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  1. Roberik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    The Empire of Japan Both the victor and the vanquished are but drops of dew, but bolts of lightning - thus should we view the world Location: The Imperial Palace "The 122nd emperor of Japan is dead, his reign will be remembered as the Meji period and henceforth all who refer to him shall refer to Emperor Meji. Now his son, Yoshito will ascend as the 123rd emperor of Japan." Following this statement in the court of the palace former crown prince, now emperor Yoshito ascended to the throne and pledged to serve the people of Japan faithfully. This all went according to plan, following the standard procedure of asencion but then the emperor made his first act known to the people of the nation. "My people, prime minister Katsura Tora has served our nation and the Imperial court faithfully over the years but now it is time for him to give the reings of premiership to someone else. Him and I have discussed this extensively and have agreed that this will be in the best intrest of Japan. Thus I appoint Yamamoto Gonnohyou as the new prime minister of Japan." This decleration was applauded loudly by the masses gathered in the courtyard. Yamamoto was a member of the Rikken Seiyukai, the largest party in the diet of Japan. Furthermore, he was a man who supported an increase in the democratic process whils still keeping good relations with the military and the navy. He was the best fit as a replacement for the controversial former prime minister. Putting him in power would help quell the unrest rising amongst the public and even in the diet of Japan itself.The decision was a seemingly wise one but time would only tell if it would be a wise one. ----------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOW_UqfdAY4 In the business district of Kyoto was a tavern which seemed to be just like any other that could be found in Japan, the only thing that was different were it's visitors. These visitors were often quite mysterious men who valued privacy and eat and drank in a traditional manner. This tavern was amongst other things also a private meeting place. So was it the case this time, in the tavern a private room had been hired in which there simply one large screen, a soft floor and a small lamp giving of light. The main purpose of this light was to cast a shadow on the screen, keeping the features of one man hidden. This was the sigh to which Matsumo Azumamaru was greeted as he entered this particulair room. Matsumo had been invited here by this man for his job, he sat down on the soft carpeted floor remaining silent as an old but strong voice came from behind the screen. "And ? Have things gone according to plan ?" Matsumo quickly replied to this "Mostly, Yamamoto was appointed as prime minister but much earlier than scheduled. This could possibly turn out to be a good thing but it will offset the timing." The older man hummed as he heard this before speaking. "That is unfortunate but we can not change the will of the gods, be on your way Matsumo, there is much to be done." To which the young Matsumo responded respectfully"Indeed Sensei, indeed." Actions -With the ascension of the new emperor to the throne a new era has risen for Japan. So as to make sure that the state could field it's large army and grow in prosperity the government begins a campaign to improve the industry of the country. This is done by A: Encouraging people from the countryside to move in the cities where they could work in the factories which were available in the city. B: lowering the business taxes for industrial magnates and subsiding start-up companies as well as larger industrial companies so as to encourage these groups to expand their enterprises, create more jobs and create a larger industrial base for Japan. C : offering western Industrial experts and business experts to come to Japan and instruct the local Japanese on Capitalism and the ways of consumerism. It would also help that these expert are also offered cheap land and cheap labour with which their own companies can expand as well. [MOD] - Yamamoto Gonnohyou is appointed as PM
  2. Roberik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum

