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  1. Given Name: Zamir Voro Draskovits Chosen Name (MC Name): Pauluus Why do you seek to join the Circle?: Long has it been since Humanity shined bright in the starry night. It certainly makes me crestfallen of how our society has become this grotesque milteristic institution of the less intelligent. It is time for our society to once again shine as it once was without the need of of the corrupted militaristic ideology. Aviary Adress (Skype): paulusvonnagy
  2. Hiya! Sorry about the late response. I was dealing with a irl situation. If you're still looking for a skin add me on skin! paulusvonnagy
  3. Doing yours first. Doing yours after Dewlox. Contact me on Skype with more information and references! paulusvonnagy Doing yours after Shimmer. Contact me on Skype with more information and references! paulusvonnagy Ok! I'll take that into consideration thanks bby
  4. Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény - Angelic Threads Clothing Closet As you follow along the streets of busy, and bustling cities, you notice several peculiar flyers posted around . Hello Nemesek (noblemen) and nők (women) of all ages! You my friends have come to the right place. Here at Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény we sell the finest silk and leather working brought to you by the most excellent of production factories around the thriving countries from which we gather in. Our silk production process is unparalleled to any other and uses only the best material to make only the best in quality. But alas, our silk and leather is not the only things to make us the best. We of Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény design and produce the best and most unique clothing designs throughout are fair and wonderful land! Each design is handcrafted with silk and leather shipped in from only the best factories of in the world. So, my friends I ask you to ascend yourselves to only the highest quality and unique designs of Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény! Become beautiful! Become A legszebb! Please contact in person or send a letter to János Zsadány et Törökszentmiklós whom is located in The Kingdom of Courland's Capital city. OOC Information! There is no physical location for the shop at this exact second so please contact me with information in this thread. You may also contact me on Skype. paulusvonnagy is my Skype. I am also accepting three commissions at a time so I don't overload! In order to pay please pay money to my persona, Romeus Nazarius Carlisle. Please follow the following format when commissioning a skin: Minecraft Username: Character Name: Character's Gender: Character's Race: Type of Skin made: (Skin types and prices will be listed below) Prices Current Skin Alterations(I.e. face, hair, recoloring, est): 30m Custom Outfit Creation: 75m Full Skin Creation(I.e.From Scratch, custom outfit, head, est): 300-500m Commission List 1. Glocky18 2. __________ 3. ______ Previous Skin Examples: http://imgur.com/a/4jDJu
  5. Character Name: Oskar Eschenbach Minecraft Username: Pauluus Race: Hearthlander Timezone: PST Desired Magic: Undecided
  6. [RP Application] Applicant’s Name: Julius Eschenbach Applicant’s Age: 25 Applicant’s Race: Heartlander Applicant’s Past Military Experience: Previous experience with the Vigil Applicant meets the Requirements: Yes [OOC Application] MC Username: Pauluus Skype: Already aware. Willing to download TS?: Yes Do you agree to PK if their is sufficient roleplay prior to mortality?: Of course.
  7. Updates: Re-titled Sohosael from the Daemon of Decay to the Daemon of Taint. Reworded the text.Reworded the rituals and added phrases used in them.Added a section for the cult.Added a Trivia section. Currently only contains one thing but more will possibly will be added on.
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Sorry for the late reply, I was terribly sick in bed yesterday and couldn't get on. I'll now start rewriting and editing this from your ideas.
  9. If you have any questions, concerns, and the works please feel free to express your opinion below! | Sohosael | Daemon of Taint. | | Image belong to here | History: Sohosael, a Daemon of Taint and Decay of the dead is one such being surrounded in mystical and mystery. Being symbolized as a darkened, tainted heart, Sohosael is shown to be an entity that is very intuned with the spreading of taint across the world and the decay and sickness of both the deceased and living. Sohosael is depicted as a tall, bony woman with horns growning from her head and emerald green eyes. Like her fellow kin, Soho was a creation and servant of the Creator. Aging back to the time when Aengudaemons walked the mortal world, Soho had been one of the first to do so. During this time Soho thrived off of the taint of the world and the decaying of the dead occured through the land at each passing minute. Through her influence and overwhelming power, Soho seeded the mortal world with various diseases and illnesses that infected the common folk. However, this influence on humanity lasted only so long.. After the fall of her kin, Iblee from the Seven Skies and their creator, Sohosael withdrew her manifestation from the mortal world like her fellow kin. However, she felt somewhat indifferent about Iblee after his banishment. On one hand she felt ashamed for her daemon brother’s betrayal, on the other hand... Iblee’s vial corruption sunk deep into the mind of his sister; and so, lust got the better of her. Her feelings towards passing of life was too much for her and she craved it even more than before. Though, not wanting to lose her power from manifesting upon the mortal world, Soho came up with a plan. Thanks to potent Aengudaemon abilities of magic, Sohosael was able to influence the minds of various people of similar ideas. And, so, a cult was founded containing many followers who would carry out her wish of taint to spread far. Daily would these followers worship Sohosael at black shrines that were created from rotting bodies and fresh blood in order to please her. Other than using followers to carry out her demented wishes, Sohosael used blood magic and various powers to create diseased and sickness that would spread across the land. The Cult: Originally having been founded in Anthos by a few of Sohosael’s followers at the time, the Sullvan Triplets Ichokebod Sullvan, Muteso Sullvan, and Skordera Sullvan. The cult was named Ukufihla Kizis and for some time had the three Sullvan Triplets as it’s only members. However, after several years of being small, Ukufihla Kizis started gaining more members. Because of the gain of new members, a sort of government for the cult was formed. Heading the cult was Ichokebod Sullvan as the Grand Messor. Below the Grand Messor are the titles of Councilmen of Treasurery, originally headed by Muteso Sullvan, and the Councilmen of Secruity, originally headed by Skordera Sullvan. After the three leading ranks is the