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  1. Discord: Mewliet#6297 Bid: $4 Skin Number: 5
  2. Visenya Sylvaeri lay in the clinic room surrounded by her loved ones, glancing around to each of them with an exhausted breath. Her stormy gaze then fell onto the crying infant and her lips curled into a loving smile, hugging the tiny fox close to her chest as her partner sat beside her. She'd lean into him with a content hum, finding herself unable to look away from the newborn babe. "I never knew something so tiny could be so perfect. My little star... you will shine brighter than the rest." The Sylvaeri woman murmured softly to the infant before bringing her closer and planting a single kiss against her forehead.
  3. Discord: Mewliet#6297 IGN: Mewliet Style: Half Sketch x 2 (separate)
  4. 🞗🞘The Tathvir Bloodline🞘🞗 Sigil Art by @JJosey •❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅• “You have a life of such joy before you. Not without hardship. Not without bumps in the road. Be safe with those you trust. But when you do find people to trust, the bond will be that much greater. Sometimes life hides gifts in the darkest of places.” -Amara Tathvir •❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅• History Hailing from the snowy, mountainous expanse of an icy realm, the Tathvir are an ancient Fennic Bloodline originating in the Princedom of the same name. Their founder, one Amara Tathvir, was among the first Snow elves to fight alongside her frostborn kin in bravery and valor. At their side, this progenitor did her utmost to eliminate any terror threatening to assail the defensive walls of her people, both physical and moral. When the extensive Fennic Princedom was firmly established, the Tathviric bloodline thrived for uncounted years within its bounds, with many of its scions becoming some of the greatest Snow Elven healers known in the histories. More than a few of them also bore blades, bows, spears and axes to defend their people in the many wars they fought with other powers. Many years had passed before their beloved Matriarch Amara met her unfortunate demise. Her leadership was so exalted in its time that being deprived of its guiding hand sent the Tathvir into a time of confusion and strife. This short age, however, did not last overly long. Since her passing, the bloodline as a whole decided to begin the tradition of electing an Archon. Overview Of all the Mali’fenn bloodlines, the Tathvirs are the most contrasting when compared to their kin. Tracing their heritage back to Amara Tathvir, the family is riddled with ‘fenn sporting a far more compact physique. Like many of their kin, locks of silvery-white hair are commonly accompanied by turquoise eyes and occasionally ringed in gold, though this proves to be a rare feature in the family. Because of their shorter stature and lighter frame, the Tathvirs are well known for their duty as scouts and skirmishers, often leading them to opt for lighter weapons such as bows and daggers. Due to the limited practicality of Tathvirs on the front line, many choose to take up professions of support such as healers and apothecaries. Their lithe nature as well as professions of choice can often be to blame for their light-hearted personalities and joyous attitudes. Of all their kin, they are certainly the most tolerant to the rest of the world, often acting as the cultural bridge for their people. It is not uncommon for the Tathvirs to adopt foreign customs in an attempt to better understand their Mali cousins, but despite the willingness to travel and embrace the vast world, many Tathvirs are content with staying amongst their kin in hopes of protecting the ones they cherish. Politically, the Tathvirs are Malinist, holding favorable views of the other Elves yet wishing for political non-intervention in their affairs. For their sigil, they take the otter and associate with the colors of blue, teal, and gold. Members of the bloodline gather for a ceremonial prayer. (Credit to the Artist) ⬩Beliefs and Values⬩ •❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅• “I’ve fought and healed darkness. I’ve befriended and despised the light. I don’t know what that makes me… but it doesn’t really matter. They believe in me. That is all I care for.” -Rothilion Tathvir •❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅• Beliefs Isvinity is the most common known religion followed by the Mali’Fenn within the bloodline, most becoming devout worshippers of Wyvurn himself. Throughout the years, some have remained faithful to the Aengul of the Deep Cold, seeking guidance and hope through acts of prayer and offerings at different wayshrines. It is said that the Mali’Fenn owe thanks to none other than Wyrvun for their sanity and the very lives they live. During their years away from their icy kin, the few remaining members of the bloodline sought a home in foreign lands after the destruction of their freezing Princedom. During their time within Amathea, few of them began their rites to join the Anuh’wysae Tennallar, also known as the Priesthood of Thalassa. Upon completion of their rites, they would become priests for the Sea Goddess herself, aiding in traditional prayers and rituals with their fellow Sea Sisters. Values Family is valued above all else to the bloodline. To protect and provide for their family is of the highest priority, and one that each member is expected to uphold. If a member were to betray their loyalty to the family in any way, they must suffer the consequences and/or punishment given by the Elders. Common punishment given to the traitor is to relearn what it means to value family, unless a much more extreme punishment is called for. Honor is held in high regard amongst the Tathvirs, as it is with many of their Fennic cousins. Tathvir honor is often propped up by the pride they hold for their family name and heritage. They believe in the values of Fennic culture as well as the many customs that have grown from it, thus leading them to hold respect for those within high standing amongst the ‘Fenn. Whether friend or foe, a Tathvir will do their utmost to hold respect for those around them and uphold any agreements they may make. Survival is generally seen as the willingness to do what is necessary. From a young age, most Mali’Fenn are taught how to survive in their harsh climates, though as a Tathvir, they are also taught how to survive through many other ways such as hunting, combat, even something as simple as how to keep a secret. Even if by other standards it is considered immoral, the Tathvir will do whatever it takes to ensure their loved ones are safe and looked after. The survival of the family dictates that this comes before all else. ⬩Appearance⬩ Elves born of the Tathvir commonly share the same set of physical traits, depending on the circumstances of their birth. An elf carrying the Tathvir genes would be pale in skin tone, often with a soft pink hue to their cheeks. Their hair is typically straight, or with a subtle curl, silver or white in color. Paired with their unique turquoise eye color with a thin gold ring around the outer iris is a sure sign of a Tathvir member - most commonly the Elder generation. The modern generation of the bloodline carries the same physical traits, with shades of blue commonly seen for eye color. ⬩Professions & Hobbies⬩ From the beginning, the Tathvirs have accumulated many different professions and hobbies of all kinds. Most, if not all members of the bloodline are taught to be the best of healers and often serve as medics within the clinic or on the battlefields. At a young age, the Archon or a few of the Elders will teach their children what each herb does and how to use it in various salves and tonics. Uncommon herbs and ways of healing are also used if no other tonic or salve will do the trick. If a Mali’Fenn is injured, it is said that a Tathvir will know the answer to whatever ails them through years of research and experimenting. With their vast knowledge on combat, it is also common for a Tathvir to become a scout or a skilled soldier within the Ivae’Fenn. Many of the Tathvirs spend their evenings training or sparring one another to keep themselves on their toes, studying every advantage point and every mistake they make to perfect their ways of combat. If a Tathvir is granted a moment of free time, they are commonly known to learn creative hobbies for means of entertainment. Though they make great healers and scouts, they also make for great musicians or artists. ⬩Traditions⬩ Over the years, the Bloodline has developed a few unique traditions for multiple occasions. The traditions themselves are precious events for the Tathvirs, as it holds the opportunity for them to gather together for special occasions and create memories they’ll share for generations to come. ⬩Life has always been celebrated within the bloodline, a precious event for all elven kind to be taken seriously, as it is a rare occasion. When a new child is born, a celebration is planned in honor of the new child and both parents. During the celebration, the members of the bloodline will say a prayer of protection and well being over the family before being presented with gifts and gathering for a feast. During the feast, a book will be passed around to each present member to write something for the child to read once they grow - perhaps words of encouragement, or memories to always be remembered. ⬩Death is a dreadful occasion that isn’t often celebrated. Within the Tathvir Bloodline, one is given the option to be buried in the crypts with a small ceremony to follow, or for their body to be cremated. Should one choose to be cremated, part of their remains will be solidified into a colorful marble, be it their favorite color or one of the colors representing the bloodline. The marble is then added to the Mural of Lost Souls, an otter shaped wooden plaque. On the back of the plaque, the initials of each lost bloodline member is etched into the wood. After a new marble is added to the mural, a small blessing is said before a feast is held in the deceased’s honor. This was a tradition started after the passing of Rothilion Tathvir. ⬩Marriage is a sacred tradition in the bloodline. Along with the traditional Fennic wedding, the engaged couple would be required to show their acceptance of hardship and willingness to overcome it together, by venturing out into the frozen woods around Ikur’fiyem to survive together for an entire month.. Upon returning to the city, the couple must present an offering to the Archon, one that proves that each person has learned the family ways and truly wishes to become one with another. They must also return with a slain beast to show they can provide for their family. Only then would they truly celebrate coming together. ⬩Archon Election is a new tradition, set in motion by Archon Valerica Tathvir. In the event that the current Archon steps down, or in worse circumstances, dies, the bloodline will gather to vote for a new Archon to take place. One may not assume the position of Archon without approval of the Bloodline. ⬩The Elder Council is consisted of the most highly respected bloodline members. The Elder members of the bloodline themselves consist of members who have proved their loyalty and worth to the Archon and its current Elder Council and earned the title as Elder. ⬩Joining of the Bloodline⬩ If a Mali’Fenn wishes to claim the Tathvir name via marriage or other means, they must complete a trial to prove their loyalty and worth to the Bloodline. The trial would be no easy one, and would likely take a few times to succeed, but one that is necessary. Upon completion of the trial, the individual would meet with the Archon along with at least one Elder member to perform a vow. Afterward, a feast will be prepared to celebrate. One may not claim the Tathvir name without speaking to the Archon themselves. Only blood relatives have rightful claim to the name, and biological children to blood relatives. ⬩Ancestral Relics⬩ ⬩Sword of Skalaer - A grey-tinted blade sitting at roughly 3’ in length, connected to a dark leather-wrapped handle through a silver crossguard. The crossguard is decorated to resemble the outspread wings of an eagle. While the blade bore many scuffs and scratches from its years of use, its edges are still sharpened and well-kept. This blade has been passed through generations of the bloodline, always handed down to the strongest Tathvir. The wielder of the blade is tasked with defending the bloodline. ⬩Ring of Skalaer - A faint glow resonates from this silver ring when held in the light. The ring itself depicts a small wyrm wrapping itself around the wearer’s finger before consuming its own tail. This elegant relic has been passed down from generation to generation, always worn by the eldest Tathvir. ⬩Wax Otter Seal - The elegant looking wax seal is a small stamp decorated with an otter inside of an intricate wooden box. Alongside the stamp sat a small jar of red wax. The Archon would typically use these tools to mark official documents and seal letters. ⬩Quill of the Tathvir - This quill is devised of two components - the stem and the feather. The feather is interchangeable and as such, the owner of the quill can pick a feather that represents their personality. Once picked, the feather is attached to a small copper stem, which has a small otter carved alongside the name Tathvir underneath. The quill is gifted to the one who assists the Archon in writing reports and documents. ⬩Notable Members⬩ Founder - Amara Tathvir Elders - Arevthor Tathvir, Estellise Tathvir, Rhaella Tathvir Archon - Valerica Tathvir [[OOC: If anyone is interested in playing a Tathvir, please pm me in game (Mewliet) or on discord (Mewliet#6297)
  5. What’s your favorite color? What’s your go to snack (sweet or savory)? Who’s been your favorite character to play so far?
  6. From Sea to Snow Each morning the sun rose, rays of golden light beam through the windows of the Sylvaeri manor built on the cliffside, overlooking the open sea and the ships docked below. A young elven woman lay sleeping in her bed, the rays of sunshine highlighting her golden locks as she slept peacefully. Soon she began to stir, stretching her limbs out with a sleepy yawn before her silver eyes slowly opened, glancing around her room with a tired gaze. She’d lay there for quite some time, taking a long while to memorize each crack in the stone wall, every shadow the morning sun casted through her window - as if it would be the last she saw of it. With a heavy sigh, the Almenodrim girl rolled herself over to the edge of her bed, her legs sliding off to idly dangle there as she’d cast a sad gaze around the room once more, tears slowly gathering at the corners of her silver orbs. Sliding herself from her bed, she reaches for the robe that hangs beside her nightstand, draping it over her shoulders before she’d step over to the window. Squinting some, she’d peer through the glass to watch the morning sun slowly rise over the horizon, casting golden rays over the clear blue water surrounding the docks of Elvenesse. The young Almenodrim stood there for a while, soon finding herself lost in thought. The foundation this manor was built on, the walls surrounding the bed she slept in, the windows that allowed the sun to wake her in the morning. This was where she grew up. This was her home. These very walls held the laughter of not only her, but her twin brother and their younger sister. This was where they played, where they learned, where they grew. This very house and the very city it was built within was the only home she knew for her entire life. She knew nothing more, and never imagined things would change. Spinning around, she’d gather a few wooden crates and sacks in a single corner of her room. There she would begin emptying the drawers of her nightstand, folding her clothes neatly and stacking them in the crates until they were full. Her bookshelves were next. With teary eyes, her gaze scanned over the front covers of the books she read as a child, her mind once more wandering back to when she was little. The young woman she grew to be was the same person as the little girl who would sneak into her mother’s room to borrow her jewelry and try on her dresses, despite them being too big. When her parents were away, she’d sneak into their room and crawl into their bed, laying between where they would both sleep. When she felt sad or scared, this is where she would come to hide. To find comfort when she needed it most. Shaking her head, she’d eventually finish packing her room. Her entire life now packed and stored away in little boxes, leaving her room empty and lonely. Slowly, she’d make her way around the entirety of the manor, stepping into each room for the last time before she’d make her way back to her own. There she would dress herself and brush through her hair, preparing for the long journey to the snowy Northern lands. Slowly her hesitant steps carried her through the home she knew for so many years, memories flooding her mind as she peered into each room until she reached the front door. A single tear managed to escape the young girl’s eyes, slowly rolling down her pale cheek as she turned to glance around the main entrance of the home - which was for the most part… empty. The place she grew up, where she made every memory she holds dear, her home… now empty. Finally she would turn towards the door to the manor, reaching for the handle before she’d turn it slowly, taking a single step outside. The morning breeze idly brushed through her golden locks, the rising sun causing the Almenodrim’s silver gaze to sparkle as she’d glance up towards the blue skies. Her steps carried her further from the exit of the home before she froze in place, suddenly feeling stuck and second guessing everything. This new place… so many new people… I’ll get lost… they won’t like me. Elanor will only poke fun at me for not having any friends again. Suddenly a wave of panic washed over the young Sylvaeri, the color draining from her face as she turned to face her home. A slow stream of tears slowly started down her pale cheeks as she gazed up at the structure that towered over her. Harshly, she bit down on her lip in an attempt to control her emotions. You must stay strong. Your family will be there. You’ll make friends. Do not be afraid. The young girl murmured to herself, her boots felt as if they were filled by lead as she made her way towards the cliffside. There she sat for a while, watching the sun rise to loom over the sleepy woodlands. The birds sang their morning songs as the waves below crashed against the bottom of the stoney cliffs. Her gaze then fell to the Lunarite ring that adorned her finger, the star-steel producing a soft, silvery glow in the natural light, reminiscent of starlight - one of a pair. The Almenodrim Rings of the Fairborne Twins, they were called. Heavy footsteps slowly meandered up the path behind the girl, the tips of her ears twitching lightly before she’d turn to glance over her shoulder. Her gaze was met with a taller Almenodrim male, one with golden locks and a silver gaze the same as her own. Annatar. “Are you ready, Vis?” The twin called out, offering his hand down to his sister. The shorter sea elf nodded, taking her brother’s hand as she stood, his finger adorned with the ring to match her own. "Ti, I'm ready." She nodded hesitantly, glancing over the outside of their home once more. She’d then step over, reaching for the spear she often carried with her, despite not knowing how to properly use it. The ironwood spear itself towered over her, intricate carvings of trees etched on each side of the spearhead, inlaid with dark green ink to make them stand out. The Forest Champion’s Spear is the name it was given. Eventually her gaze slowly tore away from her home and shifted over towards her twin with a saddened gaze. The protective brother pulled her closer with a single arm while the other held onto his trident, offering her comfort until eventually they started down the path. The start of their journey to the frozen lands. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ The duo made their way from Elvenesse, the shorter elf glancing around the towering green trees and the citizens they passed on their way out of the city. Annatar kept his sister close to his side, making sure to keep her safe along the way. Time would pass as they made their way through the Hinterlands around Amathea, sadness slowly washing over the girl’s form as her curious gaze observed her surroundings. She was never allowed to travel much so she felt excitement, despite it being heavily outweighed by the sadness she felt to be leaving home. The closer they got to the frozen Northern territory the air slowly grew colder, the wind was harsh compared to home. A shiver was sent down the twins’ spines as they continued on, the snow crunching softly beneath their boots. Her gaze scanned over the new terrain, taking in every new aspect of the lands that were soon to be called home. The trees there were bare, mostly frozen branches blanketed in snow, icicles hanging from below. The sun seemed brighter there, perhaps the light reflecting from the glistening snow covering almost everything surrounding the path. “Stay close, Vis. We’re almost there.” Annatar once more mumbled to his sister, making sure to keep a close eye on her as they made their way through the snowy biome. Visenya’s mind flooded with the promises her father made to her for when they moved. He promised to teach her how to skate on solid ice, to fish in frozen lakes, the simple things they could enjoy as a family. A breath of warm air escaped through her lips, creating a small cloud in the cold air in front of her face. Closer and closer they grew to the lands of the Fennic Elves, the snow covered path bringing them to the outside of the city. There, they stopped. Staring up at the stone walls built around the frozen city, a small exhale came from both of the tired Almenodrim twins as they tread through the gatehouse and up the path, sticking together in the unfamiliar city. This would be the foundation of the new memories the young elf would create. This would be where she made new friends and learned new things. This would be her new home. This is Ikur’fiyem.
  7. Name: Asena Belechirr Race: Mali'Fenn Age: 50ish Gender: Female [[OOC]] Username: Mewliet/okidokiboomer Discord: Mewliet#6297 Timezone: CST (The superior time zone)
  8. ❅Festival of New Beginnings❅ [!] Invitations are sent all across the continent of Almaris, delivered by snowy owls and chubby little otters. After many decades of hardship and trying times, the Fennic folk gathered their kin and made off in search of a new home. They succeeded in making a home out within the walls of Ikur'fiyem - also known as the Fennic Remnants. To celebrate the future of the Fennic people, a three day long festival will be held with multiple events and prizes to be won. Tournament Two people will step into the pits and fight with nothing but their fists until only one is standing. The tournament will continue until one person is declared the winner. A mina prize will be given to the winner. Prize: 200 mina Wyrvun's Hunt Tokens will be hidden throughout the snowy Princedom, allowing festival goers to explore the city while competing for the prize. Whoever collects the most tokens within the given time period will win a custom outfit designed by Lady Archon Valerica Tathvir. Prize: One custom outfit by Lady Archon, Valerica Tathvir (Casual attire only) Archery Contest Each contestant will stand a certain distance away from the targets and will be given a chance to hit different dummies. The archer with the most points at the end will be declared the winner. Prize: 150 mina Drinks will be available at the tavern throughout the festival, and casual drinking contests for those who merely wish to participate! No prizes will be given for this, it will merely be for fun. Stalls will be set up during the festival as well, selling all sorts of goods! If you wish to open a stall, contact a steward.
  9. I have a lot… I have… maybe over 300 pieces. I lost count
  10. Is this a secret intervention? Is that why you’re publicly exposing me?
  11. I've been hanging out with the elves! And uh... totally learning how to make falafels >.> I have a few, but lately it's been pastel/baby pink! And also the color of your eyes or whatever You gotta fight Josey That's not even a question. Clearly Visenya. I don't really have a favorite type of music/rapper. I listen to just about anything as long as it's got a good vibe! Thoughts on you? You're aight I guess... you've been a friend of mine for just about as long as I've been on the server. You've helped me out a lot. At the moment, I don't have a current favorite netflix show, but I've binged Gilmore Girls about 10 times already. I've been a member of the wood elven/elven community for just about my entire existence on the server. I've dabbled in human rp but nothing majorly different such as an orc or dwarf. I have thought about it, but social anxiety and interacting with new people prevents me from doing it. I get nervous :^) SEESTER!
  12. I don't watch football, but I'm assuming because the other team was just simply better
  13. In honor of the 10 year anniversary, and because I've been putting it off for so long, I thought it'd be cool to do my very first AMA. I've been on the server for about three and a half years now, and during those years I've met a lot of really cool people. It's because of these people that I've had (for the most part) an enjoyable experience on the server. So thanks to you guys <3 so uh yeah... ask away I guess!
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