    Application Discord Name; You have it Nation of Choice (and why?); The empire of Japan and why ? well ... BANZAI !!! Just kidding, I chose Japan because I am interested in it's history, it's rapid modernization and it's rise as a world power. On top of that it has an extensive and interesting culture which is deeply entrenched in it's people. Thus I hope to continue Japan's rise as a world power. Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Japan, for long it was a country of isolation until in 1853 western ships opened the gates of Japan to the rest of the world. For a time these new trade relations damaged Japan and destroyed the authority of the shogun. This caused loyalists to the emperor to rise up and bring the emperor to power in the bushin wars. During this period Japan had a time of unparalleled westernization which quickly made it a western nation. But whilst Japan was a modern nation it was not yet recognized as a great power. This changed during the first sino-japanese war, in which Korea was liberated of the influence of the Chinese and Japan took it's position as the asian power. This reputation was further cemented during the ruso-Japanese war in which Japan managed to defeat a great western power and managed to cement it's position as a great power on the world stage. It also helped that Korea was officially brought into the empire of the rising sun. Now the emperor Meji has died and the crown prince Yoshito has ascended to the chrysantemum throne and now a new era has started for Japan, for better or for worse. Current state: As of right now a political crisis in Japan is brewing. The PM Katsura Tora is disliked by the army and navy due to cutting the costs of the large navy and army deployed by the former Meji government. At the same time the public dislikes him due to them believing he is more focused on the military. The crisis is still in it's starting stages but if something is not done it could cause problems. For the rest though Japan has a strong Asian economy able to (mostly) build it's own battleships and cruisers whilst also maintaining a strong modern army. It controls Japan, Korea and controls the warlords of the region of Manchuria which whilst officially Chinese is mostly ruled by pro-Japanese warlords. Socialism and a wish for a more democractic government is also on the rise. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Government: Constitutional Monarchy Party: as of right now there is no ruling party though there are supporters of PM Katsura Leader: (emperor/Prime Minister): Emperor Yoshito/Katsura Tora Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Matsumo Azumamaru, he is the [CLASSIFIED] of the [CLASSIFIED] and is going to [CLASSIFIED] Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); I can't find naval statistics for 1912 but from 1905 I have 6 battleships (all British-built) 8 armored cruisers (4 British-, 2 Italian-, 1 German-built Yakumo, and 1 French-built Azuma) 9 cruisers (5 Japanese, 2 British and 2 U.S.-built) 24 destroyers (16 British- and 8 Japanese-built) 63 torpedo boats (26 German-, 10 British-, 17 French-, and 10 Japanese-built) (linked from wikipedia) on top of that I have 3 battleships built between the Russo-Japanese war and now with 2 of them being domestically produced. so 9 battleships. But I presume that a number of others ships were also added so that is to be further discussed. Army: In the early 1900s, the IJA consisted of 12 divisions, the Imperial Guard Division, and numerous other units. These contained the following: 380,000 active duty and 1st Reserve personnel: former Class A and B(1) conscripts after two-year active tour with 17 and 1/2 year commitment 50,000 Second line Reserve: Same as above but former Class B(2) conscripts 220,000 National Army 1st National Army: 37- to 40-year-old men from end of 1st Reserve to 40 years old. 2nd National Army: untrained 20-year-olds and over-40-year-old trained reserves. 4,250,000 men available for service and mobilization. ((more wikipedia links, yay)) Did you read all the information?; yah Suggestions or feedback?; Get a good way to measure the growth of military or navies so that we have accurate numbers. and DON'T USE DICE ROLLS IN BATTLE.
  3. Roberik

