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  1. Philip Laurent sighed as he was exhausted from the battle. "Its fun killing darkspawn..."
  2. Username: JustAngel69 Persona Name: Philip Persona Age: 18 Place of Residence / Street Address: Clermont
  3. Philip Laurent read the historical paper from his estate as numerous copies made their way to his native Petra. "Hmmm this is quite good..." He tapped the paper considering something as he continued to read.
  4. Philip Laurent read the invitation with a wide grin spread across the Squires face. "HAH, took him long enough..." The boy tucked the invitation away hoping no one saw him celebrate. He ran off to go hit something with a sword.
  5. Philip Laurent watched as the von Augusten he had turned in was executed no smile came to his face however as he watched the proceedings stoically. "It is a shame it all came to this."
  6. MC Name: JustAngel69 Discord: justangel69 Image: Description of Image: A framed oil painting of Adelheid Klara Dimensions: 1 wide 2 high
  7. Philip Laurent watches as his cousin George is delimbed. "Thats gotta hurt..."
  8. – OUR FUTURE TOGETHER– The natural progression of a skill is important to one's ability to foster effort, hard work and practice. Two years ago I set forth into the realm to take sketches of what I believed to be impactful scenes worthy of recreation and memorization, to further my own artistic skill and devotion to hard work. Through trial and error I have improved, I have set out to make the difference and include another round of scenes from the realms of man, this time in the medium of oil paint, remaining fresh in the eyes of all who would call them home. In honour of THE HEARTLANDER ACCORD and the spirit of union and cooperation between THE COMMONWEALTH OF PETRA, THE LEAGUE OF VELETZ, THE UNITED KINGDOM OF AAUN and THE KINGDOM OF NUMENDIL I release these paintings. The Honourable Philip Laurent Halcourt d’Artois, Squire to Sir Gaspard – A NEW DAWN– As you stand on the western side of the River Petra you turn your back towards east and after a long trek to the top of the canyon walls you catch sight of what is laid out in front of you. THE FREE CITY OF VALLAGNE with the sun rising behind it from the east, fog still lingers in the canyon as its twin bridges extend out of the cities northern and western gates. A sovereign reaching her golden jubilee and a new dawn for the Petra. – AND YET YOU PREVAILED in DEATH– Towering above the road to Whitespire, a memorial to those Nauzican Martyrs who gave their lives, the statue features a man in Nauzican garb holding his blade upwards to seek the guidance of GOD, the sun cresting behind him. A symbol of the strength of Aaun and the endurance of its people, careful assurance that even unto death will they prevail. – THE HEARTLAND– When venturing out of Winburgh to the south you come across rolling hills with a peaceful lake nestled in between. Rising mountains to the north and pine forests to the south the valley of THE HEARTLAND features golden fields of grain, smoke gently rising from the hearths of the village and farmers making their way across the bridge for another day's work on the harvest. The Heartland captures the essence of Man and his quest for peaceful conduct of his life. – HUMANITIES HARBOUR– The sounds of gulls echo out across the open expanse of water, ships bells tolling as they rock in the waves against the dock. The Harbour at Whitespire is a bustling port filled with goods being loaded and offloaded, the largest port of Humanity dockworkers scratch out their living bringing goods ashore to flow across the land as the River Gate rises in the background. – THE WHITE CITY– Suspended high above the ocean below and carefully straddled on a natural arch the City of Numenost stretches from one cliff to the other, rocks occasionally seen falling into the deep waters below the arch hold strong despite it. High towers extend up to the sky all bearing the same colour, the wonder and beauty of THE WHITE CITY. – LEMON HILL– As you cross the border between Petra and Aaun a quaint village pops up along the road, the smell of citrus permeates the air and a distinct red building welcomes you. Lemon hill is aptly named for its lemon trees and if you choose to stop for rest you find the welcoming Red Roof Inn always eager to serve a hearty meal or a cold drink. Various Knights and travelers seek their rest at the inn watching over the road even during their times of ease, a careful eye studying for trouble and ready to stop it. – WHAT THE RIVER OFFERS– The Captain of the small river going vessel hauls in his sail as ropes pull you from the harsh current of the River Petra, now docked at the Free Port of Chambery high wooden roofs and trade goods seem to surround you, this home of the Northern Geographical Society or NGS is also the main source of trade for the Commonwealth of Petra, allowing for the flow of goods all along the River it is both Petra's lifeline and a part of its identity. – SAINT DANIELS CROSSING– Banners blow sharply in the wind as the large wooden bridge creaks occasionally in the breeze, hundreds of travelers, caravans and traders make their way across Saint Daniel’s Crossing every day, traveling from the Heartland of Aaun to the coastal port capital of Whitespire. The Principality of Minitz towers up to the sky in watch to the north, and the Duchy of Stran to the south, both keeping careful eye on this important crossing. – BLOOD RAVEN TOWER– Perched atop the western reaches of the Langkette Mountains the colours of Merryweather fly high in the cold mountain breeze, the sturdy Blood Raven Tower keeps careful watch of the lowlands to its north west, the Duchy of Stran visible in the distance, the first construction within the Langkette Mountains by Prince Heinrich Lothar this tower is one of many always on guard for the realm of Aaun. If you seek correspondence or wish a painting do not hesitate to send me a letter ((JustAngel69)) Credit to Dixie Serenade for showing me the program to do this!
