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  1. Rotan Ver Cenobia-Komnenos welcomes his mother far above the skies
  2. Lured by false words, Ioannes followed The girl into her family home near Kaedrin. A white, unfamiliar man followed them. He was offered a seat, and the conversation started. After some saints minutes, The girl said: “If you really want to know what happened, follow me”. They stood up, and went upstairs. Once they entered the room, a bloody mess was visible. Ioannes suspicions were true, His old friend was murdered. “Now you know what really happened, what are you going to do with it” The girl asked him. Ioannes looked around for a moment, before he answered “Well, I have a lot
  3. Ioannes sharpened his sword, ready to fight for all he cares about "bring it in, mother*******"
  4. Ioannes cheers upon hearing the news of the Haenseti aid. He’d unsheathe his sword and sharpen it, readying himself for the battle.
  5. Ioannes wiped away his tears as he held onto the lifeless body “We will revenge your death, friend” he’d say
  6. Go owncle Cecil!” An 5 year old Halcourt boy would say, although he has no idea what this is about.
  7. ImDrippedJr


    At the age of 16, his parents where killed. Reason: unknown. He ran away, to Adria. He bought a little house, and applied for the army. Since he ran away, he never heard anything more of his parents, of the old city where he lived, Haense. Because he isn't born in Adria, the other guys buly him every day. He is looking forward to the future, so he can live his own life, with the bulys.
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