    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Province of Choice: The isle of Salathai (9) ((I am afraid there can only be one)) Governor(a little ? What does that word mean ?): The governor of Salathai is one Marcus Orellios. Marcus originally served as the centurion of the first legion, first cohort, first century. As can be expected of a man of this rank Marcus was a skilled military commander though he came of humble beginnings. Marcus was born in 910 NE born in the capital city of Neia. Here he was born to a prominent merchant, not one that could be counted as one of the big oligarchs who controlled much of the city's commerce but still a significant merchant. He mostly dealt in the iron trade and seeing the amount of war that was consuming the empire it made him quite a rich man. Being born to a rich merchant Marcus managed to get a proper education as well as a proper upbringing. As he was the son of a merchant, though a rich one Marcus had contact with both some of the upper echelons of soceity as well as the poorer ones.(though his father disapproved of his interactions with the latter group.) But most of his real interactions happened in Altaire, since Neia was sacked when he was just 5 years old and he and his father were lucky enough to survive the sacking. As time progressed Marcus managed to gain a proper understanding of both the upper and lower classes of soceity and put his efforts into interacting with both of them, thus even at a young age practicing social interaction and to a lesser degree how to command his troops. Then when Marcus was old enough he enlisted in the Imperial legion, though the term 'old enough' could be stretched a little thinly since he joined the legion at 14 when the official conscription age was 16. But in those trying times being a few years younger than official regulation was not that big a barrier to jump over when the empire was threatening to collapse in on itself. Joining the legion Marcus found his purpose in life and went beyond the call of duty, training in even the small amount of spare time available to a legionaire. This attracted the attention of one centurion Quintus Falerius Cyrius. Seeing talent in Marcus the experienced centurion started mentoring him, teaching him right and wrong as well as what you did and most deffinetely did not do. Thus when he was 17 Marcus was assigned to the first century with the help of some influence of Quintus as well as the talent and discipline Marcus show cased. Here Marcus was quickly turned from a boy into a man due to all the battles faced by the first legion and somehow through luck and talent managed to survive, eventually becoming the Optio of the century when he was 19 and the other candidates for the position had died in battle, or just stopped trying to get the position since somehow through a ridiculous amount of bad luck nearly every optio in the last 4 years had, often being hit by an arrow in the knee. Then Marcus eventually became the Centurion of the 1st Century when he was 21 year old and his mentor and unofficial second father Quintus died in combat. During this period Marcus also met Scipicus. Scipicus, knowing and relying on the former centurion of the 1st had a keen intrest in the new centurion and if he could be relied upon in the same way as his predecessor. This became a bridgeway to a mutual admiration and respect between the two as Scipicus was impressed by the intelligence, common sense and more importantly determination of Marcus. Whilst Marcus admired Scipicus tactical genius and sheer aura that he exuded. During this time Marcus also became the unofficial 'representative of the soldiers' whenever Scipicus asked about the general opinion of the troops. But then came the battle of the scorched tongues. Here victory was achieved by the power of black powder but there was still heavy fighting. During this fighting Marcus kneecaps got shattered after a Trinimec Horse shattered his kneecap in the chaos after he had killed it's rider. This made it so that Marcus could no longer be a soldier and had to move with the help of a wooden