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  1. The Republic of Tassarea ((Rp will come later)) Actions Action Post 2215 84,8k C is stored. 3 RP is put into T3 Rf facilities [152R already invested into Rf] 29 RP is invested into T2 Civilian Infastructure [25 RP already invested in CI] 100k C is spent on building ten civilian infastructure on the newly colonized planet ,(the one with the grey goo), of Moria Action post 2216 140,5k C 60k C is spent on giving additional Research Grants to scientific organisations and Research Foundations. In order to help give another significant boost to the Tassarean scientific community. [MOD] 40k C is spent on funding healthcare on Tassarea. Specifically to combat child mortality rates as well as focusing on helping people who suffer from serious injuries. Those who need to use prostethics in one way or another. [MOD] 40,5k C is stored With an increase of competition, in the form of Protorean companies, Tassarean enterprises are endeavoring to be more productive. And especially to help exploit this new large market. They aim to do this by improving their business practices, techniques and tools. 26 RP is invested [49 RP already invested in CI] Due to the rapid expansions of Tassarea due to the Warp engine and colonization the amount of space travel has increased. As well as the interest in building a larger navy. However, in order to achieve larger ships sizes and other such things there needs to be a more efficient way of generating artificial-gravity on ships. Preferably not relying on large and cumbersome centrifugal force. 6 RP
  2. Faction Application Discord Name: You got it Faction Type: American Political Party Where is said faction based?: LA, California Faction name: American Restoration Front Have you played a modern nation frp before?: No, I totally have not, anything else is a lie. If anyone says otherwise they are a filthy liar that lies If so, ever as a faction instead of modern nation?: No, even if I theoratically had played as one before. I did not do so before Will you be able to post regularly?: Probaply, and otherwise Tyras can win the election.
  3. Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Rising up from the Adamantium tree, where he had made his rest. Yngbald observed the lands. Rising high into the air, watching the planet from orbit. Observing the actions of the mortals down on the world-sphere. He saw the Divine Empire, the Sylvan Dominions, Adamant etc. He looked through wood and dirt. Through stone and straw. He assessed the situation, and thought about what it would do to his plans. And what actions might be appropiate for him. The Underground Highways were certainly an interesting method of travel, as was the Kephri so-called over-queen. Yet he saw no need to interfere. He looked at the Great Continent. He looked at the empire of Exitius’s kin, he looked at Adamant and the Redsworn. As he looked he saw matters of great interest. A great potential conflict starting to bloom. Champions on both sides, great armies and great nations. Two powers on one continent, inevitable conflict. Yet as he looked, he saw no need to interfere. Adamant was a nation that had bloomed into a strong and powerful nation. It did not need his help at the moment. Yngbald’s gaze then swiveled to the Yi-Kiren and the Axial Protectorate. A most interesting nations. Especially with the way the Yi-Kiren multiply. This, combined with the relation with their servants, was most fascinating. He suspected one of his old and new brothers might interfere with it, but it was not in his interest. Then the gaze of Yngbald went to the numerous lesser nations. Those with the potential to become forces in the future, yet were not now. It might be interesting to create new nations, perhaps set up experiments once more. Perhaps he could elevate one civilization amongst one of the lesser continents, yet for now it did not attract his attention. Yngbald had then nearly finished his analysis of the world. Yngbald then looked at the Sylvan Dominions. His eyes gazing at the black pyramid of Wol-Kot. Where Sylvaniel, the ancient traitor was. Confined to the pyramid, every so slowly withering. Only maintained by the power of his brother. Unable to leave the confines of that one building. She was a most intresting god-touched, perhaps the most interesting mortal being of the world-sphere. Yet she had stagnated, for millenia she just stayed on her continent. Creating might nations yes, but every so slowly whilst smaller nations rose and fell. These Dominions were untested as well, mighty as they were. It would be interesting to see if they would stand the test of time. But they were not in his interest to interfere with, as doing so would certainly attract the ire of his brother. Not something he feared, but it would certainly be inconvenient. And thus Yngbald returned to the tree, after having left for several decades, looking upon the world. There he entered it again, and waited. Waiting for his power to increase, as he contemplated the future. As well as wondering what actions his young siblings would engage in. And if he would need to mitigate their actions. As he did so he waited, and waited, and waited. AP income: 7 ap AP spendage: Storing 7ap
  4. The Republic of Tassarea ((Rp will come later)) Actions Action Post 2213 64,250 Credits are stored 8M a Colony Ship is built 27 RP is put into T3 Rf facilities [92R already invested] ------- Action Post 2214 124,750K C An exploration ship is sent to the sector North-West of Tassarea. Exploring it to see if there are any habitable planets or useful resources there. [MOD] The recently built colony ship is sent North-East of Tassarea. To the forest planet, in the same sector as the grey goo. 33R is put into T3 Rf facilities [119R invested] 124,75k C is stored for next turn.
