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  1. Roberik

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Brotherhood without Banners The Broterhood without banners was once more fighting. Though, rather than previous times, the brotherhood had the clear advantage. Due to improved tactics these Tully scouts had been ambushed by twice their number. It was almost a slaughter. As usual Beric himself was leading the charge. Right now he was duelling the leader of the scouting party. He blocked one swing of the enemy’s sword with the shield and struck out with his own flaming sword. Cutting the enemy scout on the arm, though the wound was partially cauterised due to the flames of his sword. To make the situation even worse for the poor Tully scout Beric shield bashed him knocked the man to the ground. Throwing the shield away Beric grabbed his sword with two hands and prepared himself to deliver the finishing trust with the sword. Right in the heart so the suffering would be as short as possible. However, Beric did not noticed the Tully scout grabbing his dirk and then in a brief moment stabbing it into his stomach. Beric let out a gasp and fell backwards. THe riverman scout took this oppertunity to run away, being the sole survivor of the ambush. Thoros, who had waited in the back. Rushed towards the prone form of Beric. He acted in a hurry and was preparing to give Beric the kiss when he heard the voice of Beric speak. “I AM NOT DEAD THOROS !!!” Surprised, Thoros drew himself back. And raised an eyebrow, taking this in stride. “I thought you was, usually when this kind of thing happens you are just having a long sleep you lazy bastard.” Beric laughed at this. “Maybe but this time I don’t need to be woken up. Now let’s get this wound treated.” The two friends then stumbled back to Hollow hill. Back to home. Actions The Brotherhood without banners moves Southwards. Seeing as now not only the Riverlands were being harrassed by the mountains. Tentatively the Brotherhood expands southwards. Setting up new hideouts, branches and setting up a new information network.[MOD] With the Brotherhood expanding Southwards the harrasment of the Mountain’s forces continue. Though only after the Brotherhood gains the sympathy of the local smallfolk and several local recruits to serve as guides. They are to use the same tactics as in the Riverlands the previous two months. Making use of defeat in detail, superior knowledge of the terrain (once local recruits are gained) and superior stealth. The same tactics of harrasment also continue in the Riverlands, targetting cruel lords and patrols. [MOD] The effort to help the Smallfolk continues. With the Brotherhood again helping villages in the Riverlands which were hit by disaster, as well as villages in the Northern crownlands. Just like in previous months the Brotherhood gives aid where it is needed and often helps with reconstructing homes. [MOD] Seeing potential in the young boy Gendry, as well as a familiar appearance. Beric begins grooming Gendry as his successor in the even of him permantently dying. Teaching the boy about leadership, justice and various other skills. [MOD] Training, in both the sword and the bow, continues. With the addition of several new skilled swordsmen giving additional instructors for the Brotherhood to expand their melee skills. Whilst the apprentice’s of Anguy and Anguy himself also continue with training the Brotherhood in archery. [MOD(You do not have to respond to this)] The Brotherhood without banners goes on a quest [MOD (you know what I mean)]
  2. Roberik

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Brotherhood without Banners  Battle raged on the hill near the village of Marchford. Where Lord Harrion Karstark had killed smallfolk accused of aiding the Lannisters. Here battle raged between the forces of the Brotherhood and house Karstark. With the centre of this conflict being a duel between Lord Beric and Harrion Karstark. Flaming sword and Northern steel clashed. The Nobility and the champion of the people. It would have been a glorious battle for the ages, if not for one detail. ”My name is Beric Dondarrion, you slaughtered the smallfolk. Prepare to die.“ With every utterance of this phrase resulting in an offensive launced by Berric’s flaming sword. It was clear to any observer watching that Karstark was starting to get annoyed. Beric might have been trying to goad Karstark out, however, it probaply did not go the way he expected. After uttering “My name is Beric Dondarrion, you slaughtered the smallfolk. Prepare to die“ one more time Harrion could not stand it anymore. “JUST BLOODY SHUT UP ALREADY !!!“ Which was followed by Karstark basing his shield against that of Beric, knocking him off-balance. Then Karstark put his sword into Beric’s eye socket. Specifically the one already covered in an eye-patch. Beric’s last thought before dying again was. “Not again” Before he entered the cold void again Actions Training continues. Especially on Anguy’s progidy’s. Ensuring that the Brotherhood had an elite corps of Marksmen to use for ambushed. [MOD] Setting up small smithies continues [MOD] The Brotherhood is to sent relief, and help villages which are struck by disaster or other crisis. In order to gain hearts and minds but also help the smallfolk through their issues. [MOD] Bringing revenge for, and protecting the smallfolk in the Riverlands continues. Though this time, after seeing what happened last time, Beric is more careful. Making use of more ambushes, through superior knowledge of the terrain. As well as defeat-in detail. Making use of the Brotherhood’s mobility, knowledge of the terrain, stealth and military intelligence. [MOD]
  3. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad ((No rp this turn)) Army: total army Cavalry: 4000 mounted palace guards, 2500 light cavalry Infantry: 10k palace guards, 5000 skirmishers Misc.: 5000 archers, 200 mages Total troops: 27,7k troops The 1st army of Rihad: Cavalry: 2500 mounted palace guard 500 light cavalry Infantry: 4k palace guards 2k skirmishers Misc: 2000 archers, 150 mages 10 catapults Total troops: 10,15k Defensive forces Cavalry: 0 mounted palace guard 500 light cavalry Infantry: 3k skirmishers Misc: 1000 archers, 0 mages Total troops: 5k Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 5k septims Trade: 3k septims Guildhalls: 30k septims Total: 54k septims Treasury: 0k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: 8k archers are recruited (4k gold) 7k palace guard are recruited (17.5k gold) Total: (21.5k gold) Economy: 10k is spent on another Guildhall in the Redguard kingdom that does not have any yet 3.5k Construction begins on a temple to Ebonarm. Which is done as gratitude from Haserick to Ebonarm for granting him victory. [MOD] Diplomacy For next year assistance is asked from Sentinel, in order to help Haserick with the siege of the final Skaven city. In order to return the favor of Haserick helping Sentinel when their capital was besieged. [MOD]
  4. Roberik

