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  1. Wait, what did I miss?

    Edited by Arafel
  2. To actually sit down and finish my skin(s) so I can start playing again.
  3. I was particularly fond of the fact you could spike your ice cream with dwarven mead and no one would bat an eye.
  4. I miss the ice cream parlor run by my frost witch aunties.
  5. There are apparently two versions of Adunian. The original, which is fragments of it, posted by Owl forever ago; and a new version of Adunian created by Chikaea a long time ago, too. When I first joined the server, my character would speak a hybrid of the two. I'm sure the posts can be located by searching for a bit. This trivia is just off of my old word doc notes. Edit: I did a bit of digging on my SSD and I located a bunch of PDF files. One contains Adunian Grammar and Phrases, the other a short Common-Adunian Dictionary. I also appear to possess an updated private copy of the Jolfmarr'tal Dictionary from 2017.
  6. If it takes <0.5% of the map, how large is the map?
  7. This x2. Pre-built mega cities will only hurt the map's reception if they cannot be largely populated within the first couple weeks, as the majority of their districts will become desolate, with the exception of their keeps and gate plazas.
  8. Just build tiny towns and start from there once it releases.
  9. This. Didn't people explicitly request they downscale the landscale/terrain and stop drawing it like 2012 mega builds are still the hottest trend?
  10. If this is the approach they've taken since I was last around, it would explain so much. This is so backwards, it's borderline comedic.
  11. Why would you make new antagonists each map, if no one can ever hope to be as good at antagonising the playerbase as the players themselves?
  12. I'm only commenting to remember to return and read through all this later down the line.
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