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  1. ElectroTV_

    [Denied] Pandey_'s ET purge app!

    I don't know if you would be able to handle this kind of job and the responsibilities/pressure that comes with it, if you want to try then you go for it I support you all the way, so good luck ;)
  2. I'm glad it ended when it did; I was out of arrows :)


  3. ElectroTV_

    [Accepted] Gusano's AT Application

    Gus is a great player and I always have fun rping with them ;)
  4. ElectroTV_

    [Accepted] Nekkore's FM Application

    Nekkore respects all members he comes across and helps them too. He also has been a good friend to me since I've known him it's a +1 from me ;)
  5. I can't join the server after lagging out

    1. Chamosial


      Don't worry, it crashed xD

    2. ElectroTV_


      Oh thank god I thought my minecraft messed up

  6. I can't join the server after lagging out