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  1. Maybe you can say they were semi-nomadic tribes that moved every few years after the soil was not fertile enough but that eventually they found a way to keep living in one place thus enabling them to make permanent settlements that led to them making a city.
  2. At least this candidate has something to differentiate himself from the others a man would murmur as he got a copy of the speech
  3. +1 it is a nice idea though I think nests should be more easily be able to be destroyed with a small event though if the main hive gets ever attacked there should be a real large event or multiple wc to destroy it
  4. "That is a lot of power for a single man " a certain person would think as he read the document "It would not be too hard for a man with this position and thinking in his self interest to commit a succesful coup d'tat but of course they will not put a disloyal man on the positition
  5. Nice writing, It makes you think about how simple life was for real persons in Medieval times and how interesting our chars are compared to real peasants.
  6. A former Orenian shaked as he feels the sheer abomination chilling his bones though he puts it down as being racist is now seen as Orenian and loyalists will be killed +1 I like the lore
  7. Application Faction/leader name : Emulon Karakech Skype name (optional) : (( you have it Race name: Furlings (( Like this but with less clothes, larger and less fur)) Race description : The furlings are a race that has evolved in the cold east of the Hazleo. Because of where they evolved they naturally have a layer of fur on themselves. However a few hundred years ago the Furlings started to learn the art of agriculture and traveled more to the west were better and warmer lands were that were better suited for agriculture though they still like to live in areas with a few trees. Sadly the furllings are a short lived race; their eldest usually reach an age of 52 while most furlings die at the age of 44. Because of this short life span furlongs are quick creatures that are ambitious and hard working to fulfill as much as they can in their relatively short lives. However to other races they may seem impatient or rude but this is only because furlings hate people who waste their time or who are wasting their own time. This is still not the end because the furlings are small creatures that usually have a size of 1.47m and the largest of their race being 1.7m. With that size problem furlings generally have less swords and more axes or hammers though recently they have gained the technology of gunpowder with which it is not that important how large you are. Still Mother Nature has given the furlings a small advantage seeing their age and size problem and has made them rather fertile compared to the other races and they have 12,5% more muscles for their size meaning that they can still pack a mean punch. The furlings believe in the spirit of light that protects them in the afterlife and help them in their present life. All furlings see a great importance in their afterlife seeing that their own life is so short. Still the furlings see someone trying to extend their lives as one of the greatest honors and they would do almost anything that could extend their life. Furthermore they have tales of an object called the philosopher's stone that could give the owner eternal life and the person to claim the philosopher's stone will be the ruler of all furlings (( typical modern furling architecture )) (p.s. what level of technology are we all at ) Faction Background : The Furling confederacy was founded around 200 years ago by the wise elders of several furling tribes with great knowledge of plants and animals who had recently learned agriculture and they moved west for a warmer land for their people. Here they made their capital on the coast of a bay surrounded by light forests and thus a large supply of wood. 160 years ago the present form of government was made with each furling being able to vote for a party in a parliament which every 8 years (except if there is a vote of 25% of the population to vote for a new king) will elect a new king or re-elect the present king of the furlings. The largest part of the parliament are the Machini party promoting technological improvement and progress for their people. Closing up on the machini party is the Farion party and they are the militarist faction of the furlings and the largest part of soldiers come from their party, still they won't betray their king as honour and bravery are two of the most valued aspects in their party. The Savion faction otherwise known as the religious faction also has a decent hold on furling society as they praise the great spirit of light they have a large amount of influence on furling society though they are both outclassed by the machini and Farion party. Finally the last major party is the magi party that promotes the mages of the confederacy; this is a small faction compared to the others because magic is usually avoided because it takes a lot of patience and peace of mind to achieved which is not normal for furlings. Still al furlings with magic learn from them in their goal to find or create the philosopher's stone and skilled mages are highly praised by their brethren for their achievement with getting peace of mind and are usually the diplomats of the confederacy if they are willing to do so if they deem it important enough. ((I'll maybe do a flag though I am not sure)) Map location ( I'll possibly make it later p.s. what program should I use to edit a picture ?)) Pros/cons - live short lives (44 years) - are small creatures (1.47 m) - can seem impatient and sometimes rude to other races - can be bribed by anything that extends their lifespan + are hardworking + have 12,5 precent more dense muscle mass thus makng them 12,5 % stronger for their size ( I am not a biologist so I don't know how it works) + are more fertile ( reproduce 30% quicker than other races) ((p.s. pictures don't work for me right now so some comments might seem a little weird ))
  8. So if a new player enters like a lot later like on page 50 or 20 or you get what I mean does he then get an advantage compared to other players who are already further developed ?
