil war and free them from the oppression of the cartels. Finally I have managed to get a non-aggression pact with the nation of Argentina to secure our south-western border so we are safe from any attacks there. Thank you." Manuel would then continue on the meeting with the standard procedure after his speech and further explaining everything in detail. Army The full force of the Brazilian infantry is sent to Mexico to help in the civil war, especially in urban city environments inside the mountainous regions, this consists of around 10.000 men. Furthermore 59 combat tanks are sent to help in other areas where support is needed. [Mod pls] Economy 2 ap is spent on promoting the industrial sector of Brazil. This is done by subsiding businessmen interested in opening a factory and by temporarily lowering the import tax on machinery needed to import machinery. 2 ap is spent on creating schools in the poorer areas of Brazil's cities and town so that the poor can also have an education. 1 ap is spent on building apartments in the slums. These would only be built in areas where the general populace could afford a small apartment and the people in the area demolished to make room for the apartments will get a discount for the rent in living in the new apartments. Income : 1.020 trillion dollars. Annual growth : 30 billion Diplomacy Some British troops will be trained in jungle warfare Military support is send to Mexico A non-aggresion pact is signed with Argentina An offer is sent to Guyana and Suriname for a military alliance and a trade agreement [Mod pls] closer relations are pursued with Venezuela [Mod pls] Internal politics Elections are held for the Republic of Brazil with De Azevedo's party being in the lead, they are a right leaning party. Their opponent is the leftist/military party called the Unity party [Mod pls]
  6. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace, exercise yard Horus Varellion blocked the incoming sword strike from his opponent and blocked it with his own training sword and sent a set of offensive strikes against his opponent. His opponent then expertly blocked the set of strikes coming at him and seeing an opening in Horus's defense did a forward stab which though blocked by Horus caught him off balance of which his opponent then took advantage of and put the training sword to his neck. Seeing his situation Horus sighed and still sweating said "I yield" his opponents training sword then left his neck and he spoke up. "You are improving my lord but it will take some time before you can safely use that what was gifted to you." Horus nodded "That is true, thank you for helping to train me Logan, without you I would probably have cut of my arm at this point." Horus's bodyguard, Loken smiled "You probably would have my lord." Then Horus took a gulp from a bottle set to the side and rested for a few moments letting the sweat flow from his head before cleaning himself and putting on his normal clothing "Now with that done it's time to go back to work." He then walked to his office where he thought about what the schedule was for this year. With the colony ship recently completed he now was able to let the Imperial provinces expand it's borders and the government budget. This was something important that needed to be done. Yet he first needed a fertile planet to colonize. For a second he thought of the Sarrif planet and a diabolical grin crossed his face. No he would not make direct contact yet but the thought was tempting. Still if he needed a new planet he could scout many of the still uncharted regions of Imperial space where unknown amounts of resources awaited them. Yes that could work Still, a thought that kept nagging his mind is the lack of a large government income. Or at least small compared to other governments. This train of thought caused Horus to think on the income of the productive human colonies. What did they have what most governments lacked. Well investment into their economy of course as well as good intergalactic relations. Horus was not sure if he could gain the latter anytime soon but he knew he could do something about the first. At the very least he could start with promoting local business and maybe creating a natural eco-system so any future tourists would not see the bland endless planes of Novam Domum. Furthermore he thought of large forests across the planets in which the birds of old sang their song and childish laughter would fill the sky every now and then. Yes he knew what do this year. Time for some economic optimization. Actions 3 more ap is put into the hated reperations 3 ap is spent on project longshot 2 ap is spent on scouting Imperial core sectors and other sectors for strategic resources and more importantly a new planet to settle the colony ship on 8 ap is spent on developing the cities of Novam Domum to create beautiful cities and promoting business 5 ap is spent on creating small patches of nature on Novam Domum where there will be tourist attractions as well as several casinos and other tourist based business. Updated map population: 786,500 humans
  7. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Republic of Brazil Location: Brasília, national congress of Brazil President Manuel Braz de Azevedo looked out from his desk to the large group of men and women gathered in the national congress of Brazil to watch the first official session of the new Brazilian parliament. It was a position not gained easily by Manuel. On the close of the second decade of the twenty-first century the bubble of corruption finally popped. It had reached critical heights and the country collapsed into political turmoil. The economy collapsed and politicians set up their own smaller areas of control in which they were almost like the warlords of old. In this situation Manuel Braz de Azevedo stepped in. Manuel had been born in the slums of Rio De Janeiro like millions of other Brazilians. Many people in the slums had given up hope for a better future for themselves but not Manuel. He through