Caput Sacerdotes (Head Priests), following Sacerdotes (Priests) and finally Tags (Initiative). With the help of Sohosael, followers of high ranking (i.e. The Leadership and Caput Sacerdotes) were granted powers directly from Sohosael, through this was extremely rare and at most one person every few years would be chosen. For many years the cult prospered with spreading taint across the land from corrupting officials to crimes of murder, however, after the death of the Sullvan brothers, Ukufihla Kizis fell without leadership and become swallowed with their own spread of Chaos. By the time the descendent races entered the new world of The Fringe, Ukufihla was with few members once again and lost even more as the years past. However, after the Undead Invasion coming to light, remnants of the once great cult started to appear slowly over time. In modern times, the cult is only a shell of it’s former self, still manages to follow the old ways and spread taint across the world no matter how small it may be. Rituals: A much darker worshiping ritual then traditionally, Sohosael’s followers commit themselves to performing this worship weekly if not daily. There are two different types of rituals one may perform. The first one being a simple one involving the use of a certain phrase representing Sohosael and as well as the person performing the worship having to draw blood from themselves. The phrase used in this ritual used is the following: “O' mother of mine, I pray to thee and give my soul to you for all eternity. For as long as I live I shall carry out your wish and bring taint to the world.” This ritual is mainly used to worship Sohosael and nothing else. The second ritual, being immensely more difficult than the first and only known to a few who are loyal to Sohosael and her cause. This worshiping ritual is used by loyal followers who tend to be higher up in their cult/order, as well as having similar motives to Sohosael and by doing this ritual a loyal follow may be granted magic manifested from Sohosael herself Firstly, a few things are required for the second ritual to be performed correctly. This ritual firstly requires the help of several powerful mages of the order/cult, thus allowing only high ranking and loyal followers to be given access to this. Secondly, the ritual requires the use of several different severed body parts from the dead, common parts used are fingers, toes, and a skull. Next, the use of blood from powerful mages are used, as well as the performer’s own blood. Lastly, the follow must chant a specific phrase that symbolizes Sohosael and as well as make a promise to be loyal to Sohosael for the rest of their lives. Sohosael favors various powers that help spread her taint across the world. However, these “gifts” can lead to great advantages, with every advantage there are always ways that natural balances it out. Having been given these gifts from Sohosael, they also grant physical and mental deformities to the follow. A few days after performing this ritual the follow will experience change in their physical form from bumps and brozes appearing open from one’s natural body “guard” to be weakened severely to the development of granulomas of the skin, eyes, nerves, and respiratory tract. Because of this these people tend to live much short lives. Traditionally, the use of graveyards to perform these rituals are used to symbolizes the decay of the dead. Like the first ritual, a phrase similar to the first is used as the follow: “O’ mother of mine I pray to thee. I, [name] give my body, mind, and soul to you. Please grant me your power and let me taint the world like you wish and forever shall I be yours through life and death.” Trivia: The physical deformities that come with gaining powers from Sohosael is based off of the real-life condition of Leprosy.
  10. I wasn’t able to find any truly in-depth details specifically about Dragur, his history, est. So, ladies and gentlemen here is my idea towards the concept of the Daemon Dragur. Feel free to leave any opinions on what needs to be changed and whatnot. | Dragur | Keeper of Knowledge, Father of Dragaarkin | Image belong to http://tinyurl.com/pxfp969 History The Keeper of Knowledge and Father to Dragaarkin, Dragur is one surrounded in mystical and mystery. Like all Aengudaemons, Dragur was a creation and servant of The Creator. Dating back to the time of Aengudaemon, Dragur was one of the first Aengudaemon to walk the earth and like the rest of his time, he prospered with both Aenguls and Humankind. Scholars, ranging from old to young, Human to Dwarf, heard of Dragur from all over and once in awhile would Dragur fulfill the dreams of Knowledge seekers such as himself and grant them some of his own knowledge. Though, peace and prosperity wasn’t forever. After the fall of his kin--Iblee-- from The Creator, Dragur felt shamed; wishing not to become a tainted flame like Iblee, Dragur removed his manifestation from the world. However, gluttony got the better of him. Not wanting to rid himself of the ever growing nutrition of knowledge, Dragur came up with a plan. Not wanting to physically manifest in the mortal world, Dragur experimented. Using both blood magic, his own essence, and the blood of dragons, Dragur was able to create seekers of his very own; the Dragaars. Granted with immortality and sentience, the Dragaars used their powers of transformation to roam the realm as mortals or other creatures. With this in mind, the Dragaar fulfilled their master’s wish and scourged the land for knowledge. Thanks to an Aengudaemon’s potent abilities of the mind, Dragur was able to communicate telepathically with his descendents in order to prosper from their knowledge gain. Though not all Dragaar keepted truthfulness in their father’s wish. Some became tainted, possibly by a aftereffect by Iblee’s corruption, however the actual reason behind this hatred is unknown. These beings of the Dragaar are called the Drakaar, a monstrous and hatred-filled outshoot of the Dragaar. While having the Dragaar to nurture him, Dragur still thrived for more knowledge and so, Dragur went forth towards the descendent races. Using his powers of persuasion, Dragur gained followers from the descended races; these followers were tasked with retrieving information where the Dragaar could not go. Every so often when Dragur was pleased with a follower’s work, he would grant the follow something of his own knowledge or have the follower granted with powers that manifested from Dragur himself. In present day after the threat of the Undead coming to light, Dragur has shown to reveal himself more often in order to thrive on even more knowledge and determined to cease the spread of Iblee’s corruption. Sources https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97770-the-aengudaemon-lore/ http://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/Daemon http://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/Dragaars
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