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  1. Hernando Altamirano stops what he is doing and signs the loraine and sits in the gardens of providence to pray for the lost souls of Leumont, "Oh GOD of most high, may these lost souls on the trail of virtue find their way home. Let them find the light of GOD once more and protect them from the apostate state of Norland"
  2. William Santiago would sit in silent prayer praying for Georges soul muttering, "I will avenge you, I will avenge all of you"
  3. Father Hernando looks at the law, spitting out his tea taking a minute to compose himself, "First they had the audacity to kill men of GOD in GODs house. Because they didn't like the decision that they came to. Then they allow heretics to roam the streets freely? May GOD have mercy on the Haense's nobilities souls."
  4. William Santiago scowls at the letter, "My comrade in arms is a man of honor, clearly something you wouldn't understand, nor even have. How about this you and me meet to duel in providence, we'll see who is the coward then." William Santiago then gets back to work training to take on the terrorists that killed so many of his friends.
  5. William Santiago would sharpen his sword ready to take on the terrorists that attacked the praying to GOD for the fallen, "May GOD welcome the souls of those who died into his kingdom. May GOD have mercy on the souls of these terrorists if they even have souls to have mercy on. For I will show them NO MERCY. one GOD one EMPORER one EMPIRE"
  6. William Santiago would look at the ministry of justice building in horror and shock, seeing his ISA brothers fall one by one. He then weeps for his brothers in the ISA. He then stands up, dusts himself off. Picks up the sword and shield and yells "One GOD, one EMPORER. one EMPIRE" Signs the loraine, then goes to train to get back at the terrorists that took so much from the empire.
  7. Hernando Altamirano would read the booklet, nodding in approval "Though Cesar was not Canonist, he exibited virtue and high values, such of which will make one welcomed in the kingdom of GOD. I pray that Antonio finds it in himself to walk in his father's footsteps and choose what is right for the Kingdom and reunite Hyspia under the divinity and love of GOD"
  8. Hernando Altamirano would stop everything he is doing, looking down at the letter stating, "GOD is good GOD is great. GOD the most high. GOD bless you Carlos Mendez. And may the rest of Hyspia follow in this path and find redemption in the everlasting love of GOD. Welcome back Carlos!" Hernando would then spend the next 5 hours in quiet contemplation and prayer, prayer for the rest of Red Hyspia so that they too follow in Carlos's footsteps into the light of GOD.
  9. Hernando Altamirano would cough choking on his tea looking at the missive, filled with anger he proclaims, "These poor children of GOD have been ripped from the path of GOD, forced into a religion not of their own because of some oppressive nation of apostates. If you can call Norland a nation at all. This is one of the most severe crimes against GOD that Norland has perpetrated. I am at a loss of words of how saddened I am to see this. I pray that GOD show Norland the light, and that Leumont returns once again to the one true path."
  10. Upon hearing the news Hernando Altamirano spits out his tea, looking at the invitation, laughing at it he states "First he turns his back on GOD then has the AUDACITY to invite those who stood up to him to this illegitimate 'coronation' to this false king. There is only one king, the king of the most high GOD. I will not attend this heresy of the most highest degree." Hernando Altamirano then goes back to work on his studies.
  11. The utility of Humility Peace and long life be with you my brothers and sisters. This great gift of life GOD has bestowed on us, through his infinite love. Through his infinite love GOD has given us all a holy mission, a purpose in life of which it is our solum duty to carry out. Throughout our life, GOD will test us, we will face trails, tribulations. It will be our task to overcome those obstacles. Throughout this life, every time someone gets full of themselves, GOD creates a challenge of which is greater than the last, challenging the resolve of a man who lacks humility.
  12. Portrail of the bottom of the Infieri Pit in the last moments of life for Padre Javier Padre Javier peers down at the endless pit, appearing as if it has no end, Padre froze, signing the Loraine saying “GOD remember me when I come into your kingdom” as the cultists push him down the endless pit. Falling to his death. At his last breath of life, Padre sends one last plea out to GOD. Asking him to forgive the cultists, for they do not know what they do. Padre then closes his eyes, as the ground meets his body. Taking the life out of him, Padre Javier
  13. "Amen praise be to GOD. May the red hyspians see the light once more, before they are forever lost to the void" Padre Javier Altamirano would state, reminiscing on his time before being banished by Hyspia, tearing up remembering how he fought side by side with Carlos Mendez and how close he got with the others before being betrayed by his fellow Hyspians
  14. Javier Fransisco-Altamirano, signs the Loraine upon reading the thesis, "Amen" He nods in agreement. "By far one of the greatest thesis's I have read"
  15. Padre Javier Fransisco-Altamirano would laugh so hard that he nearly bursts a vein, seeing this letter that crossed his desk, "These bandits raiders, godless heathens think they can stand up to us the one true faith, and the men of GOD?!? Oh this is the funniest thing I've ever seen ever." He remarks, then composing himself he returns to work.
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