  5. The Republic of Tassarea What made a man ? One question asked all throughout history. Where was the boundry that said, this is a man, this is not a man. One could have expected that after such a long time asking such a question, that it would have been answered by now. Yet even millenia after the birth of the Tassarean race there was yet to be any answer to this. Only more questions Or so Dr. Ford thought. As he stood in front of Tassarea’s arguably most important piece of art. Alvere’s ‘Man’. It was the art piece that inspired a movement that held high prominence even to this day. The art movement of Realism. That everything should be portrayed as it was, not as it should be. Ford snorted as he thought of this, and began talking to the piece in front of him. Not the copy shown in the museum but the original. Which was hanging inside of his office, and had taken quite a few favours to aquire. Yet, it was something that would get him to truly think about the nature of man. ”You have an interesting history. You inspired a movement that intends to portray everything as it really is.” Again the Doctor snorted. ”Yet those who try to emulate you, don’t understand the actual idea behind you.” He then stared at the painting, looking at it in detail. It showed a man that was looking of into the distance whist standing on a rock. Looking at a sun that was rising over a mountain, whilst the shadows were slowly retreating. ”Most think of you as merely something painted by Alvere when he looked at the mountain. They look at the techniques, how the light falls on the terrain, how a man is painted down to the finest detail. How the paint creates a lifelike effect.” Ford then began walking through his office whilst he was still talking. ”Yet that is where most make the mistake. They look at how it emulates life, how the rising sun represents a rising understanding of man to understand the true reality of the universe.” Ford was then silent for a moment. ”Yet there is the problem, Reality does not exist, at least in a practical sense.” ”Reality is a representation of all the data that we manage to process. That our body uses to survive and give meaning to something. Everythign we see, everything we dream is our imagination, that there is a line between reality and fantasy. Whilst it is all actually one and the same.” A small smile then Graced Ford’s features ”This is the perfect example, most think that it seeks to emulate man, which it does to a degree, but it is so much more. It shows us that man is just a fantasy.” Ford then points to the sun whilst a triumphant smile comes on his face. “This is no good representation of the sun, anyone who has ever seen an actual image of it will know that it looks substantially differnt. A lot less..... romantic.” The Ford pointed to the mountains. “And no mountains like these exist. They are physically impossible to form, they are just another fantasy.” Then Ford looked at the man at the picture, as if it was penetrating it’s non-existent sould. ”Everything on the painting is a fantasy, from the sun to the grass. Which begs the question.” ”Is being a man, just being a fantasy ?” Actions 22,250 k C Is invested into the movie industry. Specifically movies relating to the Protorian assembly. Seeing that there is a large market for profit, as well as possible further immigration the government subsidises the movie industry. Focusing on either exporting and/or adapting popular Tassarean movies as well as creating new ones. With the goal of the plan being twofold, closer relations and cultural kinship with the Protorians as well as of course profit. 40k C Even witht the succes of last year, the Tassarean Republic suffers from a lack of labour output. Compared to what is neccesary, seeing as a new standard needs to be met in order to stay competitive in comparison to the Protorians and potentially other races. As such the project from last year is developed further. A.k.a. automizing the Research Industry by automizing the setup of simulations as well as mostly automizing the administrative duties neccesary for a research labaratory or a tech business to function. The Research Train never stops. With a greater technological prowess being needed evermore, especially with the knowledge of non-Tassrean life more research is invested in improving the technological prowess of the Tassareans. Mainly by setting up a better curriculum in colleges as well as putting research into better research equipment. Both computers to run simulation as well as equipment to investigate certain occurences. [22R is invested into T2/T3 Reserach facilities. 70R already invested] Space the final frontier, with great potential and great danger. As such it is neccesary to send someone to explore it. The Exploration ship of the Tassarean Republic ‘The Larissa’ is sent towards the sector North-East of the capital of Tassarea to explore it for anomalies. As well as checking to see if there are any dangers. (Map will be pm’d later) Though ignored at the time, due to the risk of investigation and lack of armed forces, the ruins on the planet of Corpus (the sector West of Tassrea) have remained an interest of the Tassarean government. Now that the nation has an armed force, and the shock of first contact has truly subsided, a force is sent to investigate the alien ruins on the colony.
