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  1. The Aquila gang( former alique gang(dutch mafia)) Location : Latin America, somewhere in Mexico Around 2am a squad of military clad personal stealthily stalk the slums towards an outpost of the Mexican cartels. One of the soldiers check on a radar and sees a red dot that would indicate the location of one of the guns given to the cartels. The dutch Mafia is not stupid they had thought something like this would happen because of that they had modified the guns that were sent to the Mexican cartels all with a little amount of highly explosive substance that would ignite after around 50-300 rounds shot out of the gun. Some of these guns also included small devices that sent coded signals to the main computer of the dutch mafia that would then be sent to the men attacking the base thus giving them the locations of these bases The soldiers would then silently climb onto the roof of one of the warehouses of the Mexican cartels in a slum they would then put some explosives on the middle of the roof. Another squad of soldiers were outside of the building behind the doors of the complex after taking down the perimeter guards. One of the soldiers on top of the roof would have a detonator in his hand and he would with his hand indicate the time till the explosion. He would put up 5 fingers 4 fingers 3 fingers 2 fingers 1 finger Just before the detonation went of one of the soldiers just outside of the door into the complex would open the door slightly and throw in a flash bang. The Explosion and flash bang would go of almost simeltantiously and all the guards inside would be stunned for a dozen of seconds but in that time the squads on top of the roof would shoot down the hole at the drug guards while the other squad kicks open the door and looks for any man still alive. The Aquila soldiers saw some remaining and shocked cartel guards holding their hands in front of their eyes and they would be shot almost immediately. The soldiers would then quickly clear out the building looking for any other guards. They would then check for any information and drugs which they would store in their pouches to be observed at main base. After they find all valuables they quickly go out of the building starting their journey on foot back to the closest Aquila base. The operation in total was 3 minutes and 12 seconds and when the police found the outpost and would find signs of just a few cartels having some infighting though they quickly finished this because this was not an isolated incident ____________________________________________ The Alique gang reforms into the Aquila gang officially because they have now turned into an eagle that will punish their enemies but in reality the boss of the gang was just a fan of Warhammer and wanted the symbol and he thought it sounded betterl. Gang diplomacy The Aquila gang declares war on the Mexican cartels and start an offensive operations with lighting quick strike not giving the cartels much time to react. Furthermore the Aquila gang shows interest in the deal of the Brazilian cartel but say that they refuse it for now until the Brazilian cartel is stable and they might help if they manage to finish the Mexican cartels quickly. They also sent sent some of the finest cuban cigars stolen from a Mexican cartel mansion to the Sun Yee On as a gift for accepting the peace terms. Military actions The Aquila gang recieven a large amount of excess military material from the Netherlands though it is almost impossible to trace it back to them. They start an offensive against the Mexican cartels Using professional modern military weapons and tactics against them with lightning quick strikes whilst stealthily traveling through the Mexican countryside. (mod please) Covert actions The Aquila gang tries to erase any way for the Mexican cartels to find their bases to make sure they are not attacked.( mod please) The Dutch government Internal affairs The government continues to promote nationalism but focuses their effort more on improving land claiming techniques with the goal to increase the construction speed of the dutch island. (mod please) Furthermore the company air soft is heavily subsidized in the Netherlands to make sure more people train with military style guns they are mostly recommended to citizen militia's that are being established in the Netherlands. (mod please p.s. sorry for asking for so much mod intervention). The factories that were being build for a large time of the new government are now finished and the former spending is used to create 2 new naval dockyards as well as more military factories to equip their army and in the future supply their allies. covert actions (mod please ) Diplomacy The dutch government happily accept the ICoN invites and enthusiastically send their own representatives to the meeting in Italy. They also congratulate Ravi Sachavez of India with bringing peace and stability in India again furthermore they pull back all dutch troops seeing as the war is finished. Military actions Dutch troops are pulled out of India and naval dockyards as well as military factories are constructed
  2. It is not if but when
  3. ((Sorry to inform you but Cantal has already gone over to the rebellion and the siege of Jburg is already in 6 (in-game) weeks
  4. We have Americans on the server we have Europeans on the server but do we have asians on the server ?

  5. * a Orenian man wondere to himself " what merchant will come when they can't swindle that is literally the job of being a merchant you buy or sell something then buy something till you eventually make profit and if you can't swindle that means that there is no profit
  6. You got it totally right.
  7. A mayor/future regent/former steward mutters to himself" whoever wins they will get punished
  8. Is it possible to speak in colored text on a mobile device 


  9. Marcus Hotchen wonders why people don't do crusades the old fashioned way anymore killing heretics and pagans but would just shrug and continue walking
  10. * a steward looks through the usual fliers around the capital and sees the flier " Well I think it is time I used my well earned money
  11. I simply do not know how to react except posting that I do not know how to react
  12. THere are already only a few archers in the community now there will be almost no use to being an archer at all then you need to buff melee even more because archers can only shoot a few times before an melee player has reached them so until melee is buffed which will also get much hate archery will be useless except if you're a really pro player so it would be better if it didn't happen at all or melee also should be nerfed
  13. How do you start experimenting with Thanium ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Roberik


      I know that but I heard you needed to have an ET watch over it when you experiment though I don't know if it is true 

    3. EmbryoGod


      I believe you can also get an LM to watch over it as well, but I'm not positive. What exactly are you trying to do with Thanhium?

    4. Roberik


      Ok thanks and  ....................... is what I'm trying to do 

  14. Stop giving Courland forum coverage this is almost like trump strategy you give Courland negative reports and that gives them more support.
  15. (( sorry can't delete message ))