determination and hard work managed to get himself an education and a good job. But he would never forget the slums he was born and raised in. Seeing the condition his country was in Manuel decided to together with a group of comrades bring stability to Brazil once again. Initially only few believed him, they said he couldn't achieve what he dreamt of. Yet with the help of loyal and cunning compatriots as well as the support of the poorer classes of the people he managed to become president and unite Brazil once again. The Revelation whilst relatively bloodless was mainly economically damaging and Brazil's economy was weaker in the world of new superpowers. But now Brazil was once again stable and able to enter the world stage. Manuel spoke from his desk on a raised platform overlooking the circular room and looking into the cameras. "My people, today I have achieved what only few could imagine. I was born in the slums where I did not have running water. No sewers and slept on a cot on the floor. Yet here I stand now, from the millions of Brazilians in poverty I have been the one to come and represent them in the modern world. This country since the reign of Lula has been in turmoil. It may not have been seen initially but the corruption started under his reign and continuing into the next almost destroyed this country. Corruption is our greatest enemy in Brazil. hundreds of millions of dollars every year went into the pockets of greedy politicians many of whom still sit here." Manuel said his eyes focusing on several men in the congress suspected of corruption. "Well no longer. Soon a campaign will begin to reform the economy of Brazil. Create new houses to replace the slums. Create better jobs for the people without one. Create schools so the people can learn to read and write and not be illiterate thinking they can never achieve anything. And most importantly destroy any corruption we have so that all money of the government goes to the people and not themselves." These words caused a quit and disturbed mumbling amongst many of the politicians in the room. Many of which were from the previous regime and had not been replaced yet but from the sound of it they soon would. Yes much would change in Brazil the coming few years Diplomacy Trade agreements are set up with Great Britain, Congo, Japan and Chile to increase and improve the economic growth of all countries involved. Further good relations are sought with Guyana in hopes of getting a military alliance as well as good trading relations. [Mod pls] Economy 1 trillion dollar income this year. Yearly growth 20 billion dollar Growth income: 20 billion 0.2 trillion dollar = 1 ap 1 trillion dollar = 5ap Technological investment N/A AP investment 5 ap is spent on a Ruthless and brutal weeding out of corruption amongst Brazilian society to deal with all the money going into the pockets of politicians and others in the country. Those caught would get minimum jail time of a year and a maximum of life time in jail. (investment)
  8. Nightfall 2: Modern Nations FRP OOC Thread

    Country Desired: Brazil Leader name: Manuel Braz de Azevedo Backstory: (to be further explained) in the depths of the global recession the Brazilian economy suffered. The country deteriorated even further and poverty became even worse than before. At that point the people of Brazil were finally sick of it, the recession and the constant poverty and corruption of the country. Thus a revolution began that took time and weakened their economy and took many lives until a new leader was put into power. Manuel Braz de Avezdo. With emergency power he rebuild Brazil and promoted an ideal of pan south-americanism. Though he means more of a united South America in a regards to the rest of the world with most of South America keeping their ideas. Thus through diplomacy or war with the support of the people Manuel Braz de Avezdo will purge the corruption from the country and make it rich giving wealth to the poor with the power of capitalism. Viva Brazil Do you praise Pok: Pok is part of the great Pantheon of the FRP gods. He is a god and the supreme being of this game but has no authority (except for his minor deity status in the Onwards Pantheon) over any other FRP
  9. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Provinces Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace ------[Public announcement]------- On a podium in front of the crowd the Emperor Horus Varellion would in an completely blank and neutral face look into the crowd gathered before him and read of the paper in front of him. "To my people and many others most importantly to the members of the Dominion of Man I apologize for my actions. By me giving away information that was not mine to give away I have caused a terrible fate to the people of both Eadn and the Affiliation. In doing this I have set in motion the events that would culminate in the destruction of THC above the orbit of Utopie by the hands of the Thuleans. This would be all." Then in a large amount of displeased being behind him the emperor would walk away from the podium back to the palace. Whilst he did not want to say it his pride was unimportant compared to the lives of his people in the long run. Actions Reluctantly 3 ap is spent on 'reparations' 4ap is spent on constructing a colony ship 13 ap is spent on project bob the builder Army 20.000 active duty soldiers 5000 men in power armor 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids 1st Armored division 3000 heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 50 tank droids population: 760.000
  10. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind Actions 9 ap is sent to the kingdom of Eadn in the form of resources for the construction of a battleship 3 ap is spent making a destroyer with advanced technology to be added later, this ship will be given as a gift to the trade federation 2 ap to project distantantiam 2 ap to project شارع Army 20.000 active duty soldiers 5000 men in power armor