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Brotherhood without Banners Beric looked out over a convoy of Lannister soldiers. Having his bloodied blade in one hand and a wet cloth in the other. In order to clean the blood of his sword. Really having a flaming sword was quite impractical with cleaning. It made it so that all the blood that stained the blade often dried very quickly. Thus staining the blade and requiring a lot of time and effort in order to keep clean. Sometimes Beric wondered if it was not better to just not light sword on fire, but it helped morale and it was a sign that the lord of light guided him. Which was what he needed most of all, guidance. For he was just a mortal man. Often Beric thought about wheter he was right, or wheter he was fit to lead his men. Seeing the blood, the carnage, it damaged one’s souls, to see what man could be brought down to. Whenever he closed his eyes Beric got haunted by the faces of those who had died under his command. Those who would not return to a wife or child. Those who would stay childless and those who gave in to despair. They were death due to him, if he could have acted better then those men would not be death. Yet he was but a man, a flawed man at that. He could not understand why R’hhlor would grant him life whilst he let men like King Robert or Eddard Stark die. Beric’s thoughts soon stopped as a man came to him, though boy was probaply a better description. The boy was sweaty but enthusiastic, Beric noticed the boy had gotten a new sword. Probaply from one of the no longer living Lannister soldiers. The boy spoke. “Captain, we have gotten an assesment of the loot. We have twenty begs of grain, five bags of potato’s, several leather cloaks and about a dozen pieces of armor and swords which are in good conditions. ” Beric nodded pleased at this. This was indeed a good catch, it would feed the Brotherhood for quite some time. He then turned to the boy specifically, not knowing much about him though seeing he was one of the few really young lads fighting Lord Beric was interested. “What is your name ?” The boy would look proud at this and quickly respond. “Garry, Lord Beric” Beric nodded at this, appraising the boy. He seemed like one of the lads that had fled from the mountain, he did not seem like a deserter. Beric spoke. “I don’t think I have seen you around before. Are you one of the refugees ?” The boy nodded, seemingly gittery and enthusiatic due to being addressed by Beric. “Aye m’lord” Beric let out a sad sigh at this, he did not like to be called a lord. He had been a lord once but he was no longer, and after seeing the atrocities commited by lords he did not want to be one any longer. ”Just call me Beric, I prefer not to be called a lord.”Beric then pondered something for a moment, before speaking”Could you tell me something. ?” The boy nodded enthiastically. Beric then responded. “Why did you join the Brotherhood ? There is little glory to be found here. Most of your compatriots are old men and deserters with a good heart. Why would you wish to fight for us when you can just join some other lord and build your own life ?” The boy’s face turned harsh at this and he spoke with a voice Beric dreaded, the voice of one who had lost much. “Don’t have anything to go back to, mom and da’ were killed by Northeners whilst ma home was burned by the Mountain.” The boy seemed to have a fire burning in him as he got started on the train of thought and it seemed as if he could not stop. “I’ve seen what the Lords do, they don’ care bout us. They only care about what we can give them. Year after year we hunger as the lords take almost all of our food. Then when we need their help they abandon us or simply mistreat us.” The boy then directly turned his eyes towards Beric, with tears and determination in his eyes. “I don’ wan’ to fight for no Lord. Or forget what they did. As long as they remain this will just keep being repeated again and again. Maybe not this war but the war after that, and the one after that. The lords always fight amongst each other for power, whilst we are the ones that suffer. ” ”I don’ fight for no lord, Beric. I fight for the Brotherhood.” Actions In order to make sure that the Brotherhood is more trained Beric devises a new strategy for training the Brotherhood. Anguy, the most skilled archer in the seven kingdoms will focus on training his proteges. In turn his proteges will train the rest of the Brotherhood. Thus making a more effective training regiment for the Brotherhood. A similair system is picked with melee fighting, though with there being more melee experts the men would be trained to be a bit more elite in melee combat. [MOD] In order to prepare for the future and to have a surpluss of food for when Winter arrives small farms are set up around Brotherhood hideouts. As well as helping to cultivate apple trees, berry bushes etc. These small farms are mostly for vegetables and such but will help with providing the brotherhood with food. It will also give former farmers something to do that is not related to combat. [MOD] The information network around the Riverllands of the Brotherhood is expanded. WIth the network focusing mainly on which Lannister, Stark, Tully etc. men have commited atrocities against the smallfolk and mistreated them. As well as allowing the Brotherhood to find and track these men in order to dispense justice. [MOD] In the hideouts of the Brotherhood several smithies are set up. (If there are enough former smiths amongst the Brotherhood.) This is so as to reforge weapons or armor taken by the Lannisters. With a few carpenters/painters being given the task of giving a different collour pattern to captured armor, so as to make it clear that the armor is not of one of a lord’s army. [MOD] Harrasment continues of lords and men who terrorize the smallfolk. Punishing them for their misdeeds and making sure that the Smallfolk can not be harrased further. [MOD]
  5. Roberik

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    Brotherhood without Banners Anguy watched, hidden in the bushes, as he saw a host of Lannisters walk post. As he saw some of the men from the distance he could not help but shiver in disgust. Not the standard foot, they were probaply just normal farmers forced to fight for the Lannisters, but rather the men leading them. He could not help but feel the urge to shoot his bow when he saw men like Vargo Hoat also know as ‘the goat’ or the mountain that rides. Especially as he watched as they slaughtered or raped people who got caught by them. Yet he knew that if he fired an arrow he would be signing his own death warrant. Though to be fair, he was probaply on some wanted poster already. After observing the Dreadful Duo (Gregor & Vargo) Anguy headed towards the main camp. Walking through about three miles of dense foliage. Nearly impassable for Lannister heavy infantry and especially the mountain. There he arrived at a small camp site hidden amongst the bushes. Almost impossible to be seen or found if you did not know of it’s location. Here the Brotherhood Without Banners was gathered. Sitting on a few logs that were placed on a circle. Talking to each other, telling tales and generally complaining about the weather. One man in particulair stood out from the rest, partly by his authority but mostly by his eye-patch. That man quickly turned to Anguy as he entered the clearing and motioned him closer. Anguy did so and soon stood in front of his captain, Beric Dondarrion. Beric spoke to Anguy, his voice concentrated and focused “What did you see Anguy ?” To which Anguy quickly responded. “The Lannister host is heading towards Riverfarm. A small village.” Beric nodded, registering this and thinking intimately about what he heard. He then spoke. “Warn the village of the approaching Lannisters, and tell Lem to take 20 men to help evacuate those who wish to leave.” Anguy nodded at this. Whilst Beric was not an absolute ruler like the lords his commands were still heeded. Due to him having the most experience out of all of them and the right attitude to lead. However, they differed from the lords due to each member of the Brotherhood being allowed to give their own opinion and speak. Whilst this made deciding on some major issues longer it also allowed them to have the insight which might otherwise not be noticed. Then Beric spoke again. “We cannot fight the Lannisters directly for now. Their troops are too many and formidable whilst we are few in number. Whilst their convoys are too well protected to ambush efficiently. We can give them some nice surprises though.” By now the attention of those around the clearing had all started shifting solely on Beric “We shall poision the water wells on the path of the mountain. The poison will probaply dissipate soon enough but it will at least mean the mountain is inconvenienced, even that some of his men dies. And even one dead man of the mountain could be the difference between a family staying alive or dying.” Then Beric looked outwards to the host, which was now obscured by a long distance and a large forest. Thinking about the mountain that rides. As he thought of him Beric could not help but make his hand wander to his chest. Where he felt at the patch of wild flesh that sat where once a lance had been. A lance put there by the mountain. He should have died then and there, he did die then and there. Yet for some reason he had been allowed to live, whilst others were not, why, what would make him different from King Robert or -. His thoughts were interrupted by Thoros putting a hand on his shoulder. The once drunken, now devout priest smiled at him. Probaply guessing at what he was thinking off just now. Beric released a breath he had been holding, he closed his eyes and when they opened again they were filled with conviction. “The mountain might burn the Riverland but I’ll be doomed if he doesn’t get some burns himself.” Actions Beric travels through the Riverland. Warning villages of coming raiding parties and helping them evacuate. [MOD] Whilst he is doing that Berick begins setting up smaller ‘branches’ of the brotherhood. With each Branch working independently, focusing on sabotaging Lannister war efforts by whatever means they find suitable. As well as others who mistreat the smallfolk. [MOD] Whilst on the move the main group of the brotherhood is trained in archery by Anguy and other former huntsmen, rangers or poachers. Due to the bow being an effective weapon that can easily be made. Thus training each men of the Brotherhood to be at least able to hold a bow whilst a dedicated corps of ‘elite’ bowmen is created under the guidance of Anguy. Who could be considered to be the best bowmen of the Seven Kingdoms. [MOD]
  6. Roberik

