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  1. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad Haserick looks at the war map lain down before him. Showing the entirity of Tamriel. Mainly focusing on it’s northern territories. As he saw it he frowned. His eyes could not help but drift towards Skaven. The arch-duchy of Skaven, it disgusted Haserick. A state that could conquer the land of Hammerfell without any issue but an attack on it would cause thousands of Imperials to stream over the border. Haserick would not complain about it being unfair, there was no use, but it was. Still, he needed to deal with this. But for now he needed to wait. Eventually an oppertunity would hopefully arise. And so Haserick stood, looking at the map and planning. ((Sorry, little rp this time)) Army: Cavalry: 2000 mounted palace guards, 2000 light cavalry Infantry: 5000 palace guards, 5000 skirmishers Misc.: 3000 archers, 100 mages Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 1k septims Trade: 3k septims Total: 20k septims Treasury: 0k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: 1000 mounted palace guard (5000 septims) 3000 palace guard (7500 septims) 50 mages (2000 septims) 1000 archers (500 septims) Total: 15k septims Economy 6k septims are put into expanding the carriages used for trading. With Haserick having heard rumors of how effective they were with Windhelm and hoping to copy it’s succes. [MOD] Diplomacy: Haserick and his wife try Bam Bam again [MOD] Limited support is sent to the war with Orisium. With Haserick stating that he keeps most of his army in reserve in order to use it if an oppertunity arises. The limited support consists of a cavalry contingent of 500 heavy and light cavalry. Mostly intendent to support Sentinelese infantry. Being used to flank and rout the enemy. [MOD]
  2. Roberik

    1912; The Great War

    The Empire of Japan  A bad beginning makes a bad ending On a newspaper in a cafe in Tianjin stood in bold letters “VICTORY IN INDONESIA” proclaiming the victory of Japanese and Indonesian forces. As well as the formation of the unified Republic of Indonesia under a democratic government. This article was read by Lieutenant General Weong Yong Yang as he took his sip of tea. He had been called here to Tianjin by an associate of his in order to discuss certain issues. But until his companion arrived Weong simply enjoyed the view. It seemed like just a short time ago that Weong was in Tianjin. At the end of the Chinese war. Back then the city had almost been entirely obliterated. Due to combined naval bomabardment as well as a massacare by the marines. Back then the city had been a smoking ruin but now it had almost entirely been rebuilt. Around him he could see new buildings to replace the destroyed ones or he saw buildings that had been renovated. Especially the dock had changed, almost entirely rebuilt as well as upgraded by new management. As he looked around he saw that the city was flourishing under new rule. Right now Tianjing was one of the main ports recieving goods from the Japanese mainland. Mostly recieving bulk goods which would not be cost effective if transported by train. Around him the Lieutenant General saw a combined populace of Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Though that distinction was slowly becoming less apparent. Each of them worked hard at their job. Wheter that would be loading or unloading freighters or selling goods at shops accros the city. Weong had been to one of those shops just an hour ago. One of them had some really nice food. Bees dripped in honey and fried on a stick. Weong’s mouth watered as he remembered eating it. Now that had been delicious, quite sweet and generally enjoyable. If Weong was to be honest Weong had a bit of a sweet tooth. He enjoyed sweet candy so the bees were right up his alley. And talking about alley’s there from an alley came his companion. As he came closer Weong could see the figure of the man approaching. That man was Matsumo Azumamura. Memeber of the Kempeitai and to an exent the messenger of the government to him. Though truthfully the two like to have philosophical debates and nice discussions with each other. They were quite entertaining and often a bright spot of Weong’s day. A few seconds later Matsumo arrived and sat accros from Weong who greeted him enthusiastically. “Hello Matsumo, how are you doing, have any good news to bring ?” As he asked this Matsumo grimaced a little and Weong felt his heart drop. If Matsumo grimaced it meant either something bad or really uncomfortable. Often resulting in his men either dead or just generally annoyed. The former was of course worse than the latter but the latter option was still not nice. It really was annoying to have to deal with men who were discontent. Matsumo then spoke. “I am afraid not. The Government wants your division to remain on standby and has been assigned as the first response in case of crisis.” Matsumo said this matter of factly and quickly to get this over with bug Weong groaned. Being given that duty was the fear of any division. It meant that for about 6 months your division had to be ready to move out in less than 4 hours and a single brigade in 30 minutes. This meant that it decreased the amount of time soldies could