  6. The Republic of Tassarea Dr. Bernard of the Tassarean Research Foundation walked towards the large building that was the Tassarean World History museum. Located inside of the capital it was, until the Protorians were discovered, the largest museum that could be found. It consisted of nearly five floors, as well as covering almost 9 footballs fields worth of space. It was, in one word, enormous. However, this effect was migitated by each section of the museum being nearly a full coverage of a certain period of history. On top of that the museum was not simply museum. The fifth and fourth floors of the building were in part an art gallery. Holding the greatest works of the Tassarean people. Both from the distant past and from the present day. It was customary to visit the museum over a period of one week. Even by itself it was a huge attraction of the capitals for tourists all around the Republic’s space. Nowadays there were even a large quantity of Protorian tourists and citizens visiting. However, none of this was on the mind of Dr. Bernard as he walked towards the open air entrance of the museum. Which was theoratically enough for one of the enormous beings from the pre-historic era to walk through it. His mind was focused on his boss and friend, Dr. Ford. He had asked Bernard to visit him in the museum, with no further directions. Being cryptic and mysterious in his usual way. However, due to his friend’s tendencies and musing Bernard knew exactly where Ford would be. And thus he walked to the pre-historical section. Specifically the one concerning the species which predated the Tassareans. Or scientifically speaking the Tassarean Tertius. And just as predicted, as Bernard walked over the carpet leading to the pre-historical section he found Ford studying a lifelike replica of the Tassarean Secundus. In all of his primitive and full-haired glory. Though Ford’s back was turned to Bernard he began to talk as Bernard approached him from the back. ”Fascinating beings are they not ? Our predecessors, our ancestors.” Bernard fixed his glasses before responding. “They are..... interesting. It is fascinating how they managed to survive and evolve with such a primitive intelligence.” Ford nodded at this. “That is true, their tenacity is surprising. I am afraid that we have long since lost that tenacity. We have long since have had to fight for our very survival.” Bernard responded to this with a small smile. “That is certainly true, the last true fight we even had was the Great War. And even that war was centuries ago. Long before the modern age.” As Bernard said this Ford licked his lips and seemed thoughtful for a moment, before speaking slowly. “Modern is a ….. vague term.” He then motioned to the primitive axe the Tassarean Secundus used. A stone that was hewed into the rough shape of an axe and tied to a strong stick with a piece of primitve rope. “Millenia ago this would have been considered modern.” He then turned to Bernard with a small, cryptic smile. “Can we truly consider anything modern. It is such a fluid term, I for one think we should name each of our eras by it’s accomplishments.” Ford said, turning his last sentence into a joke with a joking tone. Going with the joke Bernard responded to Ford. “And what should we call this age then ?” Ford thought about this, before speaking. ”It should be called the age of Friendship” Only partially joking. “We have achieved someting, that could be considerd insignificant, but is clearly not. We have forged friendly relations with another sentient species.” Then Ford suddenly got a haunted look. Then he muttered ”For as long as it lasts” Bernard went a step backwards as he felt shocked at the implication and quickly responded. “Why wouldn’t there be friendship between us and the Protorians ? There are no implication at all that anything like that will happen !” Ford simply gave a sad sigh at this, and was silent for some time before responding to Bernard. ”Do you know what happened to the Tassarean Secundus Bernard ?” Bernard remained silent. ”We killed them, as is the natural order. That which is new and improve shall always remove the old. And that which remains functional shall remain.” Ford, then turned back to the replica of the Tassarean secundus. ”We slaughtered them Bernard, we exterminated another species because they could prove a threat to us. Because it was beneficial to us.” Ford then turned back to Bernard again. ”Who says that in the futre, we will not be replaced ?” Actions 77,250 k C Is to be put into automization. Specifically making it so that the work of researchers is decreased. Making it so that less manual work is needed and that simulations are more automized with several instances constantly running new querries. Seeing that the Research and Development in Tassarea is not at an agreeable level in the eyes of the government extra focus is put into creating better facilities for scientific workers. As well as creating better ways to educate scientists. [22RP into T2 Rf, 48 invested into Rf reseearch] Another destroyer and a fighter squadron is built on Tassarea. In order to increase the numbers of the Tassarean navy in order to defend itself against outside threats. [8M]
  7. The Republic of Tassarea ((Sorry no rp, got a temporary writer’s block)) Actions 50k C is spent on improving the shipyard of Tassarea itself. Allowing the Tassareans to build more ships for self-defense. [T2 shipyard] Seeing that the Research and Development in Tassarea is not at an agreeable level in the eyes of the government extra focus is put into creating better facilities for scientific workers. As well as creating better ways to educate scientists. [12RP into T2 Rf, 36 invested into Rf reseearch] 13k C is kept in the treasury for a later date.
  8. The Realm of Westfal Neue Sillmar. The biggest village of the, whatever it was, that Westfal was now. But two decades ago it had been an empty piece of land. Still firmly in the hands of mother nature. Without man’s touch put upon it. Yet now, through war and migration a new people had settled this once pure land. Making it their home. The people of Westfall had once lived South-East from their current settlements in Galahar. They had lived as feuding tribes, but with strong traditions and inherent culture. Where strength was respected most of all, wheter this was either physical or mental. That had all changed however when they were cast out from their lands. By the Empire. Most stayed in their ancestral lands, satisfied to be under the rule of kings and dynasties. However, there were some who fled. And got refuge in a new land. Where they created a new home for themselves. In Westfall, by the generosity of the duke, the refugees had gotten a piece of land to call their own. Here the Westfalians made new homes, had children, and build up