    A Game of Thrones (OOC)

    To the abovementioned players. These Houses have already been picked in advance ((See the House names that are crossed through)) thus whilst not binding, I suggest you guys pick another house.
  7. Roberik

    A Game of Thrones (OOC)

    Application House Name: The brotherhood without banners serves no house, though led by a man of House Dondarrion he is not their ‘ruler’ he is the first amongst equals. He is the Leader of the brotherhood, Beric Dondarrion Holdings: The brotherhood without banners is scattered accros the Riverlands with numerous hideouts and sympathisers but controls neither towns nor castles. Lord: Lord Beric Dondarion Who do they bend the knee to?: The brotherhood bends the knee to King Robert of the House Baratheon. Religion: The Lord of Light Brief History (1-2 Paragraphs): When Beric Dondarrion went West to bring The Mountain-Who-Rides to justice, yet in the battle fo the Mummer’s Ford lord Beric was defeated and killed. Yet the pries Thoros of Myr ressurected Beric, who then proceeded to create the brotherhood. A group orginally created to distrupt the Lannisters but now fight to protect the Smallfolk from those who would mistreat them, burn their houses and kill their people. The brotherhood has no banners for it represents no house, it represents the smallfolk. Now this small force will do all they can in their power to protect and avenge the smallfolk and perhaps bring order to the Riverlands. Discord: You got it
  8. Roberik

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Order A lone man stood atop the citadel of the Capital, looking down at the bustling city. Looking down upon those who often acted in vain and in ignorance. Who were unaware of that which lied beyond. The dogs of the Bloated Throats as well as other threats which might lie to the West and to the North. Yet that was why they were civilians and not of the Order. It was they who sacrificed so the civilians would live carefree, only focusing on sustaning themselves and paying taxes. Which would then be given to the order, who would carefully take care of it. Then Lucius heard something behind him, the sounds of footsteps. He looked back and saw nothing, thus he dismissed it as a figment of his imagination. But then Lucius’s paranoia as the head of the inquisition kicked in. There was the possibility that there was someone. Thus Lucius turned around, heading towards the disruption. He looked around and saw nothing, except shadows and ledges. But then Lucius noticed that one shadow was more solid than the other and drew his sword. This drew a figure cloaked in darkness from behind the spot where he was hiding. The figure and Lucius stared at each other, with the most likely would be assasin having a look of hatred in his eye. As well as having some kind of short sword. The man was silent until saying with fury. ”For the Shadowed One.” Then the figure charged at Lucius with his short sword. Lucius, who was standing close to a ledge remained calm, waited until the assasin was close and then dropped his sword and took a physical stance. He swatted away the short sword of his assasin with his hand and took a grip of his opponent’s shoulders and hips with his arms and legs respecively. He then rolled down towards the ground lifting his assasin up and then throwing him off. The assasin then realized he was falling and then was a blood red splatter on the courtyard of the Order. For a second Lucius wondered who the assasin could work for, then he realized he would need to explain flying assasins and spoke. “Oh bugger me.” Population: 2,84 million Farms: 3(5), bonus (1%) Times 1.04 Economy: Expenses: Several more manufactories are built, in order to allow for the economy to once again grow and allow for the government to have a larger budget. As well as once more decreasing unemployment to nearly nill. Due to the unemployed quickly working in the Manufactories in order to get the money and food to sustain themselves. THough the amount of unemployed is very low now so the capacity to build new manufactories is limited. (30k) (+4k) In order to sustain a larger population for the isles of Gelder the fishing business is promoted. Seeing as, though tumulteous, the isles of Gelder have large amounts of fish in the surrounding waters. As such these natural resoruces will be harnessed by the order in order to properly feed the isles of Gelder and make their population grow. (10k, +2 farms) Diplomacy: An expedition is mounted to the South with the order’s galley heading to this time find their goal and explore the deserts to the South. Heading towards locations where rumors are abound. As well as uncovering some secrets that the sands to the South might hold. Thus the brave company of 150 medium infantry and 100 archers go forward. Becoming true explorers. (4,8k) https://imgur.com/a/dWeOVMs ((Note, the expedition will not head through territory of the Eadni, if any of the points on the map are in their area of control.)) Income: Economy Investment: 8k gold Capital: 3k gold Population: 8,5k gold Cities: (Riad) 3k Trade: 2k gold Merchant guilds: 6k Manufacturies: 10k (Settlement) black spot 1k Military Maintenance: -1k gold Total gold: 40,5k Treasury: 3k gold Research: 15% discount for tech research Settlement progress: Idaha (321k) To go: 179k
  9. Roberik