be on shore leave in order to remain able to quickly respond to any sudden threats. Furthermore, if a crisis/war occured it meant his division would take the brunt of the initial damage. It was generally just an annoying duty. So Weong asked with a resinged sigh partially/melodramatically looking into the air. “Why ?” To which Matsumo quickly responded. “The Government is planning a blockade of Vladivovstok. Since there is the possibility that the Soviets will respond violently to this one of the best division must remain on first response duty.” Weong groaned at this. Hearing the context he knew why he was given the duty but that did not mean he had to like it. Weong was about to ask why there was a blockade but Matsumo already responded. “The specific reason why is classified. But I can say that it will be highly beneficial to the empire.” Weong always got frustrated it but that was the nature of Matsumo’s job. By being part of the Kempeitai most of what Matsumo did was classified. Hell, even in the Kempeitai itself there were layers of classified. Being designated by the tone in which the word classified was spoken. Right now Matsumo spoke of minor classified. Meaning that it was not that important but also not beneficial if word got out. After letting out a sigh Weong then spoke. “So is there any other annoying fact you need to inform me off or shall we start by discussing the implications of this.” Weong said pointing to the news aritcle before him. An article of the Pyeonyang Courier. Weong’s favorite news outlet. Matsumo shook at this and then the two men had an intense discussion. Discussing the merits of Tanoism and the new government that ruled Indonesia. Actions The tri-nation railway project continues. With the Japanese government continuing to sponsor the project and helping to provide the labor forces in order to unite the Empire and especially China together in this project. Helping to let the economy grow and to allow fast travel througout all of China. Making the administration of territories easier and forging closer economic ties between the three nations. [MOD] -As the year continues so does the expansion of ship building capacities. During this period 7 more shipyards are commisioned. Two in mainland Japan, two in Korea and three in occupied China. These shipyard are similairly to the other models intentioned to help build new ships as well as play a part in developing naval technology. [MOD] In order to fulfill the deal with the Duma the ships that are not in need of repairs and those that are finished in repairs begin a blockade of Vladivostok. In order to cut supply of the Soviets short as well as stopping any escape from sea. [MOD] In order to gain more income and natural resources as well as helping to give the Indonesian government another source of income an investment is made into the Indonesian economy. To be specefic, an investment is made in the oil industry. Seeing that it has it’s uses and that it will help the reconstruction of the country with additional taxes the Japanese government invests in several oil refineries and oil fields. These are to primarily export oil to Japan so that the state can maintain it’s ships and other oil consuming products. [MOD] Seeing the succes in Indonesia the size of the marines are tripled to 30k. With it being divided into two divisions. These new marines are to be instructed by veteran marines and to train on the island of Taiwan. [MOD] Because of the admirable service of Koreans during the Indonesian and Chinese wars a vote is started in the Diet of Japan. This vote is to allow any Korean citizen to enlist in the Japanese armed force. On the same level and requirement as any Japanese men. Furthermore, a vote is made to stop nearly all restrictions on Koreans and make them equal citizens in the empire. Having the same voting rights as the Japanese as well as the same rights in general. [MOD]
  3. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress As he looked down at the Nyren Yngbald felt proud but also conflicted. What should he do during this age, he could grant great technologies to these peoples, he could modify them or he could grant them a gift. Yes a gift, that would do but what could he gift to the Nyren. Could he give them knowledge, a book ? No, the great tree itself was already a gift in that regard. Rather he needed to give these people something to protect themselves. Something to defend themselves from danger and to use the knowledge gathered from his tree to it’s maximum effectiveness. Something to create a greater gateway to magic and something to draw more magic from the void. But what kind of item could do that. Then Yngbald got a flash of an object. An object that could draw runes on the ground in order to do powerful rituals as well as allow an individual greater acces to magic and the ability to manipulate it further. The ability to manipulate the essence of a spell and allow for easier spell creation. Though the object also needed a drawback. Something to make the user cautious of using it. Then the drawback came to Yngbald that could be also used as a boon. Any being that got hit with the tip of the staff would get poisoned and their physical strength and speed would rapidly deterioate. However, if a person used