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  1. Theft in the Camps Throughout the Imperial Remnant's tents, various odds and ends would be missing, especially food. Nothing particularly expensive seemed to be gone, mostly food and the odd bits of clothing. In particular, though, an entire barrel of biscuit rations would be missing. Little footprints lead out the back of the tent, where the tent was ripped. Mud lines the tent, leading up to the palisades where the thief would have escaped.
  2. As Kristofer Vuiller boarded a ship destined for the southern continent, he draped his hands around the rail of the ship, sighing heavily as he watched Oren pass by, along the coast. A tinge of pity and regret lined his face, but he then smiled: something new would be made from these ashes, but he knew that they were leaving the worst parts of Oren behind them. Oren may as well become a kingdom, he thought; with nearly half of the population in exodus, Oren no longer possessed the power to claim to be an empire. While deep in his thoughts, the ship passed by Urguani lands, and his thoughts turned to the old wars. He wondered what would happen if the Dwarves attacked Oren again, but he realized one thing: he was no longer an Oren citizen, and that wasn't his problem anymore. And that made him smile, as he was ready to be at peace for once.
  3. As Kristofer Vuiller sat on a wagon with his family, fleeing oren, visions of corpses pervade his mind, strewn across the countryside. For many, it should seem that the land was now at peace, and Oren would mend itself; but between the countless deaths, and the mass exodus of citizens from the countryside, Kristofer Vuiller wondered what would become of Oren, once a bastion of might, with its population nearly halved. And then, he shed a tear: what was the point of fighting Haense and the Dwarves for 15 years, only for Oren to destroy itself at the end of it? Wasted years, he thought, missing his childhood when Oren was stronger.
  4. Kristofer Vuiller sighs in his family's estate as they begin packing things. He shakes his head gravely, preparing for the long march out of Oren to join Haense.
  5. The pedophile memes have been going on since December, and no one's really clamped down on it. People who supported or tried to sympathize with Erik (KP's heir) was also called a pedophile, or people against Nectorist IRPly. It really doesn't surprise me that it's started up again.
  6. I get that, but what's going on in my mind constantly is that we have a streak of Oren's nation leaders getting long bans, and I'm crossing my fingers hoping that you or Lion don't end up doing a bad that that sends the entire community spiraling into chaos again. People say "report what you see," but I'd rather as a community we be proactive about it before it gets so bad that someone ends up getting banned. Then, there's all the racist crap that got spewed during the Oren-Urguan warclaims and people shouting the "n-word" and the racist jokes about Indians, and the shot callers either laughed it off or jokingly said knock it off without actually doing anything about it. This stuff is happening over Discord, not the server, and the community has to call people out on it.
  7. Oren's OOC Hate War The last few days have, quite frankly, been hell for anyone roleplaying in Oren. People are heated over this civil war, more so than any other I have seen in my 10 years of playing in Oren. I was 18 when I joined this server, and I'm 28 now. OOCly, this is the worst I have ever seen Oren. When the Adrian Civil War happened years ago, the Adrians were mad that they lost, I was mad, but we accepted it OOCly and everyone was friendly with each other on an OOC level, if not a roleplay one. There wasn't OOC hate for individual people. In the past few days, I have heard: death threats, gaslighting, cussing out individuals, lying, friends leaving each other, people quitting the game altogether, Discord channels falling apart over choosing sides, and long friendships ending. The Oren Civil War is being waged on Discord and the forums as much as it is on the server, if not more so. People are stressed out, angry, sad and upset. This is not healthy. On the front page of this website it reads, "Our goal is to continue to be a place where players may learn to roleplay in a friendly and familiar environment, as well as be a place for more experienced roleplayers to enjoy for years to come." I have been on hiatus for a little over a month because Oren stresses me out. Exclusively Oren, because of all the other roleplay communities, while having their divisions, at least get along on an OOC level. I came back to this server three days ago, and I have had three friends quit the game in just as long. I am not writing this to say we stop fighting in-game. Conflict is necessary to drive narrative, but conflict should never, under any circumstances, spill into OOC drama. I think there are people on both sides of this conflict that have behaved incredibly irresponsibly, immaturely and have gone out of their way to fan the flames because they feed off the chaos. This is not a staff problem: it's a problem created by the players; however, at some point if this gets further out of hand, staff should intervene or the leaders of either party. Like it or not, Oren is the biggest roleplay group on this server, and it has been for more than ten years. The leader of Oren is, in my honest opinion, more important than any staff member, including administration. Our community was not created by the staff, it isn't maintained by the staff, and the staff didn't create this problem: our community is built by the people who play the game everyday, and it's the people that play the game everyday that have to fix it. I am calling on leaders of Oren to set aside their differences and have a civil conversation on how we can make things better for the players and stop the toxicity and vitriol. Not the characters, the players themselves. Because at this rate, if it keeps on, it's going to end in tragedy and ban reports. People are going to get salty, angry, or upset, and they're either going to quit Oren or quit the game. If you're going to be a leader in roleplay, you have an obligation to take care of your people and the people your people roleplay with; and if you can't do that, you don't have any business being a leader in roleplay. This isn't limited to nation leaders: leaders of military groups, noble houses, and settlements all have a responsibility to take care of and foster goodwill within the community. We have, clearly as evident, not being doing that. That's all I have to say.
  8. (Twenty eight crates are dropped off in the Bastion. A simple note is left atop one of the crates). For the ISA, Please use the contents of this delivery well in the defense of Our Empire. Sincerely, House Vuiller
  9. I'm happy removing minas entirely as a currency. I feel like it discourages roleplay more than it creates it. If minas were removed, nations would, by necessity, invent their own forms of currency, and I think that's fun. I also think it would encourage nations to do more of what Oren is doing, which is creating jobs and paying people. As for voting, what about just giving players tokens that can be spent at a mod shop for rare things you can't get anywhere else? I've always felt the voting system was lazy. Minas is a boring reward for voting.
  10. Kristofer Vuiller sighs, balling up the paper and tossing it in into the waste bin.
  11. RP Name: Cjmate MC Name: Kristofer Vuiller Voted: Yes
  12. Limited Edition Philip III and Anastasia I Action Figures Vuiller Family Enterprise has done it again folks: get your limited edition Philip III and Anastasia I action figures. This is our first female action figure. Buy it now! Limited supply! Our previous limited edition action figures sold out within days: buy yours before supplies run out! Includes detachable, golden scepter (not made of real gold). Accessories sold separately. SAFETY DISCLAIMER WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Our Toys contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Dolls will be sold at 10 minas each. Only 20 in stock of each doll. Act now! (Cjmate#0630) Anastasia I Philip III
  13. Kristofer Vuiller mentally pictures how frustrated Grand King Ulfric would be each time the Irehearts did anything ever:
  14. A Humble Request for an Apology from Administration Yesterday, I was quietly being a good Oren boy and removing the locks and items from tile_91, so that it would be nice and clean for the new region owners. Now, I did this, of course, under the warrant and promise of nation leaders and mods that a one-week halt of conflict was in place on tile_91, and also because there was a war raid cooldown that said, "Do not commit hostile action within this region." With the Sky God's protection, I carried on evicting my things. In the middle of one of my trips, and with an inventory of chest goodies, this happened: I got Dwarfed. Now me, being a good boy, kindly asked these fine gentlemen, and goodest of Urguan boys, to wait just a moment for a /modreq because I was under the impression of mah boi Nectorist that I was safe for the duration of the week's notice of eviction: Now, I had contacted the most buff of santas, Buffsanta, who had picked up my /modreq, but he had to eat chicken tendies or something so he passed it over to Snacko. After waiting for a good 15 minutes or so, Snacko informed me to carry on with the roleplay, and that conflict was allowed. Trusting Snacko, who is a good mod-boi, I thanked him and carried on with the roleplay with minimal ooc distractions, having accepted the just verdict of Snack-boi: And then this happened: However, despite this, Idontmatta told me that the roleplay should not be voided because it had already happened, despite the broadcasts, and to carry on with the roleplay. I tried to argue my position as best I could, as I felt it unfair since I was told by multiple people, and it was posted in the tile that there was a cooldown, but he ignored me and did not respond: Being a good Oren boi, and not wanting to waste the Dwarf's time, as they had already been waiting for quite a long time, I quietly submitted to my fate and continued with the roleplay that, at the time, I assumed would lead to my death and PK. Feeling I had been wronged, HaraldMarron from Oren came by with two mods to explain that there had indeed been a forced-mod peace on tile_91: Snacko and Buffsanta argued that there was a raid cooldown and that the roleplay should be voided (Snacko had been wrong), however at this point this had been drug out for an hour, and I didn't want to be unkind to the Dwarves by voiding the roleplay after two mods (Snacko and Itdontmatta) told them they were OK to continue, even though they went back on it. However, Itdontmatta superseded both mods and told them the roleplay was to continue, and not only was it to continue, but Haraldmarron, who had come over oocly to explain the situation, was now apart of the conflict roleplaywise because he mechanically walked over, which resulted in the Dwarves being teleported back to kill Haraldmarron irply by Itdontmatta, who then escaped because Haraldmarron is slippery ninja in PvP-default. I carried on with the roleplay, all the while being rammed with messages from multiple people from Oren telling me void the roleplay, because I am a good boi, and I followed the moderator's orders. All in all, I feel this was handled very poorly by the staff as a whole, and I would like a formal apology from the administration, as I feel like administration handled this situation incredibly poorly. I feel a simple, "We messed up," would go a long way into rebuilding trust between players and staff.
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