cane. But Marcus did not let some silly injury stop him from doing his duty to the empire and was with the suggestion of Scippicus as well as some other friends was assigned tot he isle of Salathai were he was to work as the righ-hand man of the local governor. What he saw when he arrived on Salathai made Marcus furious, the governor was a lazy and fat man who did not properly do his duties and mostly threw parties whilst the people suffered and many loyal imperial citizens died this man had done nothing. But being a rational man Marcus did not try to gain the ire of the governor who still had a lot of power but slowly delegated the duties of the governor to himself. In the year 937 NE Marcus had already become the unofficial governor of Salathai. During his 4 yerars on Salathai Marcus knew of the internal dangers that plagued the island and knowing that rebellion was on the horizon Marcus decided to marry a local woman, Asinia Tasia. She was the daughter of a prominent Salathai house and by marrying with her he managed to gain the support of some of the less extreme nationalists. Thus he managed to balance the nationalist and loyalist tendencies in the province and when later in 1939 the governor died Marcus was almost immediately given the position. Now Marcus will face internal strife and smash any would-be assasins and traitors under his iron cane. Your provincial culture(more might be added later): Salathai is an island of opposites. Loyalist and nationalist, old blood and young blood, rich and poor, tradition and reform. Many Salathai are tradionalists who desire for an independent island and who hold on to tradition and often pride themselves on having a long ancestry. But in Salathai there are also loyal Imperials who have also adopted the local customs but also refined them to make it fit a more proper view of the empire. There is also a large class divide between the poor and the rich, with the poor working for the numerous rich oligarchs that control the island in return for just enough to make end's meet. It had not always been so in the past as in years past there had been a large middle class but as tragedy struck the empire the class divide grew. This resulted in a large amount of dissent from the lower classes against the more prominent rich houses. The lower classes of the island mainly consist of traditional Saltherians whilst the richer houses are mainly loyal Imperials. This caused for an even larger gap between the two social groups and will make the future that much harder for Marcus. Most of the island's income come from trade as the harbor provides many jobs with the goods being imported and exported for them also enabling a steady rise of the middle class though as of right now it is still quite small. As can be guessed by the class divide that is clearly present in the island most of the rebellions are instigated by the lower class, often starting with simple strikes against oligarchs before escelating into full-scale rebellions when governors try to militarily intervene. Thus whilst these rebellions often advocate independence and outsiders often see the Salathai as a whole being prone to anti-Imperialist acts these rebellions are most often focused on the class divides that is present, with nationalism often being the justification behind rebellion. A rough map of the island:https://imgur.com/a/6L5Zhaf A unique military unit for your province: "Knarr's" Based on the older gnarr's used by the Salathai before they were subjugated by the empire and the trireme's of the empire the Knarr is one of if not the finest ship to sail the seas. The Knarr is made through special wood treatment which improves the strength of the hull and has enough room to house 2-4 ballistas making it both a danger from up close and far away. But most indicative feature of the Knarr is based at the front. Here a face is carved out of the wood resembling that of a dragon,the sight of this will make even the most illiterate peasant know that the Salathai are coming and for once all of their fury are not focused on their own island but on you.
  4. Roberik