  11. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, lake solaris It was silent on Novam Domum except for the sounds of 4 men carrying a single coffin. It was a sad time for the IRM, the emperor who had guided them from earth to where they were now was gone. After many years and trials he had finally fallen, for many it was a celebration, for many more it was a tragedy. Now the IRM was more fractured than ever before with it's guardian no longer being there. Now here at a small lake outside of the Imperial city there were only 6 people, Lily Flowers Alexander Varellion's wife, his son Horus Varellion and 4 of his bodyguards that had not been present at the assassination. Then the 4 men lifted the coffin up for a final time and slowly put it down into the ground and would then slowly fill the hole back up with dirt. Meanwhilst the two family members stood there in complete silence with silent tears running from both their faces. The emperor is dead Location: Cadia, Imperial military academy "MOVE YOU BUNCH OF FANCY GIRLS MOVE !!!!" sergeant Cutter would shout as the group of recruits crawled through the wet, cold and muddied grounds of the training area. Recruit Timothy Faulks then quickly sped up his pace as he heaved in and out breathing loudly. This he would do with many others of his company crawling, heaving and walking across the hellish grounds called, the training track. One of the reasons why everyone avoided angering the sergeant was because the punishment would be 2 rounds around the track. And if you failed to complete that you would have to double it another day. No one has ever reached 16 rounds, because they either completed it in time or passed out from exhaustion at which point they were relieved of that particular punishment. Timothy then continued his approach pulling forward, under the barbed wire with the help of his trusty rifle and determination. Unknown to most to him or any other recruit was that a small drone was constantly recording their movements from the trees or other hiding spots accros the mountains. At this very moment two men were watching the footage from these drones on one screen and on another there were statistics of all the recruits of the company. These two men were the director of this facility, an old man of almost 60 years old and a younger though still an adult man of around 30 years old. The 30 year old man would be wearing a hood, a utility belt and a piece of Itoron-plating being spread around various parts of his body protecting him whilst a light, strong leathery material would be under the steel plates and the parts of the body that needed mobility providing further protection. The 60 year old man, director Hammer would speak then "What do you think of this new batch of recruits anyone who shows promise for joining your 'organization'." The director would say having slight distrust and distaste coming through his voice when he said the word organization. "Recruits Willis and Smith are strong and are specialists in surviving and combat, they have also taken up a leadership role in this group of men and have gotten a good amount of obedience from them, though there are some who remain stubborn in remaining independent but they will learn eventually through hard work." "Is it the recruit Timothy that you speak of now ?" the hooded would say in a low but clear voice commanding respect and authority through it. "Well I must say yes, the recruit is not very receptive to leadership and authority whilst being mostly average in combat and other exercises, he does not seem good soldier material, thinks too much for himself and question his superiors. This can not do in the military, this kind of attitude on the battlefield will make the difference between life or death but he will learn, everyone eventually does." The hooded man had an almost unreadable expression on his face before speaking in his usual voice with a steel undertone in it as always. "Mhm, I must agree on those points, he is not the best soldier and would not fit best in the military and he is extremely unlikely to ever raise above the normal rank and file soldier." "Like I said he is not the best soldier but we will pull him through, though he will remain average at best." the director would say with a slight tone of superiority and cockiness in it. "I must disagree." The director would look up clearly surprised. "Didn't you hear me talk, he is just average he is not a good soldier." "Exactly." The hooded man would say now with an edge in his voice. "Have you seen how he acts, what he is not strong in for physical strength he shows remarkable characteristics and if trained will have very good cunning, he can sneak like a shadow, he has a willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good and he does not listen to his leaders whatever they say but to the content of what they say." The hooded man would glance towards the recruit Timothy. "An almost perfect candidate for the inquisition." Actions 5 ap is spent on project shadowblade 2 ap is spent on project longshot 2 ap is spent on project gamins 6 ap is spent on starting the construction of the greatest building of the IRM until now. The Imperial university of Cadia. It is planned to be one of the largest and most efficient educational building in the history of Mankind to educate the next generation. Army 20.000 active duty soldiers 5000 men in power armor 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids 1st Armored division 3000 heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 50 tank droids population: 702,000 humans
  12. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind 2ap on project longshot 2ap on project geminos 10ap on trading station 1ap on designing a grand university 0 ap is sprent attending the peace talks 0 ap is spent on spreading a few blueprints around the communists nation's research centers through small tubes sent down containing slight improvements of currently existing technology. Not much but enough to draw the war into a stalemate and extend it.
