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  1. Garret Darkwood receives word of the death of one of it's most brightest and loyal citizens, he then instinctively turns his back and states "Lawc---" Remembering that he retired from the Ministry of Justice disbanded the Investigative Branch, and that he retired from the Ministry of Justice. Garret then says a prayer for the young mans soul and states "May the Imperial State army found whoever did this, it's up to you know Imperial General, don't screw it up"
  2. Garret Darkwood receives word of the missive and the Bishop family drama, seething at the concept of his son ever being near a Bishop, he comes to realize that someone in the family got disowned for befriending his son. Garret then picks up his pen, and prepares a letter.
  3. An Old Orenian Secret Service agent, Attorney-General of the Ministry of Justice, Garret Darkwood patriarch of the Darkwood family, heir to the Barony of Darkwood gets word of the family drama going on, "My son is involved with WHAT?" Garret Darkwood proclaimed, recognizing the name of the Bishops, having flashbacks to the Sedanian war and the death of his first wife, a rage broils over him "This is most unacceptable" Garret then fetches for his son Charles Darkwood and prepares to pen a letter, to a recipient unknown
  4. Victor Vuiller a studying Acolyte walks down the road of Savoy after a long day of studying the holy scrolls. He then receives the letter and he opens it, taking a moment to sit Victor Vuiller grabs his pen and paper to write a response "Dear Grandfather, I apologize for not being around Oren as my studies have consumed much of my life, I have alot of ground to make up for my ways of sin and greed that nearly consumed and destroyed me, I feel as if I am not worthy to return to my family until my soul is completely cleansed of sin and the sins of my past, repaid to GOD in full. My faith in the Holy Mother Church is absolute, and my faith in GOD is absolute. I strive every day to emulate the family values and make those who came before us proud. As of now I am working on my thesis to be ordained to the priesthood. I have never once raised my sword in anger towards those who have accepted GOD. I have but once rose my sword against another living being, and that was to defend Father Paul from a heathenous Orc that nearly took his life. Every heathen that you see nailed to a cross had every chance and multiple chances to repent and join the one right path, sadly many chose to do violence against the church and pose a threat to the safety of GODs people, therefore we had to take appropriate actions to defend ourselves. The path I follow is the path that GOD has ordained me to follow, he lit a light on a trail that I must walk on. For it is that he delivered me from the pits of sin, I must deliver him my unwavering service to his people, to his word, to his vision. I will return to Oren to visit my family, but my intentions are to stay in Savoy to continue my studies, for it is what GOD told me to do. ONE GOD ONE RELIGION ONE RIGHT PATH Signed, Victor Vuiller"
  5. Garret Darkwood packs his office belongings as he moves down the hall to the office of the Attorney-General, as he places his items down he see's many lawmen and constables to commissioners packing up their things and leaving. Some to the Imperial State Army, some to only God knows where. He then takes a walk down the historical paintings of the MoJ, battle after battle, engagement after engagement of the Imperial Constabulary against the Norlanders, against the MRA. He then see's the monuments of all the Constabulary agents fallen in the line of duty. He then thinks about his past in the Imperial Constabulary as the IBI director, leading the MoJ charge against the Norlanders. Then as Inspector-General leading the charge against the MRA, becoming the first agent bowed down against the MRA. "may the lord God rest the brave souls of the Imperial Constabulary, of the Ministry of Justice Skirmishers, your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Your deaths will not be in vain, we will remember you if it is the last thing I ensure on this realm of existence." Garret then consoles a lawman, in tears over being laid off. "Change is a constant throughout the Universe, but we are all one in GOD. May GOD bless the Imperial Constabulary, until we see it again" The now Attorney-General Garret Darkwood then assumes his post, seeing a mammoth amount of paperwork piled up from cases in the backlog of the courts, "Time to go to work" he states.
