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  1. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 Vaynth is pre cute
  2. The Flower Emporium [Event Line]

    OOC List of group appointments Praetorsuit AppleWick Hydra98
  3. yes, nothing but good rp from this guy
  4. [Denied] [Pending] [Builder] Deluxe498's ET Application

    woah sure thing yes
  5. [Your View] Event Team

    Mbad, am talk to ebon about it
  6. I want to kill myself

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      The underworld doesn't have Preeemium mineman RP though


      Just think of what you'll miss 

    2. devvy


      are u ok im always here if u need to talk

  7. The Flower Emporium [Event Line]

    [!]Massive vines sprout out from within the Adelburg Flower Shop, massive flowers blooming and sprouting unnaturally from the plant flesh. "Grow" "What do we do now he's dead? "Where do we find another conduit?" "- can't, perhaps I should do this myself." "Nantosuelta, where is your strength?" "What once torn, will ever grow." ((Nantosuelta is now available in raid finder!))
  8. For those who rped an hour digging a hole, I'm sorry for leading you on.

    1. rukio


      Once, during the Teuton vs Rose battle at the...Dreadfort? For about 30+ minutes we emoted digging up someone who fell in a hole and lost several people due to it, if I recall correctly. 

    2. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      Ayem a Dorf and Ayem diggin' a 'ole
      Diggy diggy 'ole

  9. Threat level: Medium Suggested party number: 3+ Description of beast(s): A hunch-backed creature said to possess the power to talk, last scene to be a baby. Threat level would be reassessed accordingly. Location: Location available on request. Rewards: 300 for the horn. 500 if the beast is alive.
  10. [Voidal][MA]Mlzkri Needs Help Lifting

    essir that's me
  11. The Flower Emporium IN the recesses of Veris, between the monotome buildings of wood and leaves, lies a flower shop, its white and green walls shining pristinely. A sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the flowers on the front steps glow with an ethereal quality. Jack Due, a mustached gardener sits at the front door, rocking gently back on forth on his rocking chair. "Come relax, browse my wares and seek sanctuary in my emporium!" He'd say mistily, the thick summer haze lazily shining off the flowers. "Drink coffee, relax and admire my flowers. It's romantic isn't it?" "I'm your friendly neighborhood gardener. Nor a druid or a mage, my flowers have an almost otherworldly construct." "Perhaps once I get to know you better, I'll reveal my gardening secrets" Winking slyly, Jack reveals a pair of gardening shears clasped firmly with an expert hand He'd laugh as he'd clip a rose seemingly made out of rubies, yet as he'd bring it to the light, the crystals would shatter and dissolve, leaving the flower without it's gleam. "Sadly, all flowers have an end, but what sprouts such beauty will never die." ((Veris 1400, 2750))
  12. ((msg me @ discord: bathrugtime#5348 to negotiate time availability))
  13. Gilgamesh is in need of a new specimen. After his newest possession of the fabled Sand Worm, he has found it fit to bequeath the citizens of Axios with his newest request. The live capture of the 'Crystal Salamander'. Wanted: Crystal Salamander Threat level: Hard Suggested party number: 7+ Description of beast(s): Only information known through sparse transcripts. "A giant lizard with crystal flesh" Said Transcript was found burnt and frozen when recovered. Location: Location available on request. Rewards: 750 if the beast is alive.
  14. ((fm's please mark as complete!