  9. Well as we are all supposed to be meming and the server is down FREE AENGOTH
  10. I couldn't resist myself
  11. Or italian! Or Dutch
  12. Wait they rent out the fortress for 2000 MINAS and 1000 minas per saint's week why would they want to do that when they need the money for the construction of the city of Courland ? " A man would wonder as he heard the news
  13. The Aquila gang Location: The Caribbean, the isle of curaçao It was silent in the conference room, the only sound you could hear was the silent breathing of the few man gathered there and the clock slowly ticking. Then there was a sound of footsteps approaching and the double doors went open revealing the leader of the Aquila gang flanked by 2 guards walked solemnly to his luxurious chair at the head at the table where 8 other men were seated. He would then push back the chair and sit down looking at every single man around the table. " men, it seems that our time has come to an end." Another man on the table played a bit with his clothes and many others move a bit in nervousness " You have all done admirably but even the actions of men like you could not have stopped the actions of the governments." " All of you know that I am not a man that gives much compliments but you all need to know that I am honored by your actions and your loyalties." " It seems that finally the end of the Aquila gang or the alique gang or simply the gang has come to an end, we can stand against the military of the governments for some time but eventually we will be swept up with the tide." Then the leader off the Alique gang took a few piles of money out of his jacket. " For your services for the Aquila gang each of you (8 men) will be getting an reward of 20.000 Dollars; you will also be getting new fake passports and identities for you as well as a good silent plastically surgeons to help you with making sure you are not easily recognized." The leader would then slide each pile of money to the men on the table " I wish you all much luck in your future careers but now the Aquila gang is, disbanded " Last actions The Aquila gang sells all it assets for the best possible price and collect the bounties for some of their known contacts as well as selling out valuable information for a good price. Their land is sold to friendly and oppertunistic/stupid possible drug lords as well as the crops they did not manage to sell or fabricate into drugs. All the members of the Aquila gang except the most utterly loyal and smart ones get a small reward of 100 dollars since " This is not one of your nice ***** legal companies with nice money if you are fired." Then most of the money that was was sent to an anonymous Swiss bank account. The leader of the Aquila gang as well as the utterly loyal and smart soldiers will be made so they will not in any way shape or form be recognized and with the money in the Swiss bank account they would set up Phoenix industries In the United States that with some of the contacts they didn't sell out and had some influence in America. The company would specialize in the selling of Medicine with some experience gained with working with drugs and the construction of water defenses that would help regions that are prone to flooding with making sure there are no more floods or that at least they will be less severe if they can't pay enough money or it is too hard. Though the company would be open for further expansion most likely into development aid with some research of it's possible profit being done. Furthermore any and all connections to the Aquila gang would be totally erased for any government cartel or even spy agency to find out so only leaving the memories of the leader and the utterly loyal who would all use their cyanide pill before giving up that information. And so from the ashes of the Aquila gang Phoenix industries would rise. The Netherlands Location: Europe, Italy, Rome, ICoN meeting The Dutch representative stands up as the meeting of ICoN begins and the issues start getting addressed. " Dear members of ICoN today we stand here to talk about how we can bring stability to the world and that we work together for our mutual advantage" " We live in a time where it seems that we live in Freedom and peace yet in France the birthplace of Democracy a cruel facist regime has taken over." " many of our countries have fought in WW2 to make sure that we now have democracy and to stop the movement of facism yet now it has returned and to the doorstep of this very meeting; have the lives that your grandfathers and grandmothers have given in vain will they be forgotten because we seem ignorant of the threat we have to democracy right now." " We cannot for them or for ourselves forget the threat that we live under right now, if we do nothing now the threat of facism one of the greatest evils the world has ever faced and might now need to face will return again." " It is right in front of our eyes, France kills it own people and politicians for the facists to remain in power, why would we think they would not attack us to give themselves more power." She would then clean her throat and in a steady voice say " I propose that we will sign a pact that if France will attacks any of our nations that we will all declare war on the nation of France." " Furthermore I propose that France needs to officially stop it's illegal occupation of Djitoubi which has now been freed by Djitoubi soldiers as well as sensible veteran soldiers; this needs to be accompanied with an official apology of the government of France for falsely occupying Djitoubi as well as signing a nonaggression pact with it for 10 years to stop any further unjust revenge offensive from the French government." The female dutch representative would then sit back down and listen to the reactions. Internal affairs Posters and new articles are given about the danger of France and the danger it could pose to the Netherlands which support the joining of the militia which will help the nation in case of a French occupation. Furthermore to help with supplying the militia's 10 million euros are set aside for arming the militia as well as researching to develop the cheapest and relatively reliable handgun in the world as well as developing Reliable and again as cheap as possible light arms to help the militia's(mod pls). Also the military budget is increased to 1,7% of the total gdp of the Netherlands. The military will now increase itself; it was 130.000 active personal and 30.000 reserve personal and now it will be increased to 150.000 active personal and it will remain 30.000 reserve personal. Furthermore there will 20 extra sam sites as well as other AA guns commissioned to protect its airspace from possible French attacks. There will also be plans made on how to defend the country and individual cities in case of a French invasion as well as an improvement of the security of the dutch parliament and more specifically the prime minister with secret tunnels being made as well as an unknown number of buildings around the perimeter of the Ridderhof (the dutch parliament) will have air defenses on it as well as possible view points of the streets below for friendly snipers. Diplomacy The Netherlands asks for help of India In case of a French facist attack on the Netherlands Belgium and Luxemburg are contacted about making sure the Benelux pact is renewed with all pacts being unsure in the new world and to all of them to again have the same or maybe more united military to help each other in case of a French attack, accompanied with this is the request of some sam sites that will soon be finished to be implemented in Belgium as well as the permission to take defensive control of a number of defensive locations that the French might attack in an invasion though this is entirely optional and if wanted could easily be denied because of possibly endangering Belgian sovereignty. Global awareness about the French regime is tried to be raised.
