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  1. *Iris walks around all the capital cities and pins up fliers, holding the hand of a young girl as they travel.* New Morning Star Stables Horse Prices ((Speed in blocks/second)) Saddles are 50 mina 13 meters/second 250 mina 14 meters/second 500 mina 15 meters/second 600 mina 16 meters/second 800 mina 17 meters/second 1000 mina Wolves Wolves are 250 mina Leashes are 50 mina Shop We have a supplies shop at our base location and in Lindaria. We stock wool, leather, eggs, feathers, and hay bales. Sugar cane is special to the Lindaria shop. If you would like animal meats or would like to place a special order, please contact us. Location Just outside the Haria gate. ((1950 x, 630 y)) Contact Info Contact Iris (Kikiyami)
  2. Horse auctioning at the Cloud Temple!

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