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  1. big dog goes home

    Moved to off-topic.
  2. Legoboy7984's Wiki Team App

    Why y'all bashing my boy lego? Though, he ain't a boy no more... he's legoMAN. Nah but seriously I've had my disagreements with lego but he's a pretty cool guy and he's very active on the Wiki so I'm going to give this application a +1
  3. [Shitpost] Caesar's knife consumption

    Friendly FM Reminder: Keep this post clean of toxicity. Remember, constructive criticism is allowed but do not take it beyond that.
  4. Don't touch my status updates!!!!

  5. Atlas Q&A Stream

    How will the economy work since admin shops aren't going to be on 6.0?
  6. Turkins are ascending to the Sky

    Moved to the "Screenshots and Videos" forum.
  7. Your music in 2017

    It doesn't work with Google Chrome for some reason so here's the link to my playlist.
  8. Good night y'all!

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    Trade Completed.
  10. [Complete][Trade] Blood

    Trade Completed.

    Trade Completed.
  12. [Complete]Elasha Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

    Trade Completed.
  13. [Complete]Looking For Work [Unique Payment Method]

    Trade Completed.
  14. [Complete]Squish Co and Friends

    Trade Completed.