  9. Philip Laurent was also happy that he and his fellow squire were officially allies. @Timer Though he was starting to get confused on how to balance alliegence to Petra, Aaun and Veletz all at once...
  10. The young Squire Philip Laurent hisses into his fellow squires ear as he prepares "Hey dont muck it up!"
  11. Philip Laurent nodded slowly as he read the bounty "He will get what he deserves..."
  12. Philip Laurent read the treaty "WOW! I wonder who will try and mess with us now!"
  13. - THE SKETCHES OF A SQUIRE - To take a hobby is to learn practice, to learn steady progress and to learn of failure as well as success. In the pursuit of my duties and lessons as a Squire it is imperative for one to always attempt higher achievement than before. In the past two years I have traveled the lowlands of the realm to find sights worthy of memorization, worthy of preservation and worthy of practice, practice wrought into reality by charcoal and fine details. Upon completion of these sketches I have made in the past two years, I have selected the best of my work to publicize and show the beauty of Petra, Veletz, and Aaun. There is merit in practice with both the pen and with the sword. Any good Knight should see the value in each, and should not neglect the chance to show his fellow man what tasks he has set himself to achieving, I thus present most humbly my sketches in the hopes that they might be appreciated throughout the realm of man. The Honourable Philip Laurent Halcourt d’Artois, Squire to Sir Gaspard – THE JEWEL OF PETRA– The journey to Petra consists of winding roads and carefully cut paths into the mountainside, as you make your way through the cliffs and caves carefully dug by citizens of Petra you arrive at the north bridge and you can gaze across it to the FREE CITY OF VALLAGNE perched upon a plateau suspended between both sides of the canyon with bright meadows extended to the south. The skyline of Petra is a welcome sight to all who traverse both the roads above the canyon and the rivers deep below, a bustling center for trade home to many cultures who decided to strike it out on their own and build for themselves a better future. – THE VISION OF VELETZ– The League of Veletz and its capital city of Winburgh specifically, is home to a hardy people of great honour, martial skill and brutal pragmatism. This structurally simple yet robust city is one that many call home, formed out of the Duchies of Adria, Blackvale and Middelan the rolling hills and quiet forests surrounding it are contrasted by the sounds of military training, comradeship and Renatian-Raevir bargaining that take place within its bustling market. If few words can be gleaned from the skyline of Veletz that word would be security, honour and prowess. – TO TOUCH GOD– Visible to all travelers from miles away, its beacon shining brightly in the dark for any who lay eyes upon it during the night, the Hand of Horen within Whitespire rises up from the city to pierce the heavens above. Home to the King of Aaun who has been chosen by GOD to lead his people, one can think of no better residence for such a representative to seek closeness to the issuer of his most holy and noble duty. The Hand of Horen is both a marvel of architecture as well skilled craftsmanship and labour. The people of Aaun should surely be proud of such a creation or at least take pride in that most visitors crane their necks to set eyes upon it. – THE LANGKETTE MOUNTAINS– Nestled within the Langkette Mountains lies the Principality of Merryweather and the County of Warsovia a cooperative of the two houses in its construction these two keeps, tower out of the mountain and into the air being the newest additions to the Aaunic countryside. The banners of Waldenia fly high here as the House of Von Alstreim call the mountains home alongside their neighbours the House of Jazloviecki. The Langkette Mountains afford a commanding view of the coast and the city of Whitespire below. – THE HOUSE OF GOD– To the north of the city of Whitespire lies the CATHEDRAL OF THE FOUR EXALTED. Perhaps the largest in the known world, the cathedrals four towers flank the central dome which shelters below those who seek communion with GOD. Stepping within an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe are sure to fill any pilgrim who sets foot within this house of GOD. Quiet prayers reverberating off the walls and hymns reflecting within the dome above. – THE RIVER COURT– Through welcoming open doors you walk into a room of grandeur, sunlight pours through the large throne room windows as the sun sets over the mountain. You stand in the River Court, the royal palace within Vallagne, priceless paintings and tapestries hang upon the wall as the roof extends upwards revealing the seating galleries within, often packed to the brim during sessions of court in which Renilde of The Petra addresses her people and sets a new course for the River Kingdom. – PETRAN SQUARE– Movement of merchants, the sounds of barter, chirping birds and lively conversation fill the central square of THE FREE CITY OF VALLAGNE. Leaves drift down upon you and if you pause for a moment you can hear the distant rushing of the waters far below, a lively blending of culture occurs here and you can almost always find something of unique interest in the markets within this Petran square, as if out of a fairytale it's peaceful atmosphere is secured by that of the Riverguard and their swift apprehension of any troublemakers that rarely make themselves present. It has become a common stopping point for almost any caravan making their way further east. If you seek a drawing, or wish to commission such for yourself, please seek out Philip Laurent or send him a letter ((JustAngel69))
  14. Philip Laurent reads the announcement from his room at the Halcourt Estate. "A wedding! How festive! What a good time it shall be!"
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