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  1. Balorien

    Foraging Plugin

    It's not a halfling thing bruh ;-;
  2. Balorien

    Foraging Plugin

    ehmm.... this is more like a hermit, wanderer plugin but okey.. ?
  3. Balorien

    Foraging Plugin

    bud, they can add new recipes (MC default recipes :3) Soo there is still hope!
  4. Balorien

    Foraging Plugin

    I bet everyone remembers to the nice plugin Jistuma made, where you could click on grass, and leaves with an alchemist shears and had a chance to gain herbs, and i guess you remember to the several fruit types we got, well i thought about why not combining the two? It would not take too much effort and would be fun, Here is the idea: I thought about making a "Foraging Bowl" a recipe that would resemble the shape of a cauldron in the crafting station but only with wood. If you would right click on a grass you could get different type of eatable berries(renamed apples) *Strawberry * Blueberry *Raspberry and several others. If you right clock on leaves you can have a chance to get a fruit depending on the leaves you click on. It would be fun to have custom fruits on the menu again. and maybe adding custom recipes for pies.. I MISS LEMON PIES!!
  5. Halflings are the superior race! get over it!

  6. Balorien

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Freebuild sucks, for example: Everyone knows the nice place the mother's breast tavern, it was full of life, and rp now there is 2 cities next to it and its a ghostplace, Everyday i see a new village, a new private house, free build is bad becouse alot of people will build mansions for thamselves and will divide the rp into many pieces which is boring.. nobady want to live in ghost towns..
  7. Balorien

    LotC v6.0: Atlas

    freebuild is something i dislike.. every new player will kinda build a castle forhimself there... we had the mother's breast tavern it was a nice thing before a city was built next to it....
  8. Balorien

    LotC v6.0: Atlas

    Damn.. I thought this map worth a try.. I was wrong..
  9. Balorien

    BetterRPItems - A Resource Pack [Last Updated: 4/8/2017]

    Halfling Pipe skin for stick. pleaaaseeee
  10. Balorien

    [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    Done :D
  11. Balorien

    [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    Done ^^
  12. Balorien

    [Denied] Balorien's AT app

  13. Balorien

    [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    When all you wanna do is rp with halflings and you find THIS!
  14. Balorien

    [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    You don't wanna me to post those screenshots i made form you and Velvet boi I wonder if morghuuls likes vegetable stew....
  15. Balorien

    [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    I realized i hate carrots..