the staff for a long time ever so slowly their physical body would be drained and the physical energy would be transferred to the staff. Making it more powerful (if only slightly) by every user/those touched by the tip. If there were ever any truly worthy individuals Yngbald would give them an antidote but until then he would not. And as such Yngbald crafted his staff. Capable of great good and great evil. He made use of the element Marydion he had created himself. He made the element into a core in order to allow greater acces to the magical dimension. Whilst the rest of the staff would be made of a combination of steel and gold. Lending it both strength and purity. Yngbald then gazed down at his creation and smiled. He then descended into the center of the great tree, all within being temporarily being blinded by a bright blue light. When they could see again they would notice an addition to the centre of the tree. It was a staff. And all subtly knew it was not a normal staff, it was the staff of Yngbald. AP income: Rolls: 7ap Less than 4 ap: 1ap Stored ap: 0 ap Total ap: 8ap AP spendage: 6ap creating the staff of Yngbald (artifact) 2 ap is stored
  4. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad Haserick looked at the map of Hamerfell and frowned. Hammerfell was already sparsely controlled by the Redguard and now Skaven had conquered another redguard kingdom. That was most worrying. He needed to do something about this. Simply investing into the economy would not do, he would need an army in order to protect his kingdom and Hammerfell in general. Thus he called Braika to the war room. When Braika arrived in the war room Haserick pointed to the map. Showing the recent aquisitions of Skaven. “This cannot stand. With Skaven conquering even more land they will soon grow stronger and possibly further West. Furthermore, they are oppressig the redguard who live in their territory. Thus we need to prepare an army for either defense or offense. We cannot allow any more of Hamerfall to be conquered by these Imperials.” Haserick’s military commander smiled at this a little gingerly. She had been one of the most prominent figures in court pushing for increased militerization of the kingdom. Whilst her brother was more focused on developing the economy. However, Haserick knew that right now he needed to make sure the army was strong. Because if it was not his kingdom and Hamerfall in general would inevitably fall. Then Haserick said the specific number of troops he wanted and how much of the treasury would be used for this Braika’s smile grew even larger. She truly liked the numbers she heard, especially considering the composition of the army. Whilst she herself normally preferred heavy infantry she knew a balanced composition of the army was the best option. Soon after she left in order to mobilize the troops her lord demanded. Army: Cavalry: 500 mounted palace guards, 1000 light cavalry Infantry: 1000 palace guards, 3000 skirmishers Misc.: 2000 archers, 50 mages Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 1k septims Trade: 3k septims Total: 20k septims Treasury: 1k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: 1500 mounted palace guard (7500 septims) 4000 palace guard (10k septims) 50 mages (2000 septims) 1000 light cavalry (1000 septims) 2000 skirmishers (2000 Septims) 1000 archers (500 septims) Total: 23k septims Diplomacy: Bam bam in the Ham Ham by Haserick and his wife [MOD]
  5. Roberik

    1912; The Great War

    The Empire of Japan  Sai Weng lost horse, how know not your blessing. (Rp will come later today or this weekend) Actions A large citizen effort is set up to help deal with the Dutch Flu. The goverment would not close it’s borders seeing as the flu had already arrived in the country. Rather nurses and others with medical experience would aid in treating those with symptoms of the flu. Trying to treat the symptoms and reduce the amount of people who died due to it. However in all honesty the government does not have much hope of treating this sickness. Seeing as research into a vaccine is ineffective and that the disease will inevitably spread, grow into a less-effective strain or people will grow immune to it. However, posters are put accros cities reccomending to stay in their homes and to try to have the least possible interaction with other citizens. So as to prevent them from catching the sickness. [MOD] -Accros China and Korea several navel arsenals are built. Both to produce more and better ships whilst also having some additional R&D facilities for testing and developing new technologies. This is so as to increase the ship production of the empire whilst also making sure the ships are of a good quality [MOD] So as to get closer relations with the other two Chinese states and allow the economy of all three Asian powers (Japan, Socialist China and Manchuria) to flourish new railroads are built connecting the three. (If permission is given of course.) The stated reason for this is that it will increase the prosperity of all nations, promote trade and more importantly make it unlikely another war will break out. Stating that making economic ties between the three will make sure that having war is not profitable and will give no beneficial for any of the other powers. [MOD]