  13. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Planet of Cadia, the mountain region, military base Timothy Faulks an 18 year old, fresh out of high school with top marks and recomendations looked out from the viewport of the shuttle that was slowly descending down to a landing platform. All around him were large mountains, medium-sized mountain and huge mountains as far as the eye could see with some valleys in between. Right now the base he was in was on one of the medium-high mountains and even from here he could see a small road going down and up the mountain through the forests that grew on the mountainside. Then he readied himself as he saw the shuttle was about to reach the landing pad and packed what meager belongings he was allowed to take with him which had been heavily checked to make sure nothing was smuggled in. Then as the viewports opened he could immediately feel a rush of fresh-cold air which made him feel delighted, after taking a trip for 3 days staying only inside one of the frigates of the IRM with only pre-arranged oxygen being around. In some areas the heat was hard not to notice and the air always feeling a bit lacking. Back to the topic together with the air came a few snowflakes since the facility was on such a height it would always be snowy here. He felt like the cold would be a harsh teacher and companion in the time here. Seconds after the hatch opened he was pushed out by the other recruits and were forced to line up by the sergeant who had led them down here. Soon a few minutes later a regal and proud looking man walked down towards the landing pad from the facility. Whilst he had an aura of strength around him as well as some old kind of wisdom and experience. Something Timothy could not fail to notice about the man was the hair that was starting to grey as well as wrinkles on his skin indicating that the man was rather old. He was acompanied by a man who looked a bit younger as well as a bit more rugged and had a large noticable scar on his face which looked like it had only gotten there a few years ago. And whilst the regal man had a kind attitude aroundn him his companion seemed a bit more brutal and hardy, though the former could be because of the age difference. Then the regal looking man began to speak with a strong voice that held a strong aura of leadership in them which almost subconciously forced you to pay attention to him. "I am Hanmar Jaliks the director of the Cadia military academy. This academy has seen fine men go through here and I have trained fine men since before the existence of the Imperial Republic and I can make of anyone fine men no matter the background. Be it some poshy aristocratic kid or former scum from the worst kinds of households. All of them came here all diverse from all background and left here as one, one unit that would die for each other if it came to it. I believe I can make fine men of all of you but in the end you are the ones that make this happen. You may curse this facility you may wish that you had never gone here and may wish for the agony to end during your training but in the end it will be worth it." He would then point to his companion "This is Sergeant Hammer, he will supervise your training and be your superior whilst you are here, disobey him or any of his commands and he will choose your punishment. And whilst he is fair and does not prejuidice anyone it is just that. Everyone will get the same kind of punishement no matter who you are and for any mistake one of you makes you will all feel the consequences. Thus I wish you all a good stay at this academy, Ave imperatoria rem. He would then walk away leaving only sergeant hammer behind and everyone remained silent waiting for the sergeant. He got a sneer and spoke to the men "What are you doing here just standing pack your stuff and follow me to give you fine and dandy ladies a tour of this little palace." The tone of the sergeant was a bit demeaning and frustrated Timothy as he heard it "NOW MOVE or it will be 10 round around the facility." The squad then softly said "yes sir." With which the sergeant responded "I can't hear what maggots just said SPEAK LOUDER. SIR YES SIR" the squad then quickly responded and did as the sergeant commanded and Timothy knew then this would be a rought time. Actions 6 ap is spent on building a light cruiser 2 ap is spent on project longshot 2 ap is spent on project geminos 2 ap is spent on produing heavy walkers 2 ap is spent on producing both Hunter and tank droids (or whatever the combat droids are called) 1 ap is spent training the pilots for the heavy walkers 0 ap for the new elections for the emperor (RP and further explenation will be added later) 0 ap is spent investigating the culture of the early 20th century planet it's customs, tradition terrain etc. Look waht the different powers/super powers of this world are and the balance of power.. As well as looking for a faction that is most likely to agree to becoming a puppet or ally of the IRM or at least someone they could use as their tool. Finally it will be checked if technology has progressed since the last time they had checked. Army 5000 heavy infantry ? 20.000 active duty soldiers 40.000 soldiers Population: 654.750 humans
