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  1. County of Evermore Actions 2 ap is spent recruiting 500 more men 1 ap is spent improving the covert agents 2 ap is spent on training good archers for the army to be used in battle or to be used in ambushes as well as a small infantry group to fight in guerrilla warfare in the future
  2. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace, Imperial office The light was on in the imperial office even as it was almost completely dark outside except for few spots of lights indicating other places where people were still awake. Here Alexander Varellion emperor of the IRM thought about the current situation at hand. The southern galactic war was the biggest war the humans had ever seen, it was almost beyond what people could have imagined back on earth. Corrupters and Keerim in the east, the Karrass civil war in the west and the Kalronians in the south all potentially dangerous for the IRM. Of those Alexander worried mainly about the Kalronians. They had a reputation of being fanatic purgers and were known for not being the most tolerant of beings. And the IRM had a former asset of theirs above their very heads as Alexander looked into the sky where the moon was. It could prove a huge potential boon in the future yet for now it also proved a great liability and possible target for the Kalronians. Even if the Kalronians wouldn't attack there were still the Han to worry about who would attack them if they ever showed that they were weak. Yes many threats and possible threats were there for the IRM. Some might call Alexander paranoid but paranoia had made him become one of the largest corporations on earth and managing to get him to have a colony ship to Mars originally. Paranoia whilst unfound could either prove a slight disadvantage or a great boon, mostly the latter when you were leading a nation, especially one with the circumstances the current colonies were in. Luckily he had gotten what he possibly needed and now the time was there to prepare. Soon the Kalronians would attack, it was almost inevitable in Alexander's mind, they would come to get the facility to produce more replicants in the war against the Ganvius where very extra boon could be just what tipped the balance. That war would be huge, these two colossi had been preparing for this war for decades and in this situation all human colonies were just ants, though possibly really helpful or annoying ants. Soon the day of reckoning would come for the IRM in one way or another. Soon it would be seen who lives and survives and all this was on his shoulders, every death would be his fault as well as every survivor, it was a hard burden knowing a whole nation depended on you, though not a populous nation it was still a nation with more than 300.000 brave souls living in it. Yes it was time to prepare to make sure that the IRM would survive the storm to come, he felt that he was being judged by the gods or some other great beings, this would either be his greatest achievement or his greatest achievement. War was coming Actions 5 ap is spent fortifying the planet of Novam Domum 5 ap is spent fortifying the moon base In both projects, especially the moon base one, the newly gained technology will be applied 0 ap is spent colonizing the planet with xylorite on it 0 ap is spent making sure only high command knows of what some of the weapons are used for and the inquisition makes sure it is kept that way Military 4500 soldiers in mark I power armor 10.000 soldiers total 10.000 citizens registered as reserves 40.000 militia in case of an invasion population: 310,500
  3. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace, Imperial office Alexander Varellion emperor of the IRM and protector of humanity contemplated the current galactic situation, inside of his office. Things were not looking good. The southern galaxy was in crisis, the Keerim and Corrupters just kept growing stronger and even now a civil war was going on inside the Karras Dominion. Things were not looking good and from now on things were only going to escalate. At least he could hope that the Keerim did not unleash something beyond their power if they attacked the Ganvius nation. Whilst Alexander did fear the Keerim he feared the Ystor much much more. Whilst the Keerim would annex them and oppress them if they could even reach the IRM and defeat the Trialition and the Protorians and Redons they would at least not purge them in comparison to the Ystor. Yes, he needed to provide adequate defenses. Yet he knew that there could be a possible exchange and he should if he could help the Karras with their internal war. He would do this since the Ystor were a good trading partner and it could provide better relations with the loyalists. Yes he had some things on mind. Another note to self Alexander though, he would need to get better education, maybe he could get some aliens to give them a galactic standard education but for now he would simply improve the education he has. Yes things would be good eventually. Actions 5 ap is spent on producing weapons and ammunation for the Karras loyalists in the civil war 2 ap is spent on project shadowblade 1 ap is spent on improving education (Rp will be added later, this is just so you won't have to wait for me) population: 295,000
  4. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, industrial district, warehouse Joshua Smith was not a man that would stand out in a crowd. He seemed as regular as a person could be, he had normal jeans, shoes and shirt and to the untrained eye he would seem to be a normal person. Yet those trained to truly see a person could see with his body language and eyes that he was no normal person and was rather shady. This was true, Joshua Smith was the leader of a local gang of drug dealers called the harbingers. This group had been established around 12 years AIM (After Imperial founding,the unofficial calendar in the IRM) and had managed to mostly stay hidden. For now. Joshua was looking over the men working in the warehouse on top of the raised platform from which he could see all that was going on inside the factory. There were around a dozen guards standing guard and a few dozen men working on processing the cocaine plants into the good stuff. Joshua took pride in knowing that he was the largest drug dealer and one of the large