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  1. Valeria vas Ruthern would retrieve the paper Anthony had given her from her bag as soon as she'd return home. As the girl read over the informational piece, her lips curled into a bright smile, an indication of her admiration. When she was finished reading, she'd retrieve a piece of paper and quill to send off a letter to Anthony himself, applauding him of his work.
  2. Jtit

    Paint Night

    Valeria thinks she should stick to medicine.
  3. I missed you too! The one and only! Really? Which character? Hello Bubby
  4. Hello! I started on Lotc during Vailor back in 2015. Wow, five years I've been involved in this community. Anyway, I took a break for about a year due to the chaos of school and starting college, etc. Some of you may know me, others may not. I've changed my username a few times. You might know me as Jennanana or Jxnna_! Anyway, I just wanted to say hello again and see if any of my old friends here on the server, that I haven't already spoken to, still play! Feel free to reminisce on old memories if there are any and I will see you around.
  5. Character name: Valeria vas Ruthern Age: 5 Username: Jtit Discord: Jtit#9196 Part you want: Candyland Dancer
  6. QUESTIONNAIRE Minecraft Username: JennaTheSiren (soon to be on Jenanana – Main account) Discord Tag: Jenna#9148 Character Name: Mattisyn Fane Character Age: 19 Character Social Class: (Rich | Middle | Poor | {(Slave)} Character Profession: (A non-combatant profession, like carpentry) Auxiliary
  7. I'm surrounded by Brits. @5itty @Kizaura 

    1. 5itty
    2. TJBMinecraft


      Good. Us Brits should be everywhere.


  8. ~ Accepted ~ Our associates will be in contact.
  9. ~ Accepted ~ Our associates will be in contact.
  11. I love correcting grammar mistakes. 


  12. *Yes, tears of joy tend to be very loud. No, you sentence better. :)
  13. +1 Well thought out, good detail, a good addition to lore.
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