  14. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, streets of the Imperial center Through the streets of Novam Domum music and happy cries of both children and adults were heard as the troops proudly with or without power armor walked through the streets. In general there was a great mood among the people at the news that had just been gained not hours ago. The Colonial militia had accepted to be annexed into the IRM for more protection from any outside threats. From his balcony at the Imperial palace the emperor Alexander Varellion looked down with a smile almost plastered onto his face. This sudden news would propel the IRM into greater heights then thought before and speed up many of his plans. To his left and right stood Commander Dante and Admiral Winters, the hammer and anvil of the military. Alexander then spoke to the both of them "I don't think I could have imagined this just a few years ago that this would happen, it was all just chance but we took it with open hands and now we are one of the major human factions in the galaxy." The commander and Admiral both nodded in agreement "Yes this is truly a great asset, and like you said it makes us more of a force to be reckoned with. It has been expected that an almost 20-30% increase of government spending will now be available to invest into projects." Commander Dante would say. "That is true but there is a matter I think I should address." Admiral Winters said and the emperor and Commander looked at what the admiral was going to say. "I think we should help the Solarin federation with their shipyard ?" "And why would we do that Admiral ?" The emperor would question "Their shipyard is much more progressed then ours and has the capacity to produce bigger and more advanced ships and it would be cheaper to contribute a few of our resources to help them and not have to make them ourselves." Hearing this the emperor would ponder for a few moments. "Mhm you have a point there but we shouldn't be too reliant on any nation outside of our own, still I can see the point and agree with it, we should make the investment and start putting resources into the special projects." "Now back to the matter at hand." the emperor would say as the parade came to an end in front of the Imperial palace and the emperor stood up to speak. "My people, we have faced many hardships these years, from the near destruction of human civilization when we lost our original home of Novam Domum to here. We have had to live through harsh conditions especially in the early days with no infrastructures and the harsh days and nights of the endless desert planet." "Yet look at what we have achieved. We have turned this planet from an empty desert into a green planet with thriving cities in which proud Imperials live." "Earth may have died but we have grown strong and now we have grown stronger once again with the Colonial Militia joining us after them being attacked by the Kalronians. I am proud to say that we together have worked so that the Colonial Militia would choose us of all people." "Not the Free human technocracy or any other colony us. and I say to you my people be proud of yourself be proud of being an Imperial." "Because being an Imperial is not only something you are born to be but something you choose to be. To be Imperial is human not simply in body but in soul. It is to be stubborn and adaptive and always ensure your survival. To be human is to be in the darkest of times and always work and hope for a better future. To be human is to be strong and to be human is to be victorious." The Emperor would then shout "LONG LIVE THE IMPERIAL REPUBLIC !" This cry would then be followed by all the others at the squares and beyond at the other planets of the IRM where this speech was broadcasted live. Actions 0 ap is spent on producing heavy intantry equipment (Power armor, Bolter and ammunition 1 ap is spent researching adding shields to fighters 3 ap is spent on project geminos 2 ap is spent on building a frigate 3 ap is spent on building a destroyer 4 ap is spent on improving the dockyard at Terra of the Solarin Federation 2 ap is spent on project longshot Army 4500 men in power armor 20.000 active duty soldiers 40.000 militia population: 636.000
  15. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace The emperor was sitting in his chair with one of his legs over the other with a frown plastered on his face as he was heavily contemplating the message he heard. It seemed that there was another unknown human colony that now requested to join another human colony for protection. He thought that the IRM was one of the more likely people who had a valid position in getting some new colonists. It would at the very least provide a larger population. Furthermore it would help with getting more security for both them and the IRM. Even then there were other matters, what was disturbing was what had happened to the Republic Thulee and whilst he did not have any interest or relations in them before the catastrophe such a huge loss of life when humanity was weak already from the exodus was definitely disturbing. He then further though about how to get the Colonial Militia to join the IRM. He pondered for a moment before realizing what they wanted. Security. If he could prove to them that he could provide the most security then they would join him. This he definitely could, the IRM had one of the most fortified planets of the southern galaxy and they had one of the if not the strongest human military. Another interesting thing was the GTC, it could definitely provide a great opportunity for him and possibly the whole galaxy. Right now would be the best time to invest in it but he did not have the resources to both get a stronger navy to help boost his military presence as assurance for the Colonial Militia