boys on the small criminal sector of the IRM. He sold regular amounts of cocaine and other drugs to the poorer parts of society who had a low income and were in a bad state emotionally taking advantage of them. From this Joshua gained a large amount of money which he used to expand and maintain his operations whilst also giving himself some luxuries. Then suddenly Joshua felt a feeling of dread and felt goosebumps spreading around him as if a forewarning. But that is unlikely, what could happen they were safe secure and had been working for years not being noticed under being the guise of being a normal storage warehouse. Then Joshua saw some of the doors open lightly and almost unnoticeably like they had simply been opened by the wind and were not secured properly but the weird thing was that they were all opening a small part all at the same time. Then Joshua just at the edge of his senses felt something clanging against the door and tried to give a warning before large flashes came and his senses were overwhelmed for around 10 seconds. As he returned to his senses Joshua quickly noticed that in the short time almost all of his guards had been taken out and a large group of men with black clothing and golden trimmings in their clothes made of a secure material. Seeing the hopeless situation Joshua tried to flee through the back door before he was roughly lifted up by his shoulders and he got smashed in the stomach by a hard cold fist, most likely some gloves padded with a strong material. Then after the pain settled Joshua looked up at the man in front of him. The man looked to be around his 30's and had a scar on his face and a grim look in his face. Though at the moment he had a malicious grin plastered on his face which gave Joshua a feeling of dread. Then as Joshua looked up at the man with around the same standard clothes as the rest of the men who stormed the compound but with more decorations and a small golden double headed eagle at the right side of his chest he felt his curiosity outweigh his sense of safety and sense. "Who....o... are you all and what are you doing here ?" Joshua said trying to look and sound brave but ending up sounding scared and fearful. Then if possible the malicious smile on top of the man's face grew even larger and Joshua felt his goosebumps and fear getting even worse as the man spoke few words. "No one expects the Imperial inquisition." Joshua heard before he saw the fist of the large man approach his head before feeling a sharp pain around his temple and then there was nothing. Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace, Imperial office Alexander Varellion, first of his name emperor of the IRM, protector of humanity and guardian of freedom as called so by many was in a call with inquisitor Allisandor Carrow. "So how did the raid go agent carrow ?" Alexandra asked through the call with an inquisitive look on his face. It all went according to plan and efficiently, there were no casualties, only a few small wounds and the leader of the operation has been captured and is being prepared for interrogation." Alexander then mused to himself for a few moments before making a decision "Go medium interrogation level on him, mostly psychological and light physical interrogation. Yes my lord." Allisandor responded showing only a slight displeasure before Alexander shut off his com and thought back on his recent action. Whilst there had not been any spies found inside the colony the inquistion had proven sufficient in tracking down criminal groups and other dangerous organizations and Alexander was pleased. Yet now it was time not to focus anymore on tech, politics or even the military, this year it was time to do some good old domestic investment. For some time he had focused on preparing for battle and getting soldiers to battle and that had proven sufficient in accomplishing his goals, though the incident in Han space was definetely less than satisfactory the losses were acceptable considering that there was not much invested into the fleet anyway. Now with his personal opinion and several factions pushing for it the IRM was going more isolationistic which now included simply focus on matters inside the state. Things were going to be good and soon all would go as planned Actions 4 ap is spent investing into industry to make more and better quality products for citizens inside the IRM and any excess products to be sold to their trade partners. 2 ap is spent into finishing the colony ship 2 ap is spent on a campaign to encourage people to have more children, around 6 per family preferably and to improve child services to help parents take care of the children. Furthermore the more children a family has the family gets larger tax cuts. 0 ap is spent on Imperial elections after some issues with the voting system Army 10.000 soldiers 4500 men in power armor population: 281,250 Imperials
  5. County of Evermore Uther looked from his letter in concentration and a snarl on his face as he had heard the news. There had been a victory and Wayrest had been conquered but at what cost, his army was depleted and he was vulnerable to any possible counter attacks, he would need to make sure the consolidate his position first before making any more offensive moves. His enemy would most likely come to attack his position and try to drive him out of Wayrest. Now he had to make sure that the people in Wayrest would not be able to or would want to revolt against him and he needed to prepare for the inevitable attack that was cominig. Uther feared what might be ahead of him, he felt that the threat was greater than he had originally appreciated and that whilst he would most likely win this conflict it would possible be at grave costs as seen by the first strike. It would be nice if he could have some people helping him with taking out the Orisimer and then he realised something. He had been an idiot, whilst he had sent men to his neighbours in High Rock he hadn't send any to other people in High Rock. Even though they would most likely not immediately join in with the war he could at least know what the stance was of the other provinces and what the best approach would be to them, he did not hope war, a peaceful annexation was much more preferable. Actions 2 ap is spent recruiting 500 more men 1 ap is spent on consolidating power in Wayrest by putting the former guards out of service and to go through extensive testing to see if he was loyal to lord Uther and by giving gifts and entertainment to the people of Evermore 1 ap is spent preparing for a possible counter-attack 0 ap is spent sending diplomats to all provinces of High Rock, except Wayrest which he was at war with and Farrun and Gehenna where the situation was complicated to say the least. 1 ap is spent giving any hunter or other people who have information on any approaching armies a decent amount of gold so he would have an initial warning of where and when the Orisimir army came from and to get enough time to get a response, further if possible small group of soldiers with help of the hunters will attempt to ambush the supply lines of any approaching armies
