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  1. “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” - J.R.R.  ̶T̶o̶l̶k̶i̶e̶n̶ Rolkien https://imgur.com/a/oAuQ9Yh 


    My senior yearbook staff from 2016 were A+

  2. if two vegans are arguing, is it still beef?

    1. Hobolympic


      Tofu substitute

    2. Dreek


      No, it's avocado


    1. Wendigo


      Why are you back, you got away ;-;

    2. James


      check my log-in, not back homie ; ) /seen James27049

  4. Two wrongs don't make a right. Proceeding on topic, people should be punished more strictly for a history of bans on /this/ server. People who commit more crimes, are more likely to do so again. You shouldn't take someones bans on another server as justification for punishment on a different one however, as they could have have had skewed reasoning. Banning someone for actions committed somewhere else is unjust, and makes no logical sense. It is good information to have though, as say someone is known for staff abuse on multiple different servers. That doesn't really make you think they'd be responsible for staff, now does it? The same reflects on them as a person for what they've done on other communities.
  5. RIP Stephen Hawking. 

  6. If anyone wants to try the really shitty prototype games I make, let me know

    1. Dreek


      ill try your games james


      im here for you

    2. ZachoSnacko


      ill totally do it

    3. James


      https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9GYnGQmVPj9SEJlQ2xWSndQX3M Something I used to work on as a prototype for something zelda-esque in GML. I'll send a game I made in python later. 

  7. James

    Reform the LT

    Thought I'd add something in as an Ex-LT,ET,GM,AT,FM,writer,game designer etc. Stop revealing lore that isn't necessary for the players to know. Things to prevent pging like magic? That's completely fine. Let's be clear however, in no other game or roleplay community is lore stated as much as it is in LOTC. I feel like the only advocate of keeping lore hidden. Lore doesn't need to be seen OOC, it should be seen IG. The LT doesn't need to show the players their work in OOC to prove that they're working, they should be doing it through events that make the majority of the playerbases see that their actually doing their job and it should fall on the Lore Lead to make sure they're doing their ****. If lore that is written doesn't create in-game interactions or events, it shouldn't be written in the first place. In multiple different LARPs, RP communities, and tabletop settings all lore is learnt in-game. Revealing all lore to be "Transparent" as the lore-team is one of the silliest things I've ever heard. Creation and Event lore should never be talked about by staff members on the LT with players. It completely removes the sense of surprise from the playerbase when something happens in-game, promotes meta-gaming through taking information from the forums and ruins player-research that is submitted through lore-topics in lore submissions through meta.
  8. James

    Removal of the LT director

    Woah woah woah, as an ex LT/MAT lead I can say Zarsies, Swgrclan/Cam, and Phil (who still doesn't love me ; ( ) are all very hard workers who dedicated a good portion of time to writing good lore for the server. While I don't like the dark souls and witcher themes to the lore that is sometimes implemented, they are damn good writers. I will say I skimmed this, but I don't think its right to remove any three of those lore team members and any one of which could fulfill the lore team /director/ position as to commend the quality of their work. I currently work as an author as to get paid for my work, and I don't understand why any of which would be removed unless good reason was provided. I don't know if I grasp the situation well enough to tell if reprimanding was in order however I will say their past work and tenure should be enough base to not outright remove them.

    Lets be edgy together

  10. I like how I left lotc, I check in once in awhile and get worried over Pink lion because people are asking if he's ok when in reality its a meme. Now people are doing it to mitto, and I have to take him away from this wretched land.

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      **** off real life is ****

       : Dd

    3. Evocress


      It was due to Caleb playing Suicide Simulator. 

    4. Ravondir


      Damn James stop trying to lure people away from the server jesus christ

  11. James

    [Denied] [Trial App] Guess who's back

    If moot struck you down then wb lark. However I don't know why you're returning if you have DnD, that's like 10x better.
  12. Grungron Irongoy is the Lord of the Craft. He's taken on daemons with his bare hands, parted the Aegean sea, and performed feats and miracles you can only dream of.