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  1. I miss you dude 

    1. Argontum


      Oh hello LOL long time no talk

      Edited by Argontum
    2. Lhindir_


      Hmu on discord Shoosh#2921

  2. "That just happened, but please do try again. There are already too much of your kind of guild running around since Vailor." A dark elf scoffed, tossing away the poster as he walked away, and he took out a bottle of dark purple liquid before taking a sip.
  3. Here come the Trump memes

  4. argyy What so i do wrong??


    If I spam Chat idk if the previous msg was sent

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    2. Edoverse


      ok thanks!

      i will try again tomorrow

    3. Argontum


      You have to wait for a week, as you are banned for plagiarizing the definitions. I apologize.

    4. Edoverse


      Its Ok I'll wait


  5. i dont know what lore is im really confused how do i add lore because halfing is in lore and i put that in

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    2. _Jandy_


      yeah that's me. If you wanna add me on skye at andy.barrett18 we I can help you with applying and get you set up in game

      or a PM conversation over the forums works

    3. Argontum


      It's alright. Caps are a no big deal. Jandy will guide you through and help you out with halfling lore and something like that. He's very friendly and helpful as well. I'm sure he will help you to the best of his abilities.

    4. doopeh
  6. "Oh, that just happened," muttered a young dark elf. He shrugged to himself before continuing on his journey.
  7. Argyy can you check out my new application please, thanks. ;-;

    1. Argontum


      I was sleeping, woops, sorry about that, another AT member should have reviewed it by now.

  8. APPLICATION The application is merely for OOC. It will be followed up by roleplay between the members of the League and those who wish to enter, to truly enter the Orzumar. MCname: Yahblu RPname: Viorkol Age: 58 Race: Dark Dwarf Skype: You have it
  9. Hay Ardyy i have revised my application and have add the things you have wanted me to add.If you could relook at my application  i will be very thankful

    Have a nice day :) 

  10. I'm not 100% sure if your the one who reads the applications and accepts or rejects them but just in case you are I just want to say I was one of the pending applications and I edited and fixed my application I think


    1. TinyBiceps


      Whoever is on the AT (Application Team) will check your app, all you have to do is be patient.

    2. Jonathan Kams

      Jonathan Kams

      OK cool and thx


  11. Aenor might be mistaking Iris for another Aureon he had known.
  12. Hey i Finished my App

    1. Argontum


      Application accepted.

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