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  1. IGN: · Character Name: The Living Statue · Character Race: Heartlander · Character’s Skills (Magic/Weapon Capabilities): Appearing to be a statue · Character Age (Teenagers usually are not accepted): 27 · Is your Character willing to follow orders?: Yes, within reason · Do you have Skype? (Yes or no, if accepted, you will be required to pm me your skype information): Yes · Reason for applying?: I think that this would be fun, and I would love to do some gang RP · People able to vouch for your Roleplay Skills? (Tag them, but before you do so, ask them!!!): Skylez1 (asked), Silverstatik (was offline), TheSilentFriend (was offline) · You do understand that being new to a roleplay scene does not make you bad at roleplay?: Yes, of course! · Do you like snow?: I like snow for brief periods. Snow is awesome until you need it to be gone.
  2. Sarah Rhoda Stuven is a twenty-one year old female Heartlander. She was born on the second of Snow's Maiden, 1570. Raised in Sutica, Sarah was a very smart kid. Her father was a doctor and her mother an unsuccessful painter. When she was eight years old, a neighbor friend of hers was drowning in the ocean and she dragged him out. Saving his life barely, she set out from then on to become a nurse in order to help people. Sarah struggled as a teenager when she realized that, despite wanting to save people's lives and help people, she also found pleasure in the pain of others. She would often get into fights with the local boys, knocking them down until they bled, before helping them to make sure they were okay. Those of her own age group had mixed feelings about her, but the adults, only seeing when she helped others, adored her. When Sarah was sixteen, she began study to became a nurse. Her joy in pain had mostly faded with age, and she repressed it to become amazing at her "craft". Learning most of what she needed to know by age nineteen, she set forward plans to go to Johannesburg in order to continue her practice and go forward as a nurse. It was that year that her father went in to perform an exceedingly hard operation on a small child; the child died during surgery. The child's father, consumed by anger, assembled a gang of five men who beat and mortally wounded Sarah's father. The bird reaching her as she headed off on the road, she did not make it back in time to save him. She returned to Sutica to live and assist her mother for the year after her dad died. After that time, she went off to Johannesburg to finally pursue a career as the nurse she had always wanted to, and knew she could, become. Sarah's personality is quite complex, being both focused and cunning, yet very caring as well. This manifests negatively into obsessiveness in some cases. Her ambition is to become a recognized, successful nurse. She is incredibly "book" smart and a fully trained nurse, both assisting with her ambition. She is stunning, with flowing blonde hair and fair skin, with rare bright red eyes to complement her look.
  3. Almeh Darzi tacks a response on a wall. "Did this horse come over to Axios, or just the flyer?" She laughs slightly at this. She writes below her comment, "I would pay what you demand if the horse is still up for sale."
  4. OOC) MC Name: HugTheWorld RP Name: Almeh Darzi Worker or Supplier?: Worker What will be your job/What will you be supplying?: I am a dancer, and would dance at your establishment. What is your skill set and experience with said skill (Plugin-wise)?: My skill set is all RP-based. For Dealers, Please give an example of your game: N/A For Cooks & Bartenders, Please give an example of preparing and making a dish/drink: N/A
  5. I know that's the normal rule, which is why I had specifically applied. Also, I've seen many people RPing animals who are not ETs. According to the Creature Index, it only requires LM approval to play.
  6. Oh, I was told to move my application here from the magical creatures forum because I need Lore Team approval. Also, playing a new creature less determines me deciding to stay on LOTC, but rather is a reason for me to come back because I'd see it as a positive bonus. I recruited a friend of mine to LOTC and we plan to start playing together soon possibly, and so she should add a new experience to the game anyway. But obviously, this would be my ideal persona. There's not a lot of lore, but the creatures are really a cross between Velociraptor and Deinonychus, so it'd be fairly easy to RP one based on some assumed lore. I also specify I would be happy to write lore for this creature, which is featured in the Creature Index as appearing to be playable with LM approval, which is something I seek. Therefore, for these reasons and others, I think playing a Venator would be perfectly fine.