    1912; Armageddon

    The Empire of the Rising Sun Prince-regent Hirohito stood on the steps of the throne on the Imperial palace in Bejing. Recently his father, emperor Taisho had died. Succumbing to the diseases which had plagued him nearly all of his life. Now Hirohito stood on the eve of becoming emperor, but not Emperor of Japan. Rather he was on the verge of becoming something greater. Now as the master of courts, a Chinese man approached the throne Hirohito reflected on what would now happen. It had taken much debate, diplomacy and politicking but now he had it. Now he would become the man he was always meant to be. Then the old master of the Court reached the end of the steps leading to the Imperial throne where Hirohito stood. Hirohito then knelt down as the old man began to speak. “Hirohito Koshitsu, son of Emperor Taisho and prince-regent of Japan. Do you accept these solumn duties. To protect the peoples of Asia, to administer Justice, to bring safety to your people, to respect their liberties and guide them towards greatness.” Hirohito spoke solemnly, his voice heard througout the large hall. “I accept these solumn duties. And will fullfil them with all my strength and conviction. With the heavens casting judgement on me.” The Master of Court nodded and then spoke to the assembled crowd, more so than Hirohito. “Then I crown you emperor Hirohito. Protector of the Asian people’s, Guardian of Tanoism, unifier of China and the light that will guide this nation forward. Rise and bring glory to your nation.” The Master of the Court then kowtowed to Hirohito as he spoke. “LONG LIVE EMPEROR HIROHITO ! LONG MAY HE REIGN !” With the sound of ‘Long may he reign’ echoing througout the halls. And as Hirohito looked down at the crowd now starting to kowtow before him he felt hapiness. This is what he had worked for, countless hours of diplomacy, of studying lessons and guiding the various departments of the empire. All that had led him towards this moment. Seeing this he allowed himself a smile and then he spoke. “Emperor Taisho, may he rest forever. Was a wise emperor. Though his body was weak his mind ailed he was wise. He guided our nation towards the steps needed to greatness. And greatness we have achieved in these last few years. Indonesia has been liberated, China has been unified and now we have a strong navy. Yet we can achieve even more.” Hirohito said. The flames of passion begging to grow inside of him. ”Whilst under emperor Taisho the foundations are laid, now we will build upon them. Under Taisho we were unified but now under me we will grow. We will be united as one nation, with one belief and one goal. We shall continue guiding Asia towards it’s destiny and we shall achieve greatness internally. The people will know safety and freedom of mind. The people will be able to grow as they themselve desire, not held back by the Westeners.” He then got a glint in his eyes”We stand on the eve of greatness. All we need to do is grasp for it, LONG LIVE ASIA, LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE OF THE RISING SUN !!!!!!!!” ACTIONS The Active army of the Empire of the Rising Sun (ERS) are reduced to 4.2 million men. With the army consisting mainly of the former Chinese soldiers. Though this army will be re-organized and modernized in the duration of the year. Makking the army into one unified entity and making all of the soldiers in it equipped to a modern standard. As well as knowing modern tactics [MOD] Seeing as there is a large amount of space left over in the shipyards more ships are built. To be specific, 2 aircraft carriers, 1 dreagnought, 2 battleships and 6 armored cruisers, 10 light cruisers and 30 destroyers are built, with the estimations saying that the Imperial fleet will be finished by September. Or just a little later. [MOD] More investments are put into the Indonesian oil market. Making sure that it can produce large amounts of oil for Japan and it’s allies. Since the empire is now for a large part reliant on the republic’s oil. [MOD] Hardline communist sympathisers and other rebels will be searched for by the Kempeitai and the local police. These rebels will then be put into penal legions where they will find redemption for their treachery. With the punishment for desertion of course being death.[MOD] The car factories that failed would now be funded by the government but turned into something else. They would be converted into halftrack factories, cars where the front had two wheels and the back had, well, tracks. This is accompanied by more development into the halftracks, in order to make them more reliable in rough and wet terrain. The hope is that this will revitalize the industry and prove an advantage to the empire. [MOD] Development of the naval bombers also continues, in order to make them more reliable and make sure they actually works. The same is done with the fighter, making sure they work effective and can function on aircraft carriers. Making it so that they can be deployed accros a large front. [MOD]
  10. Roberik

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Order Brother Aurelius of the inquistion wandered through the streets of the capital. Walking with confidence and looking around. Seeing how the merchants cut deals, trying to each gain the advantage in a deal until a compromise was agreed upon. Whilst at the same time a few pickpockets cut the purses of those who were not careful, or had fat purses. With the biggest targets being those who had both fat purses and a lack of security. Aurelius supposed he could apprehend the thiefs but what would it do. They would be improsined,sent to the foster system and more likely than not continue their activites. In the extreme cases a hand or a finger was cut off but the guards preffered not to do that. Aurelius just pitited the children who needed to pickpocket in the first place. Often their parents (if they had any) could not take care of them or did not have the funds to take care of them. Furthermore, the boys did not have much of a future beyond working in one of the manufacturies or one of the ranches. Not much of a job prospect. It was a shame that these children would never learn. Aurelius himself had been born a poor boy but at a young age he had been inducted into the order. It was a shame that these children probaply wouldn’t join the order. Probaply discouraged by the high death rates that were quite common. THough they were neccesary to weed out the weak. The thing was that civilians would just not be educated. Because …................... Wait why weren’t they educated ? Setting up some old retired members of the order to teach or have other scholars do so would be a relatively cheap thing. Furthermore, it would increase the knowldge of the citizens and make it so the people who studied were more likely to be of the upper class. In the long run making more money as these citizens paid taxes which would compensate for paying for an education. Whilst it would also create a more scholarly soceity, which might worship the Fallen One more. Seeing as they would have more wealth to dedicate to him-who-lies-buried. HE WAS A GENIUS !!!!!! Thus Brother Aurellius returned to the inquisition headquarters. Where he informed his superior of this idea, who informed their superior who informed the Grand Inquisitor. This process took long but paid off. Soon the council accepted the idea and a nation school system was made. Having a school inside each of the major settlements and cities of the order. And thus as the year passed young Brother Aurellius managed to convince the council to fund this initiative. Which would set the road for making the isles of Gelder a centre of learning. The question would be, would this learning be used for good or for evil ? Population: 2,73 million Farms: 2, bonus (0%) Economy: Expenses: In order to make it so that the people of the Gelder Isles have an actual future, rather than being destined to merely suffer a hard life on the fields the next generation would be intelligent. Thus the Order opens up a series of schools accros the cities and settlements that it holds. As well as building several laboratories for the pursuit of SCIENCE !!!!!!! (25k gold. +15% research bonus) Finally another ranch is built on the Gelder isles. Making sure that the people have enough food so as to allow for a reasonable expansion of families. (5k, +1% bonus) Diplomacy: The trade offer of the Eadni is accepted. And the ports of the Gelder isles are opened to the Eadni. Income: Economy Investment: 8k gold Capital: 3k gold Population: 7,9k gold Cities: (Riad) 3k Trade: 1k gold Merchant guilds: 6k Manufacturies: 10k (Settlement) black spot 1k Military Maintenance: -1k gold Total gold: 38,9k Treasury: 8,9k gold Settlement progress: Idaha (309k) To go: 191k
  11. Roberik

