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  1. hi, its Fristy#9077

  2. Hello please come back

    1. Travista


      I lost your brick, I can’t, I’m a disgrace. Shrek is PK’d too 🥵

  3. From the mouth by Archambelt is a great book series. Seek it out at the Dragur library and give it a chance!

  4. pm me your discord name pls

  5. Name: David D’avre Introduction: A poor farmer’s son abandoned by his family and now the lord he was sworn to. Having nothing to lose, he tosses his lot into the Mad Hatters Trading Co., no matter how strange it would seem. OOC information: Username: Bathrugman Discord: Bathrugman#5348
  6. Wtf when did u get back

    1. firespirit44


      Came back for the corona. How you been doing Bath? Hows things in HK?

    2. BathRugMan


      Hope u stay bro. I’ve been locked away from LOTC due to server bug but i b okay, and Hk be fucked lmao

  7. Only back if they remove my auth rip
  8. Haven’t been able to play in more than a year ever since my old phone broke. Can’t @admin on discord because i need to verify my profile which requires me in game to do it. Please can A dev remove auth on my account?
  9. please remove auth am having a horrible time,

  10. Sup mods


    Can i get auth off my account, switched to an iphone oof




    you know you want to ;)

  12. I want to kill myself

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      The underworld doesn't have Preeemium mineman RP though


      Just think of what you'll miss 

    2. devvy


      are u ok im always here if u need to talk

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