  6. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad Haserick admired the military forces gathered before him. Before him in a military parading ground he saw nearly all of the military of the kingdom gathered. Except those who remained in order to police the kingdom. Before him stood nearly 1500 cavalry, 3000 infantry, 2000 archers and 50 mages proudly displayed. Haserick walked past the assembled lines of troops appreciatively. Admiring them. He could clearly see discipline in the palace guards, both mounted and non-mounted. With them being dressed in heavy armor both strong and protected by cloth. Making sure that the soldier underneath the armor would not suffer a stroke whilst still preventing him or her from being slaughtered by the enemy. The rest (except the mages), were all adquate but not to the same level. The archers provided covering fire which could force enemy forces to remain immobile or slaughter them from the sky. But if any infantry forces came in contact them they would melt like the butter a hot knife went through. Whilst the skirmishers were decent they were the run of the line soldiers. Their strength was mainly in numbers and whilst they could prove effective they were generally more likely to die and be replaced. Then there were the mages, the mages were quite important. They provided heavy fire support. Breaking the lines of the enemy and countering the heavy troops of the enemy. Whilst few in number they were excellent in dealing with heavy infantry. With their spells blasting through the lines and allowing morale to be shattered. Still, this was all in the background of Haserick’s mind as he admired the soldiers. At his side were two people, those who were unofficially called ‘left and right’ as they executed the will of Haserick quickly and efficiently. These were Braika and Boderoc, female and male, brother and sister. Boderoc was the economic advisor of Haserick whilst Braika the military one. Originally they served as his lieutenants in the border guard whilst hunting bandits but now they helped him run the kingdom. Whilst they inspected the troops Braika spoke up. “The troops are decent but they need better. If we ever come up against the Imperial legions we will easily be beaten. We need to have a stronger officer corps and more investment into the academy. The initative of last year was a good start but it is simply not enough. We need to put the majority of our budget into the military academy as well as expanding our number of troops” This was quickly counter by Boderoc. “I disagree, we should focus on our economy. Seeing as we have no intention of conquest and mainly of defense growing our economy is the best way to gain more influence nad power. A military is good for levrage but economic power trumps military during diplomacy. On top of that creating a strong economy means that in the long run a stronger army can be maintained. Thus I say we should put the majority of our budget into improving the economy.” Boderick then seemed to think for a moment. “To be specific, we should expand our road network. Expanding our road network allows traders to travel between our cities faster as well as allowing faster deployment of troops. Making it give benefits both for the economy and for the military.” Haserick then considered the two different arguments for a moment. Weighing the costs and benefits of both approaches. As he did so Haserick rubbed his beard a little. Looking off into the distance as he came to a conclusion. “We shall take a combination of both. The majority of our resources will got to expanding our road network. Ten thousand septims to be exact. Whilst six thousand septims will go to finishing the military academy. Seeing as we have no immediate threat at our borders means we should not unduly expand our military. On top of that it is neccesary to keep some money in the treasury in case of emergencies.” Both of his advisors nodded at this. Both not completely satisfied but satisfied enough. But that is the way of things, when you rule it is inevitable that some will dislike your decisions. It is like diplomacy, the best solution is the one both sides hate just as much as the other. Army: Cavalry: 500 mounted palace guards, 1000 light cavalry Infantry: 1000 palace guards, 3000 skirmishers Misc.: 2000 archers, 50 mages Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 0 septims Trade: 3k septims Total: 19k septims Treasury: 5k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: Total: 0k septims In order to fully finish the military academy of the kingdom a further 6000 septims are invested into the project. In order to make sure that the officers of the kingdom would be skilled enough. (6000 Septims)(2000 previous turns) (MOD) Economy: 10k is spent investing into the road system of the kingdom. Allowing trade to facilitate between the major cities of the kingdom as well as allowing the military to deploy faster in case of war. (10k septims) Diplomacy: An envoy is sent to Sentinel proposing that Haserick will marry one of the young female members of the royal dynasty in order to facilitate an alliance and expand Rihad’s royal family and secure Haserick heris [MOD]
