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  1. PiousChorale_

    Finally, a working mod loader!

    I was able to get it working with no problem, just like forge – if not easier! I can use VoxelMaps and Optifine without issue.
  2. i posted on xxx’s thread that every playable race from the beginning should have land to avoid new player confusion. while this is technically a subrace of humans, they definitely deserve a tile. they seem like a really nice group to be apart of. +1
  3. PiousChorale_

    LaffenOutLoud's Wiki Team Application

    Hey dude! If you’re looking to just help out with lore on the Wiki, try applying for Lore Librarian. That’s mainly what those fellas do. If you’re interested in helping out in-general though, WT is for you. Any questions and you can contact me on Discord @ Chorale_#4767.
  4. don’t be mean to flambo.


    1. Whiplash


      b-but i have to be a minecraft server tough guy!!!

    2. gandalfo


      aren’t you the guy that believed slavery was acceptable?

    3. PiousChorale_
  5. PiousChorale_

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] Caranthir_'s Game Moderator Application

    Cara is beyond capable, also was a great FM from what I saw when I was the director. +1
  6. PiousChorale_


    Hi 👋
  7. PiousChorale_

    Who Can It Be Now?

    It's always sad to see a member of our Community leaving. See you on the flipside!
  8. Good morning! Hope you all have a blessed day. 

  9. Told ya you were too young to lead bud. good luck next time though

    1. Youngie5500


      Probably, but cudos for actually dedicating your time and sanity to the server, Chorale. Can't hate anyone who selflessly devote themselves to the greater good, even if misguided at times. Enjoy your hiatus ?

      Edited by Youngie5500
  10. Props to making the first step and apologizing. Honestly, good on you.

  11. I'm coming after your job.

  12. what happened to the kool_kid_56789 vlogging channel pal i really missed ur content

  13. God would be ashamed.

    1. PiousChorale_
    2. Kaldwin


      yeah that is actually fucked up. you should be ashamed of yourself