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  1. Wow, you're all being real mature. Tone it down a little bit please.

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    An obvious choice, allow him back on. +1
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    Theodoric Beauchamp II of House Stafyr stumbles upon the signs, "Oh, thank GOD." he'd then go to fetch a book and quill. He began to write out a letter. "How much are you selling the Lumberjack tome for? I've been searching for one, for what seems to be ages now. Please do write back. ~T.B.S"
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    You're mistaken... doesn't one have to have pex to abuse pex? +1
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    Solid application. +1
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    Good luck!
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    Prayers gone out for your family!
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    I dunno. Hmm, tough one. Maybe Pendlemere?
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    So, as the title states - this thread will be my 500th post, a milestone I've been wanting to hit for a while now. Ask me anything!
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    i don't think I've seen you around, but... solid application, give 'em a shot. +1
  11. Good evening everyone.

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    I agree to a certain extent.