as to the security they could provide. Yet he also had other plans, he had recently gained a source of xylorite and in his mind it would be much more efficient and almost wasteful if he just used xylorite in it's raw form. He could possibly in the future also sell the refined xylorite to any passing travelers that would come past the trade route the GTC was planning in the future. Yes he had much oppertunity yet not enough resources. He could not do everything at once. Yet Alexander knew that with the rising industry it would be more beneficial to invest into it through making an Itoron refinery because then it would be just at the turning point that it would provide huge benefits for the IRM. Yes the coming weeks would prove to be interesting. Location: London Prime, GTC-P, Grand Hotel Diplomat Samuel Martens of the IRM would look from his balcony into the great city that was London Prime. Mind you it was not like the great cities of the Redons, Karras or Protoritans but for human standard it was most likely one of if not the most advanced city there was. He then turned around to the other man behind him. "So you're telling me that we could build an embassy here for free ?" Samuel would say in surprise at what he had heard a minute earlier "Yes of course, your nation has taken a clear interest in trading with us and the costs would still be yours to construct it, let's just say that we think that we could both make some mutual profit of some things you have talked to us about." the diplomat of the GTFO would say. "Mhm, I must think about it and I can't make the final decision but I can think it is safe to say that my emperor will be pleased with this, one inquiry I might have though could it possibly be a decent distance away from the Han embassy, we do not have the best of relations." Samuel would say with a slight grimace talking about the Han, the wound of the loss at Laandalir Trial still fresh in the minds of many Imperials. "That can be arranged." the GTFO diplomat would say with a neutral expression though Samuel expected the diplomat was face palming internally at the clear animosity between two human factions among a galaxy of other beings. "So the final arrangements would be that we got a piece of land we can build our embassy on which would preferably also be a cultural center and we will need to build it at own costs." "That is correct." Samuel would laugh for a moment and the GTFO diplomat would raise an eyebrow at the laughing as if questioning why Samuel would laugh which Samuel quickly responds to. "It's just that we do not have much of a culture yet, though we have a national identity our nation has not existed long enough to create it's own distinct culture though it is something we thrive towards, maybe this could be something to accelerate that process." The GTFO diplomat would nod in acceptance. "I think this talk will be over then, though I do have a slight inquiry, have you heard of some gang called the Red Imperials, they are a group of men which use much of the same symbolism as your nation and have recently tried to smuggle in some drugs." "The Red Imperials you say, I think I remember that name from somewhere, I think something with a few fanatics, I will report to my superiors about this." Message to the Colonial Militia A transmission would arrive at the Colonial Militia initially displacing the symbol of the Aquila before a voice starts speaking. "We of the Imperial Republic of Mankind have heard of the plight of the Colonial Militia and we wish to help. Though we can not understand what you have suffered through we know the evil of the Kalronians. They as you have experienced only wish to kill and destroy until they are the only sentient beings left in existence. They will not stop and will keep coming back yet we can bring you safety. We of the Imperial Republic have fought against enemies which were stronger than ourselves yet still overcame it with it's allies. We fought hideous abominations created by the Kalronians on our moon and we fought on the fields of Tassarea against the monstrous corrupters. We realize that there is great evil in the galaxy and we wish to protect our own from it. We have some of the strongest defenses in the south. One of the strongest human armies and a spirit matched by none other. We have forged a greater destiny for our people a destiny to help the survival of the human race and help the galaxy as a whole. We have and will most likely fight in the future with enemies that might seem unstoppable and we might fall just like everyone else in the face of such great enemies. Yet what we wish is that you will stand with us and we promise with all our hearts that we will prove ourselves to the men and women of your great nation and hope you will assist us for a better tomorrow " Actions 6ap is invested into building 2 destroyers for the defense of Novam Domum 4ap is invested into a xylorite refinery (Total ap invested into industry 21, with this it should become 25) 1ap providing aid to the Colonial militia if any was needed after the Kalronian attack 0 ap will be spent requesting the Libellan architect of the Solarin Federation to help in the construction of the Xylorite refinery. They will offer a large amount of money as well as ordering their men to be on their best behavior and show great respect for a man skilled in architecture and construction as himself. Military 4500 soldiers in power armor 10.000 active duty soldiers 10.000 reserve soldiers 40.000 militia Population: 348.000