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  1. MC Name: Chamosial MC name of those living with you: N/A Head of household: Ilyndrathyl Luvaris Family/individuals staying: 0 Number of Children: 0 – I am happy to be paired with other like-minded mali as long as they are not untidy individuals ~ I.L
  2. Looking for someone to make me a dark elf skin. Anyone want to help a returning player? PM me if interested <3

  3. Chamosial

    [Complete][Buying] Chorus fruit

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    [Complete]Purchasing Alchemy ingredients!

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    [Complete][Buying]Logs and Leaves

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    [Complete][SEEKING] Order of Work

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    [Complete]For my grandson

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    [Complete][Bounty] Ooze Lair

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    [Complete]Vallberg Fantastic Toys

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    [Complete][Selling] Tome of the Woodworker

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    [Complete]The Fletchery & Bowyer

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    [Complete]Lumberjack For Hire

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    [Complete]August's Boots

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    [Complete]Two Human Princesses for Sale

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