their own communities. Slowly rebuilding into a new soceity. Yet, some old Westfalians asked themselves, would there be a Westfal in 20 more years. The population of the small colony had grown exponentially, yet now the young nearly outnumbered the old. And the new generation didn’t remember the old Westfal. They were more Galaharian than traditional Westfalian. They followed Galaharian customs, used the Galaharian language and wore Galaharian clothing. Though to be fair to them, the Galaharian clothes were a much better fit for this enviroment. However, it was clear. There was a growing divide between the old generation and the young. ---===--- This brings us to the story of Sveryar Vilskanien and Melgar Karaskov. Old and young. Tradition and progress. Autonomy and integration. It was a tale that would be ignored by writers, most likely insignificant to history. Yet for this small community, long forgotten to those who looked down on the world from above maps, this was a conflict that would determine the very future of their people. ---===--- Sveryar Vilskanien stood at the ledge of a cog of the Galaharian navy. When in full gear he would look impressive. His face almost fully concealed by the helmet. In full plate black iron armor. And of course his weaponry also inspired some fear. He basicly has two sets of weapons. A sword and shield and finally, a warhammer. When fighting lightly armored opponents or when in an enviroment with little room to move, like in sieges, he would use his sword and shield combo. With Sveryar using a standard short sword of Galaharian fashion, as well as Galahrian shield. Both best used in formations. However, his other weapon was of distinctly Westfalian design. It was a Warhammer. Decorated with miniature engraved skulls. As well as designed to kill with ruthless effiency. In order to smash through the armor of enemy knights or the like. Ideal to use against heavy infantry and the like. This was all supplemented by Sveryar himself. Being a man of about 40 years of age he was still young when Westfal fell. Whilst not toned, he is of a heavy figure and with large amounts of muscles. Though they could be dismissed as fat by an ignorant soul. With them he could lift his Warhammer near-effortestly, at least that is what it looked like to other soldiers. Whilst normal soldiers could only lift it with great difficulty and only give a couple of swings. To intenstify his intimidating presence he had several small scars around his body. Though his face remained unmarred except from a small scar on his right cheek. Clearly seen, seeing as the man did not have a beard. For one reason or another. All in all a man to be impressed, feared and intimidated by. Which was why it was all the more satisfying to see him keeling over the edge of the ship. Emptying the contents of his bowels out into the sea. To the amusement of the crew. As the man did not have his armor on he was right now a lot less terrifying than normal. It was even a comedic sight to see. Especially considering that he was the only person who was having this issue. Considerg all of the others were natural born Galaharians. Sveryar’s aid, Stephanos had to keep himself from sniggering. Seeing the sight of his leader and technically his owner suffering from something like sea-sickness. Sveryar himself could not pay attention to this. As he was feeling absolutely horrific and whilst not mentally cursing him, was silently reproving of the Deep One. What use was it praying to a god of the sea when he did not even give him sea legs. Finally, after what felt like hours but was more around 2 or 3 minutes, Sveryar stopped gagging. Mainly because his stomach was now empty of liquids and solids and he had by now recovered. Though his face was still suspiciously pale. Stephanos, spoke in a cheeky voice. Still amused by his commander’s suffering. Especially since he knew Sveryar would not notice at this moment. ”Would you like to have some water sir ? Or perhaps some bread ?” Struggeling to speak, and feeling especially weak right now. Sveryar grumbled. “Don’t call me sir” and then, after taking a few more second Sveryar said. “But yes, that would be appreciated. Even though my stomach is screaming at me right now. Scheisse” Stephanos nodded at this and went to the medium-sized keg of water. Which wast mostly on the ship for the few non-Galaharians like Sveryar. After which he went to the brig to get some bread from the cook there. When he finally returned to Sveryar he looked to stand more solidly on his feet. By now he could even talk without laboring. “Well come and give the bread to me. Even though I feel like my own stomach is in a civil war right now.” Stephanos snickered a little at that and then handed a loaf of brown bread to Sveryar. Who then proceeded to tear it off into little chunks and slowly eating it. Even though he looked to intensely revile eating anything right now. After Sveryar had finished about half a loaf of bread he took the cup of fresh water from Stephanos and slowly begin sipping it. And then let out a semi-reliefed sigh. Then, one of the sergeant of the Galaharian Heavy Infantry Unit went up to Sveryar and asked. ”Sir, anymore news on when the assault will begin ?” Sveryar, softly glaring at his sergeant spoke. “How am I supposed to know, by the Hertzog, I know just as much. If not less. Than you do. The Admiral has not given the word yet of when we are to attack.” The Sergeant had to snicker as Sveryar used the word Hertzog rather than duke. Whilst he did know fluent Galaharian it was clear it was not his native language. The sergeant nodded, a little resigned as he, just like the other men, was quite bored from waiting until the attack. The Sergeant then looked at Stephanos, whilst raising his eyebrow as well as getting a small smile. “You look to be in a good mood Stephanos. Are you happy that you do not have to carry the captain’s weaponry right now ?” Stephanos, as good an actor as could be found in Bastista’s landing looked affronted at this. “How dare you make that assumption. It is an honor to carry the weaponry of the captain. My heart is filled with joy, knowing I will stand trusty by my commander’s side.” As he finished speaking Stephanos snorted. And both he, and the sergeant began laughing loudly. Whilst Sveryar himself scowled weakly, whilst muttering. ”Be glad that we are not on land right now, or you wouldn’t know how many laps you two would need to make in full armor. Now , go , both of you. Let me wallow in my misery until I can crush some monarchist skulls.” Both of the insubordinate men nodded at this. Whilst saluting the captain they spoke in unison. “Yes Capain” Before both walking off to the crew quarters. Meanwhilst Sveryar grunted, wallowing in the knowledge that it would be another day before he could get of the damned ship. Then he almost keeled over again as the waves began to grow more tumeltous. Whilst hoping that the laughter he was hearing in the distance was just seagulls. ---===--- ((More rp will come later))
