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  1. A Trial of Self Discovery ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ All of her life she has been told that you are never finished learning, something she quickly discovered to be true. Her perspective was forever shifting and expanding, and with that came knowledge. Another thing she has always been told is to always be who you want to be; and so she did. A mother is who she aspired to be, and so she found a partner and bore his children. A drui is what she wanted to become. Someone to protect and preserve the balance and nature around her, and so she started the path of a dedicant. For a long while these duties were enough to make her feel content, enough to fill that gap temporarily. Years of servitude and even more of being a wife and a mother brought her happiness, but there was still something missing. There was something more out there, and that she was certain of. Her path started anew, and she sought to learn everything she could. To teach the younger generations. To guide her people and to ensure that their ways were preserved. Even that was not enough to satisfy that strong pulling at her heart. Her true identity is what she sought for, one granted to her by the Aspects. A path of trying to find herself, and so she prayed to them until they deemed her Wildlife. A newfound sense of pride and worth this gave her, but that strong tugging would remain even after. Perhaps she was seeking to find herself by too often trying to find herself in others. It wasn’t until the old and sacred secrets of her ancestors were shared with her, that she found hope. “It’s gonna be ok…” The Arvellon was lulled into a state of meditation where a vision began. This is where her new path began and that strong panging within would lead her through. Spring Summer Autumn Winter ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ “Y’know, you make funny noises.” The Arvellon murmured to that funny little panda while they both wandered through the forest. The panda making excited little squeals as she gathered more berries for them to snack on. “Gonna be sad when I have to return home without ya. Maybe I can bring ya with me, or come visit everyday. I’ve got plenty of time after all.” The critter huffed through its nostrils and accepted the handful of berries she offered to it. That bond created between them became unbreakable. All the wounds she had to endure to finally find what she was looking for made it all worth it. She shared a few final moments with that little critter before she made her way back to the village, covered with various scratches and bruises yet she’d seem content. A final goodbye was murmured to the creature before she departed. “It’s gonna be ok…” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  2. The Arvellon Chieftess returned to the village with Eonan's belongings, placing them within his home with the Bruin. She kept a watchful eye on his family while he was away, just as she'd promised. Even if from a distance. For the entire time he was gone, she'd make her way around the village. Not only keeping an eye out for the people within, but to watch for his return. Finally, she saw him. That familiar, tiny 'ame made her way to the front gates, bearing a proud smile as she greeted both him and his beetled companions with an eager wave. "Welcome home, wolf man."
  3. >───⇌••⇋───< “Come, little leaves,” said the wind one day. “Come over the meadows with me and play! Put on your dresses of red and gold, for Summer is gone and the days grow cold. Soon as the leaves heard the wind’s loud call, down they came fluttering, one and all; Over the brown fields they danced and flew, singing the sweet little songs they knew. -George Cooper ━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━ The warmth of the summer’s days soon came to an end and the seasons began to change. The Autumn sun spread a carpet of leaves, by hundreds, all dressed in colors of yellow and crimson as the village prepared for the harvest. The wilds, too, prepared themselves for the coming changes. Busying themselves with preparing a safe haven and foraging for food to store before Winter came. Changes were brought upon the realm after the ending of Ostara. The leaves transitioning from shades of green to vibrant colors or crimson and yellow as those of the fold prepare for the Rite of Mabon. [Art by Mathias Zamęcki] ━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━ • Offerings• Baskets full of herbs and fruits foraged from the first day of fall will be brought to the ritual grounds. Members of the fold will also bring stacks of wood and other materials foraged from abandoned structures to add to the stacked fire pit. An act of parting from the plethora of goods provided by past seasons. ━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━ • Ritual• On the first day of Autumn, members of the fold will gather to head out into the lands to forage wood and other materials from abandoned structures or fallen trees to bring back to the village. Members will gather beneath the glowing moon at dusk. At the start of the festival the Autumn Raithean will call upon members of the circle to stack their foraged goods into the pit where everyone will gather ‘round and chant to the Horned Father while the Autumn Raithean lights the pit ablaze. During the months of Autumn, Father Circle druii will feed the flames of Mabon to keep them lit throughout the changing season. ━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━ • Rite• At the end of the Autumnal months, members of the fold will gather around the fire once more. To mark the end of the Equinox, the Autumn Raithean will bring black water from the Father tree to douse the dancing flames. ━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━┅━ Eretria Arvellon - Raithean of Autumn
