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  1. lmao who knew a rp Minecraft server would have so much drama

    1. Potatatoes


      it's literally highschool drama re-creation roleplay server

  2. AhHhhHhhHhh I love u please don’t leave I swear I’ll work on ur cathedral ;( Even if u leave I hope we keep in touch anyways about ama, proudest accomplishments, biggest regrets? is your sister single? favourite st memory?
  3. Im on the toilet rn but this made the experience just a lil bit smoother
  4. Preface You've made it to bronze tier, great! You've just reached the tip of the iceberg of the vortex plugin. As a player of the beta, I'm here to enlighten you guys on some ways we can crack this bronze wall and progress even further. While most vortex materials can be crafted with the vortex blast furnace as well as vortex blacksmith table, they happen to be only tier 1 vortex crafting stations. Tier 2 vortex crafting stations are needed to progress pass this tier. These vortex crafting stations are crafted with tier 2 versions of the standard vortex material. For example,
  5. It’s a long post so I’m going to assume it’s good +1
  6. Prophecy says that in time the thread will contain no replies at all

  7. thread refreshing more than my 140 hz moniter

  8. When u warp to build world u go through a loading screen so u probably should’ve picked it up by then
  9. I mean they’re not being removed just rebranded new coke
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