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  1. Constellation of the Four Brothers A collection of constellations shaped in a bow, hammer, sword and axe, tools and weapons associated with the four brothers, the group of constellations in conjunction with each other are always northwise. Hammer of Urguan Sword of Horen Axe of Krug Bow of Malin Stars making up these constellations are especially bright, distinctive enough to be recognized in the night sky. Ooc: Just a bit of world building, can be used as an rp way for navigation whether it be land or sea.
  2. what is a celestial, im out of the loop
  3. Eh, why include something in nexus when peeps are not allowed to use it
  4. [!]Sheep killings discontinued, bounty paid. ~Axios Bounty Company
  5. Wanted: [!]Halfling farmers spotted a dark shape lurking around their fields and sheep pens, in the morning, all that were left were dry husks. Only seems to appear at night. Threat level: N/A Suggested party number: )3-4 Description of beast(s): ??? Location: :Halfling village. Rewards: (E.g. Minas or special item) : 50 mina and whatever is found on the beast. [!]MSG Bathrugman IG or on skype
  6. Looking for artist to do some ET stuff, will pay in MINA

  7. I remember I pitched an idea like this to peeps, it's just that telekinesis can do this already. Also, violates line of sight rule
  8. make a rule so that any character who gets killed would need to be shelved for 2 irl weeks. 


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    2. First Enchanter

      First Enchanter

      dont forget your save rolls.

    3. Slothtastic



      What if they can't destroy a persona and their other persona is also dead? Just make it to where you can't get on them for 12-24 hours or something.

    4. Aelsioln


      how about no

  9. wait, are arcane pistols lore approved or not? 

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    2. Nug


      *holds magic pistol sideways "minas or die"

    3. Ambduscias


      Alterationists  w/ the knowledge, I think. P.much two or three people who currently make them around.

    4. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      You can't make them. Yes. There are more than 3. Perhaps a dozen people so far. It's just aesthetics. 

  10. why don't we talk anymore ;(
  11. sure, yes please
  12. Sky is a good boy but he needs his sleep. I guess if freema5 can handle being both gm and et lead, sky can do better
  13. Yes
  14. Can I do this for ET builds?