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  1. Hope you've been well, friend! :)

    1. James


      Been alright, glad to see you dude. Hope you're enjoying LOTC! 

  2. I'm just waiting for them to shelve every race except human so we can have our school rp server. I want principal tythus and vice principal telanir to send people to detention.
  3. IGN: James27049 RP NAME: Grungron Irongut / Elder Grungron CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  4. Hope you're doing well ; )

    1. Timer


      Thank you!

  5. Give me your discord if you ever log in again! 

  6. Now someone bring back arcanism or arcane evocation / arcane shielding
  7. Thanks for your work firespirit, glad that you contributed to the server. I hope that you have a fantastic time away from the game, good luck mate.
  8. Thanks for the hard work on the server Kowaman, take it easy.
  9. Hope you're doing well bud. 

  10. Don't drink the kool-aid. 

  11. Who was your favorite writer on LOTC from 2011 to now? There have been plenty of good ones, so I'm curious.
  12. I'll be around for a few months until I quit again for 4 years.
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