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  1. Kournos completes the document with his signature sighing as he does so. He folds the document and puts it into a normal envelope. Dripping wet wax onto the envelope, he seals the document and stamps it. Finding the nearest mailbox, he slips it in and walks off without a smile or any sense of joy shown on his face.
  2. First off, eventually, a stero type is the on,y way to play a creature. Eat people I see how Striga/vampire survive, it’s not a stero type, it’s a necessity of the creature. Second, I am calling them 100% evil because the original vampires are just that, 100%. Not sure if any Christians are here, but a vampire I should the exact opposite of Jesus. Jesus=100% good, vampire=100% evil. Either way, that is besides the point and some of you would like to call me out for that. But I can not control how others play the creature. Lastly, if we get rid of these monsters, the LOTC veterans will become bored with the classic races. Because, already we have seen several creature stuff shelved. This will only pick up speeed until the only playable creatures will be men, dwarves, elves, and maybe orcs. If this keeps up, kha will most definitely get shelved as well
  3. Not necessarily. They are still played by people. They have been shelved, so some of them need to be removed from the shelves and opened again. SOMe of them were rightly shelved, others were shelve death because not a lot of people played them.
  4. Dear players, Moderators, Admins, and all other teams. Recently, there has been talk of shelving the creatures called Striga, the vampire equivalent in LOTC. I object to this shelving for several reasons which will be listed. Already, many creatures have been “nuked”. And a lot of these creatures were creatures of evil. The biggest problem that we have now is banditing which becomes boring after constantly being downed on the road by bandits. Bandits themselves irp are not bad, yet everyone is resorting to banditing now. If we had more of these creatures such as Striga, it would add more color to the rp. When I first joined LOTC, I was a character by the name of Alkheim Guillén. After a week of RPing, I discovered an undead sect. This itself was extremely exciting to me. I had discovered creatures who practiced dark arts and I had my character strive to battle them. It inspire different much thought and a lot of rp. Rather than just fleeing like bandits had done, they took a stand as undead and fought. It added so much to the rp we had and just was so fun. If we keep these creatures in, the rp will be even better for the community, especially the new players. These evil creatures truly add something into the lore of LOTC. It offers creatures, played by players, that have no mortal morals. They are inhuman humanoids that groups can band together to fight. It does not divide us like normal human and elven evil does. For when someone decides for their character to turn evil, they still allows some goodness in the character, but monsters leave that all behind and truly add something evil to fight against in LOTC. Look what the Vaeyl order did in Atlas. Because of them, all the nations of Atlas fought together to exterminate them, bringing such enjoyable rp into the whole of Atlas. Another objection is that, these creatures are just fun to play anyways. To be the tyrannical Vampire with not even a smidge of goodness who does not fight for money, but just for pure power, or revenge, is fun sometimes, IRP that is. Turning people to your minions is also enjoyable. Instilling fear in the nations of the RP land can be awesome for both the player and the nations. These are only some of the cons of shelving a lot of monsters. And I know why it is done. Chaotic creatures are often played by chaotic people, meaning disorganization and rule breaking. But with revision, proper revision, it can be done properly and still be enjoyable. I beseech the Players day LOTC to join me in securing the monsters of Arcas to exist as playable races, not creatures of history that has passed. PS. +1 this if you like it. Plus, with every shelving of a creature just allows more and more creatures to be erased from LOTC
  5. Alkheim Guillen closes the book and leans back in his chair thinking about the writings and his findings. “So that is where the Portal shall lead, to the Darkways, and the fortress is the Fortress of Lasthope. I must return to the south again now that I hold this information.” Alkheim shelves the book and departs from the library.
  6. KrisTough


    Like the story. Also like how the character supports his parents.
  7. MC Name: Beorn15 Role Play Name: Alkheim Timezone: PST Discord ID: Beorn#6704 Desired Position: Ranger/Scout
  8. Well, its the story, sorry.
  9. Finally, took me awhile to write this.
  10. The skirmish at Dunsire Alkheim was once again wandering through the lands, his heart always yearned for knowledge. He wanted to know what was between the temple and Castle Pembroke. As he was wandering around, he saw a worn figure on a horse coming towards him on the road. The creature was slumped in his horse as if he had ridden for a long while. Alkheim, cautiously approached this creature. As they both decreased the distance between them, Alkheim began to notice that the person on the horse looked to be the size of a boy, however, he had the facial features of a man. Alkheim immediately realized that he was confronting a halfling. He greeted the halfling as he drew near, relaxing his grip upon his knife. The halfling looked up at him wearily. As he saw the young man approaching, a glint of hope seemed to come into his eyes. The halfling, asked Alkheim for help, for his hometown, Dun-shire was being raided by some sort of humanoid creatures. His fellow neighbors and relatives had either hid in the town, fled, or been slain. When Alkheim heard this he was greatly troubled, for the way the halfling describe the raiders, were the common description of Orcs. The halfling despratly asked the hooded figure for aid and protection to his home. Alkheim agreed to do his best to protect the town. Alkheim followed the halfling all the way to Dun-shire were he spent a day and a night there. On the morning of the second day, the halfling was showing Alkheim the destruction of these Orcs had done. Just as he finished talking, an Orc wielding an ax, emerged from the path facing them. Quickly, both Alkheim and the halfling drew their weapons. While Alkheim drew his bow, the halfling brandished his very short sword. Just as the tension was building up, another halfling sprung out of the trees with a sword in his hand. He rushed towards Alkheims side to help him. The Orc, growing angrier by the second, charged towards them swinging his ax furiously. Alkheim jumped to the side as he released the shaft into the side of the Orc. Both the halflings began to charge at the Orc, attempting to stab it. The Orc was stabbed several times until he finally wounded one of the halflings. Though Alkheim loosed another shaft upon the Orc, he could not save the halfling, the other halfling soon had the same fate as his companion, and he too also fell to the ground lifeless. Alkheim was able to fire 5 arrows into the body of the Orc as it charged him, but the Orc was too quick and too strong. Alkheim had to roll out of the way, dropping his bow and retrieving the sword of one of the halflings. Though Alkheim wounded the Orc severely with the knife, it was no match for the strength of the Orc's battle ax. Alkheim could not fight for long, and as he tried to retrieve his bow, he was struck upon the back by the thrown ax of the Orc. Alkheim slumped to the ground losing all memories of this encounter when he awoke. The Orc severed the heads of his enemies off and then fell to the ground unconscious.
  11. Ok, will do, hope you enjoy the upcoming adventures. And thanks for the help.
  12. Ok, goodness did not know that was a rule, I changed it.
  13. Well, still, my character still had the adventure. Even if he does not remember it, I can still write it. Muhahahaha...
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