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  1. It’s a long post so I’m going to assume it’s good +1
  2. Prophecy says that in time the thread will contain no replies at all

  3. thread refreshing more than my 140 hz moniter

  4. When u warp to build world u go through a loading screen so u probably should’ve picked it up by then
  5. I mean they’re not being removed just rebranded new coke
  6. [!]Qalasheen slaves, chained and whipped arrive to each major settlement, a missive stapled to their flesh. To the Descendants of Arcas, I speak to you as the growing Sultanate of Ca’rne expands across the abandoned waters that you left abandoned as we pressed against your defences. The influence of my growing empire has felt ripples against the entirety of Arcas, yet I will lay my claim upon the bay that lies just beyond by eye-sight. For my claim is cemented by the Holy Relic of the Hammer of Urguan, I press my claims against those of the Elven city of ‘Aegrothond’ and their surrounding creatures. For this, I shall offer a condition of surrender to allow your kind to willingly fall under the influence of one of my Sultans, for no bloodshed shall be allowed if my requests are followed. For you have extended your hand and shown your firepower against the elephants of Al’Faiz, now you are left snivelling behind your beds and crying, waiting for us to march upon your cities and decimate them where they stand. I lay claim as the one true Sultan, extension of the will of Drazhana to their fabled subjects. For the weapon of Gold marks my faith and dedication, it has latched onto my form and I feel the call and beckon of this relic, and it tells me of my true purpose. For the Sultanate of Ca’rne feels happy to welcome those of the elven kin into our fold. If our claim is not respected, then we shall make the subjugation of Al’Faiz seem like a happy dream, where Aegrothond shall become the Bay of Nightmares. The True, Eternal Sultan. Ma’ga’nus C’arne. True heir to Arcas, leader of the Sultanate of C’arne. Extension of Drazhana’s will and heir to the Princedom of the depths. tldr; inferi are marching upon Aegrothond
  7. Fuckin walls b ugly lmao I hate nation tiles and how they copy and paste duud like that shitty snow elf place for the last three laps like there can be obstacles to nations if u don’t build walls like imo if u got the wood elf city and need defence just have like a river around the place in jumpable so it preserves the aesthetic of the place without sacrificing defence Like why don’t people build on top of roads smh I want some juicy 7 11 role play get a hotdog on the way to Oren
  8. hi, its Fristy#9077

  9. Hello please come back

    1. Travista


      I lost your brick, I can’t, I’m a disgrace. Shrek is PK’d too 🥵

  10. From the mouth by Archambelt is a great book series. Seek it out at the Dragur library and give it a chance!

  11. pm me your discord name pls

  12. Name: David D’avre Introduction: A poor farmer’s son abandoned by his family and now the lord he was sworn to. Having nothing to lose, he tosses his lot into the Mad Hatters Trading Co., no matter how strange it would seem. OOC information: Username: Bathrugman Discord: Bathrugman#5348
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