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  1. A Severance of Ties Issued and confirmed on the 11th of The First Seed, 1720 This document outlines the current dynasty of House Draskovits, succession goes in order of listing. A rebel group of false claimants to the Draskovits name had come forth and overtaken the House at one point in time. This document ensures that this sort of thing does not occur again. Those not listed on this document must relinquish their claim as a Draskovits. The only acknowledged family members as of the aforementioned date, are as follows: - His Lordship, Ser Véres I Draskovits, Patriarch His Lordship, Jarrack II Draskovits, Heir Her Ladyship, Floré Draskovits Her Ladyship, Edith Draskovits Her Ladyship, Elizabeth Draskovits His Lordship, Zamir V. Draskovits - No longer will the weary taint the Draskovits name. Those that distract our lineage will be met ruthlessly. IN NOMINE DEI, His Lordship, Ser Véres I Draskovits, Count of Oldenburg, Baron of Drakov, Baron of Mordaunt, Knight of the Order of Ursus, Captain of the Royal Army of Curonia
  2. Declaration of Regency, 1717 Issued and Confirmed by Ser Véres Draskovits I shall be going on a small hunt starting this next Saint’s Day. Due to these times being intoxicated by the stress of war, I deem it fitting that I appoint a Regent to rule in my stead. Therefore; I, Véres of the House Draskovits announce that James Mairan shall be the one to uphold this honor. I entrust in him that, should there be raids by the opposition, or an impromptu battle that must be fought, he will have the capability to call upon my banners in the name of House Draskovits and for the betterment of the County of Oldenburg and Kingdom of Curonia. Ave Curonia, Ave Drakov. Signed, His Lordship, Ser Véres Draskovits, Count of Oldenburg, Baron of Drakov, and Knight of the Honorary Order of Ursus His Excellency, James Mairan, Count-Regent of the County of Oldenburg
  3. Please bring the pinging system back, everything else I can deal with... albeit the emote colors too, but ya.
  4. My main character atm is Ser Vères “The Humble” the Count of Oldenburg and Baron of Drakov in Curon. Also a Knight of the Order of Ursus if that wasn’t already apparent!
  5. “This again. Lovely” Véres Draskovits proclaimed.
  6. Why is your character bloody

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    2. Medvekoma


      Your character is called Bloody

    3. PiousChorale_


      i don’t think so?

    4. Medvekoma


      Véres means bloody man.

  7. The loyal servant, James, brought the letters before Véres as they were posted, though he had already known they were being drafted, due to him affixing his seal and signature to the letters before they were distributed.
  8. The Order of the Phoenix [!] Fliers would be posted outside of various cities across the Realm of Arcas. “The Order of the Phoenix is now looking for strong-bodied, able men and women to serve in its ranks. You’d be expected to attend rallies and bear the tabard of House Draskovits while fighting. You’d swear an oath to not forsake any of your fellow members or the Kingdom of Curonia and the Empire of Man. For each rally you attend, there’s compensation of 50-100 minas per rally, depending on the type of assistance needed. If interested, send a bird to Véres Draskovits or any of the members of his family. ~Signed, Véres Draskovits, Commander of the Order of the Phoenix.” (Discord: Chorale_#4767)
  9. You can have a hacked client installed, sure. Just don’t use it on LotC... If you’re suspected of having a hacked client, and you do, then that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame, because there’s really no way to prove that you didn’t use it on LotC if it’s installed and you’ve been speculated of using unfair advantages on the server.
  10. don’t be mean to flambo.


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      b-but i have to be a minecraft server tough guy!!!

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      aren’t you the guy that believed slavery was acceptable?

    3. PiousChorale_
  11. It's always sad to see a member of our Community leaving. See you on the flipside!
  12. Good morning! Hope you all have a blessed day. 

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