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Yngbald, lord of magic and progress As Yngbald observed the proceedings surrounding his tree he could not help but let a tear drop. The tear represented many things, joy, anger, sadness, anguish. But most of all it represented pride. He felt himself grow proud as he saw Areon defeat the Skatalin. Sacrificing himself so that his people may survive. Even defying a god. Truly there was no great hero in the mortal realm. Yngbald could not help but compliment Areon. Moment before Areon got evaporated by his own spell he was in a white room. Frozen in time, inside of it he could see the man who had set him upon this journey. Areon could not move or speak, he could only look, yet he felt no pain any longer. As if he was frozen in time. The hood of Yngbald now off and he had the body in the form of a Nyren this time. His eyes were filled with pride, both his ‘real’ eye and the orb of magic in the other one. Yngbald said few words but each was filled with truthfulness. “Areon. I am so proud of you. When I bestowed upon you the role of librarian I could not have expected this. ” Yngbald gave the not-mortal a smile. “I shall make sure that your sacrifice will not be in vain. The nation of Adamant will survive and thrive, and your sacrifice will not be forgotten. May you get ultimate rest in the aftelife my friend.” The sigh of Yngbald then dissapeared and with it Areon returned to the real world. Only for less than a second during which he felt a brief flash of pain before nothing. About a year after the Nyren left the tree a flash of blue appeared amongst the gathered crowd. Showing the Avatar of Yngbald Ahriman. The nyrenoid sorcerer still being identical to his first appearance. He spoke to the (mostly) awed group of Nyren. “Greeting Nyren of the nation of Adamant. You have suffered much from the divines these last few years. With a less than favorable tree appearing in the surroundings and feeling the touch of Skatal. However, you were saved by one man.” Ahriman then glanced at the quickly approaching female Nyren. Who was holding the staff and walking with regality in her tread. As befitting of the Librarian. “Areon Brightsteel sacrificed himself so you could live. Showing immense bravery and self-sacrifice. Proving the Nyren truly worthy of Yngbald’s blessing.” As the Nyrenoid sorcerer stared at Astari the Librarian she dissapeared in a flash of blue light. Only dissapearing for the duration of a second before the eyes of the mortal. However for the Librarian it was much longer. And then the second Librarian was faced with the sight of Yngbald. Staring right at her with stern but wise eyes. “You are the succesor of Areon. Charged with the responsibility of rebuilding Adamant. As such as a passing gift I will bless you and your race to be more attuned to magic. Allowing the nation of Adamant to rebuilt safely. To remain strong from outside threats.” Astari tried to speak but was unable to do so. Unsure if this was due to divine intervention or just awe in being in the presence of a god. Back when she had been under the teaching of Areon she had sometimes felt small. But before Yngbald she felt as if she was an ant. An ant which was admired but still an ant. She could not help but be frozen by all of the raw power before her. Yngbald then suddenly spoke again. ”Power does not define a person. It is what we do with it. Even the weakest mortal might be greater than a god. For wisdom trumps over all. And we are all equally powerless under the gaze of him the allfather.” Yngbald then gave a ruefull smile. “Now return to your people Astari. Share with them knowledge and make Areon smile from the afterlife. Be a Librarian.” Astari was about to be asked what knowledge until she was suddenly hit by a vision before her. She saw herself, drawing a ritual circle. She saw herself drawing shapes, imbuing magic and chanting incantations as a group of Nyren stood inside of a runic circle. Then as the incanctation finished she saw the eyes of the Nyren growing glazed. Then after about 10 seconds they returned. Nine of the ten now had bright blue eyes. With a reflection of true magic shining out of them. But one person was twisted, his flesh distorted and he was shouting in anguish. Then she got another piece of knowledge branded into her head. Her putting a large white cloth filled with runic symbols over a group of five Nyren. Whilst again speaking incantations that filled her mind. Then for 5 seconds the cloth grew brighter, growing to a tenth of the sun’s brightness. Whilst Astari was not blinded the ones inside of the cloth were. She pulled off the cloak and saw the former Nyren. They were almost identical but different to normal Nyren. They had grey eyes, blinded by the light of Areon’s sacrifice. And somehow they seemed purer. Then in a flash Astari returned to the world sphere. Now surrounded by a crowd of Nyren. With Ahriman smiling down upon her with a cocky smile. Astari opened her mouth before closing it again, then she hit Ahriman in the face, mask something saying. “DON’T TELEPORT ME OF AGAIN OR I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO BEING A PART OF UNSHAPED DIVINE POWER !!!!!” This was the second time a mortal defied a god. From the sky Yngbald couldnot help but think. ‘She really is your succesor Areon.’ AP income: Rolls: 11ap Other: 3ap Total ap: 14ap AP spendage: Creating subrace (5ap): Brightseers Brightseers are a sub-race of Nyren. Created by a ritual by a process known only to the Librarian (at least for now). These Nyren will see the sacrifice of Aeron and the sight of the Skatalin. By the sacrifice their eyes will be forever closed and forever opened at the same time. These once-Nyren will be no longer have physical sight but will be able to see the flow magic and the touches of disease and Skatal’s influence. The Brightseers will be different from Nyren in that they seem ’purer’. As well as having a great affinity for healing magic, whilst giving up the possibility of using any other type of magic. Whilst also having a great immunity to diseases. However, these Brightseers will not be able to procreate and in return be able to heal the wounded, destroy diseases and aid plagued areas. With them starting to purge the influence of Skatal around the Adamantine tree. Creating Subrace (5ap): The Chosen The Chosen are a subrace which are all but Nyren in two things. One, they have bright blue eyes, reflecting the realm of magic. And two they are much more gifted towards magic. Now being around the same level of magical potential as the Kin of exitius. These Chosen will be created in a process similair to the one of the Brightseers. One done by the Librarian. However, this ritual provides dangers. For to become Chosen a Nyren will need to peer into the true realm of magic for ten seconds. During which their bodies will be influenced by magic. Only those of strong will will sucesfully do the ritual. For they will have the willpower to use and be influenced by magic whilst still being able to maintain their form. The weak willed however, they will not be able to maintain their form and be twisted. Their form more often than not coming into contact with Chaotic magic. This will inevitably result in, mutations. These will be either a physical mutation. Ranging from an extra arm or some organs being twisted around/becoming a flesh abomination or it will be mental. Making them have certain mental disorders or becoming absolutely batshit crazy. Or perfectly sane if you were one of Ixthalizzum’s creations. The problem is, these beings will also be touched by magic. So they might go out with a bang. However this will only happen to the weak willed. So be sure if you undergo the ritual. Luckily they can at least procreate. Command Avatar (4ap): Agriculture Seeing that the Nyren need to replenish their numbers. And that they have Golems to do the manual tasks Yngbald, through Ahriman gifts the Nyren with a better ability to produce food. These vary between being technological in nature, magical or both. With Ahriman teaching the forest Nyren things like crop rotation, what plants best to use, their ideal growth circumstances, how to make food ‘mutate’ into different strain. BUt also teaching them how to use magic to acclerate the growing process, how to use magic to make seeds more fertile etc.
  12. Roberik