  6. A depiction of the vision of Victor Vuiller [!] A recount of Victor Vuiller's encounter with GOD is published by an acolyte using Victor Vuillers recount The Vision of Victor Vuiller It was a cold and stormy night, Victor Vuiller left the tavern after the 3rd day of heavy drinking and partying in the ISA 2nd brigade as a recruit. Victor Vuiller then fell ill from alcohol poisoning, and passed out in a ditch, filled with water covering his face. Unable to breath Victor Vuiller nearly drowned, enclosed below is his full recount, "I was in a point in my life where I was down at my lowest. My want for material possession poisoned my mine, and my lust for partying destroyed my finances within the Empire. My life was drowning in debt and sorrow. I was on my death bed drowning in my own greed. Turned away from GODs word, turned away from the light, in darkness. In my panic I called out to GOD, though I have severed my connection with him GOD responded, where the consciousness was ready to leave my body the LIGHT OF GOD came upon me and embraced me. Face down the hand of GOD touched me and turned me away from the water. In his warm light he filled my vision from darkness to pure light. His calming voice pierced my soul "Lo I am your God, I am the bread of life, those who believe in me shall not hunger, those who thirst shall be quenched. The poor shall be clothed and the weak shall be protected. Cast to the side thine worries and embrace my love my child. Your plan is not finished young one, your calling is not the one you pursue now. Take the trail of sand and heat. Find the guardian of my word, there you shall find your place, guard my word with him, defend my children, my creation. Go in peace my child be whole with my love" Upon which I saw the vision of a dark being with red eyes being kicked off the side of a cliff, by a creature of light. That creature of light then looks up and ascends to the skies and a fog surrounding the area parts revealing the city of Savoy. Upon which I immediately took off to Savoy. I took a ship from eastfleet and took off to the sands of what was once Sutica, now Savoy. I took a ship from eastfleet bound for Savoy, where a storm of great magnitude hit the ship, waves large as the towers of Providence crashed on the side of the ship. Lifestock and people, thrown like seeds in the wind. I prepared myself for the end of my life, fearing that GOD has sent me astray to my grave, preparing to be sent to the Seven Skies, as the boat broke apart around me, I clung to a board of wood for dear life praying to GOD the entire time. I was delivered the next day, I awoke on the sands of Savoy and begun my long journey, clinging to the few provisions I gathered in my hastily gathered escape from the ship. Upon my third day of wandering the desert I feared that I was not on the wrong path, I did not know to which direction I was to go. In the third night, a light shined brighter than most in the sky, then I knew that it was a sign from GOD that I am on the right path. I prayed for food and a generous traveler passed by and allowed me to gain food and water for my journey. For fourty days and fourty nights I walked the dessert to Savoy. Upon reaching the city on the morning of the 41st day, the sun shown through the hill and I felt an inner peace, impossible to describe and completely whole. I knew I had started on my holy path, my plan GOD has set out for me. "
  7. ZAND MACHERON, HERO OF JUSTICE [!] A letter would be penned and sent to the people of Providence It is with a heart leaded by the weight of a thousand irons, that the Ministry of Justice announces the death of the Chief Detective, Zand Macheron at the hands of the M.R.A. terrorist organization. Following this saints day (4pm est september 2nd) there will be a funeral located in providence for the late Chief Detective. For over 7 years Zand Macheron served the Ministry of Justice appealing to the highest honor and service to all agents who have known him. Rising to the ranks of the Chief Detective he ran investigations for the Ministry of Justice till his passing. Zand Macheron is a kind soul dedicated to the Empire and all who live under it. Not faltering nor failing in the face of certain adversity and death. On the Tenth of Snowmaidens, there was an attack on the Ministry of Justice HQ by terrorist organization M.R.A, quick to defend the people of the Ministry of Justice and the people of the Holy Orenian Empire. Giving his last full measure of devotion to the cause of the common good. Let us learn from his example, and grow as a people to honor his sacrifice and the sacrifice of so many other Ministry of Justice and Imperial State Army members who have fallen across so many battlefields throughout so many years. The Ministry of Justice salutes Zand Macheron and sends the most sincere condolences to the family of Zand Macheron, his death will not be in vain. Signed, The Right Honorable Garret Darkwood Inspector-General Ministry of Justice
  8. The Inspector-General bows his head as he heads to the Cathedral to pray "his death will not be in vain, we will avenge you dear Chief Detective" Garret Darkwood then picks his things up to asses the damage done to the Ministry of Justice building. "I guess the MRA has chosen to be on the long arm of Justice"