  4. Please follow the rules when bidding. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me on Discord Mewliet#6297 <3 Auctioning some skins I've done to get out of the funk of burnout. Enjoy. •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• Rules: -All payments should be in USD. -Bids must increase by $2.00 -When the auction is over, payments will be made through PayPal. -Do not edit your bid comment. Quote the person you are outbidding in a new one. -If for some reason your bid falls through, the next highest bidder will get the skin. -Do not edit or resell the skin. Minor edits can be made upon request (i.e. converting from steve/alex) Bidding closes @ 8pm CST on 06/30/2022 Bid Format: Skin Name: Bid: IGN: Discord: Skins: Simple Dress - SOLD Starting bid - $12 Auto Buyout - $25 Horizon Dress Starting bid - $12 Auto Buyout - $25 Blue Overcoat - SOLD Starting bid - $12 Auto Buyout - $25 Blue Scarf Armor Starting bid - $15 Auto Buyout - $30 Bronze Armor Starting bid - $15 Auto Buyout - $30
  5. My first character was a wood elf named Luna Rose. When I first joined the server I was introduced to a small group of people in a place called Halsworthy. A few months later she got into leadership there and then later died during canonist attacks. Then I made my druid, who still exists! Stardew Valley! Also absolutely you can. Maybe we'll get more cells and have more brain power. First memory is always being in the vc of the Mother Grove discord but I'd always be muted because social anxiety. Then we got closer and you made me levitate so high until I could no longer see anything but blue Comfort food is definitely taco bell. Or chocolate covered blueberries *Insert many swear words about shoeshi here* All time favorite color is any shade of green, though I like the softer shades better. Oatmeal?! More like boateel Favorite flower is any type of lily. I have many variants in my garden! Ya like jazz?
  6. whoever, whatever, wherever, whenever, however I know a lot of random cat facts and I’m pretty good at gardening. I think those count! And I’m sorry, I don’t see an issue with my rep farming! (But also SoonTM. Irl took me out) yes This question is invalid because there’s no such thing! Everyone <3 The glorious thing about our waffle braincell, is that one of the squares has the ability to make me forget about butter. That’s half of our brain power. The other squares are cat related things and nerdy things fistewli <3 Bob for sure
  7. I’ve been on the server for about 4 years and some months, and it’s been a wild ride. I hardly do these things because tbh I’m lazy, but we goin’ for it. Ask me cool things! Or send pet pics. Both are neat. B)
  8. Tanila glanced around the lush forest she woke up to after sacrificing her life to save the ungrateful and to avenge the unfortunate. The woman simply wondered. Who asked? "Only good mage is a dead mage..." The young elfess murmured to her aunt before taking a sip of tea.
  9. [Art of Tanila by MistressOfEvil] “Do not think that because you did not die in glory, that you are not valued. You have endured things that most of our people could not fathom. That sacrifice, although unwilling, meant another did not have to suffer in your place. That means something.” - Avius Csarathaire The words of steel stuck to the back of Tanila's mind from the moment she heard them, and would do to the end of her days. Despite her fatal condition and all that she endured, she was, in a way, thankful for her own suffering. For, if not she, then another would have undoubtedly suffered the torment in her place. Tanila reflected then, on all that was done. And all, indeed, that yet had to be done before her days came to an end. She remembered. The childhood memories. All the life lessons that learned, all of the friendships and links forged. She remembered. Never would she forget. [Corrupted Fae ref, Artist Unknown] Forget… To scour the pain from memory was all Tanila could ask for now. To forget the sight of that grotesque creature that dwarfed her in size, looming high above. To be rid of the memory of its titanic limb, pinning her to the earth. Unable to move, barely able to breathe… The hunters had quit the village in search of a creature to hunt. Predators searching out prey. What they found instead would haunt them in this world and the one beyond. The forest floor, once lush with verdant life, now awash with rot, festering blood and animal corpses in the hundreds. It wasn’t long until the party noticed movement. A massive shadow