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  1. Old Man Viktor nods in approval, "Just ist finally served. Gott bless thy, High Pontiff."
  2. An old man goes around, city to city; as he sees the fliers, he paints a picture of the late Prince Philip Aurelian on them, who had done no wrong. He ends the picture by dipping his hand in red paint and planting it on the image of the late Prince.
  3. ((The following message is posted on fliers throughout the Human kingdoms.)) Request for an Investigation into Treason Committed by Philip III of the House Novellen 8th of Horen's Calling, 1850 To Whom it May Concern, I call upon loyal Orenians to demand a formal investigation into potential treason committed by the current Emperor of Oren, Phillip III of the house Novellen. This year has been hectic with Oren's war with Urguan, the death of the late Emperor, Phillip II, and his heir-apparent, Prince Philip Aurelian. Now, Oren is on the verge of creating a schism in the Church and starting a second front with the Kingdom of Haense. And suddenly, Oren's longtime enemy, the Savoyards, are "friendly" with Oren. Out of nowhere. This is all too convenient, and as a result I request a call to action in order to investigate the following crimes he may have committed: 1. Plotting to usurp the throne of Oren and the title of Emperor. 2. Orchestrating the murder of Philip II and his heir-apparent, Prince Philip Aurelian. 3. Instigating raids on Oren. 4. Instigating a coup with the backing of the Kingdom of Savoy. 5. Plotting to install an anti-pope loyal to himself and Savoy. 6. High Treason against the Empire. 7. Creating unnecessary conflict with Hanseti. I make these claims not off-handedly, or even in love of Oren, but for Prince Philip Aurelian, whom I loved dearly. I request clarity and an enlightenment into these terrible events which have been brushed aside. Any loyal citizen of Oren who loved the former heir should want the same. Should Phillip III be suspected of ANY of these crimes, he should be brought to trial on grounds of High Treason. Sincerely, A Loyal Street Sweeper
  4. 30k fishing exp in a day. Soon, with legendary, I will be the spider monkey of Johannesburgh.

  5. If any halflings on, we're rping near the table by the river. Come join.

  6. Why does farfolk ss take you to kha-place?

  7. Elfoos need a real capital. Three towns and all three empty.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jonificus


      Well the elves don't have a capital because all the elves would kill eachother over who's town is the capital, unless everyone agrees for some reason.

    3. zaezae


      Ker'nor is actually getting pretty active.

    4. Jonificus


      Yeah, there's always someone there, and we're going through construction work to make the city even better!

  8. (´◉◞౪◟◉) pbbbbblttt

  9. Dwarf Legion armor looks like marshmallow men! =D

  10. Why so many OOC threads in rp forum when we have an OOC forum!?

    1. Space


      I suppose the 'Notable Elves of Athera' thing could have been posted in off-topic, but it is relevant to the elves and I think would do better in the elven section. Meh.

  11. I haven't seen a single Orc ever!

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