  6. Imperial Republic of Mankind Actions 4 ap is spent on public projects to increase the entertainment value in the IRM and morale 2 ap is spent establishing the inquisition, a counter-espionage organization to deal with any foreign spies. 2 ap is spent Working on a colony ship 0 ap the elections happen Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace, Imperial office Alexander Varellion thrice elected emperor of the IRM looked down from the high point in his office to the city below him. He had achieved so much in these two decades, he had seen a new generation be born and made the IRM prosper. But now he wondered if he was really teh one for the job, especially after the catastrophe. So much Imperial lives lost, most because of fighting for the greater good but more than 500 died because of his own stupid greed for technology. He could not have known what would have happened but that did not mean he wasn't responsible, it was his fault. Alexander had not been wise, he had forgot Napoleon's words 'don't wake the Chinese dragon' and now he had felt the consequences. Strategically he had not lost much in hindsight, there had not bee much investment in the fleet anyway and the 500 men were expendalbe on a strategic level, but it was a moral loss and a political one with SATO disbanding. Still what was potentially worse were all the factions in the senate and soceity rising up. Oh the factions all loyal to him but all headaches and possible threats if any grew too large. First there was the Democrats who supported capitalistic ideals and were mostly merchants, they had the main goal of preserving democracy. In some way their polar opposites were the Royalists, these were the group who said that the emperor was teh ultimate leader of the IRM and who were in favor of changing the governmnet into a constitutional monarchy. Finally the last major faction were the militarists, these group had recently grown in popularity and proposed getting a larger army and more military presence to defend themselves from any threats. There were also a number of smaller factions like the Isolationists and theHumanity first organization but most were too small to make an effect. He appeased all groups and agreed with them but he didn't want any one group to grow too large and disturb the balance. Lately a great problem was that the radicals in many factions had been growing in size. Whilst they were still small they could prove a danger to soceity. The two real dangerous radicals were the Warhawks and the Cult Imperialis. The warhawks were an organization that said they should go to war with the Han dominion and gain their revenge whilst the Cult Imperialis were a group of fanatics who believed the emperor was a demi-god and some even believed he was a god, which was completely untrue. Now there were also the elections which had gained some ruckus but not much was expected except him getting elected again. The real question was with how much of a majority would he win with the latest events that happened. Alexander knew he had to deal with the threat the Han dominion formed in the hearts and minds of his people. Thuse, he needed to make sure that there was a lot of holo movies and other things to make sure the threat of them was mostly forgotten or at least reduced. Adding to this there was an organization he wanted to have founded some times ago Then Alex gained a malicious smile and if any others had seen him they would have shivered thinking about what plan the emperor had thought of. Yes it was time, No one would expect the Imperial inquisition. Army 10.000 soldiers 4,500 with power armor Population: 271,000 Imperials
  7. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Tassarean space, capital of Tassarea, southern continent, the frontline It was chaos on the battlefield. In the forests and plains of Tassarea, shots and warcries could be heard accros the battlefield. Humans in Imperial armor and guns stood side by side as they shot towards the menace that was approaching them. They stood on even ground or on the bodies of the Corrupter menace. These were horrible beings mutated into a dangerous biological killing machine which's only purpose was to kill. Swarms of these despicable creatures were spread around the planet as the united force of humans and Tassareans fought back to keep them away from the cities. The lines of both the Imperials and the Corrupters slowly came close together with the sounds of the armored feet of Power armor walking on the ground was heard close-by and the thunderous sound of gun fire from both the Imperials and the corrupters viciously fought each other. Gunnery sergeant Allisandor Carrow was among these men, he was a man applauded by his commanders as strategic minded and brave though he could be rash in certain situation. This could be seen on the battlefield as the sergeant methodically shot at any corrupters in sight and took cover behind the bodies of the corrupters or even his own comrades who's power armored suits slowly died down as the power supply was cut and gaping bullet holes in the armor shredded into the original occupant. Then suddenly sergeant Carrow saw as the distance between the groups were closed that the Corrupters straight up put their guns away and charged at them with their weapons wether they be real weapons or parts of their organic bodies. As they came closer sergeant Carrow ordered his men to mount their bayonets on their guns and they shot their final few volleys towards the approaching mass of claws and teeth came closer. Then the Imperials with