  9. The Return of the Inspector-General Many years had passed since the last time that the Inspector-General Garret Darkwood was seen in public, when he led a counter-terrorist operation of the Imperial Constabulary against the M.R.A While the injuries he suffered in the aforementioned operation were severe, the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. During these last years, Garret had been a patient in the hospital of Providence, where he recived medical treatment. The day had arrived. Today, the Imperial Medics informed Garret that he was being immediately discharged from the hospital as the medical treatment had been successful and was completely healed. And so, Garret packed his belongings and closed the door of his room, and made his way to the entrance of the hospital. On his way out of the hospital, he started remembering the day he joined the Ministry of Justice around twenty years ago as a law-Clerk. At that time, he was barley a teenager who still had to learn and experience all the darkness and lights that existed in this world. Garret then remembered the time when His Excellency the Solicitor-General promoted him to Inspector-General of the Ministry of Justice around ten years ago, a position that he has been holding from that day until now. He remembered that day very well, including his own joy and happiness being able to serve the glorious D'Azor Ministry as Undersecretary of one of its ministries. He never had the opportunity to meet his Imperial Excellency the Archchancellor Sir Ledicort D'Azor in depth, but Garret always shared all the imperial values of him of the D'Azor Ministry and had always been doing his absolute best in order to enforce the policies and serve the Imperial Government as best as possible. Once he arrived to the Headquarters of the Minsitry of Justice, he opened the door and headed to the lobby, where he found commissioner Madron, Solicitor Hughes, Chief Commissioner Rev Vuiller, Deputy Attorney-General de Rendois, and Attorney-General Halcourt Ruthern The complete leadership of the Ministry of Justice had been waiting for him at the lobby to give him a small surprise. Garret then smiled, as he knew he finally had reached...home. [!] Afterwords, Garret would write the following open letter to the Agents of the Ministry of Justice, the Representatives and Imperial Grandees of the Imperial Diet, the Council of state, and the people of the Holy Orenian Empire To the Faithful agents of the Ministry of Justice and the People of the Holy Orenian Empire, Years it has been since my last public appearance, with that the Ministry of Justice has faced hardship and trials and tribulations. The MOJ and the people of the Holy Orenian empire are owed an explanation, and I am obligated to give one For over 6 years I have been fending off a severe illness that is related to my injuries sustained in combat against the M.R.A. For these years my survival was not guaranteed nor was it expected, my body ready to release my soul into the seven skies. Through the grace of GOD I have managed to retain my health and wellbeing. I have been given full and total authorization to resume duties at full capacity, with no hindrance. For the great battles of the past, to the battles we face now, and to the battles in the future that will surely test out Empire. I will continue to work diligently for the Empire, to which I pledge my most sacred Honor May GOD bless his Imperial Excellency and the Archchancellor Sir Ledicort D'Azor and His Imperial Majesty the Emperor John VIII and may GOD bless the Holy Orenian Empire. Signed, The Most Honorable Garret Darkwood, Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice.
  10. Garret Darkwood reads over the missive, as he pours his glass and raises it to the fallen Imperial soldiers, to the Families left behind, to the civilians bowed down in the streets by the Ferrymen, for the Ministry of Justice agents who kept order in the streets and to the ones who fell side by side the soldiers of the Imperial State Army. upon recognizing the name of the child who wrote it Garret proclaims, "Man that kid is NON-STOP"
  11. [Daylight Savings] Where Is Your Mother? Public execution in providence Where is your Mother, Mercatorii? What love has she shown her children? Her children weep for help, and you have given no love. Where is mother? Such as the last words went for an MRA agent, who found his life cut short. His bloodlust, bringing him to an end of only blood. Such as the life of all who follow the Mercatorii Republican Armies in their needless campaign of torture and betrayal of the Holy Orenian Empire. He was the first to fall, but it will not be the last. Blood comes from blood, the MRA has found it funny to target the civilians of the Empire. Hold entire towns hostages, and kill the hardworking agents who fight every day to keep the Empire safe. Have no doubt, this may be the first execution but it will not be the last. Until such time the MRA and all their members surrender to the authorities. The Constabulary will continue our campaign of total elimination of the terrorists from our soil, from our lives. To protect the citizens of the Empire. To ensure our hard-fought peace, the Sedanians fell before the Empire, the Nordlings fell before the Empire ten times over, the MRA shall fall before the Empire. For there is no mother to save you, no false God to protect you, there will be no mercy, no remorse. Only the cold embrace of death, with no love, no embrace, no support from your so called “Mother Mercatorii” Signed, The Most Honorable Garret Darkwood Inspector General, Ministry of Justice
  12. "The Iron Accords has turned to rust, Water has come from ice, and the HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE Reigns supreme yesterday, today, and tomorrow, OREN AUT MORTEM" Screams an Patriotic Garret Darkwood, he then proceeds to go celebrate once more in the tavern
  13. Garret Darkwood reads the missive from his Hospital Bed, after writing too many condolence letters to families than he could count, he nods with approval "There will be blood, we'll hunt down every last one of these terrorists and send them to the void of which they have came, OREN AUT MORTEM"
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