  7. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Yngbald, observed the happenings inside his tree with a smile and laughed. He delighted in seeing great cunning and wit of Sylvaniel. It was a tad bit unfortunate that the artifact was lost but that was only a minor inconvenience. It was not his main goal in any case and he had no doubt a being like Sylvaniel would use if most effectively. But this encounter with his fellow godling had shown Yngbald that he would need to be able to defend himself. If Wol-Kot or another god ever interfered negatively with his experiments he would need to be able to ward them away. Thus Yngbald set himself the task of creating an avatar for his divine being. To speak to the mortals and to manifest his will in the mortal realm. In contrasts to the fellow gods the avatar of Yngbald is humble. It is a shapeshifter, being able to take the forms of any race so as to be able to blend in and speak with the races. This form usually is a cloaked figure under a dark cloak that hides it’s face. Or any other form it desires. But when the avatar of Yngbald needs to impress people or express divinity it shall take a special form. A form with which to inspire awe and fear. Picture of the avatar of Yngbald in it’s special form This avatar of Yngbald shall be known as ‘Ahriman’ to those mortals it speaks to. With the size of a normal humanoid but with a great knowledge of magic and other laws of the world. When he was finished with pouring his power into a avatar for his power he took a moment to regain his bearings. It was an odd sensation, departing with your power in order to create something greater. However it was also so satisfying. Yngbald’s eye then turned to the seas. Here he saw the Kyrkal, powerful and sentient beings. However Yngbald found them, lacking. They did not exemplify what he imagined the ocean world needed most. The ocean world needed a more intelligent and cunning being. One with a great imagination and potential for growth. Beings not restricted in their growth by short lifespans. No he needed something else. As Yngbald watched the seas he noticed something. He saw a being rise up onto the surface and take in air before retreating into the depth’s once more. He saw it’s agile form, but more importantly, it’s great intelligence. He intently watched as the creature and it’s pack started to hunt fish near his folly. Though far away from any of the monsters that travelled in the cursed waters. This race had great potential but they just missed a few things. Whilst intelligent they were not yet sentient and neither could they handle tools or tread on land if needed. Thus Yngbald brought a group of these creatures to his undgerground temple and transformed them. He added two legs to the creature and gave it a pair of arms. Allowing it to tread on land and swim under the sea. Then he gave the creature the gift of sentience. Gifting it with increased intelligence, creativity ,curiosity and magic. Making them great thinkers, inventors and explorers. A race dedicated to growth. Almost entirely a representation of what Yngbald desired most. Making it able to adapt and invent great things. However, in order to compensate for their gifts these creatures are less fertile than most mortals. With it being enough to grow and multiply and survive. But it means that they won’t replenish losses quickly. Finally Yngabld gave the creatures a name, the Myrdians. One of the two sentient races of the sea Image of a male and female Myrdian AP income: Rolls: 5ap Less than 4 ap: 0ap Stored ap: 15 ap Total ap: 20ap AP spendage: 10ap, Creating ‘Ahriman’ the avatar of Ynbald 10ap, creating the Myrdian’s. A race of sea creatures that Yngbald forcefully evolved
  8. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad Haserick sat in his throne room, contemplating what course of action he should take. He had only recently come to power into his position and defeated the usurper that had tried to take his family’s lands. However, due to retaking his birthright most of the army was in disarray and had been scattered as well as weakened. Thus he needed to build up the military of the nation once more. To make sure it was safe from both threats inside and outside of the realm. Considering that his domain was bordered by two imperial duchies it was important he could defend himself in case of any attacks. However, he also needed men to control the countryside. Bandits were always notorious and would always rise up at the first signs of weakness. Thus he needed a strong military to crush any bandits already in his lands as well as discouraging any other peasants from taking up the job of a thug. Inevitably he would also need to improve the lot of the citizens and peasants but that was later in the future. A realm first needed to be able to defend itself and it’s citizenry before it could attend to the wishes of the citizens. Haserick mind then drifted off to the quality of troops. During the battle to retake Rihad from the usurper he had noticed that his troops did not have enough organisation. They were mostly led by uneducated sergeants who did not have the skills neccesary to make the force fight effective. Thus he would need to train better officers in order to properly lead his troops. Thus Haserick called for a meeting with his closest advisors and explained his plans and ordered