their power armor and the Corrupters with their organic bodies quickly closed the distance between each other and clashed together. Men fought beast as the men with the screaming hydraulics of their power armor pierced their Itoron bayonets into the flesh of the corrupters yet for those who took out the corrupters there were also many who were taken down by the corrupters as they bravely died fighting the corrupters until their claws pierced into their armor and into their bodies finally delivering the finishing blow. The clash went bad, many corrupters died and for every Imperial that died there were at least two corrupters to be dragged down with them. Yet the raw numbers and seemingly endless horde of the Corrupters just kept coming and slowly fewer and fewer of the Imperials were left remaining. First sergeant Carrow stood together with his squad yet he saw as over the course of hours his men began being taken out by the Corrupters even as they courageously fought on. He could see that they were growing fewer whilst the Corrupters just kept in coming and he saw how the company was starting to lose cohesion. Then the lines slowly but surely started to break until all that were left were a few isolated group of men fighting until they were to be taken out and as only 4 of his men remained Allisandor realized that if they were going to stay there they would die. Then he ordered all of his troops that were left remaining and once permission was given by Commander Dante he and the few remnants of the 2nd Imperial heavy infantry company gathered at a central point and were taken to the Imperial supply depot behind the frontline. Even with this journey many of the Imperials died either by Corrupter ambushes or by dying of infection. Yet the Imperials through heavy work and harsh trials arrived at the Imperial supply depot. From the second company a full company with the strength of 2500 Imperials were now only a measly 23 men left reaming. Later sergeant Carrow heard that the other regiment had also taken heavy casualties with there now only being 1250 Imperial remaining of the original 5000, victory had been won but at what cost. Actions 4 ap is spent reluctantly helping with rebuilding the Han station 2 ap is spent constructing a new frigate 2 ap is spent helping the children by understanding their language and getting caring good people to take care of them (the information about the children would be kept secret from the public and the galactic community) 0 ap is spent repairing the power armor from the battle of Tassarea 0 ap is spent attending the farmer's market at Utopie 0 ap is making the news of the defeat rather than creating mistrusts in the governmet is made to make people feel anger at the Han and other groups through the media Army 5950 soldiers 950 men in power armor
  8. County of Evermore Location: County of Evermore. Uther looked at the map and letter he had just gotten. The news was good it seemed there was already some dissent at Wayrest. Now he would exploit that situation and liberate the Bretons from cruel Orisium rule. Actions 3 ap is spent on taking over Wayrest. In Wayrest all agents and some of the people who were agreeing with the cause of Wayrest and are skilled in stealth are going to make sure that at late night after evening (0:00) would take over the gatehouse as stealthily as possible to make sure that the soldiers in Wayrest don't know of what is going on. Furthermore some other dissenters are readied to help the Imperials once they are readied, At around 19:00 1500 soldiers of the county march towards the city of Wayrest and if the gate is opened by the agents would go in and slaughter the Orisium garrison. If the gate was not opened at night and if the Orisium are not alerted would use ladders to climb up the walls. 1 ap is spent making making ladders and other simple siege equipment to stealthily go up the walls and into Wayrest. A letter is delivered to New Orisium by bird as the troops set off and most likely arriving when the operation is finished or the army has already arrived at the city To the chief or High chief, You have been a cruel ruler and reprised the Bretons of your land and favoring your own race against them. I see them oppressed by your troops and I see how they are yearning for a chance to become one with their Breton brothers and sisters. You are a threat to the unity of High Rock and I will unite High Rock whatever the costs. Signed, Lord Uther of Evermore Military: 2000 soldiers Population: 12880
  9. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial square in front of the palace. Alexander Varellion emperor of the IRM steeled his features as thousands of people watched him on the Imperial square. He had called for a conference to tell the people the hard news of what happened and what was to come. Alexander did not like this and he would understand if his people didn't like it but it needed to happen. His decisions would most likely cause the deaths of thousands but it could possibly save the lives of billions though this would not be guaranteed. Alexander then spoke up and started his speech which could change the whole of the IRM though the question is whether it would be for good or worse. "My people, recently bad news has come, the USA has fallen under the clutches of the vile Keerim Imperium and the Corrupters are threatening to destroy the Tassarean Republic." "These names sound far away and you might think that it is not relevant to us but it is." "At this very moment millions of sentients are dying just because of sick abominations like on the moon." "The truth of the matter is, there will always be monsters, no matter what circumstances there are." "Men die because of the vile desires of these monsters and if none stop them these monsters will control everything." "That is how it always was and how it will always be." "Yet the proof of a great man is not to do the easy thing but to do what is right and almost always doing what is right is much harder than doing what is easy yet without such men civilization and freedom falls." "Such monsters are in the east of the galaxy killing thousands by the day, now they may be far away but if they are not stopped then it will be YOUR friends and family who will all die or live under oppression their whole lives never seeing the light of freedom and liberty." "So