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Aelu / Rel (Combustionary)

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  1. [Earth Evo] [MA] _HipsterFoxSCL_

  2. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    forced PKs are bad no
  3. A Written Apology

    ((oh end my ******* life
  4. A Written Apology

    A number of fliers are pinned around the lands of Caras Eldar. They bear a message penned in a dark blue ink. “Posted in accordance to the Council’s verdict. It is always a tragedy when conflict strikes the lands of our people, and past events are no different. This, I write in hopes of quelling any unrest as a result of those events. The first of my offenses was the creation of a Hollows. Some have claimed, in either ignorance of malice, that these were something more - a node, or a weapon of some sort. In the name of Truth, I will say this - it was no such weapon. However, I will admit to the matter of its risk - I believe that I would have been able to minimize that, but I cannot deny that it would have become a threat should I have been unable to keep it in check. It was dangerous and irresponsible to create the cavern without oversight and approval. Second is the matter of the Order Absolute. I had hopes for the Order - hopes that it would become a beacon of enlightenment to our people. I see now that it had failed in that. Members fell to petty disputes, and my own inability to act, combined with a woesome lack of communication with the Virarim, led to a rise in tensions and a neglection of the duty to ease them. For my own failings, I am sorry for this. Nonetheless, I am appreciative that when things came to a head, they were permitted to disperse in peace. Despite all this recent hardship, I remain committed to the Dominion of Malin. I hope that all can come past this terrible series of events, and that any wounds caused will heal. I am gladly willing to speak to any who would wish to, on this topic. Ac’Aelu Tinuvial”
  5. The Verdict of the Council, Snow's Maiden 1646: Ac'Aelu Tinuvial

    "They fear what they cannot understand."
  6. [✓] Changes to Archons

  7. The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

  8. Current state of horses & potential bug?

    Horses were a bit much under Nexus, but it shouldn't be an intense affair to get one that's faster (even if only slightly so) than sprinting.
  9. The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

    Accepted. ((Your discord name didnt work, so PM me at Combustionary#0520
  10. [Magic] [Thallassos Addition] The Drowned

    As long as that's the case I'm 100% in support
  11. [Magic] [Thallassos Addition] The Drowned

    I will say that I do think existing Teachers should at least have the opportunity to become a Drowned. We had to make do when you left, and idk what your end goal with the magic is, but we did work to make things fit in your absence and I don't think that all should just be undone now that you're back. The lore itself is nice, and I like the idea as a whole, past my main concern.
  12. The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

  13. The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

  14. The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil