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  1. A pale woman sat in an unfamiliar home within Elvenesse, eyes red and swollen and glossed over as if she’d been crying. Her clothes were stained with the stench of heavy alcohol as she merely glanced around the home with a tired gaze, yet she was unable to sleep. The elf’s attention was eventually caught by the smaller Fennic girl curled up on the floor beneath a painting. Her daughter. The younger elf brought Valerica home with her in order to keep her safe, to look out for her in case she needed someone, though Valerica would never subject herself to being weak to her child. She always
  2. IGN: Mewliet Discord: Mewliet#(insert numbers here, I forgot) Skin: Willow Bid: 160
  3. I’m uninstalling lord of the craft
  4. Tanila Aureon flittered around their cozy home, making sure Laedrad had everything he needed in order to send the invitations. The elfess stood over his shoulder, anxiously fidgeting with the golden bands adorning her wrists, every so often pointing to each one to make sure they were properly addressed and punctuated. Everything had to be perfect! After a while, she emitted a small sigh before she'd lean forward, planting a gentle kiss atop the Tresery's head. The soon to be wedded Aureon then shuffled off to sit on a stool placed in front of a wooden, make-shift mannequin to finish the final
  5. IGN: Mewliet Category: Skinning Artwork [X] Taliyna'mayiluan Minecraft Skin (planetminecraft.com) (( thanks to ImCookiie<3 ))
  6. IGN: Mewliet Discord:Mewliet#6297 Skin: Obelisk Bid: 110
  7. IGN: MewlietDiscord:Mewliet#6297Skin: ObeliskBid: 75 mina
  8. Skin: Elvish NeonBid: $8 USD Skin: Ice Gown Bid: $8 USD Discord: Mewliet#6297
  9. Skin: Elvish NeonBid: $5 USD Skin: Ice Gown Bid: $8 USD Discord: Mewliet#6297
  10. Skin: Elvish NeonBid: $5 USD Skin: Ice Gown Bid: $5 USD Skin: Nightsky Bid: $5 USD Discord: Mewliet#6297
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