  9. The Republic of Tassarea It was a nice and sunny day in the city of Daras. A city on the planet of Tassarea, the capital of the aptly named Republic of Tassarea. However, Daras was just a normal ordinary city. Mostly focused around R&D but not much more. Except perhaps that it held the treasury of Tassarea. Where exceedingly rare or illegal goods were held. Most often both. But generally it was just an ordinary city where nothing exciting ever happened. Or that was how it normally was. However, on this seemingly ordinary day a trio of black SUV's made their way down the street. With the windows blackened from the outside but translucent from the inside. This small convoy slowly made it's way towards the beating heart of the city. Towards the treasury. Or more specifically, the bank in front of the Treasury. Where large sums of money were loaned out, both to big corporations and small business owners and the like. Slowly the convoy went towards the sidewalk in front of the bank and stopped there, simply stopped there. They did not move and no one left the vehicles they just stood there. Finding this suspicious one of the security guards walked towards the lead vehicles. Squinting a bit as the sun reflected of the cars and glared into his face. As he reached the lead vehicle he rapped his knuckles on the glass of the car and motioned for the widow of the car to go down. Surprisingly it did, the security guard was faced with a scarred face. A bit nervously the security guard asked. "Sir” Though the word was said with clearly some contempt and annoyance in it. "What is your purpose parking here in a clearly no-parking zone.” Then the man said one single word. "Mayhem” Then, within the blink of an eye the scarred man inside the car drew what looked like a revolver and fired it right into the head of the security guard. Right into the brain, the guard was dead before he had even hit the ground. Then from all of the parked cars came men and women armed with a wide assortment of weapons. Mostly pistols and such but also three people with assault rifles and one person with what looked to be an old RPG. This crew of armed men, clearly disciplined and led with the man with a heavily scarred face. Who also seemed to wear all black for a reason, walked towards the bank. There, without flinching or stopping to walk one of the women of the robbers. Shot the other security guard right in the ventricular artery. Then the leader of the band spoke once he entered the entrance of the bank. "Everybody, to the front of the door and stay there.” The leader said, aiming with his gun to give himself extra pressure. Most people just meekly obeyed, mostly shocked at what was going on right now. The leader then nodded to his second-in-command, signalling that they would guard the main entrance. Then, the leader together with a man armed with an assault rifle and finally a woman who was holding a very large bag. Then they silently marched towards where the treasury would be. All around them alarms blared and red lights were dancing on the floor. After blowing through several entrances and slaughtering some guards who stood in the way they reached a large vault door. A bit classic but top-tech for the time when it was built 20 years ago. Nowadays roberries were supposed to be extinct. This was easy to noticed because a modern M-89 explosive cleanly blasted through it. The group then walked into what seemed to be a vault as one would see in a movie, a book or some piece of fiction. Filled with precious jewels and with jewels flickering around everywhere. However, this did not draw the attention of the group. What did was the cabinet filled with what looked like several USB's. The Scarred man walked right towards the USB designated as. Project X-lore. And then grabbed it. The Scarred man, then got a smile. "Got it you old man.” Actions In order to ensure the security of Tassarea. Specifically against unknown and possibly hostile alien species four units of regular infantry are recruited on each of the planets of the Republic. So as to protect against these theoratical threats. [4M&4S] In order to make sure that more trade will occur with their new Protorian neighbours, as well as to establish closer relations, several dictionaries of Protorian are made. Which translate Tassarean to Protorian and vice versa. Furthermore, once the Protorian language is understood more, more money is inveseted into preparing to put Protorean as a language into the educational curriculum. [15,5k C] In order to increase the population of the Republic, due to the abundance of jobs and the need for more rescources and Research, a project is put to incrase the population of the Republic. This is by beginning a program which will allow parents to have to work less hours in order to care for their child. Furthermore, for those parent who don’t have an interest in that more kindergartening facilities are prepared. [30k C] To improve the living conditions of the newly settled trade colony and to make sure that Protorians traders come to visit the new colony of Nalea gets several investments. These investments are centered around improving entertainment and the living enviroment. For example, building cinema’s, art gallery’s, clubs etc. As well as building parks and other areas for recreation and beauty. [10k C] In order to allow for better research more research is put into well.... research. [12RP into T1/T2 Rf, 24 invested into Rf reseearch]
  10. The Republic of Tassarea What determined life ? What determined wheter a species gains intelligence and senitence ? What determines the origin of a species. These are questions that would have been easy to answer just two years ago. Before First Contact happened. One would have said that the Tassareans were not created, they had evolved on the planet, they originated from primates. Yet now, that idea lay in jeopordy. At least, it was under heavy scrutiny. What was the chance, that two species would evolve in almost exactly the same way. Being biologically nearly identical to the Tassareans, down to their very genome. It did not make sense, at least with the evolutionary theory. Thus, many Tassareans had turned to something that, whilst not entirely extinct, had faded into the background. Almost entirely dissapearing over the years. Religion For what other explenation could there be then that all life was created in the image of a god ? Well several. Including that evolution might have a certain hard-wired road, co-incidence etc. There were even several conspiracy theories that all species had been created by an evolved species and then