  7. To start off, I'm going to note I have spoken to many GMs, LTs, and other staff about the topic of being a Venator. Generally I've been told yes, but others have told me no, and some others have said they'd get back to me. I've heard nothing on that account. Therefore I have chosen to post my application here for it. I had quit LOTC, but I plan to come back if this works, as it is my dream persona to play. Thanks! APPLICATION Habitat: Jungle, warm, forest, plains Description: Venators are basically velociraptors, and are violent killing machines. They are very advanced and intellectual. They usually hunt in packs, though I could RP as if my pack had died if there are no other Venators. They stand at 2 meters, and can run at 40 miles per hour in an open area. Author: TauFireWarrior LM Approval Required: Yes MAGICAL CREATURE APPLICATION: MC Name: HugTheWorld IC Name: Nameless, or to be given a name (i.e. A Venator) Original Race (n/a if not applicable): N/A Transformed Form: Venator Creator (MCname and RP name, n/a if not applicable): N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A Venator is the equivalent of a Lord of the Craft velociraptor. It is a killing machine which generally hunts in packs (though since I know not of other LOTC Venators, I would probably RP it alone or as its pack had been killed). They live and hunt in plains, forests, and jungles across Vailor. Generally they live in warm environments, often with some form of shade. They are bipedal creatures, and stand upright at two meters (approximately 6.56 feet). With extreme advancement and intellect, it would be unwise to tangle with a Venator. Not to mention, they can run up to forty miles an hour (approximately 64 kilometers per hour) in an open area, and are great jumpers. They have long tails used for balance, better jumping ability, and for fighting (including with descendants). Venator colors differ depending on pack, ranging and changing depending on their group. BELOW IS EXTRA INFORMATION: Creator of Lore: TauFireWarrior Link to Wiki Lore: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Venator Link to mentions in the forums of Venators (noted here for validation by some staff): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/141138-mics-actor-app/#comment-1332163 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/141740-the-creature-index/#comment-1336241 PERSONAL INFORMATION: Skype: alex.gruenenfelder Time on LOTC: Almost a year, maybe officially a year soon (about 11 months) Why do I want to play a Venator?: I feel like it would be interesting new RP and I would thoroughly enjoy that. I also very much like dinosaurs, and I feel that playing one would be a dream come true for me. Why am I qualified to play a Venator?: I have RPed various creatures in my time. These include a massive Olog based on a different dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex) and a troll (Trull). I also played a fairly unauthorized monster, which was a severely mutated and murderous human (An Abby). What could I contribute by playing a Venator?: By playing a Venator I could do a lot for the RP of others by exposing them to a new sort of creature they probably haven't RPed with before. I also, as I mentioned before, love dinosaurs. This means I know about velociraptors and would love to contribute to lore if I could. There are so many options with RP: someone could fight and be eaten by me, could kidnap and exhibit me, send out a search party to fight me, observe and document me, etc. I think me as a Venator would contribute a lot to LOTC. Thank you so much for reading through all that I've written here. I've talked to multiple staff members with varying replies. As I believe I mentioned before, I was told they'd talk to other LTs and get back to me, but never did. I have left my Skype here for you to contact me if you would like. It would truly be an honor, a privilege, and a great joy to get to RP this creature. I would give up my current persona that I've RPed with about 80 hours for just one hour as a Venator. Thank you for the opportunity, and hopefully thank you in advance! [If you're not officially able to accept me, but think it's good, or if you have notes, PM me and I'll respond ASAP. I'm happy to take advice to make this as good as possible. Spread the word of this application so that my mission and dream could be reality.]
  8. I) Name (in brackets, include ign): Sue [HugTheWorld] II) Race: Highlander III) Place of Origin: Nomadic, but a Dreadlander After Settling IV) Intention of desired strand, of the trinity (Arts, Literature, Music) for specialism: Arts (circus, sideshow, freak show) V) Reasoning in becoming of the Bards: I was born to a circus family and lived for many years as a bearded lady. I want freaks and circus art to be part of bard and the arts. VI) Potential projects you may aspire to do: Run a circus of my own, write books on the subject, start a troupe
  9. Name: Walden Nevsky Age: 19 Race: Heartlander Intended topic of book: Cactus Green - The Growing, Selling, and Effects of the Drug [[MCname]]: IncubusSuccubus [[Timezone]]: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  10. [!] A pile of dirt lies in the trading area, with a horrible odor and a shovel sticking out of it. There is a box next to it, where requests can be put in. There is a sign with a drawing of Minas.
