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  1. Kristofer Vuiller sighs, balling up the paper and tossing it in into the waste bin.
  2. Limited Edition Philip III and Anastasia I Action Figures Vuiller Family Enterprise has done it again folks: get your limited edition Philip III and Anastasia I action figures. This is our first female action figure. Buy it now! Limited supply! Our previous limited edition action figures sold out within days: buy yours before supplies run out! Includes detachable, golden scepter (not made of real gold). Accessories sold separately. SAFETY DISCLAIMER WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Our Toys contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Dolls will be sold at 10 minas each. Only 20 in stock of each doll. Act now! (Cjmate#0630) Anastasia I Philip III
  3. Kristofer Vuiller mentally pictures how frustrated Grand King Ulfric would be each time the Irehearts did anything ever:
  4. A Humble Request for an Apology from Administration Yesterday, I was quietly being a good Oren boy and removing the locks and items from tile_91, so that it would be nice and clean for the new region owners. Now, I did this, of course, under the warrant and promise of nation leaders and mods that a one-week halt of conflict was in place on tile_91, and also because there was a war raid cooldown that said, "Do not commit hostile action within this region." With the Sky God's protection, I carried on evicting my things. In the middle of one of my trips, and with an inventory of chest goodies, this happened: I got Dwarfed. Now me, being a good boy, kindly asked these fine gentlemen, and goodest of Urguan boys, to wait just a moment for a /modreq because I was under the impression of mah boi Nectorist that I was safe for the duration of the week's notice of eviction: Now, I had contacted the most buff of santas, Buffsanta, who had picked up my /modreq, but he had to eat chicken tendies or something so he passed it over to Snacko. After waiting for a good 15 minutes or so, Snacko informed me to carry on with the roleplay, and that conflict was allowed. Trusting Snacko, who is a good mod-boi, I thanked him and carried on with the roleplay with minimal ooc distractions, having accepted the just verdict of Snack-boi: And then this happened: However, despite this, Idontmatta told me that the roleplay should not be voided because it had already happened, despite the broadcasts, and to carry on with the roleplay. I tried to argue my position as best I could, as I felt it unfair since I was told by multiple people, and it was posted in the tile that there was a cooldown, but he ignored me and did not respond: Being a good Oren boi, and not wanting to waste the Dwarf's time, as they had already been waiting for quite a long time, I quietly submitted to my fate and continued with the roleplay that, at the time, I assumed would lead to my death and PK. Feeling I had been wronged, HaraldMarron from Oren came by with two mods to explain that there had indeed been a forced-mod peace on tile_91: Snacko and Buffsanta argued that there was a raid cooldown and that the roleplay should be voided (Snacko had been wrong), however at this point this had been drug out for an hour, and I didn't want to be unkind to the Dwarves by voiding the roleplay after two mods (Snacko and Itdontmatta) told them they were OK to continue, even though they went back on it. However, Itdontmatta superseded both mods and told them the roleplay was to continue, and not only was it to continue, but Haraldmarron, who had come over oocly to explain the situation, was now apart of the conflict roleplaywise because he mechanically walked over, which resulted in the Dwarves being teleported back to kill Haraldmarron irply by Itdontmatta, who then escaped because Haraldmarron is slippery ninja in PvP-default. I carried on with the roleplay, all the while being rammed with messages from multiple people from Oren telling me void the roleplay, because I am a good boi, and I followed the moderator's orders. All in all, I feel this was handled very poorly by the staff as a whole, and I would like a formal apology from the administration, as I feel like administration handled this situation incredibly poorly. I feel a simple, "We messed up," would go a long way into rebuilding trust between players and staff.
  5. Kristofer Vuiller approaches Rosemary in the street after reading the petition, "It wasn't Savoy that attacked me; indeed, I think they dislike these few men as much as Oren does. The only men at fault here are the ones you listed."
  6. What is Dead May Never Die Kristofer Vuiller lay, arms extended, deep in the River Petra. The breath had long since left his body, and his limbs grew limp, hanging upward. Soon, his eyes grew dim, and the light of the sun faded. His killer's visage peered down at him, barely visible as his eyes grew hazy. Godfrey Renault had tied his legs together where he couldn't move before throwing Kristofer into the river with the aid of Ser Edmund and Enzo Cooper. The snotty child screamed at the young man to swim...but he did not swim. Kristofer sank, heavy in his thick armor. Bubbles erupted in a torrent from Kristofer's mouth, bubbling to the surface. He lay dying, and the men watched his suffering until the breath left his body. He stopped breathing: dead. His lifeless corpse floated at the water's bottom. Soon after, his father, Rev Vuiller, fished him out. Tired and breathless, the old man carried his son to the gates of Providence, screaming for aid. The boy's lifeless body lay on a cot before his father breathed life into him. Suddenly, Kristofer gasped, breathing aloud and spitting out the water that drowned his lungs. His body grew limp in his father's arms before Rosemary Gendrik swaddled the shivering young man in warm clothing.
  7. I agree with you, but I think this is in the wrong forum.
  8. You just split the groups. If there's 300 people pvping, split it up into three separate battles of 100 people each.
  9. Why do we need plugins? Just have a straight-up field battle. You're trying to fix a problem that you created.
  10. Cjmate

    Rowing The Boat

    "They should have a vote." Says a Human.
  11. RP Name: Kristofer Vuiller MC Name: Cjmate Voted: Yes
  12. "It's an empty title, and an empty settlement anyway." Kristofer Vuiller says while on the way to secure Dobrov.
  13. "If it is the position of Haense to ally with the likes of the Ferrymen, who rob, pillage, murder and torture both combatants and civilians alike then Haense is evil. If Haense truly cared about moral virtue or values, they would not work with bandits." Kristofer scoffs. "I do not fault Haense for allying with the Ferrymen: they don't have the men to wage war on Oren alone; however, if Haense is going to ally with the likes of murderous bandits, they can't also claim moral high ground. If Haense were truly virtuous, and chosen as God's defenders, they would only align themselves with noble souls. Haense relies on forced logic while ignoring their own hypocrisy." "There are many men in Oren who believed Haense's retorts to be just, including myself when my family continued to back the rightful High Pontiff, but Haense's blatant banditry have driven Oreners, who once may have sided with Haense, to stand united against it."
  14. Kristofer Vuiller would like to point out that the war began far, far before the current Emperor was even in power, but he couldn't because the Church and their Ferrymen allies cut his tongue out.
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