them to be executed as he desired. Army: Cavalry: 500 mounted palace guards, 1000 light cavalry Infantry: 1000 palace guards, 3000 skirmishers Misc.: 2000 archers, 50 mages Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 0 septims Total: 16k septims Treasury: 2k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: 500 mounted palace guard (2500 septims) 1000 palace guards (2500 septims) 2000 archers (1000 septims) 1000 light cavalry (1000 septims) 3000 skirmishers (3000 septims) 50 mages (2000 septims) Total: 12k septims The beginning of a military academy is set up in order to train good officers for Haserick’s army. Considering that proper leadership was very important for a functioning military force (2000 Septims) (MOD) Diplomacy: Envoys are sent to the kingdoms of Wayrest, Sentinel and Hegathe in order to discuss the possibilities of trade agreements as well as inquiring about the royal dynasties of these kingdoms having any young daughters to marry off [MOD]
  9. Roberik

    1912; The Great War

    The Empire of Japan  Sai Weng lost horse, how know not your blessing. (Sorry for the lack of rp, I’ll try to add more later) Actions Seeing the signs of the Dutch flu but mainly seeing the need for better medical care for soldiers a medical branch of the military is set up. These medics are to aid in pandemics but mainly to provide better healing for soldiers to make sure soldiers survive and can return to war quickly. [MOD] The Japanese navy is expanded once more with 4 armored cruisers, 20 patrol boats and 10 destroyers being added to the Japanese navy. [MOD] Fighting in Indonesia commences[Will PM Harry] -In order to get more men to work in the R&D division as well as getting more skilled workers several universities are set up accros China & Korea. These are to educate the people in various skills like engineering, medicine, chemistry etc. that can be used both for research as well as the good of soceity. The hope is that these universiteis will also create a larger upper class in China and Korea. [MOD] -The research division of Japan is ordered to focus on improving the quality of Japanese ships. Or more specifically the quality of the ship hulls. As well as improving the sealed compartments reverse-engineerded from the Germans. This is so as to increase the durability of the ship and make it able to resist shots by the enemy better. [MOD]
  10. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Yngbald, satisfied with his creation and lacking creativity in what to create decided to take a rest. He had done his work and it was not yet time for a race of his to be created yet. He had ideas but he would first need to observe the other gods to make a final decision. Thus Yngbald slep for an age, making no impact on the world this year. Sleeping inside of his tree in an oaken throne. AP income: Rolls: 12ap Less than 4 ap: 1ap Stored ap: 2 ap Total ap: 15ap AP spendage: 15ap, stored for next turn
  11. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (OOC)

    Holding you wish to play: Kingdom of Rihad Leader name: Haserick Redfist Haserick Redfist was the 3rd born son of the previous king of Rihad. As he was the 3rd born son of the previous king he was not expected to become the next ruler.(Though he was trained to rule just in case something happened to the other two heirs.) Thus Haserick trained to become a military commander for his elder brother. But Haserick did not merely learn to fight in personal combat but he also learned tactics and gained a fascination with technology. Often going to the siege workship to learn how the catapults and other devices worked. When he was 16 he got a position as captain. He was tasked with clearing out dens of bandits and did his task dutifully and effectively until an event happened that changed his life. Back at home a major noble tried to usurp the kingdom from the Redfist dynasty. He was sucessfull in killing Haserick’s father, mother and two elder brothers but not him. Haserick then returned to his home, slew the usurper though at great cost of the kingdom’s armed forces. Now Haserick will rule the king kingdom, but the question is. Will he manage to bring it to glory ? Skype name: You have it
  12. Roberik

    1912; The Great War

    The Empire of Japan  Sai Weng lost horse, how know not your blessing. (Rp will be added later, this is just to make things easier for Kaiser) Actions CHUU CHUU, HERE COMES THE TRAIN. Railwork continues in China. This year the goal which is aimed for is to have finished a railway connection to all of occupied China’s cities and major settlements. [MOD] Seeing the horrified attrocities commited by the Dutch brave journalists and photographers are encouraged and allowed to go to Indonesia. They are ordered/reccomended to make phots of the VOC commiting atrocities and then publicise these photos. These are then to spread around Asia and the West to show the atrocities being commited against the judge and turning international opinion against them. [MOD] Meanwhilst Japanese soldiers and those soldiers interested are allowed to join a division of volunteers. This division is to fight in Indonesia and only consists of real volunteers. These soldiers are to primarily aid Indonesian troops on the isle of Java. Meanwhilst the