lurking in the darker corners of the forest, skulking between the trees with tremendous weight. A goat’s haunch and cloven feet, the face of a lion and three sets of legs, each scaled as tree trunks. A twisted creature of nightmare from the otherworld. The predators clashed with this Fae interloper. Spears thrust into its leathery hide. Volleys of archery needled its form. Tanila herself fought bravely alongside her husband and beside her kin. All was well. A moment later, it was not. The fortunes of combat tilted towards catastrophe. Tanila took a blow, blunt, forceful. The next moment she was falling. The next, she lay pinned to the soiled earth below. Whilst struggling to free herself, she heard sounds that her mind instinctively pinned as horrifying. Disgusting. The next moment, she realised that the instrument of this cacophony were her own bones, cracking and breaking under the blight fae creature’s bulk. Tanila’s screams, macabre and periodically interrupted by the eruption of blood from her throat, echoed through the trunks and the leaves. All efforts were in vain. In that moment, Tanila’s own frailty, her mortality, became all too clear. She was utterly at this thing’s mercy. And mercy it possessed no longer. The slim thread of consciousness faded, battle cries of companions and comrades grew distant. She prayed in those agonising, flickering moments. For herself, but also for the lives of those fighting her tormentor Matters surely could hardly get worse. But, the world proved its malicious sense of humour that day. When she looked up again, the light of her consciousness snapping on briefly, a malignant metamorphosis began to take place. The abomination of fae-make changed and twisted, its body deforming and reforming unnaturally. A bastardisation of the Aspects’ realm became a further corruption of the mortal one. A Pale Tree, anathema to life. Bark of a sickly pale, faded to the color of bone. Tanila followed it, herself deathly white as death approached. But, cruelly, the release of death refused Tanila’s embrace. Rather, all color left her form and her pallor changed to match that of the malevolent creation. Those emerald eyes of hers, eyes that Laedrad, oh Laedrad, had fallen in love with, disappeared forever, becoming crimson red and bloodshot. [Pale-Tree ref, Artist Unknown] Pain… That was all she felt. Every bone in her body breaking, her lungs crushed as she lost the ability to breathe. Her beating heart began to slow and the Aureon began to fade. A familiar cry echoed throughout those distant battle sounds as they tried to save her. Tanila’s emerald gaze turned and sought out the source of the cry. Her sister, frantic. Panicking, and desperate to save her Tanila. Too late. Nenar fought vigorously to try and save her sister but her efforts were not successful. Instead, there was only one way Tanila could be saved and Nenar knew what she had to do. The woman had to kill her sister to end her suffering. Blight began to fill the air around the twisted tree, poisonous spores burning the lungs of those who sought to destroy the beast and save their friend. The others turned to flee and save themselves from the toxic air, all except for Nenar and Tanila’s partner, Laedrad. Together they began to climb the tree and face the maw of the pale creature, where Tanila was trapped and entangled inside. Roots tore through her and held her in place, as if she were a part of the tree. The woman’s features were pale and her eyes, although alive and no longer her own, cried out in anguish as she was forced to suffer. Nenar sought desperately to end her baby sister’s torment. Multiple times she tried and multiple times she failed - until she, too, was struck with those same roots and pulled into the creature’s maw to suffer alongside her sister. The group retreated to recover and revise their plan, though the agonizing screams of the entangled women rang throughout the forest and followed the group as they went. Whatever wounds the tree caused, it would only heal and force them to live when all they hoped for was relief. Their bodies were no longer their own to control. Every breath, every beating of the heart, was controlled by those branches entangled within. A Cycle they were unfamiliar with. Dying, only to be brought back and forced to live a life they could no longer control. A life Tanila no longer wanted. Healing… A little over a year later the two would be found. The twisted tree decided it no longer needed them and spat them out for them to be found. Something or someone found them and brought them back to their home, just outside of Nevaehlen’s walls. Nenar’s husband came across the two laying in the grass and embracing each other, just as they did in the tree for months on end. They were brought inside and treated for what wounds remained. Tanila lay there for months. Sleeping, recovering, grieving. Once she was able to leave the clinic, the woman went into hiding. Away from the world, away from the people. An attempt to escape the nightmares that constantly haunted her and lingered in the back of her mind. Tanila awoke screaming each night now. Heart beating staccato against her chest, sweat pouring down