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  1. James


    I agree with you on the barrier protecting them as a nation, not the nationhood in and of itself. Considering that I’d say that were done with that part of the discussion. I’ll refrain from insulting or belittling anyone based on whether they’re staff due to the simple factor of if you wish to change someones opinion, you don’t use adhominem. I feel like it’s devolving from the original argument, but considering this has been a series of conclusions leading to an actual problem then it’s still within the topic of conversation. Originally you payed real money to be a nation after the main four, which had no basis other than allowing the ability to gain money for the server as the compensation of allowing them to form a nation. Obviously this is a flawed system as it let anyone without any real logical credentials in-game do something in-game which has nothing to do with the actual play. An objective system based on population for plots isn’t thrown out the window entirely to gain nations due to alternate accounts, rather if could take something equitable like resources that were implemented with terrain that could actually be founded and traded for mechanical benefit which would be a really neat structure. Say if you took that as well as the governing population who owned it and the original four races you could have a more functioning economy as well. I digress however, as without an actual game-mechanic system the majority of lotc would not support it. That said, an alternate solution would be to de-incentivizing alternate accounts on plots by rewarding nations with events based on populace. Another solution would be to stop protecting nations from war due to nationalism.
  2. James


    That doesn’t matter, the point is that it isn't even necessary to be a nation. It’s an arbitrary line that’s being drawn.
  3. James


    Yes, war was caused as a result of their isolationism. You are understanding the series of events that are all dealt with by war. Japan had to end their isolationism by starting trade with the west to receive guns. Also WW2 wasn’t a result of their isolationism. Both Canada and Mexico received offers to invade the U.S., and both refused. Japan just accepted the deal they were given. Furthermore there isn’t a complete lack of trade, but to say they couldn’t live without it is unreasonable. Were arguing a rule, not an exception to a rule. Small amounts of trade would be an exception, and therefore a fallacy. You can exist as a nation while still cutting off ties to other countries. Rather than arguing for grey isolationism, they want it black or white which I have no qualms with as it can be completely reasonable for how the nation has dealt with foreign policy in the past.
  4. James


    <Calls us brainlets <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolationism <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sakoku <Forms an opinion based off pre-determined bias like an npc (I love you btw Zhulik, but you're wrong) Don’t worry Zhulik, just deus vult them and claim fenn is the holy land
  5. James


    Nations are allowed to be isolationist. If your character has a problem with Fenn not getting themselves involved in a war, then take that in-character and push for a war on the casus belli that they refused to help when your nation needed it to win. This isn’t an excuse to take away subsidization on a server level from a nation if they were deemed fit by the staff. If the people decide its a valid excuse for its war, no one should have any say on whether the claim is valid on a war if it were to occur. You’re arguing the wrong point. If a nation wants to fight another for any reason that isn’t blatant metagaming that is provable, then they should be allowed to on the grounds of realism to opinionated conflict. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_Bucket
  6. James

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    I'm against removal of freedom of speech in any manner, and I wish the FMs didn't take your opinion away, Grim. I agree with you for the most part on the writing, and that the stereotype for the generalized holy magic roleplay that has plagued lotc which needs to be addressed. I disagree completely on the stigma that surrounds the guild, which was fueled by individual conflict and doesn't currently represent the guild adequately nor appropriately. The reputation will only stay besmirched due to stubborn people who refuse to accept change and keep residual hate based on something that had nothing to do with the present.
  7. James

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    LOTC is a roleplay world, one where storyline is supposed to be key and essential to the plot. It makes absolutely no sense to change or create lore without a reason in-game even if it's driven by out-of-character mechanical changes within the effect of powers present. That said, while the ominous reason implied is intriguing there was no direct answer as to why the change in magic came from a lore perspective. I do believe that it was properly referenced within the context of the writing however, just without blatant meaning which is asinine. It is important to keep consistency in a vibrant world and to do that everything must have a reason in order to keep out arbitrary roleplay that is fundamentally flawed. Ascended lore from aegis remained intact into early Athera including minor changes from Asulon which did take precedent at the time. The changes were forced by loremasters in late Athera without consequential reason besides "please nerf". Not only did they not come up with a reason in writing for as to why the orders magic suddenly had a drastic change, they continually ignored the playerbase on multiple accounts. While wanting to change powers to keep the game balanced is noble, doing so at the expense of needless, drastic, change is ridiculous. That who forms the assertion should give the remedy in a fair manner, whereas the remedy thus far by our lore team (into vailor at least) was to remove it rather than fix it. The Ascended removal was unwarranted and completely fueled by OOC conflict. That said, I agree that the lore has no place without explanation for the changes. I brought the Ascended back and I have qualms about change in lore without an in-game reason, though this isn't to discount the extreme harassment present on the server towards the order which has no significant basis. Nor is this at all evident to the idea that I'm opposed to change, just change without necessary explanation. The premise of how the order is treated is based on player conflict with players who no longer exist in the order has fueled horrible roleplayers into taking an out-of-character bias which has been pushed into an in-character agenda against the order. That said I wholeheartedly think it would of been a good idea to put more context into the changes that are taking place and how they'll affect how the order functions for simplicity of sufficient world-view reasoning as to why these changes should take place at all. Whether there will be change at all isn't a give-in, though this doesn't discount the idea that it needs premise. The reasons presented within the text are too vastly ominous and vague to actually pull meaning from as an outside reader or to the lore masters you are presenting this to. @Jondead P.S. While it wasn't overtly referenced that Aeriel was the presiding deity of the moon, it has been indirectly implied multiple times. Not only in the rewrite post they listed, but in the writings and the idea that Dungrimm was meant to be the guardian who worked for Aeriel to secure the soul stream and holds his palace on the moon. Multiple other indeterminate places described the idea as well in past lore, however it wasn't something that had been prevalent. The old lore of the three primordials also had reference of the original mortals coming from the primordial of the moon which is of important consequence as Aeriel is the arch-aengul of souls.
  8. James

    Show Your Pet Thread

    she put holes in that airbed REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. James

    GM Veterans Club

    If I ever forgot about you I wouldn't know what love is I want you to show me
  10. Would be an extremely responsible pick for the global moderator team. I can only predict positive growth based on Wendigo's past contributions to the server, and I believe he would be indefatigable in his work ethic. He is both scrupulous and shrewd, amazing traits in a productive global moderator. +1
  11. Great pick for the FM team. +1
  12. Two wrongs don't make a right. Proceeding on topic, people should be punished more strictly for a history of bans on /this/ server. People who commit more crimes, are more likely to do so again. You shouldn't take someones bans on another server as justification for punishment on a different one however, as they could have have had skewed reasoning. Banning someone for actions committed somewhere else is unjust, and makes no logical sense. It is good information to have though, as say someone is known for staff abuse on multiple different servers. That doesn't really make you think they'd be responsible for staff, now does it? The same reflects on them as a person for what they've done on other communities.
  13. James

    [Denied] [Trial App] Guess who's back

    If moot struck you down then wb lark. However I don't know why you're returning if you have DnD, that's like 10x better.
  14. James

    [Accepted] Hiebe's probably 10th GM app

    The one person that should've been a GM a long time ago. From my past experience as a GM, he would do the job better than most. +1