scattered through the galaxy. The last one just being a conspiracy of course. But the easiest answer to the question was found in the spiritual realm rather than in the spiritual realm. Thus, religion was starting to make a comeback in Tassarean culture. Becoming more prevelant as people sought it out in order to explain the question they asked themselves. One of these religions was the religion of the Stellar gods. An ancient religion based around the associations of the gods with the stars. It said that the gods were once mortals like anyone else, but that they had evolved beyond their original boundries and became gods. It had never been a major religion in the past, yet now it was rapidly gaining in popularity. And as such, in one of the community halls Priestess Alisa Xanandros looked out over the crowd that had gathered. She allowed herself a small smile. Before the first contact she had already been interested in the religion of the Stellar gods. Or Stellars in short. Specifically relating to her education as an Astromonist and how they were on of the early establishers of that branch. Yet when First Contact happened it all just clicked. This was the explenation of life. Of everything, it all just fit, the legends, folklore, it all just made sense. And as such she spoke to the assembled people before her. ”My fellow Tassreans, thank you for coming together on this day.” As she spoke, several people listened intently, mostly curious on what she would say. ”It is hard to believe. That it has been so long ago since First Contact, almost two years already. How has time flown by.” Alisa said, herself brimming with enthusiasm and dedication. “Almost two years since our entire reality has been turned around. All our previous preconceptions have been shattered. And now we have been tasked with find a new explenation.” Alisa then let out a short laugh. “I have found a new explentation, though even I myself am not sure if I am correct.” She then looked around the room. “But I have found my answer in the Stellar gods.” She then spoke in a bit of a lecturing tone. “Nearly two millenia ago the first sign of the religion appeared. The first legends spoke specifically about the mother. They said that she, a being of infinite kindness, saw the galaxy and saw it to be empty. Thus she tasked herself with filling it with life. Spreading life accros many planets in her own image. When her task was done, after she created new races, she created a dozen other beings. Who would be the other gods. They were tasked with many different tasks, yet it is the mother that is venerated above all.” And as such the history and lore of the religion was explained further over some time. Until a certain point came. “As such I ask you all, is this not the explenation of life ? What else could have created life except the Stellar or other gods.” Most of the people were quietly nodding among themselves, tentatively agreeing to what she was said. Especially as all the things that she said seemed to fit, and after checking online sources seemed to be accurate of past lore as well. It all just fit so well. No one answered for a moment, and Alisa looked happy with herself but then an old and wizened voice cut through the silence. “Many things young miss.” Alisa turned to where the sound came from, as a wrinkled man stood up from a chair. “Why is it necceserily gods that created life, though more importantly what truly makes a god ?” He then continued on speaking, slowly walking forward to where she was standing. Speaking slowly and quietely, but being heard all the same. “What would we look like to Tassareans two Millenia ago. What would they see if they looked at us. At our technology” There was silence for a moment, as Ford was silent and everyone was hanging onto his words and also thinking. “They would think it was magic, would they then not think that we are gods ?” ”They probaply would. So if our predecessors would think us to be gods, why would it not be the same for us. What are gods except being who have advanced so far that we are not able to understand them. As our ancestors would not have understood us.” Then without realizing it, the old man stood in front of Alisa and he whispered. “And I ask you then. “ “ Can gods truly exist ? ” Actions I Seeing that the Tassareans are not the only life that is in the galaxy the general populace is worried about a theoratical attack from hostile races. If they do exist. As such to increase the protection of the nation the first dedicated Tassarean warship is built. A destroyer-class ship to be specific. [6M, building a destroyer] The Exploration ship is to go with an ambassador to the capital of the Protorian assembly. In order to facilitate a good diplomatic contact between both nations. Furthermore, they are to begin on discussing the potential of a trade route between the two civilizations. [MOD] With a new, and ideal, planet coming into possesion of the Republic it is rapidly developed into becoming a commercial hub. Whilst also being built to serve as a trade depot with the Protorians. On top of that, the planet also serves as a minor tourist hub. Seeing as it still has many natural sights that have long been lost to Tassarea.(100k C for 10 CI) In order to improve the technological level of the Tassarean civilization more research is put into increasing the output of Researchers and research facilities. So as to create a greater understanding of the Universe. [12R on T1 Research facilities(12 already spent)]
  11. The Republic of Tassarea Much had changed last year. Much had changed since a lone ship entered the atmosphere of Tassarea and revealed something to the people of the humble civilization. Extra-terrestial life existed. This had awakened many things in the Tassarean people. An adventurous spirit, a new drive to explore the unkown and discover what secrets it held. A dream of a glorious future. Yet … With the the appearence of extra-terrestial life fear also arose amongst some Tassareans. These new aliens might be friendly to them but what said that other aliens would be the same ? What said that there were not some horrible monsters amongst the stars, or great conquerors. These were the thougths that plagued the minds of many Tassareans. Yet it worried Dr. Bernhard of the institute of biology more than most. As a man of science he knew the potential that was held amongst living beings but also the dangers. He had learned of the Rixian plague, the orange fever and all other diseases that happened when two foreign peoples met. And that was with Tassareans. Who knew what diseases could be spread now-a-days. Sure a cure could be found easily enough with modern technology but in the meantime a great threat was still clear. In any case, he put his mind to rest. He had more important things to focus on. Like