her face. The few hours of rest her body allowed her barely resembled rest at all, warped as it was into a path back in time, back to that seemingly, at the time, endless epoch of suffering. Times of waking were hardly any better. An initial hope of recovery died swiftly, as did hope and life’s brightness. The soothing chill of the shadows was Tanila’s closest companion during that time. Weeks, months and then years of terminal decline went by. One purpose sustained her. The education of her one daughter, her heir, to whom she bestowed everything of value she knew. Gradually, inevitably, Tanila’s body weakened. Pain. Fatigue. Sickness. She felt the failure coming, felt herself fading into the dark. Remedies and medicines aplenty were applied and consumed. Not a one even succeeded in stalling the coming inevitability. During one of those ministrations, though she remembered not which, Tanila finally realised that the death for which she had prayed finally approached. A cliff’s edge into unknown waters towards which she could not stop stumbling. Rather than serving as a final nail in the coffin of her despair, however, an air of relief came upon her instead. It was time to act in the brief window that remained. In the days that followed, Tanila ventured back into the light, spending time with family, friends, kindred and loved ones. Most of all, ensuring that her daughter would, after the end, be taken care of. [Weeping Dryad, by Harkalé Linaï] Sacrifice… The Aureon knew now what her final duty would be. One last gasp of defiance against the nightmares of the world. She, with those whom she had marched out so long before, would traverse into the voidal hollow. With druidic warriors at her side, she would lay down her life, voluntarily, to heal the scarred, screaming land. The decision, despite her situation,was far from simple. Nevertheless, the deed had to be done. The greater good meant everything. Tanila was raised and tutored to understand the importance of the Balance, and the importance of keeping the taint away. Her choice was final. The group of warriors traveled into the hollows and stood beneath the only living tree. Surrounding the hillside and assuring nothing prevented them from completing their task. Everything felt wrong there. The air, the ground beneath her feet. Even the skies, warped by corrupting forces from beyond. And so, lacking any focusing point for rightness on the outside, Tanila looked inward. And so the Hyssop Druid, martyr of the Aspects, banisher of the void, spent her final moments saying her final farewells. Comforting her family and gazing into their eyes one last time. The trio of Aspect stones, immortal, sacred relics brought from across the world, were taken from their guardians and, at long last, came together akin to pieces comprising a deific jigsaw. Tanila approached the single stone, imbued with the might of all three Aspects, hand in hand with her sister and her mother. She embraced this gift of the gods and then cast looked over her loved ones once more. “Forgive me.” Nenar murmured, near silently. Yet, despite what was to come, Tanila held no grudge or animosity for what she asked of her sister. Precisely the reverse. Feeling true peace at last, Tanila lay herself back and stared upward, with those blighted eyes, at the tree looming over her. A glint reflected against her crimson from the crystalline leaves overhead. A faint smile crossed the woman’s lips before her eyes closed. The time had come. A tri-blade dagger, a key, was withdrawn. The fourth piece. Nenar gripped it, hesitantly. Tanila could see the struggle in her sister’s eyes. The stroke that was to come repelled her, but both knew it had to be done. With a single, powerful and yet gentle thrust, the spiral bladed key penetrated between ribs and straight into Tanila’s heart. Lifeblood spilled from the wound. But, in truth, Tanila lived no longer. Her body seethed and pulsed, thrumming with sheer energy. A pure energy. The aura of a forest in bloom. The ferocity of a wild hunt of predators sprinting through the wilds. Then, the stones rose and split apart once more. Between them formed a new sun in the sky, a rift of verdant green. A sliver of the Gods’ power unleashed, by the Aureon’s selfless sacrifice, onto the mortal realm. From that gateway spilled creatures and bolts of raging, primal fury. Cerridwen’s wrath that her life had been perverted. Cernunnos’s unbound fury, an urge to bring death to his enemies. The Aspects’ creatures, heralded by their greatest servants flooded into the world. Under the strain of this ferocious assault from the Great Forest beyond, the voidal hollow’s malignance was utterly powerless. It simply ended, cracking and falling away like shed snakeskin. Those still living witnessed a great, cloudless storm and something more beautiful still. An old friend. A mentor long gone. A princess. A servant. Awaiti Aureon crouched there, cradling the spiritual remnant of Tanila in her arms. “Run.” she murmured, to the druii present, gentle but severe. The dim green star lingered brightly in the skies above the fading nightmare. From within the portal broken into reality; emerged a slew of animalistic