my people do you want to do nothing and stand aside as these monsters kill millions, threaten your families and your freedom, will you stand aside as they will take away all that is good in this galaxy." Then the crowd inspired by the speech would cry in approval and cry that they would not stand aside Alexander would continue "No we will not, we are Imperials we are one of the last vestiges of humanity and we will do what is right no matter the costs, we will have to put our prejudices aside, we will need to push past our common believes to make sure that we will do the right thing.", "That is all for now my people, may fortune shine upon the Imperial Republic." Alexander would then move away from the podium with cries of approval sounding behind him. Location: Novam Domum, Imperial office The emperor of the IRM Alexander Varellion looked at the galactic map and several screens showing the galactic situation and it was not good. War was brewing in the wester galaxy with a conflict between the Protorians and Backhatta defending against the Karras. Meanwhilst the galactic East was in a full on war with the Tripatirate, Grgl, Tassareans and the majority of the human colonies fighting against the Keerim and the corrupters. The situation was dire and whilst he knew that the IRM itself was not directly threatened he knew that if he would not interfere there was a very good chance the Tassarean republic would fall, that was just the way fate worked. Now he was drinking his coffee (thank goodness he finally got the domes producing luxury products and Utopie imports) as he observed the situation. Then he heard the door slide open and between there his secretary Lily walked in through the door guarded by two men in fall armored combat gear. "You know that you are working too late again aren't you ?" Alexander then went with his hands through his hair and looked at him "Free time and sufficient sleep become a myth when you become the absolute ruler of a nation and are preparing it for war." Lily then looked concerned at him "You know you don't have to do this, there are other bigger nations that should do this that have been doing this for hundreds of years, we are just a minor colony of less than 300.000 souls and not even 3 systems under our control, we shouldn't have to fight these immense larger than life threats." Alexander then looked at Lily and nodded "I agree we shouldn't have to do this but in the end if we don't do it then who else would, the other bigger nations can take the Corrupters and Keerim on so they don't worry about them but colonies like us know the truth, if we don't stop them and if the Tassareans fall then eventually we will also fall." Lily nodded but sighed. "Still we shouldn't have to do this, why won't things naturally go good so we can just expand, improve our tech and grow in peace." "That's the course of life Lily, things will never be alright and there will always be threats in the galaxy yet it are good men that will always stand up no matter what they have to lose who will then do the right thing." "Now it is time to work the massive machine of administration and get our industry rolling to save the galaxy." Actions 3 ap is spent producing the first of the Imperial 'Judgement' class destroyers consisting of the best tech available to the IRM from both the former HCF and SATO tech. 3 ap is spent equipping 3000 men with new guns and suits thus increasing the amounts of suits to 5000 1 ap is spent producing 5000 Itoron bayonets for the armored troops to use in battle 1 ap is spent training the armored troops extensively specifically against fighting corrupters 0 ap once the men are equipped and trained 5000 armored soldiers are sent to the Tassarean capital supported by PAR troops to help the Tassareans and fight in the next battle for the Tassarean capital. 0 ap is spent secretly abducting around 100 of the 20th century species preferably orphans and very young a.k.a. age 0-4 choosing if possible those with high IQ levels and possible future leadership traits. Imperial Guard (for now) 2000 soldiers armed with bolt guns and Mark I power armor Total soldiers: 10000 Imperial Navy V1 Imperial scout corvette V2 Imperial warhound class frigates: Emperor's hand Endeavor (Under construction) Imperial judgement class destroyer Rightful judgement Trade agreements: People’s Republic of Utopie Free human technocracy Solarin federation Silver knights Redons Ganvius Grand alliance Protorians Karras Dominion Population: 253,000 Imperials
  10. County of Evermore Location: Evermore, castle "WHAT THE ****, DRAGONS, DRAGONS AREN'T DRAGONS SUPPOSED TO BE EXTINCT DAMNIT" Uther rages in private in his bedchamber. "ALL THAT PREPARATION FOR 2 YEARS ENTIRELY USELESS JUST BECAUSE OF SOME BAD LUCK, SHEOR WHAT HAVE I DONE TO ANGER YOU ?" Uther then slowed his breath and tried to calm himself down. "ok Uther be calm, the two northern provinces are not available for conquest right now, though luckily I have gotten some refugees now I need some other place to start uniting the provinces." Uther went with his hands through his hair as he though about what he should do. He could start the real uniting by taking out a bigger goal than initially though Wayrest, that could be easy since it was ruled by a Orisimer and he could possibly start spreading dissent and increase his army again, yes that could work he could spread bad news about the orc and then invade Wayrest yes that could work. Uther then from his bedchambers in the top of the keep went to the lower areas where one of if not his most important follower resided. As he walked down with the building slowly getting dirtier and less well-kept he arrived in front of a door and he nodded twice. Then he could hear a silky voice saying "Come in". As Uther walked in he could see that in contrast to the outside this room was very well kept and attached to the walls were several maps and webs full of small notes and drawings and in the middle of the room was the man he needed to talk to, his spymaster Lucius. " ah my lord what do I have the pleasure to meet you for ?" Lucius inquired with his silky voice. Whilst Uther didn't like spying or war or any other violent action he knew that for the greater good it was better that they happened. "I have a mission for you and your little birds." " and what might that task be my lord ?" Lucius