Japanese navy is sent to practice their speciality once more, blockade. The Japanese navy whilst not stopping food transport will stop the transport of any Dutch troops to the Indonesian peninsula and forecefully redirect weapon shipments to the natives [MOD] -In the major cities of China, at least the ones connected with a railway, high schools are set up. These high schools are set up in order to educate the Chinese youth in the ideals of Tanoism but more importantly to educate skilled laborers. This is done so as to ensure that in the future the empire will not suffer from a lack of skilled laborers. As was being showcased in the Western part of the empire at this moment. [MOD] -The voting for the well...... voting laws begin. The voting is concerned with lowering the wealth requirement of voting to the level that the middle class can vote for the Japanese Diet. However, there is no full-fledged universal male suffrage yet. The government encourages this bill to pass whilst the Japanese meritocratic party dutifully supports it. [MOD]
  13. Clan Ordo Actions -A search is done for a hypermatter generator. Looking to see if there are any on the planets -The Mandalorians begin entering the territory of Andwell. Getting in contact with the elements of the cities and spreading the news they are open for some mercenary work. -The offer of the Eidichi scientists are accepted and the experimental shielding technology will be incorperated into the Clan Ordo fighers. -A scan is done to search for criminal elements which harras or raid minor villages just like Tribian. And to find the location of their bases. -SCAR training continues for the Imperials
  14. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress Yngbald looked at the result of his hard work and just let out a sad sigh. It was a shame, that such a grand experiment could not be employed, or was at least delayed. But he supposed this was an experiment in it’s own way. Finding out what happened if Ao was angered. He supposed it was a result of his own hubris. After his grand sleep and the start of another era Yngbald looked at his adamantine tree. He was delighted to see that the mortals were starting to decipher his runic code and were prospering in his forest. Yngbald wanted to create an avatar but realized that he did not have the power to do so. Neither could he create another race. He might be able to create a subrace of these Nyren but what use would it be. Yngbald then debated what to do, to either spare his energy or to create some kind of artifact. But what sort of artifact could he create. Then an idea fluttered in the mind of Yngbald. Knowledge was power, and any civilization to arise around his adamantine tree would be sure to desire knowledge. He could make a book but his tree was already a book in essence, and he could create one later. No, the people who would come here should be able to gain knowledge. To be able to observe natural phenonema safely without getting too close or to gain knowledge of their enemies. And as such in the deepest chamber of his adamantine tree Yngbald created a representation of the world sphere. One of hard light. But that was not all that was to it, the user of the artifact can make it focus on one particulair area. To a microscopic level if needed. On top of that mere walls will not stop the gaze of this artifact. Allowing the user to hear, see and read whatever it wanted. Becoming a great tool for mortals to gain information in the future. But then Yngbald supposed, there would need to be something more to the artifact. So rather than just allowing the artifact to go through walls he allowed it to see past other things. To look into the dreams of other beings. As well as allowing the users to look past any amount of solid objects. Thus allowing the user to aquire forbidden knowledge but at their own risk. Meaning that if some people too hard they would go mad. Then Yngbald added a final touch to the map. He made it so that the map could also be transformed to show the pathways of magic. THe possibilities but also the dangers. To show mortal being when fluctuations would occur or how to best manipulate and attain magical power. When he was finshed Yngbald was tired. Then he sat down on a small throne of roots that allowed him to be seated. He then closed his eyes and slumbered once more. AP income: Rolls: 6ap Less than 4 ap: 1ap Stored ap: 2 ap Total ap: 9ap AP spendage: 6ap, creating the ‘eye’ of Yngbald. (artifact) 3ap, stored for next turn
  15. Roberik

    1912; The Great War