beings. A polar bear with slick white fur, a gargantuan bird akin to a drake. Even a far greater beast, a worm stretching the length of buildings, burrowing beneath the earth. Together the Mani worked alongside one another to purge the land - a crocodilian leviathan of titanic proportions joining them as waves of verdant green poured down from its wing beats, purifying the ground below. “You did so well…” Awaiti murmured softly. With great care, she cocooned Tanila’s soul within her hands and pressed a kiss to her forehead, before allowing her soul to ascend into the idyllic world beyond. The soul passed through that verdant sun and out of the world of the living. The lifegiving rainfall seemed to age the ground decades for each second it fell, rapidly forming lichen and moss. Grass and shrubbery grew in the wake of the Mani’s cleansing assault. Blighted land returned to normalcy. When their work was done, the radiant star in all its viridescent diminished and faded. It vanished, the sky returning to its clear blue normalcy. A burden was lifted from nature’s melody. The Voidal Hollow, once a tumor near the heart of the world, had vanished with wilderness. Now, only sacred wilderness remains. From Tanila’s physical form, a towering willow grew. It reached for the rejuvenated skies, looming over the newly remade lands of lush green. This mother tree grew on the site of sacrifice, championing the chorus of nature as it once more asserted its supremacy over the land. When a druii dies, the land weeps for their loss. But this time, it wept not. The land sang a song of mourning, and of joy. A song of rebirth and sacrifice. It would sing forevermore.
  10. [Artist Unknown - Representation of the forests outside of Nevaehlen] “Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions and pass no criticisms.” -George Eliot Day One On the morning Tanila woke, she remembered her task at hand. To find a young creature who lost its parents and raise it. Teach it and befriend it as a companion. The pale woman rose from her bed and got herself dressed, the words of a particular Bruin echoing in the back of her mind. “When I miss her, I go to the rivers to speak with her.” An idea struck the young Aureon and she set out on an adventure - one that would surely change her life. For the first time in many years she would leave the walls of Nevaehlen, crossing the bridge with the aid of her walking cane and disappearing into the tree-line of the forest. She slowly followed the riverbank with her eyes and ears peeled as she made her way through the trees. Memories of her childhood played in the back of her mind, remembering the companion she had when she was younger. She wouldn’t leave the forest until she found another. Tanila traveled further up the river until she spotted a small beaver’s dam that appeared to have been destroyed. Whatever family that lived there was nowhere in sight, and the predator was long gone. Crimson colored eyes searched through the forest as she stood in place, looking for any signs of remaining life. Just as she began to make her way off, she heard a faint rustling of grass followed by a low-pitched whine. The woman turned in an attempt to find the source of the noise, but at first she found nothing. Not long after she would hear the same thing, and her gaze fell to the ground to find a small beaver, young in its years, and alone with no mother in sight. It seemed to be the only survivor of the ruined dam. Hours the woman would spend in the forest, aiming to gain the kit’s trust and bring him home. Lowering herself to the ground, she would sit just a few feet away from the small creature while reaching for a small chunk of fallen tree bark. Slowly her arm would reach out with the soft bark resting in the palm of her hand, the kit eyeing it curiously but making no move yet. “Come on little guy, it’s alright. Whatever it was is gone now, and you must be hungry.” Tanila spoke with a soft coo to the young beaver, tempting it with a little wave of the bark she held in her grasp. It offered a few curious sniffs before slowly it would inch closer to her, keeping a cautious eye on the Aureon woman. She remained as still as she could with her hand held close to the ground, allowing the beaver to feast with ease. Finally the kit came to a stop just before her, reaching tiny hands out to grasp onto the small chunk of fallen bark to munch on. With small yet large teeth the young bit small chunks of the wood off to feast on. Meanwhile a hand reaches out, seeking to gently stroke the top of its head. It ducked down a few times but slowly warmed up to the woman who fed him. Slowly she gained his trust enough to take him home with her. A month later… The young beaver had grown quite a bit and entrusted Tanila fully. She fed him every day and even made him a little wooden structure beside one of the ponds within the village where he could learn to be independent. Soon enough he began to seek for his own food and fend for himself, even adjusting the small structure to his liking. Once Tanila felt as if she completed the task she set out to do, she would search for her guide.
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