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  1. It is time, for Ioannes Palaiologos and Marissa Payne to live a common life. You are invited to witness the miracle of our Holy Church and the union of flesh, when two become one. The wedding will take place in three Saint’s days ((On Friday, 2:00pm EST)) Invitations will be sent to the following Houses/Families. To House of Palaiologos, To House of Komnenos, To House of Napoliza, To the people of Vitenna, And to the people of Al-Faiz.
  2. Go owncle Cecil!” An 5 year old Halcourt boy would say, although he has no idea what this is about.
  3. ImDrippedJr


    At the age of 16, his parents where killed. Reason: unknown. He ran away, to Adria. He bought a little house, and applied for the army. Since he ran away, he never heard anything more of his parents, of the old city where he lived, Haense. Because he isn't born in Adria, the other guys buly him every day. He is looking forward to the future, so he can live his own life, with the bulys.
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