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  1. i rly liked the warp signs tho awe
  2. Véres Draskovits casts his ballot. He’d go back to screaming “DRAIN THE SWAMP’ in the City square.
  3. I ended up skimming the post, but I was so interested that I eventually scrolled back up and read every single word. Very nicely done, could be a little bit better written, some things were a bit confusing but I do not have the energy to point them out at the moment. Overall, great work though. +1
  4. A while back, our VIP perks were nuked because of the EULA. Are those going to be revamped? If so, when? I hope I’m not too late!
  5. Reaffirmation of Fealty, 1763 Issued and Confirmed, 10th of the Owyn’s Flame, 1763 by Ser Véres Draskovits Preamble: Since its creation, the House of Draskovits has served the Kingdom of Curonia. It is with a truly heavy heart that I write to you all this missive today. My eldest brother, Jarrack I (GOD rest his soul) was one of the founding members of the Duchy of Curonia, and he cherished it as if it were his child. Every day, you would see him out in the streets chatting with the citizenry, hosting military trainings, so on and so forth. Once he passed, the Principality of Curon was founded and ruled for many years by Linette Devereux (GOD rest her soul). This is when I was but a teen, and I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to public service just as my brother had done. I joined the military, served as Vice-Mayor several times, was named Privy Seal, married my first wife, and achieved so many more things that I will not waste your time with, mostly because my own memory has gotten the best of me. After the death of Linette, things were at a stalemate with Curonia. Several years passed and the Kingdom was brought to life. I went back to Curonia and served until the collapse once more. Again, the Kingdom of Curonia persisted and I was Knighted under Alfred II Edgar Devereux (GOD rest his soul), and House Draskovits was named an Ancient House of Curonia. We were given a small fief of land that we called the Barony of Drakov. After proving the ability to rally men in times of war, we were awarded the County of Oldenburg, which flourished for 30 years, and eventually; her flame weakened. This most recent time, I thought things would change with my beloved homeland. It is apparent that they have not, and it saddens me that we will forever be saying goodbye to the home that all Curonians know and love. The House of Draskovits has served under the selfless leadership of several monarchs, including (but not limited to): Frederick I, Karl I, Alfred I, Linette I, and Wilhelm I, all of House Devereux. With this, we also recognize the leadership of our Governor-General, Sylvester Halcourt and thank him and his House for their leal service to Curonia over the years. Article 1, Reaffirmation of Fealty: Per the 10th of Owyn’s Flame, 1763, House Draskovits and all of its membership: – Hereby reaffirms direct fealty to the Holy Orenian Empire, serving to protect her from any transgressors –Hereby reaffirms fealty to the Ruling House of the Empire, the House of Helane Article 2, Writ of Abdication and Closing Remarks: With this declaration, I also announce that I abdicate the Patriarchy to my eldest son and heir who shares my namesake, Véres Draskovits II; for I have grown too old and weary to lead with integrity. I hope that he will restore this once Great House back to dignity as it once did under the early years of my reign. GOD bless those that served the House of Devereux and Curonia, and GOD bless the Empire. EN NOMINE DEI, Véres II Draskovits, Patriarch of House Draskovits Ser Véres Draskovits, Knight of the Ancient Order of Ursus
  6. Everyone needs a break every now and then. Hope you get well soon, and we’ll see you soon!
  7. Welcome to LotC! I hope you have fun :c
  8. I never encountered you, but by what others are saying, you were a pretty nice guy! Sad to see that the toxicity of other players is running yet another great member of our community. We’ll miss ya. Godspeed!
  9. Fitonor de Fontaine-Elmoool recalls the time that he was apart of the Nauzican Brigade.
  10. Hey friends! I made a video guide for my RP group on how to put pre-made armored skins (or clothing) onto existing skins with clothing already on. If you have a head, you can easily just stack the layers and do it that way too. I learned that a lot of people don’t know how to do this, and it’s rather simple. I made it in like 10 minutes and forgot to bump the resolution up. Sorry about that. It’s clear enough to see the steps, hopefully. I’m also working on a thumbnail, I know that the default looks horrid. Let me know if you have any questions. My discord is down below! Website: needcoolshoes.com Discord: Chorale_#4767
  11. Vères signs. ”His Lordship, Ser Vères Draskovits, Count of Oldenburg, Baron of Drakov, Knight of the Order of Ursus, Captain of the Royal Army of Curonia”
  12. I’m pretty sure clubs don’t exist anymore.. we aced them before I was FM director.
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