asked like he didn't know every thing that happened inside the castle, at least he was loyal to Uther. "I need you to send your agents into Wayrest and try to start discontent against the local ruler there and as a secondary purpose gather information on the strength of their defenses and military." "mhm," Lucius stroked his chin " That will not be an easy task and I am not sure if I may acomplish the secondary goals." "I know that." Uther said in annoyance though it was not aimed at Lucius "I don't need much information just the general state of the wall and the rough numbers of their army but I know what you mean." "I will give you considerable resources to achieve this goals, do not disappoint me." Lucius would retort with mock shock "Oh my lord I would never disappoint you, though I would first need to get my little birds to fly over the borders and then listen to the songs of the people and sing their own song to entertain them." Uther rolled his eyes knowing the metaphors Lucius spoke in. "Just get it done." Uther said before leaving the room and slamming the door shot behind him. Actions 2 ap is spent sending spies into Wayrest by sneaking them past the border and then to go and start dissent in Wayrest against the lord whilst if possible though the first priority is starting dissent getting a rough number on the size of the military and observing the general state of the defenses. 1 ap is spent training 250 more men 1 ap is spent finishing with restoring the military Army: 1,750 Population: 12,880
  11. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Novam Domum, Imperial square The Imperial square was crowded yet it was almost deafeningly silent. People were silent and almost seemed to not breathe to disrupt the silence. This silence was not without purpose, this silence was to remember all those who had fallen during the moon operation and who had given the ultimate sacrifice for the Imperial Republic. These men had gone through hell and not come back to bring greatness to the Imperial Republic. Thus they were honored these fallen and to be remembered by Imperial historians as the first Imperial men to die in a large scale combat operation. They would be the first and it was almost a certainty that over the course of the IRM's existence they wouldn't be the last no matter how long the IRM would last. Yet Alexander knew as he saw the funeral chests standing there at the square that what they had done would signify the beginning of Imperial expansionism, stopping with only focusing on what was happening inside the colonies. They would start to expand their horizon not being limited by any man and they would make sure the Imperial Republic would grow. Since yes they are few in numbers and whilst they might be a considerable power in the human colonies they were not in his mind relevant in any way to galactic politics. They were simply an interest at best for galactic powers and he would try and change that. Even if it would take 20 or even 50 years he would make sure that the IRM would stand up and become a name to be recognized across the galaxy. At that time they would most likely not be a major power but if all went well then they could at least be a minor galactic power and that is what he wanted to achieve, make the IRM a real power no matter how strong it is. In the short term all these human conflicts did not matter they are merely delays to prosperity. Alexander did not want human war it would ultimately not be useful and he would need to help increase the IRM's population soon. But that could come through one of his promises he had given the previous election and with the next election coming in a few years he would need to finalize his election promises. He had promised to destroy the abominations and purged the facility and thus the hardest promise had been achieved now there was only one promise he needed to do to make sure the people knew he always held his word. Abolish rations, this would need large investment in agriculture but it would be worth it knowing that people could simply buy the food products they need and not simply wait in long lines with food stamps to get their daily rations. No he wanted people to buy their own food and do what they wanted with their food. They needed to have a choice of food not given the same food every week year in year out. No he would make sure that rations would be abolished soon. Then he could finish on other things and next term he could finalize his plan for the early period of Imperial establishment. He needed to expand the empire, increase its population and increase it's territory and more specifically towards the Xylorite mine uncovered recently. He needed expansion since now they were still few in numbers and he needed to make sure the amount of resources available to them would increase. Then Alexander turned back to the event and spoke "My people, recently a battle has taken place in the battle above our heads and whilst we did not see what happened we knew that the people on that moon did the best they could." "and they did, they have persevered against a foe we couldn't't even have imagined back on earth and it has finally after being a constant threat to us since we knew of its existence." "it are the abominations." He would then give the signal and then a corpse of the creature would be displayed and the crowd would gasp seeing the predator before their eyes. "There were hundreds of these monsters in this base and with their determination and sacrifice they have fought and defeated these abominations. These brave men have achieved the first great victory in the history of our nation and many have given the ultimate sacrifice and for that they will be forever be remembered as long as the Imperial Republic exists." Then a monument would be displayed, a fountain in the center of the square. "Here this monument will stand and whenever we will see it we will remember the sacrifice of these men and what they have done for use." "LONG LIVE THE IMPERIAL REPUBLIC !!!" Alexander would say and this shout would be related all across the IRM and people felt pride for calling themselves Imperials. Actions 3 ap would be spent on improving the farming output by planting great fields of crops across the empty green fields of Novam Domum. 2 ap would be spent on project infallible. 0 ap would be spent using the small freighter to trade excess products produced in the factories for Itoron and Xylorite. Military 10.000 men (with more men being recruited to replace the losses) 2000 men with power armor and bolt guns as they are commonly come to be called population: 241,500