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Clan O'Neill Actions [16/25ap] more business investments [4/15RP] T2 bows
  5. Roberik

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Clan O'Neill -RP might be added later- Actions [25/25ap] A business investment is made. [3/25ap] more business investments [3/15RP] T2 bows
  6. Roberik

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Agerian Commonwealth The Agerian Commonwealth. A democracy yet also a vassal of a monarchy. A nation focused on the principle of peace and justice yet preparing for war. A country of contradictions but also one of inner strength. Kolran Pedro Rebeiro looked down from his elevated position to see the military march beneath him. He could see lines of men, droids, and tanks cross through the Capital city, standing in neat formations showing discipline and unity. Whilst it did not matter much it would be a nice clip for the news and hopefully would inspire some enthusiasm for the war effort. Seeing the men walking through the streets, preparing to fight an extra-galactic enemy that threatened to destroy them all. Many might call the sight and music behind it inspiring but Pedro just found it depressing. He saw the sights of these men and could not help but wonder how many would die in the coming war. How many would die due to his orders, how many families would be broken apart because of this foreign war? These thoughts plagued heavily on Pedro's mind as he went to bed each night. Knowing that his decisions could make or destroy the lives of thousands of men and women. Sometimes he wondered if he should simply resign and leave the job to another man but no someone needed to this and it would be selfish to make someone else suffer this burden. A burden, yes that is what a position of leadership is. Some in the public may not trust politicians, call them corrupt and only working for their self-interest and indeed some of them were(though not many). But generally most wanted to see the best happening for their nation and fellow citizens. The issue was not that politicians did not have the interests of citizens in mind but that was not it. The issue was that there were different ideas of what was in the best interest of the citizens. On the one hand, there were people saying he should only provide minimal support to the Redon, not let Agerian lives go to waste. On the other hand, there were those men who wanted the nation to go to total war and use all of its available manpower. Pedro wanted to get a middle ground, to provide the redon with sufficient support but also to keep the loss of life low. Which was why he was investing into getting better protection for the troops with personal shielding and to buy droids to take the brunt of an assault in some cases. The advantage of giving the redon the first personal shield in possibly the history of the galaxy and with that some kind of reward for the nation was just a secondary advantage of course. As he watched the men walking beneath him and he looked down upon them, portraying an image of strength he asked his scientific advisor. "How are things proceeding with the project ?" Knowing that the Kolran was clearly referring to the personal shielding project the advisor quickly responded. "There is not much progress as of yet but that is to be expected. Seeing as we are developing technology even the older races of the galaxy do not have access to it is expensive and hard to show results. However, with the increased investments coming in I am sure we can have a prototype ready at the end of the year. " Pedro frowned at hearing this, a large part of the government budget was going into developing this project yet there seemed to be no payback as of yet. The main reason he was not stopping this project already was that it had been expected to be costly and the advantage it could provide would be huge. Still, a prototype would be sorely needed and soon. Pedro then spoke again. "Mhm, it is unfortunate that there is not much progress yet." Pedro then turned to look directly at the scientific advisor and spoke again. "You should tell your fellow scientists that a prototype should be ready sometime in June, the Redon will not be as forgiving as I am." The scientist swiftly paled at that, he then spoke nervously. "Uhm the Redon himself? You mean the one that is regarded as one of the most powerful men in the galaxy." To which Pedro nodded. "Indeed he is coming to visit all of the kolranates under his command. He will be visiting the Thuleans, the Asgardians and finally us. It would be beneficial to have a model ready to show the Redon. If we could manage to get the personal shielding ready we could save many lives of the Redon military." The Kolran then turned to the marching troops once more and gave a resolute wave to the soldiers marching beneath him and said to the scientist, who was growing exceedingly worried. "Don't worry too much Heinrich, it is not like he will execute you or any of us." The Kolran then made sure that the camera had a proper angle of him and got a resolute and determined look. A nice bit of propaganda had never hurt anyone before. Actions 30 ap is spent building 4LC's and 2 destroyers 57 ap is spent on further developing personal shielding for heavy infantry. In regards to the project, Kolran Rebeiro has been quoted as saying "I want a prototype ready for when the Redon arrives." 25ap is spent on a business tile in Elysia, though seemingly a step away from the actions of last year there is an undercurrent of militarism, as the funds gathered from the increased taxes would be put into maintaining the increasing fleet. 5ap is spent on continuing the special forces program. Continuing the vetting of candidates and subsequent training 4 ap is spent on a side-project of the research department. A basic program to create xylorite grenades for use in the military Tile improvements across the Commonwealth. Novam Domum. Industry: 3 improvements and 6 ap Business: 3 and 12 ap Agriculture: 3 and 3 ap Total tile improvements: 9 (maxed out) and 21 ap Catonia (xylorite planet) Industry: 2 improvements and 4 ap. Cadia: Agriculture: 3 tile improvements, 3 ap Business: 3 and 12ap. Total tile improvement: 6 and 15 ap Elysia: Agriculture: 2 tile improvements, 2 ap Business: 2 tile improvement and 8 ap Total tile improvement: 4 and 14 ap Badab: Business: 3 tile improvements and 12 ap Juno: Business: 1 tile improvement and 4 ap Army 40.000 active duty soldiers ---------- 25.000 regular soldier 15.000 Heavy infantry 25.700 droids -------------- 4800 X1 droids 19800 Tithonus droids 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids 850 vehicles: ------------- 100 heavy walkers 750APC's/tanks 1st Armored division 3000 heavy infantry 100 heavy walkers 1000 hunter droids 100 tank droids Pop stats Population: 2072k humans. 26k Redons. 13k reptile friends (Karras) Total pop: 2110k Available manpower reserves: 211k soldiers Agriculture tile improvements: 8 Planets in the Commonwealth: 7 8 divided by 7 = 1 2% pop growth bonus
  7. Roberik