  11. Introduction My idea is for a new race called the Succubi. According to myth, succubi were gorgeous creatures (males were incubus and females were succubus) who would seduce people and then use them to create demon babies. In my idea, however, succubi are daemons who seduce people to spread the influence of evil. Like vampires, anyone can become a succubi after already creating their character (though vampires aren't in LOTC). Once your character has "faded to black" with an incubus or succubus, they have the ability to become one. This choice is OOC, IC it is a "gamble" whether or not you are turned. All babies born to a half-normal, half-succubus couple, however, will be daemon. History Succubi were crafted by Iblees, for the purpose of assisting with spreading babies across the world. When he was killed, the daemons were then filled with his evil and used their gifts to seduce and spread their species. The goal of the succubi was to pass on their genes by any means necessary, many times killing and breaking up marriages to do so. Druids and priests and magic users can see the creatures as they are: hideous daemons, like a mix of a normal daemon and an Uruk. But to the normal public, they are charming and gorgeous individuals. Abilities Succubi do not have as many bonus abilities as other races. They have many inabilities, however. Because they are daemons, they cannot go near a church. They are able to go into daylight, but choose not to because they have photophobia (fear of light). This does not mean that they cannot though. One positive ability of the succubi is the fact that they appear beautiful to all and are able to seduce most in order to do their bidding. Not only can succubi seduce normal people into breeding daemons with them, they can also seduce others to do their bidding. It is hard to resist the seduction of a succubus or incubus, unless of course, they are not the gender your character prefers. Look Succubi are, by nature, gorgeous and sexually desirable. This does not mean that all characters who become them have to change their skin to match. Succubi can be identified by one of their eyes being pink and the other being blood red. If your character only has one eye, consider not becoming a succubus or changing your one-eyed character into a gorgeous creature. For the most part, they do not wear many layers so as to be seen as more attractive. The daemons do not feel heat and cold, meaning they can withstand any temperature and their bodies will not be affected. Culture Succubi do not feel emotion. If their "lover" is in danger, they will only try to save them if they find it is useful in passing on their species. Most of the time, succubi will breed with one partner until they have many children and then kill the other. For this reason, it is not common to find succubi living with elves. Despite the lack of "human" emotion, succubi do feel dark energy when around each other. Their powers of seduction become stronger in groups. Succubi are, when away from other creatures, the dumbest race in existence. All of their knowledge is triggered by others and their mentalities. They speak as those around them speak, move as those around them move, and act as those around them act. This means that when put in isolation, succubi become useless. They become immobile and cannot speak. But, if they hear voices or other sounds that indicate other creatures, they will imitate those sounds and actions to the best of their ability. In short, succubi rely completely on others. Interaction with a Succubus/Incubus Having an interaction with succubi is like going into a trance. If a person or creature knows that they are about to meet with succubi, they can avoid going into this trance by using logic and reason. All druids and priests can sense the presence of a succubus or incubus. If a succubus or incubus can sense that they have been found out, they will flee. Otherwise, those interacting will be at the command of the incubus to a certain level. It is similar to modern hypnosis, where the person won't do anything they wouldn't normally do, but are more likely to let out their innermost thoughts, desires, and feelings. At the end of an interaction with succubi, if your character is not killed, those affected will feel as though they have awoken from a dream.
  12. Application: ----------------------------------------------------------- What is your name: Alex Picklesquid What is your age: 21 What is your race: Human (Farfolk) What are your reasons of becoming a bard, and what would you like to get out of it?: I have always had an interest in the arts and bringing my soul and body into it. What are you most interested in learning?: I would really like to be a model and playwright. What instruments do you know, and what would you like to learn?: I play a bit of the drums. OOC: Do you have skype, one which we could add to our skype group?: Yes. What is your IGN?: CircusRingleader
  13. Step right up, step right up! The Circus of Vailor is a new attraction, which will travel from place to place, bringing amusement to children and grown-ups alike. We need strongmen, acrobats, freaks, and mighty animal tamers to participate in our fully legal practices! There have been rumors that our humble Circus is a front for immense criminal operations, such as theft and kidnapping, but I am here to put those theories to rest. I'm Thomas McGee, son of Wringee McGee. My dear father had a traveling freak show before he passed and I am here to continue onto his tradition! If you have come to the Circus looking for a criminal front, I will have to apologize. You are not allowed to sign up if you are one of the many criminals who robs for great profit and an odd sense of pleasure. But you can if you are not interested in that and are interested in great fun working for the Circus! Please submit your applications and I will get back to you ASAP! APPLICATION OOC: Minecraft IGN - RP: Name - Gender - Race - Position Applying for - Criminal Record -
  14. IGN: Wayward Pines My current persona is a human, who has either evolved or devolved drastically to that of a wild creature. Your scientists might want to study it.
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