  12. County of Evermore Location: Farrun, hill close to the city. In the bushes on top of a hill close to the city of Farrun Commander Farsighted observed what was happening here. As he could see it the city was already being held under siege by the forces of Jehenna. Seeing this the commander smiled evilly and thought to himself. This could be a great opportunity, they would let both forces fight and kill each other reducing their numbers and then they would come in to save the day. With this they could easily occupy the province showing themselves to be the saviors of the people and then once the army of Jehenna had been taken out they could easily march there and take the province for themselves. Yes this was a great oppertunity, he needed to inform his lord Uther immediately who Farsight knew would see the opportunity in this. Yes this would be the perfect oppertunity to take 2 provinces in one go, this would really go and help with the uniting of High Rock since if they could take out the two provinces and need less resources to keep them occupied the could easier go and take over Wayrest and from there it would just be a process of snowballing and then their goal would be achieved. He thanked Aktosh for the opportunity given to them at this exact time and he started to slowly sneak back to his encampment. They would stay hidden for now waiting for the perfect opportunity to come in and save the day. Yes this would be a great opportunity and he would please his lord. Location: Evermore, farming fields Uther, count of Evermore and if all goes correct future king of High Rock was inspecting the fields until a bird started to approach him. He knew that bird, that bird was from Commander Farsight who was on a campaign to take over Farrun. He stroked the bird and gave it some food before taking the letter from it's paw and whilst initially worried about the news Uther began to smile maliciously as he read what was on the letter. Yes this would all turn out well. He then took off on his horse back to the city and he thought about how he would go and make sure he made the most out of this opportunity. Yet he knew that most of the preparation for the original battle had still not been used and it could still be used in the coming battle, the only thing he needed was to make some siege weaponry in case they were not welcomed as saviors. Even then, he had enough resources left for a little project that would have wanted to start at a certain time anyway. This was the perfect time to begin with starting his little plan. But then he corrected himself it was not yet time to fully implement it but he could start. It was time for the library to be restored and for people to have access to all the knowledge they need and maybe to add some more books to it. Actions 3 ap is spent preparing for the coming battle (I take the previous 3 ap I spent into battle also into account as they haven't been used) The plan is for the army to wait until Jehena finally starts the final assault and when they were at their most vulnerable he would strike with all mages present(2 experts and 4 adepts) and save the day. This would most likely be when some of the forces are already inside the city but a large force is still outside and then they would come from the closest area to the city where they could hide and charge the enemy with the full force of 1250 men. Then the troops would come in and occupy the city under the guise of being their saviors and silently take out the original leader of Farrun whilst also quickly rallying up any enemies and giving food and other help to the city once it is taken over and make good relations with the people. 0 ap is spent making ladders to finish the siege if needed. 1 ap is spent restoring the old library Population: 10800 Military: 1750
  13. Imperial Republic of Mankind Location: Solaris system, Luna secundus a.k.a. Moon of Novam Domum, moon base. In the moon base on Luna secundus it was chaos, bullets, lasers and claws were everywhere together with screams and other sounds of desperation. This was the siege of the moon base. Commander Dante of the 1st Imperial heavy infantry regiment and leader of the operation to reclaim the base. The operation had definitely did not go all easy with almost no one dying but he hadn’t expected so much of the abominations. There were hundreds of them with waves of them coming from the vents or the corridors. He had seen many of his men being shred apart in front of his face with the claws of the abominations piercing through the Itoron-steel plating after a couple of hits. Yet the Imperials were not the only ones to be killed. Further the men of the free human technocracy had also taken heavy casualties whilst helping in this operation as well as a large number of the abominations had died. Commander Dante quickly replaced his ammunition and shot the Itoron bullets at the beasts coming towards him and with primal ferocity gleaming from his eyes and after a large number of shots with some of his men helping shooting the thing down it went down. But this was just one of the many of the abominations and for every one of those things shot down it seemed as if there were another two. Then finally after an hour of constant retreating and shooting it was silent and the base was clear except for a large shielded door, who knew what was inside and how it works and the base was controlled in a language that they did not know. The news would this year not go out to the public but next year it would. Actions 2 ap is spent studying and trying to understand the Kalronian language so they can control the base easier 1 ap is used renovating the moon base and making it functional again 1 ap is spent looking for the best way to increase population growth and to try and implement it if found 1 ap is spent having a nation wide minute of silence for the fallen on the moon base and a funeral to honor all of the men fallen but also a celebration to indicate a great victory and new possibilties hopefully improving patriotism and morale 0 ap is spent producing more suits, guns and bullets for the army 0 ap is used expanding the area which is scouted for Itoron and Xylorite whilst still staying clear from any Ystor outpost or colony . Army: 9,300 Population: 230.000 - casualties