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Red Rock corporation National Idea: Midas touched: 1 extra ap per business stack National Mentality: Neutrality Government type: oligarchy Ap spending: 80 AP is spend building four business stacks on the newest planet of the Corporation 2RP is spent on researching better armor for ships
  8. Roberik

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1947)

    The Federal Republic of Mexico Domestic Business: - More investments are made into supporting startup companies. This combined with the new attitude amongst Mexicans would hopefully create a larger middle class in the Mexican state. -Taxes are lowered which impede certain companies from starting new factories or expanding them. A.K.A. business tax and others. The goal of this is to once more have the industry of Mexico expand and improve when the industrialization of Mexico. Research - Seeing the need for a well-educated people, well-versed in certain subjects the Mexican government decides to promote students to follow STEM subjects in schools as well as making these subjects more well defined. On top of that, an attempt is made to improve the quality of teachers in Mexico so the students are taught by experienced individuals. (Attempting to gain third tech slot) -More work is done on commercial airlines. Hoping to have more success than the previous year and it is hoped that improved research in this sector will provide a good commercial jet that can be used to travel across the American continent. Counter-Intelligence: Military -The Mexican ground forces are to be modernized with technology gained by entry into the GPP Diplomacy:
  9. Roberik

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Clan O'Neill Brian MacGowan was walking through the hardened dirt streets of the capital. As he looked around he noticed that quite a few people were improving their shops, expanding them and making sure they became more profitable. Brian had heard that lord O'Neill had something to do with that though he was unsure how. In any case, it was nice to have a look around the city as he headed to the church in town. Which was quite nice, he had even asked Eithne to go with him to the church. After some time walking he arrived at the church a bit before the mass started. As he walked inside he could see Eithne talking with some of the other girls from town whilst some of his own friends were also talking with each other in one corner. Brian then walked towards his friends and spoke. "Ello my friends. How are thee doing on this blessed day ?" To which his friends responded with positive answers and then continued their discussion. Liam, a brown haired person with brown hair then spoke once more"I heard that the Sea Kings are going to fight each other for one reason or another. With the Swedes and the Danish going to fight the Norse." At this, another of Brian's friends snorted. "Good riddance I say, they are barely Christian and they probably still worship those pagan gods of theirs in secret. " The group shrugged and that and then started to talk to each other about the local news and other stuff like that. Then the great bells rang and they went silent and Brian made his way to the church bells, waving to Eithne and moving to sit next to her at one of the church benches. They then remained silent as the priest spoke of god and other such matters of religion. Then they said amen every so often and then sometime later the priest was finished. Brian then spoke some more with Eithne but not before he heard a few rumors from somewhere in the room. "Oh Cian has been busy for quite a few days, he has been working for the king together with some of his friends to work on making better bows, interesting is it not." Brian did not know who said it but shrugged, thinking it not important. He then left the church and went back to the keep Actions [18/25ap] A business investment is made. [2/15RP] T2 bows
  10. Roberik

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Clan O'Neill Brian Macgowan, a soldier in the personal retinue of Lord O'Neill calmly walked towards the throne room. He and some of his fellow soldiers had been summoned to the throne room, presumably to guard the lord as he made an announcement or talked about politics or the like. Truthfully Brian did not understand much of it, he just did his duty and made sure no physical harm would come to his lord. Personally, Brian was not fond of guard duty, it was often quite boring and he did not understand what the high lords talked about most of the time and sometimes he felt like he was seen as a statue than as a person. Which was quite accurate considering guard duty mostly involved standing still whilst the lord talked and not yawning. Still, it was a better job then back home at the farm, at least here there were some nice lasses. Especially Eithne, a kind servant he liked talking to whenever he saw her. Though he had to admit the lass was not an eye-catcher. When he arrived in the throne room he took his position on the right side of the throne room in the 4th position. As he stood there he made sure that he stood in a good position so he would not get tired and could remain in the position. Then about 15 minutes later the lords started to walk in. He recognized a few as men that came almost every meeting, the high lords and advisors to the king who seemed to go to every meeting and live in the court. But to the surprise of Brian, there were also a large number of lesser lords, lords who mostly stayed in the countryside with their subjects, who rarely came to the king's court unless there was a feast or a big announcement. After some more time, the throne room was finally filled with the retainers of Lord O'Neill and the many lords of the realm. Brian then listened as Raymond O'Neill spoke. "My lords, I have good news. My unwed daughter, Treasa will marry the heir of Cathal Dál gCais. This will unite our two houses and with them the entirety of Ireland." There was a large amount of applause at this, though Brian did not know how much of it was honest applause or polite applause hiding resentment. Whilst he did not pay much attention to the happenings of the court he did know that a few lords had tried to get the Chieftain's daughter for themselves. Then the chieftain spoke once more. "On top of that, the King of the Swedes has sent a messenger to propose a trade agreement which I have gratefully accepted. This trade agreement will hopefully prove to be a boon to our people. Furthermore, I have sent a messenger to the land of the Danes to discuss a trade agreement with them as well as closer relations between our nations. " Then the lords continued to speak of Lordly issues and after this point, Brian did not fully what they were saying anymore. He merely kept standing straight and tried a little to understand what the lords were talking about. Though they were acting weird and confusing so it was hard to make out what they actually wanted. In any case sometime later the lords and ladies left the great hall and made their way back to their quarters or to their holdings. Soon after Brian was dismissed as well and returned to his room. Actions [8/25ap] A business investment is made. [1/15RP] T2 bows [MOD] A messenger is sent to Denmark who proposes a trade agreement The trade agreement of Sweden is accepted
  11. Roberik