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Order In the West of the Order’s territory one could find cities and settlements. Highly urbanized territories where people lived (relatively) comfortably. But for the majority of the populace this was not to be so. The majority of the Order’s population lived in the plains. Mostly in villages and such but several also lived nomadically. Herding cattle from one territory to another. As the cattle passed, and ate the tall grass in one area before moving further. Until the animals were to be slaughtered for their fur and their meat. Through this land Brother Sebastian of the Treasury travelled on his horse. Enjoying the wild nature before him. The sound of the breeze and the sights before him. Most of the population at least slightly resented the winds of the Gelder isles. Harsh as they were. But Sebastian had embraced them. Enjoying the feeling of the wind going through his hair and pushing on his body. The only unfortunate thing was that he was being followed by a large convoy of people sending dust into the skies. As well as being accompanied by a herd of cows. Which would spread accros the land and propagate. Making the grand empty lands the herding terrain for the hordes of these creatures. As Sebastian arrived on one of the few elevated positions that could be found on the windswept plains and checked the terrain. To see if they fit the criterea he had been given. Was the land fertile enough for the grass to regrow and to grow other products to support livestock, check. Were the winds not too bad. And Sebastian did a few calculatoins. Predicting that the wind would only prove a minor inconvenience. At least for those accustumed to the Gelder isles. For those who were not even mild inconvenience might be counted as hellish conditions. Or simply very annoying. Then he checked the final criterea. Distance to civilisation and possibility of building roads. Against Sebastian did some calculations. Checking on a map and approximating their distance to the nearest road, check. Sebastian sighed sadly. It seemed his first part of the task was almost done. It was a shame, it was his favorite one. Then he spoke to the convoy following him and spoke. “Prepare the ranch and the animals. This is the place” The peasants grunted affirmatively at this and began setting up a ranch. Sebastian could not help but look at the terrain and be inspired. Thus he grabbed a piece of parchment and sketched a picture. Perhaps to compare it to what it would be when the ranch was finished. Because time changes everything. Population: 2,6525 million Economy: Expenses: In order to increase further profit and make sure that there will no employment on the Gelder isles for a very long time more manufactories are built. To be specific 3 more manufactories are built. With 2 being built near the new settlement in order to allow for it to not have to worry about unemployed anytime soon. (22,5k gold) (+3k profit) Furthermore, in order to make sure that more children are born each year more farms are built. So as to create the population density of the Gelder isles and to make it so that it can be a little bit less of a shithole. With more cities where people have to worry less about the winds. Specifically, these farms are focused on livestock. Seeing as it the large (sometimes) infertile plains of the isle mostly grow gras. Which is ideal for this type of population growth. Two large scale ranches will be built to accomedate for the livestock (10k (2 farms)) (Next turn +1% pop growth.) Diplomacy: Once more a galley is sent forth to explore the continent. With a similair company as last year. This time the route will go past the savages and through the desert. Exploring to look for remnants of ancient empires. With a new fevor for exploration starting after the recent discoveries. Who knows what they will find ? https://imgur.com/a/dWeOVMs Income: Economy Investment: 8k gold Capital: 3k gold Population: 7,9k gold Cities: (Riad) 3k Trade: 1k gold Merchant guilds: 6k Manufacturies: 7k (Settlement) black spot 1k Military Maintenance: -1k gold Total gold: 35,9k Treasury: 3k gold Settlement progress: Idaha (300k) To go: 200k
  13. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    The Kingdom of Rihad King Haserick Redhammer sat on a war tent with his foremost commanders around him. They were focused on a map of the region. Especially the neighbouring terrain. Hasericks had recently, through diplomacy and a prolonged siege aquired the city of Skaven. Cutting the Duchy’s army of from the South. That was in the case that the Duchy of Skaven’s army was in the North. Looking at the map Haserick realized more acutely the possible routes that the armed forces of Skaven would take. Either they would travel back to their territory from the East. Passing through the Duchy of Dragonstar or they would march South through the Dragonstar mountains. Though it was also a posisbility that they would travel South from Heldom Mount and march through the wastes. Which was unlikely as it did not have a proper road network and few supplies to forage from the surrounding terrain. At least not enough to sustain a large army. Thus Haserick realized the most likely possibility was that the returning army of Skaven would go through the area locally known as ‘The Hot Gates’. This would be a tight mountain pass. Allowing for Haserick’s more quality focused army to make the best use of their numbers and skills. Though this would also mean that Haserick could not make use of his heavy cavalry. However, having a defensive fortification like that would eventually pay of in the end. Furthemore, in the case that this forced the army of Skaven to head south from Heldom Mount it would mean he could still make use of his cavalry. Whilst demoralizing Skaven’s army and causing a large amount of attrition. Which would also be benificial for Haserick. Though Haserick opted to think that the army of Skaven would most likely go through Dragonstar’s territory if it could. Though that would also force Skaven’s army to march for a long time with an extended supply route. Unless they bought supplies from Dragonstar which would decrease Skaven’s treasury. Finally Haserick spoke. “Ladies and gentlemen. As you know this war is, for now, progressing into our favour. However the enemy army is still in the North and needs to be defeat either strategically or tactically. To do so we must take advantage of the terrain. With the army of Skaven being North of the Dragontail Mountains after fighting Orisimer we are in an ideal situation to trap them.” Haserick took a moment to take a breath and then continued explaining the situation. “As you can see this will result in three, (four if they are crazy), ways in which Skaven’s army can return to Skaven and it’s extended territories. One way is that they will march through the northern road of the Dragonstone mountains. From here they can be supplied from Heldom Mount and march on Skaven. The second way is that they march directly south from Heldom Mount marching through the dragon’s wastes. The third is that they get military acces from the Duchy of Dragonstar and march from Belkarth Guard. The fourth option is that they either march from the West through Sentinel or march all the way round through Skyrim.” Haserick then gives a wide smile indicating that the fourth optttion is nigh impossible. Then he continues back in all seriousness. “These can all be countered. Firstly we will construct an outpost at the location locally known as ‘the hot gates’ which is a location with only a thin stretch of land to pass through. This will limit the amount of men that can pass through and by building fortifications there we will effectively deny them any way to attack through the mountains. Unless they go on a full on assault.” ”In case Skaven chooses the second option we will fight in the Dragon’s wastes. We will create a fortified encampment and choose a hill on which we will build a fortified encampment. This will force Skaven to attack us. Since at this point their supply lines get stretched and it will allow us optimal use of our cavalry and ranged troops.” ”Thirdly they go through the Duchy of Dragonstar. This would be the most ….. unfortunate option. It would still be benificial for us bet less so than the other options. If Skaven goes through Dragonstar we will need to fight them in a straight on battle. However, by sending their forces through Dragonstar Skaven will need to buy supplies from there. Which will do damage to their treasury. As well as making it so that the communication time with their other holdings will be shortened. In case of such a battle we will go through the traditional means of battle. ” Haserick then looked around to his command staff. “Does anyone want to make some comments regarding this plan.” This question was quickly met by the chief Ranger. Who was in charge of scouting missions. “How will we scout in Dragonstar ? I am not sure they would be happy with our scouts being on their territory.” Haserick nodded at this before responding. “This will be done by sending mildly injured soldiers who have ties to the city of Belkrath Guard to it. In order to report to us if the army of Skaven approaches. As well as giving them time off-duty and to recover from their wounds.” The Chief Scout nodded at this and soon many other smaller questions were asked. Regarding supply and the individual divisons. After about an additional hour the briefing was complete and everyone got to their tasks. When Haserick was finally finished he took a glance at a recently commisioned painting of him. His wife and more importantly. His beautiful son and daughts. And for a moment Haserick whispered. “This is all for you.” Army: total army Cavalry: 4000 mounted palace guards, 2500 light cavalry Infantry: 10k palace guards, 5000 skirmishers Misc.: 5000 archers, 200 mages Total troops: 27,7k troops The 1st army of Rihad: Cavalry: 3500 mounted palace guard 2000 light cavalry Infantry: 9k palace guards 3k skirmishers Misc: 5000 archers, 200 mages Total troops: 22,7k Defensive forces Cavalry: 500 mounted palace guard 500 light cavalry Infantry: 1k palace guards 2k skirmishers Misc: 1000 archers, 0 mages Total troops: 5k Income: Base: 10k septims Provinces: 6k septims Investments: 5k septims Trade: 3k septims Guildhall: 10k septims Total: 34k septims Treasury: 0k septims Actions: Military: Recruitment: 3k Skirmishers are recruited. Specifically to replace the garrison soldiers sent East to reinforce Skaven/the conquered territories. Total: 3k 6k is spent fortifying the mountain road North from Skaven. Making a strong stone outpost with the main focus being on a wall/gate. This would at least temporarily delay Skaven forces and from behind it catapults and archers could fire on any attacking forces of Skaven. Furthemore, the walls would be manned by 50 mages and 2k palace guards at all times. With the majority of Haserick’s forces camping in Skaven and a force of 4k palace guards and 100 mages and 1k archers staying at the Hot Gates Outpost. 6k the rest of Haserick’s personal retinue of 50 men are equiped with plate armor. Scouting 750 light cavalry are used as scouts. Patrolling the roads accros the Dragonstar mountains to patrol for incoming Skaven forces, patrolling the wastes south of Heldom Mount as well as any possible forces coming from the East/South. So the 1st army can be warned ahead of time for incoming enemies. several of the soldiers (preferably soldiers with a wound and who need to be temporarily off-duty to injuries) who have familial or other ties to the city of Belkarth guard. From where they would send a letter if the army of Skaven passed through or rumours of the army of Skaven approaching came. Finally. The soldiers stationed at the Hot Gates will patrol around the Hot Gates and check for any other mountain passages Skaven could use go through to go around the Hot Gates. Economy: 20k gold is spent opening 2 merchant guilds (if the nations allow it) in the kingdoms of Sentinel and Gilane. In order to enrich both the kingdom of Rihad as well as it’s surrounding kingdoms.
  14. Roberik

