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  1. BathRugMan

    Transition Mishap

    People worked on the transition map for months and it was ruined because they couldn’t wait a few hours. I held out hope that the server could change for the better for the last 6 years and now I wouldn’t be surprised if I left the server over this.
  2. BathRugMan

    Transition Mishap

    Well you don’t need to investigate when the admins were the one instigating it. Llir arrived late and found that the admins already started the event by winging it. The admins then went forward to basically wing the entire storyline instead of waiting for xarkly. What I don’t understand is why the admins couldn’t DELAY the events for a couple days instead of going forward with the event based on some pre-existing notion that players were going to be mad. Like jesus ******* christ how dense could you be. To top it all of, the ET weren’t even notified about this event, instead handing it off to some admins who weren’t even FAMILIAR with server lore and went forward with an attitude of disrespect to the people who worked on the Vaeyl storyline. Shame on you admins.
  3. BathRugMan

    [Denied] robobadger's Event Team Builder Application

    Looks good +1
  4. BathRugMan

    [Accepted] [Pending][ET Builder App Thing] Gamma

    That wyvern is pretty snazzy
  5. Username Bathrugman Timezone GMT-6 Group/Nation: Humans Have you ever held a staff position before? Yes. Have you ever been banned before? Nope What style do you prefer to build in? High Fantasy, Dungeons. Are you comfortable using World Edit commands? Yes. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list: Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy https://imgur.com/bmCKfI8 Medieval https://imgur.com/cUYBVgd High Fantasy https://imgur.com/nwJaWC9 Creature Explain what you feel results in a quality build If players go 'oh ****', and when you can reuse the build for something else. Why do you wish to become an Event Team Builder? I like building and not being on a team doesn't give me much incentive to build. What are your strengths and weaknesses? I can build a fair bit, but I'm fairly inconsistent with how much time I spend on a build. I've also been told that I shouldn't be allowed to act so that's that. How much time could you give this position in the foreseeable future? A couple hours every week.
  6. BathRugMan

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    Genius events, I still want that UFo event +1



    you know you want to ;)

  8. BathRugMan

    [Accepted] [Pending][Builder] Bathrugman

    That is true^^
  9. Current Username: Bathrugman Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Pm me for that discord Timezone(s) you mainly play: Utc - 7 What group/nation do you consider to be your main? None. Have you held a staff position before?: Event team builder, first time got kicked for abuse, second and third stints left on my own violation because I started playing ffxiv a lot. Do you currently hold a staff position? Nope Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Nope Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? Nope What style do you prefer to build in? (Low fantasy, High fantasy, dungeons, creatures, terrain, etc.) Creatures, high fantasy, steampunk. Are you comfortable using world edit commands? Yep. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list (Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy) Mecha Big dragon Big airship Explain what you feel results in a quality build. When players are like 'what the ****' when they see your build, but like the good, excited kind of 'what the ****' reaction. Why do you wish to become an ET Builder Member? I want to finish my builds and see people react to the aforementioned 'what the ****' factor and honestly, finish that massive build which may or may not have been deleted during the build world move. Also, it's fun trying to build for different kind of events and that can easily challenge my skills. What strengths would you bring to the team? I'm great with massive monsters and speed building. What are your weaknesses? I'm very impulsive when building. By that, I mean I build mostly for fun. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? About 7 hours a week
  10. BathRugMan

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 Vaynth is pre cute
  11. yes, nothing but good rp from this guy
  12. BathRugMan

    [Your View] Event Team

    Mbad, am talk to ebon about it