analyzing the, what had been termed ‘Protorian’, DNA that had become in possesion of the Institute. When he entered the Institute he went to the main room where a large projection of the DNA strand was shown on a hole-screen. Next to it stood the Senior Researcher of the institute, Dr. Ford. He seemed to be fully focused on the image of the strand shown before him. His grey hair seeming to somehow frizzle with excitement. As Ford’s gaze pierced into the projection, as well as looking at smaller screens that showed specific data regarding to certain aspects of the Protorian body. Even with his back turned on Bernard and with his age Ford somehow still heard Bernard approach. As he did so Ford spoke. “Absolutely fascinating is it not ?” Bernard, nodded in agreement. “Indeed, though there is one thing I can’t explain.” Ford gave a cryptic smile to Bernard. “I see you saw it too. The greatest mystery of the Protorians are the lack of mysteries. Their biology is nearly identical to ours. Down to our dna. The main difference that is clear to us is the Melanin levels of our new friends. There are some minor mutations as well, derived from surviving on their planet. Yet, the baseline is the same. These Protorians are made with the same template as us.” Bernard nodded at this. “It is indeed highly unsual. I have run additional diagnostics and have come to the same conclusion. From biometric scans and some research they also appear to have the exact same organs as us. As well as other biological functions. This is too similair to be the work of mere natural-evolution.” Ford gave a small nod at what Bernard said. “Indeed, the chance of this is fairly unlikely. Which leads us to another question, one that we have tried to answer since the start of time.” Ford then stared into Bernard’s eyes. With Bernard feeling as if he was being stared into the very depths of his soul. “Does god exist ?” Actions In order to secure a buffer for the capital of Tassarea and to generate more funding a sector Eastwards of Tassarea is colonized by the Colony ship built last year. Which will in the future be used to generate additional funds. (expeanding east) I With the introduction of the Protorians sentient life is now a fact. Which has awakened a great urge for exploration inside of the Tassarean people. Combined with the recent discovery of warp drives Space exploration has now been made viable and as such an exploration ship is built. (1M) Forseeing a big investment next year on the colony which will, hopefully, by then be established this year government funding is kept in the treasury. In order to prepare for a larger project. [55,5k C] More time and effort is put into improving the lab equipment of Tassarean Researchers. [12R on T1 Research facilities]
  12. The Republic of Tassarea ((Rp will be posted later)) Actions More universities (1RF) is built on the planet on Tassarea so as to improve the general education.(15k C) Furthermore, more factories and infastructure (1 BI) is built on Ginea in order to faciliate a larger amount of materials for the future. (10k C) In order to protect the capital and expand the capacity of the Tassareans another Colony ship is commisioned in the shipyard of Tassarea. (8M) In order to promote Tassarean culture and dishes. A large sum of money is invested into culinary establishments, educations, shows establishments etc. In order to create a greater culinary culture in the nation of Tassarea and perhaps in the future in the new nation which was met. (40k C) Finally, more fortifications are built on the capital of Tassarea. Seeing as sentient life outside of Tassareans is real more protection is needed for Tassarea. Thus money is spent on fortifying the planet. (10K C) 9RP (4 previously invested) is put into a faster way of travel. Specifically faster than light travel. Which was proven possible by the recent visitors to Tassarea.
  13. The Republic of Tassarea War. Tassarea had not known it for decades, maybe even in centuries. Especially after unifcation. War was unheard of and did not happen. Yet regardless of how perfect a soceity, there would always be a degree of violence. This is what Officer Jared of the Tassarean Extraction, Pacification and Defense or TEF thought. As he observed the apartment where a kid of rich parents went mental after getting denied a job and after his parents didn't use their influence to get him a job. He took his landlord hostage and kept him at knife's length. With him now demanding a helicopter, money and other things. As if he thought it would do him any good in the long run. By Jude, was the kid stupid or something. In any case, negotiations had broken down and now it was time for the TEF to intervene. Dang it, he had hoped to enjoy the day just going to the beach. But now here he was, in full TEF gear about to rush into an appartment with an armed person. At least the madman did not have a gone, which was a relief. Jared and 4 of his comrades were standing outside of the door into the appartment. His friend, Dave, had a thriller in his hand. A device which caused a great amount of des-orientation and would result in losing your balance. That was if you did not have the counter-frequency going into your ear. Gared, with the help of a nice device, unlocked the locked door and showed five fingers, as well as a motion of a thriller being thrown into the room. Then he counted down from five to zero and then opened the door slightly ajar. Not a second later, after cooking the thriller, the thing went into the room and the madman. Who was standing towards the windows, with a knife on the throat of the woman, fell onto the floor. Five seconds later Jared had the madmen off into chains and he escorted the man back to a holding room until he got a trial. As he looked outside from inside a van Jared wondered if there was still some time to go to the beach. Actions (Turn 3) 45k C is put into establishing sevearl universities as well as setting up subsidies for companies that develop new technology. (3 Research facilities(on Tassarea)) 500C is stored (Turn 4) 15k C is put into helping to fund startup tech companies. Causing more competition and growth in the tech sector of Tassarea. Which would in the end lead to a better economy and more importantly. Better technology. (1 research facility(on Tassarea)) 10k C is put into developing basic industry on setting up mines to gather resources from the newly-settled planet of Ginea. As well as setting up facilities to process the materials harvested. (1 basic industry(on the sector West of Tassarea)) 20,5k C is stored for next year