  14. The Aquila gang( former alique gang(dutch mafia)) Location : Latin America, somewhere in Mexico Around 2am a squad of military clad personal stealthily stalk the slums towards an outpost of the Mexican cartels. One of the soldiers check on a radar and sees a red dot that would indicate the location of one of the guns given to the cartels. The dutch Mafia is not stupid they sent spies to spy the leaving members of the cartels after the meeting and they went out to try and find as much locations, contacts and bases as possible though a large part of the raid is to find more information on the cartels. The soldiers would then silently climb onto the roof of one of the warehouses of the Mexican cartels in a slum they would then put some explosives on the middle of the roof. Another squad of soldiers were outside of the building behind the doors of the complex after taking down the perimeter guards. One of the soldiers on top of the roof would have a detonator in his hand and he would with his hand indicate the time till the explosion. He would put up 5 fingers 4 fingers 3 fingers 2 fingers 1 finger Just before the detonation went of one of the soldiers just outside of the door into the complex would open the door slightly and throw in a flash bang. The Explosion and flash bang would go of almost simeltantiously and all the guards inside would be stunned for a dozen of seconds but in that time the squads on top of the roof would shoot down the hole at the drug guards while the other squad kicks open the door and looks for any man still alive. The Aquila soldiers saw some remaining and shocked cartel guards holding their hands in front of their eyes and they would be shot almost immediately. The soldiers would then quickly clear out the building looking for any other guards. They would then check for any information and drugs which they would store in their pouches to be observed at main base. After they find all valuables they quickly go out of the building starting their journey on foot back to the closest Aquila base. The operation in total was 3 minutes and 12 seconds and when the police found the outpost and would find signs of just a few cartels having some infighting though they quickly finished this because this was not an isolated incident ____________________________________________ The Alique gang reforms into the Aquila gang officially because they have now turned into an eagle that will punish their enemies but in reality the boss of the gang was just a fan of Warhammer and wanted the symbol and he thought it sounded betterl. Gang diplomacy The Aquila gang declares war on the Mexican cartels and start an offensive operations with lighting quick swat style strikes not giving the cartels much time to react meanwhile they also capture known dealers and leaders of the cartels in an effort to get more information. Furthermore the Aquila gang shows interest in the deal of the Brazilian cartel but say that they refuse it for now until the Brazilian cartel is stable and they might help if they manage to finish the Mexican cartels quickly. They also sent sent some of the finest cuban cigars stolen from a Mexican cartel mansion to the Sun Yee On as a gift for accepting the peace terms. Military actions The Aquila gang recieven a large amount of excess military material from the Netherlands though it is almost impossible to trace it back to them. They start an offensive against the Mexican cartels Using professional modern military weapons and tactics against them with lightning quick strikes whilst stealthily traveling through the Mexican countryside. (mod please) Covert actions The Aquila gang tries to erase any way for the Mexican cartels to find their bases to make sure they are not attacked.( mod please) The Dutch government Internal affairs The government continues to promote nationalism but focuses their effort more on improving land claiming techniques with the goal to increase the construction speed of the dutch island. (mod please) Furthermore the company air soft is heavily subsidized in the Netherlands to make sure more people train with military style guns they are mostly recommended to citizen militia's that are being established in the Netherlands. (mod please p.s. sorry for asking for so much mod intervention). The factories that were being build for a large time of the new government are now finished and the former spending is used to create 2 new naval dockyards as well as more military factories to equip their army and in the future supply their allies. covert actions (mod please ) Diplomacy The dutch government happily accept the ICoN invites and enthusiastically send their own representatives to the meeting in Italy. They also congratulate Ravi Sachavez of India with bringing peace and stability in India again furthermore they pull back all dutch troops seeing as the war is finished. Military actions Dutch troops are pulled out of India and naval dockyards as well as military factories are constructed
  15. It is not if but when