    Shadow of the Empire [OOC] [APP}

    Discord: Robwar #6598 Nation: Clan O'Neil
  12. Roberik

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Red Rock corporation National Idea: Midas touched: 1 extra ap per business stack National Mentality: Neutrality Government type: oligarchy Ap spending: 50 ap is spent on building two industry stacks 4 ap is spent on a colony ship and settling another sector 5 ap is spent on finishing another university 3 ap is spent building 300 fighters 3 ap is spent building 200 pieces of artillery and recruiting 2000 heavy infantry 2RP is spent on researching better armor
  13. Roberik

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The county of Falinesti Ulwnis Nightshade, the count of Falinesti looked out over the map of Tamriel displayed across the table. On it, he could see that the Altmer had expanded to a massive degree and that they were now well and truly an empire. For now, it seemed the empire was consolidating its holdings but he knows that soon the Altmer would refocus their attention on Valenwood. That would be most unfortunate but for now, he would take advantage of the peacetime measures and increase the development of Falninesti. If they were to win this war he would need to have the best soldiers, not the most. This would help with Valenwood's environment. The environment made large field battles hard to accomplish and having an effective fighting force was much more important. Still, the numbers that the Altmer could employ were worrying. He looked across the table to the four commanders gathered around it. These were the officers of the new guard, trained in the military academy and ruthless as well as loyal to him. All of them were now looking at the map with varying degrees of worry. Then one of the officers spoke. " My Lord and my fellow good sirs. We are faced with the issue of an encroaching Altmer army and how we can deal with them. I am confident in a fight between our foot soldiers. The environment favors infantry and the Altmer have been reported to mainly rely on light infantry for their armies. Our Heavy Infantry will have no problem taking them down but the main problem we will be facing are the mages of the Altmer." Ulwnis and the other officers nodded at this. They knew of the information and knew what their weaknesses and strengths were, and magic was one of their weaknesses. They did not have a dedicated military academy and honestly, most of the officers were a little paranoid about them. The problem was that they needed a way to eliminate the enemy mages from the field. Ulwnis then interjected. " Indeed Commander, the mages will be the biggest issue we will face in the coming war. We can always improve our infantry qualities to make sure we can absolutely obliterate the enemy but the mages remain a significant issue. To me, it seems that the best option would be to either train the Rangers in anti-mage warfare or create a dedicated anti-mage force of sharpshooters. Personally, I prefer the latter option, it would cost more resources, yes but it would mean they are more effective at that particular task while the Rangers can focus on their other specialties." The rest of the officers gathered agreed with the assessment. Then came the issue which military high command was divided about. "The real question we are faced with is if we should attack the Altmer or wait for the Altmer to attack us. Being on the defense means that in the short term we will have the advantage, draining a large amount of the Altmer armies and in the long-term draining their morale." "However, the Altmer have great numbers and can afford to lose ten troops for every one we lose. So this plan has its disadvantages. The other plan is to commit a pre-emptive strike and take out the Altmer puppet government. The advantage of this plan is that if successful any Altmer naval invasions can easily be repelled." "The problem with this plan, however, is that if this war is not ended in less than a year it will give the Altmer the opportunity to easily push us back into our territory with high losses. In this plan, a large reliance on our spies in the province is needed. They will need to make sure we can stealthily enter the territory of the Altmer puppet government and enter their capital city without resistance. That plan is risky but it also provides the greatest reward. Though this plan also depends on the number of defenders the Altmer have stationed. " A young officer then spoke "I say that if the numbers in the Altmer colony are inferior to our own we will attack them. Make use of the spies to open the gates and use their intel to swiftly crush the Altmer there. We should also invest more in our counter-intelligence operation to avoid any information of this leaking to the Altmer or to avoid such a thing happening to us." To which an older officer interrupted. "Yes attack them with all our forces and leave our own territory lightly defended with merely light infantry. Whilst a naval invasion is hard any Altmer revolts in our territory or Altmer ships manage to deposit its troops on our shores we will have a hard time driving them off. I say we let the Altmer waste their energy and troops and attack us. Slowly bleed them out and take them down. " Ulwnis frowned at this, both ideas had merit, he then spoke. "We will wait until our spy reports start flowing in next year, once the information is given to us we can formulate a tactic on that. Until then investments will be put in textile mills so that we have more resources available to us and into a university to improve our technological progress. " None of the officers were totally happy with this but agreed with it nonetheless. They would see in time if their plans would be successful. Actions 8ap is spent on building more textile mills. The goal of Falinesti is not to beat its competitor in the quality of goods but rather the goal is to outproduce it. So MORE TEXTILE !!!!! 15ap is put into building the University of Falinesti. To be one of the first universities outside of Altmer territory to focus on the development of technology rather than Magic. Income 6ap standard 4 ap trade 4ap textile mills 2ap economy 2ap from docks 2 ap for 6 turns + 2 ap permanent (4 total) (gulags) 1 ap South Tamriel trade accord Total ap:23ap Trade Arenthia (land) Greenheart (sea) Elden root (land) Southpoint (sea) Navy 1 carrack Military 7000 light infantry 3000 Heavy Infantry 50 rangers 150 rangers Auxiliaries Population 119,65k bosmer (wood-elves) 6750 smug bastards (altmer (high elves)) Total: 126,4k pop. Pop growth 8k base pop growth 5% standard growth
  14. Roberik