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Order Commander Elias of the Order looked down. He was positioned on the top of a large hill. Looking down his focus was on the waters before him. What he saw was an important possible asset for the Order. It was winter, the wind was blowing and in the bay he was looking at the water was mostly still. The water barely moved, only rippling with the wind but few if any waves from the sea entered the bay. This made it an ideal location for a new settlement. Seeing as it would alllow the order to further control trade. However, as of right now Elias was a little annoyed. He had been ordered to protect the settlers going to create a settlement on this from any animals and to help create the basis of a town. On paper and in actuality it gave him much resoponisbility and the oppertunity to rise further in the ranks. However, the result of this is that Elias had to go outside of the city and endure the damned winds. Whilst he was born on the isles of Gelder and was able to function regardless of the winds it still grated on his nerves. The howling of the wind and the pressure on his armor as he moved forwar. No matter how long you lived on the isles it would always annoy you. Still, it was simply a fact of life that things were this way. Soon the other person in charge of the expedition, brother Alerick of the treasury, arrived on the top of the hill. Watching as slowly a train of carts laden with supplies made it’s way to the construction site. Where a settlement would start construction soon. When Alerick stood next to Elias he spoke. “The reports seem to be correct. This is really a good location for trade. Ships can easily dock here and will not be affected by storms or other such events. I can easily see it growing into a major port with enough time and effort.” Elias merely grunted at this. Already dreading the months he would have to pass without anyone with his level of martial prowess to spar with. Seeing Elias grunt Alerick frowned. He then spoke slowly. “I am not entirely sure why you dislike this mission. It is of crucial importance for the order and it allows you to rise up higher in the ranks if it is succesfull. Especially if this settlement one days grows to become a city. In which case it could get massive profits from the bay and would generate massive profits for the order to benefit from.” Elias frowned and then answered. “Because I believe that there are better things for the Order to put our funds into. Rather than buildings settlements or manufactories we should focus on building on launching a punitive expedition against the Bloated Throats.” As Alerick heard Elias speak he nodded, slowly. Realizing that Elias followed the more militaristic mentality of the order. Aiming to put more focus on the military and to possibly conquer and claims lands outside of the isles. Like the land of the Bloated Throats. It was a minority view amongst the military as they were mostly isolationist but it was quite a major ideology in the military. Alerick then spoke slowly. ”Whilst it is unfortunate what happend with Brother Samuel it can’t be turned back. And sending out punitive campaigns would simply cause the deaths of more people. Rather we should focus on growing the economy. Allowing us to build and maintain a stronger army in the future rather than in the present.” Ellias then stocily said. “Agree to disagree.” Alerick then notioned that most of the caravans had almost arrived at the arrival point and spoke. “In any case we should get back, duty calls.” To this Ellias nodded affirmatively and both of them headed down the hill. Population: 2,575 million Economy: Expenses: A new settlement is made on Gelder. Seeing as there is a prime oppertunity for a natural harbor there. The settlement is to be called Idanha (5k) (Building it on a black Marker for increased profit.) (+1k income) More manufacturies are built. Seeing as there is still a large amount of people that can be employed and since the Order needs extra income for it’s future projects. Thus two more manufactories are commisoned, one on the isle of Braerbant and one on the isle of Limbur. (15k) (+2k income) Diplomacy: No diplomatic actions this turn Income: Economy Investment: 8k gold Capital: 3k gold Trade: 0 gold Commerical buildings: 0gold (next turn 11k) Population: 6k gold Cities: (Riad) 3k Trade: 1k gold Merchant guilds: 6k Manufacturies: 5k Military Maintenance: -1k gold Total gold: 34k Treasury: 4,5k gold
  15. Roberik