    The Empire of Japan The Journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. Tōgū-gogakumonsho, that was the name of a university on mainland Japan. One highly appraised accros the nation and one which was for a large part focused on one particulair student. Hirohito Yamamato, also known as the heir apparent of the empire of Japan. Right now Hirohito was 16 years of age. Whilst in appearance he might have been similair to any other Japanese teenager he had much greater responsibility. With his father’s ailing health he was suspected to become Imperial regent sometime soon but right now that was not the priority. Right now he was having a philosopohy/history lesson with Sugiura Shigetake, an elder statesmen who was now focused on the eduction of Japan. The two of them sat cross-legged on a carpet whilst between them was a low-levelled mahogany table with several books on it. Sugiura was now speaking to Hirohito. “My Prince, we have often talked about philosophy’s about the past but let us now focus on an important philosophy that is growing to be quite important, Tanoism.” The teacher then began to spoke in a lecturing voice. “As you might know Tanoism was created by the Korean Nu-Dong-Gun. He had seen the events on the Western front and seeing suffering from both the Chinese, Korean and Japanese soldiers saw the need for them to stay united. Because he also saw the looming threat of the West, who wish to increase their power at the cost of any other nation.” Hirohito nodded at this, listening intently to what his teacher was saying. Considering that it was an extremely important and active ideology. “In the Issho Ni Tsuyoko, Nu-Dong-Gon expressed three core tenents: 1. The need for a strong Asian state 2. The economic recover of China and 3. The folly of the Chinese warlords.” ”The first part is both the most important and the most relevant. The need of a strong Asian state is emphasised by showing the actionsof the European and for a large part allowing the reader to form a conclusion. It cites stories from the Opium wars until the battle of Bohai Bay where the Germans interefered with Asian affairs. The Issho Ni Tsuyoko emphasises that in order to withstand the pressure from Imperialist European powers a strong Asian nation is needed. With the only nation being viable to spearhead this Asian state being the Empire. ” Hirohito realized this and Sugiura did not have to explain why the Empire of Japan was the only option. China was too fractured and Thailand was too weak. Whilst the rest of Asia was dominated by European powers. Thus leaving the responsibility of Asia under the empire. In the future under him. “The second, in contrast, focused on the recovery of China. This is needed in order to gain the support of our Chinese subjects as well as make that part of the empire more profitable. Making it easier for the Chinese territories to become assets for the empire rather than a pit that simply swallows up resources and manpower.” Hirohito thought about this. It was a logical solution after all. In his military lessons it was made clear what the costs of occupying foreign territories was. The garrisons needed and the measures that would need to be employed. Applying a military occupation accros a country so vast as China would be near impossible. ((TO BE CONTINUED LATER)) Actions More work is put into building railroads to connect the cities of China. With the Japanese Government seeing the economic benefits a good railway system can bring as well as faster mobilization and troop movement accros China. Thus works on the Chinese railroads continue. [MOD] On top of that the ideological war continues. Japanese ‘missionaires’ continue to ‘convert’ the socialists to the Tanoist cause. Whilst also doing their best to improve relations with the Socialist faction. This is so the two nation can get a closer bond with each other. [MOD] At the same time more work is done in Indonesia. First of all the Japanese representatives proceed to set up a plan for the Indonesians to gain their independence. The plan involves both a peaceful and more militarily focused approach. First of all, on an unspecified date, a revolution will start. With the start of the revolution protests will start on the streets with the Indonesians demanding their independence. At the same time armed Indonesians militia groups will occupy Dutch garrisons. Making sure that the islands of Indonesia can quickly be stabilised and aquired by the Indonesians if neccesary. Though the attempt to subdue the garrison should be as bloodless as possible. Making sure to first offer surrender and good prisoner treatment until the Dutch government acknowledges INdonesian independence. The Japanese will also secretly smuggle in 50k guns and equipment of demobilized troops and reserves. On top of sending in several staff officers to make sure that the revolution will be well organized and will sucseed in a swift stroke of succes. Hopefully making the revolution quick and relatively bloodless [MOD] In order to continue improving the local economy of China and to increase the prosperity of the occupied territories the government sponsors several industrial projects in China. Sponsering new steel mills, new factories etc. with much of the factories being built in Tianjin where Japanese machines can easily be imported. This is so as to both increase the industrial output both in times of peace and in times of war. With the factories allowing the production of goods that will improve the standard of living accros Japanese China. [MOD] -A plan is set up to vote for the new voting laws the next year. In order to properly review the laws and subsection and to allow both sides of the debate to prepare their arguments [No mod] On top of that the army is demobilized. With the number of active soldiers reduced to 800k and reserves to 200k. With the number of active soldiers before the war increased so as to deal with the newly aquired territories. [No Mod required] -An alliance is formed with Brazil