  14. The Republic of Tassarea ”What is the difference between man and beast. What is the difference between these two ? It is an answer many have have tried to answer over the years yet there exists no definitive one.” The wizened Professor at the Tassarean Creative University looked around the room. “Does anyone here have any of their own views on what is the difference between man and beast ? Come on don’t be shy, raise your hands.” As the professor called out his question in the lecture hall some students tentatively raised their hands. The Professor looked at the raised hand before turning to a female student in the front, with a name tag saying Melanie Barrows on it. “Miss Barrows, what do you think is the difference between man and beast ? ” The Girl spoke tentatively, a bit unsure of her answer. Phrasing it more than a question than an answer “The understanding of our own existence and our sentience ?” The Professor nodded at this. “That is one personal view yet it for the purpose of this lecture is does not fit.” The Professor then looked at a hand that was previously raised. One Mr. Foresterrer. “Mr. Forrester, what would you say is the difference between Man and Beast ?” This studnet spoke with more confidence which the professor approved of. “Our capacity of Rationality and our mutual co-operation.” The professor nodded approvingly at this answer. “That is a good view, and close to my answer to this question.” He then took a moment to look around the room. “In my experience of study and through reading history, culture is the thing that makes us different from beasts.” ”Culture, in this context a culmination of tradition, beliefs and creative arts, make us different from beasts. They allow us to think beyond the purely physical, to touch the non-existent and make it a force to be reckoned with. Culture has allowed us to transcend our origin as primal creatures.” A student raised a hand, as if to ask a question. The Professor nodded at her and allowed her to speak. “So you would say that even if a creature was sentient, if it was without ‘culture’ it would still be a beast.” The professor let out a small sound of delight. “Indeed. I would even go as far as to say the state of our soceity is not determined by how advanced our technology is either, but by it’s culture. With the culture of a soceity determining it’s true value rather than mere material objects.” As he said this murmurs went around the room. Small discussion of the students, with many expressing both agreement and disagreement. The Professor allowed this to go on for a moment before, with a push of a button, letting a bell ring through the room. Which indicated for everyone to be silent. ”To express my points. Look at these pictures” The Professor then began to show slides. Leading from primitive cave-drawings, to religious painting, to modern-art. “As you can see our art has, through the ages, grown at the same time more abstract, personal and flexible. These early pieces of art are primitive, detailing the hunting of animals and gathering of herbs. Focused purely on the physical, later art evolved into a means to support religion. A belief shared by most of the people around them of an abstract being which watched over them. Whilst modern painting can detail one’s personal beliefs, struggles, and moral philosopohies. Showing the greatest amount of variance and dedication into it.” The professor then continued on for a time, but by this time the point had been made. Ater this the class moved out of the lecture hall and continued their studies. Actions 30k C is spend on building more Civilian infastructure on the colony world The Colony ship build last turn is send West to colonize more worlds for the Republic. 2 more rp is put into getting a faster way of travel. So as to facilitate faster travel between worlds (2RP already spent)
  15. The Republic of Tassarea https://imgur.com/L90BMg0 On the tv of most of Tassarea a familiary theme song played as a symbol of a single T followed by two small N’s appeared. With a catchy theme song playing in the background. Announcing another episode of the Tassarean News Network. Slowly the camera began to focus on a man behind an oak desk with of course bright hair and golden eyes as well as a tan skin. All in all a very normal man by appearance. Then the man began to speak ”This is another Broadcast of the Tassarean News Network. Today on the news, a new planet to be settled, economic expansion and protests on Tassarea.” The man then looks ahead of him as in the right-hand corner a woman appears in a vantage point from which a set of ship assembly tools were gathered. Where several parts were seen which were slowly being assembled. The man then spoke. “Kate on Marisha station, what can you tell us about the ship being constructed behind you. ” The woman on the screen had a very rare light brown hair but still had the tanned skin of the general Tassarean as well as the golden eyes“Well Donny, behind me a new colony ship is being built. The T.N.V. Gloria, which will explore and expand towards the Galactic West from Tassarea. In order to find new resources that can be used for future expansion as well as allowing more room for pioneers.” Donny nodded as he heard this. “I see Kate, are there any specific planets which seem like a likely candidate for this Colony ships to go to ?” ”Yes, through rough readings we have been able to gather that Zadar Secundus of the Zadar system is able to sustain Tassarean life. Due to a large amount of water as well as having a stable atmosphere. Though these readings have yet to been confirmed in detail” Donny nodded at this. “Thank you Kate, now to the news of economic expansion. President Larissa has announced that in the coming year there will be heavy expansion in the civilian industry of the colony of Mariana. In order to increase the prosperity of the local population and gain additional revenue for the government. This is also to increase the prosperity and government control of the planet. Making it less of a frontier world and more of an urbanized one.” Then an image appeared of a square on Tassarea where several people, who were seemingly of either lower-class or middle-class origin. “Around Tassarea there have been several protests. Focusing on a lack of jobs for young people. With many students of science having a shortage of job thus causing large amount of competition. As a result many students have gone to the street, protesting that there is a need for more jobs in the science-sector so they can be employed better and to allow for more scientific knowledge.” The news then continued on about the weather and other minor topics. Until ending after the weather was announced. Actions 70k C is spend on building 7 Civilian Industry on the colony of Mariana 5k C is kept as reserves and for future use 2RP is put into researching better fusion engines. So as to facilitate faster travel times 8M is spent on building a colony ship to colonize a sector West of Tassarea
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