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Order The capital city of Almourol, also known as the Order’s crown jewel. It represented the might and splendor of the order in equal measure. It was patrolled by troops but what was most impressive was the wealth of the city. The streets were bustling, children playing and the sound of arguing could be heard in the market. Whilst the streets were not ‘clean’ per say the main road was not full of **** as could be found in some other cities and villages. This was done in part by the Street Cleaners guild. Which was funded by the Order in order to keep the streets clean. Seeing as it seemed to improve the amount of commerce going on and it decreased unrest. At the heart of the capital city sat a castle. This was the true heart of the Order, the pseudo-nation/military organization. It was a sign of harmony, of balance. Unblemished by the touches of the god. Created by pure human ingenuity and holding no artifact revering the gods. Whilst the Fallen One was praised to a degree he was mainly seen as a tool. Regardless, the architecture of the building was a sight to see. It was partially made the way it was for aestethics as well as practicallity. Every so often the capital had to deal with earthquakes as well as the rest of the country. Thus the buildings style had evolved in such a way to minimize the damage earthquakes could cause. The keep itself was bustling with people. Wheter it be warriors of the military branch, inquisitors dedicated to the Fallen One or adminstrators maintaining the finances of the order. In the courtyard Warrior Monks trained with armor and blade. Testing their skills against each other so they would properly serve the order. This was all seen by the three most powerful people of the order. As they oversaw the courtyard and by a larger extent the city from the highest tower of the keep. These were the three rulers of the Order. The Grand Inquisitor, Grand Treasurer and Grand Marshal. They sat at a thick oaken table as the three of them looked on a map on a round table. Presenting the most accurate map that could be aquired. Describing the nearby areas. The Grand Marshal started with speaking. “Mhm. It seems to me our greatest threat is the Duchy of Ulyadar. They have a decent naval focus and a large focus on the military. Furthermore, they worship the blood god. So it is highly likely that we will eventually have to deal with them. Thus I propose that we begin investing more into a navy so as to counter this possible threat. ” The Grand Inquisitor frowned at hearing this and the Grand Treasurer had a look of pure disapproval. “Whilst I see the truth in the threat that might be gained from the Duchy we do not yet have the funds to maintain a large navy. Since it takes a lot of funds to maintain a navy at a decent price. I say we give a trade proposal. If they refuse we know their intentions and if they accept more profit for us.” The Grand Treasurer then diverted the topic. “Talking about trade. We should have more trade relations. Our islands mainly trade between themselves and we would make more profit if our merchants had a larger market to export our goods too. As such I wish to start a motion to send offers for trade agreements to The Bloated Throats, House Blackmarrow and the Mongrellians. In the hope that much profit is made. Who is in favor ?” At this two hands quickly went up and a second went up reluctantly. Realizing it was probaply for the best of the order to have a larger income. Then the Grand Inquisitor spoke. “Unless there are any other issues that need to be addressed I call this meeting adjourned, anyone ?” No new hands came up and as such the meeting was finished. With the leaders of the orders leaving their seats as each went on to do their duty. The Grand Inquisitor, Alva went to the the dungeons of the castle. Where business was handled that should always remain in the dark, protecting the nation from hidden threats. Inside these dungeons were traitors, infiltrators and criminals. All those who would undermine the order either directly or indirectly. Alva thought of the other rulers as he walked through the dungeons. They were needed but sometiems they were fools. They saw the obvious threats that were presented and how to get more money. They were good at those things but oblivious to the threat inside. More nations have fallen from inside threats than outside threats and they needed to keep that in mind. However, he supposed that was why he was Grand Inquisitor. To deal with the weaknesses of the Military and Finances. Finally he arrived in the lowest level of the dungeon. Where the torture chambers were as well as the classified documents, though they were of course hidden. As Alva picked up the documents from their hiding spots he though about them. They held great secrets. The plans for the future, the influential people most likely to be open to treachery and possible threats. He was quite sure that if the general populace knew even half of what was inside of these documents they would rebel. But that is why they didn’t know. Then he grabbed the documents with the dark seal. The Seal of the fallen one. And as Alva looked at it he whispered. “Soon.” Population: 2,5 million Economy: Expenses: Two merchants guilds are funded by the Order. One in the capital of Almourol, one in the city of Riad. Here they will provide a stable ground for transactions and they serve as a way to monitor income: ( 20k) (+6k income) Furthermore a massive initiative is initiated on the main isle of Gelder. Simply known as Gelder. This initiative promotes the building of a massive amount of manufactories. Increasing the economic output of the country. With this action businesses like logging, blacksmithing, carpenting and other crafts are advanced. However funding this initiative takes a large amount of income from the coffers of the guild. (37,5 k gold) (+5k income) Diplomacy: Envoys are sent to The Bloated Throats, House Blackmarrow, The Mongrellians and The Duchy of Ulyadr. Requesting a trade agreement with these nation. (MOD&PLAYER) Income: Economy Investment: 8k gold Capital: 3k gold Trade: 0 gold Commerical buildings: 0gold (next turn 11k) Population: 6k gold Cities: (Riad) 3k Military Maintenance: -1k gold Total gold: 22k Treasury: 2,5k gold