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  1. THE FIRST TOWN HALL OF PROVIDENCE | 1803 A missive from the Office of Alderman Olivier Halcourt To the Citizenship of Providence, First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming support in which you have provided throughout my campaign for the City Assembly. This body has for far too long, stood idly by and allowed for elected representatives of the People to pass hardly any local law for our great Municipality. Two laws over nearly seven years. Seven years. Even then, these laws laid guidelines out for the Lord Mayor, and provided Stand
  2. ugh i loved the new forum background, why was it removed!!

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      looked bad on the mobile phone i think

  3. Judicial Appeal THE CROWN v. O’ROURKE-ELENDIL On behalf of The Crown, the Ministry of Justice wishes to appeal the plea agreement made by the Attorney-General and Patrick O’Rourke-Elendil in the case, “THE CROWN v. O’ROURKE-ELENDIL” on the basis of new evidence forwarded to the Prosecution. The agreement was enacted prematurely, before the Ministry had the ability to gather all relevant evidence pertaining to the case. With the filing of this document, the Crown wishes to ascertain the fact that plea agreements are typically kept in place except for in extrem
  4. SUBPOENA - THE CROWN v. AL-HAMAD 5th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1802 THE CROWN, Represented by OLIVIER HALCOURT of THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; QAHIR AL-HAMAD FREDDY VON FREDSTER VII ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 209.031 - Where an individual actively attempts, but fails to commit, a crime, the individual shall be held liable with a mitigated punishment according to the crime which was attempted. O
  5. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Olivier Alexandre Halcourt Age of the Alderman Candidate: 30 Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: 3 Lil Ves
  6. Olivier Halcourt, even though he had never met the Pontiff, prepared an all-black wardrobe and began a personal period of mourning for the late holy figure.
  7. With the resignation of Henrik Larson, the Ministry of Justice does hereby assign Olivier Halcourt to represent the Crown in the upcoming proceedings. Signed, THE MOST HONORABLE ASSISTANT SOLICITOR-GENERAL, OLIVIER HALCOURT J.D. SSE
  8. This is really cool! Thank you for the suggestion!
  9. ORDER OF NEUTRALITY Penned by the hand of Olivier Halcourt, 1800 In accordance with the Order of Ministerial Objectivity, 1790, I, Olivier Alexandre of House Halcourt do inform the public that: -I am hereby renouncing any party loyalties -I am hereby to be perceived as neutral in any and all political matters within the Empire The Ministry of Justice is not to be positioned as partisan in any way, shape, or form, and should remain that way in order to properly serve the community. We interpret the Oren Revised Code as written, and there shall be no hidden intenti
  10. RESPONSE FROM THE PROSECUTION The Honorable Edward Selm, the Prosecution would like to remind you that there is not a set legal precedent on the definitive age in which an individual can consent to contracts. The age of majority is not explicitly stated in the Oren Revised Code, and therefore the Prosecution will not comply with the motion to strike evidence. Olivier Halcourt on behalf of The Crown
  11. A Call to the Commons, 1799 Penned by Olivier Halcourt [!] Olivier sits in his study at Beaumont Manor on Lil Ves Street and looks out the window after electoral defeat. He wonders, "What can I do for my people?" With this, he looks down to the legal pad that sits on his desk. He stares at the feather and vial of black ink that accompany it. Without hesitation, he picked up the feather, dipped it in the ink, and began to write. He would write the same letter thirteen times. One for each member of the Commons, and one for public intake. The letter reads- ((Sorry for the f
  12. To Unite - Not Divide The Campaign of Henrik Larson & Olivier Halcourt “Through safety and prosperity, humanity unites beneath the banners of the Holy Orenian Empire. We must not permit conflict to overtake the politics of the Empire, for that is not the soul of the Empire nor the soul of politics. Ensure unity among men and party, for in unity we shall accomplish greatness” Henrik Larson & Olivier Halcourt shaking hands upon agreement of campaigning together, circa 1799. The Election for House of Commons, as ran within the year of 1799, has see
  13. SURNAME: Halcourt FIRST NAME: Olivier ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Lil Ves Street 3 YEAR OF BIRTH: 1770 Are you registered and eligible to vote in Providence District? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes
  14. [!] A letter is sent to the applicant, "Good evening, Ms. Wick. It is with great pleasure that I offer you an interview for the position of Law-Clerk. Please contact me shortly to set up a date for your interview. Best of luck, THE MOST HONORABLE OLIVIER HALCOURT, Assistant Solicitor-General" (Contact me on Discord @ Chorale_#4767) [!] A letter is sent to the applicant, "Good evening, Joanne. It is with great pleasure that I offer you an interview for the position of Law-Clerk. Please contact me shortly to set up a date for your interview. Best of
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