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1947)

    The Federal Republic of Mexico Domestic Education: - (see diplomacy, the exchange between countries) - Some of the best teachers and professors in Mexico (as well as some teachers and professors in America who are invited) gather in one of the Universities of Mexico City to discuss a new curriculum for the primary and High schools of Mexico. The hope is that this meeting will result in a better curriculum being created which help the students learn better. -More High Schools and Primary schools are built across the country so that all of the Mexican children can have a good and proper education. Business: - (see diplomacy, investment into South Africa) - Industrial development is further subsidized by the Mexican government. Making starting your own industry a lot easier than before. Again hopefully making sure that more industrial companies are started, which causes more competition and forces all of the companies to compete for who can make the most profit and force them to innovate. -Amongst the media, a new attitude is encouraged amongst certain programs. A belief that anyone can achieve whatever they desire if they work for it hard enough. A belief that even a boy born to the poorest parents in Mexico can with enough hard work and intelligence become a factory owner or the boss of a multinational business. The hope is that this attitude will encourage the people to work harder. -If there are any remaining funds left in the budget for the year the infastructure in Mexico is improved. Or more specifically the number and quality of Highways would be improved. Research - The ever continuous research into a better industry in Mexico continues. This time it is focused on making machines that work just as effective as current ones but is a lot cheaper to make. Hopefully speeding up the speed of industrialization in Mexico. -Research is done on making what is said to be 'an aircraft designed to comfortably transport large amounts of people between countries' ((Commercial airlines)) the hope is that these aircraft can improve the amount of travel between countries. This is based on the jet engine technology of the GPP Counter-Intelligence: -The DIA is tested on how effective it is. This is done by letting the DIA attempt to keep the Commercial airlines project classified as a test. In the project 10 'infiltrators' will try and infiltrate the project. These infiltrators will act as if they are spies from the USA, Britain, and France. The DIA are ordered to capture any infiltrators and under no circumstances were to use lethal measures. The infiltrators would have subtle details that would indicate that they were spies. These would be tiny, something in their actions which might indicate they were spies. The hope is that the DIA would manage to capture all 10 of the infiltrators Military Diplomacy: -Mexico joins the Global Prosperity Pact. With President Gonalez stating that by getting closer ties with the Americans and more economic developments between the two nations it would reduce the chance of war and it would help bring more prosperity to the people of Mexico. -A decent investment is put into the South African Mining industry. This is to increase the influence Mexico has on the sourcing of raw goods into Mexico as well as generally hoping that this will create more profit. -On top of that, the Mexican embassy proposes that there will be several exchange programs between Mexico and South Africa. Especially among university students between both countries. The hope of this is that the students will mutually learn more by seeing another take on education as well as getting to know the other culture better. President Gonalez hopes that these actions will increase the relations between both of the countries
  15. Roberik

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Red Rock corporation National Idea: Midas touched: 1 extra ap per business stack National Mentality: Neutrality Government type: oligarchy Ap spending: 40 ap is put into building two business tile 4ap is spent on settling another world. 20ap is put into a university 1ap is put into 100 fighters 2RP is put into Shielding