  14. County of Evermore Location: Evermore, Farrun/Evermore border It seemed as if it would be a normal day for David, he was a border guard working at the border between Farrun and Evermore and today woud be another boring day watching endlessly into the distance. Yet David, unfortunately for him, didn't notice a rustling behind the bushes and then a few seconds later David felt something hitting the back of his head and then there was only darkness. This occurrence happened all across the border between Farrun and Evermore. Farrun border guards were stealthily or not so stealthily taken down and soon the way was clear. Then from the distance a cloud of dust slowly started to approach and become bigger. This was no normal cloud since it came from the thunderous sounds of more than a thousand boots hitting the ground in an even pace whilst drill sergeants ordered soldiers to keep their pace and keep walking. Then the men started marching whilst on a nearby hill lord Uther watched as the troops started coming closer and closer to the border. This was what they had prepared for for years, this what was the goal they had been preparing to fight for, now it would finally be happening. For hundreds of years disunity had killed thousands, if Uther had anything to say about that then that would stop. The time of small petty kingdoms and states in High Rock was over, now is the time to finally unite the Region once and for all, no daggerfall, no Wayrest and no other kingdom just High Rock and even if it would cost him his life Uther would do all he could to make his dream a reality. And the first step to doing that had now started. Then undramatically and without almost anyone noticing the first soldiers walked over the border and the war had begon. Actions 3 ap spent for the offensive against Farrun. An army of 1250 soldiers enters the province of Farrun and marches across the old road towards the old castle. They would follow the old road and their front, sides and back would be covered by scouts looking for any traps. The soldiers would follow the old road which would go near the sea, staying on guard especially as they cross in a valley between the large hills and valleys. Each day they would set up a fortified encampment when they need to go to sleep and go on high alert with there being guards put on watch. Then if they were not interrupted they would go to the castle and if it was again used be put under siege. 1 ap spent on improving farming output Army: 1750 population: 10800
  15. County of Evermore Location: Evermore, area outside of the capital city Other looked down from his podium as he watched the soldiers march in disciplined lines down the field. He could see that his troops had been trained well these past few years as they rythmically marched almost as one until all 500 men stood before him in ranks. They had been trained well and with the help of the brutal but effective drillmasters he got one of the most disciplined forces in the world, not that he had much intelligence on those other forces anyway. Yet he knew that simply parading around was now a clear show of ability, it just showed how intimidating and effective they were in marching long distances. "Men present training weapons."Uther would command as the troops put down their real swords and took out of their luggage a wooden sword which was heavier because of lead in it. "Battlions 1, 3, and from the 5th battalion the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th century stand on the opposite side of the field the rest position yourselves on this side of the fields." "Commander Dante you will take the lead of the 1st, 3rd and the half of the fifth battalion, commander Farsight you will take the command of the other battalions." when he spoke to commander farsighted he would not to the one eyed man. "Yes my lord."both would say and bow to lord Uther They both then turned away and prepared their troops for the training battle. Uther would look in interest as both commanders went to their sides and organized their battalions. They both had different style of combat with Commander Dante focusing more on his heavy infantry and full force attack with one of his best skills was his ability to break a line." In comparison to Dante commander Farsight was an expert on always keeping the bigger picture in mind and some of the moves that would not make sense in the beginning of the battle would turn to his advantage. Yet this sometimes made him less capable of seeing the short term and this in return would sometimes foil his plans when things do not go exactly according to plan. They were two opposites but they filled each other out and whilst apart of each other they would most of the time switch between who wins but if they worked together they would be better than they would work apart. This he could see as the battle progressed since in the short term Dante was at an advantage and at multiple points he was at a threat to break through the line but as the battle progressed very slowly but surely commander farsighted started to gain the advantage until winning the battle but barely with heavy 'casualties'. This battle whilst not showing any surprises in the style of the commanders did show how trained the troops are but now he could see that whilst they were trained and discplined they were inexperienced but that would change soon. His troops were trained and equipped and they could soon start to march upon the northern provinces and start the uniting of High Rock. Some might die, most would likely survive but in the end all that mattered was that eventually all of High Rock was united and that all the petty wars would end. Yet now he was soon going to wage one of those petty wars but for a higher purpose not for money, nor power but unity and he would not stop until all of High Rock was united willingly or unwillingly. Actions 1 ap spent on training or getting siege engineers 1 ap for making good new strategies for the coming war and learning the terrain of the provinces of Jehenna and Farrun 2 ap for training the officers and making sure they can make good decisions in battle Army: 1750 Population: 10800