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KiausT (The Alpha ****)

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    That's racist

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  1. **** you Shelby 

    1. chardiddler


      yeah shelby you *****

  2. Lower the amount of spooks?

    Do something about it in roleplay instead of piggy backing on moderators. That’s metagaming.
  3. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    Just cuz you hadn't heard of them doesn't mean no one has. My halfling homo knows a lot of them.
  4. Your View: Techlock

    Okay, if you voted for modern technology just get the **** off the server, and go play on a modern rp server. Also magi tech is cool, but I want to see how this lotc fantasy tech goes.
  5. Yes hi, if anyone is willing to a sell a 3ds or 2ds for an honest and cheap price, I would appreciate it if you would contact me on the forums. I'll pay cash, mineman coins, or favors. Maybe even a combination of the options. 

    1. Fid


      how about a gameboy, wanna buy that

  6. Patch 5.2.3a

    Rep fix soon pls
  7. Loosen These Bizarro Theft Restrictions

    If you're a "successful merchant" company, you can easily afford to build your shop in a secure location that can be easily locked up once offline, or you could easily build the defensive means around your shop. (Or you could not have your most precious items on display and simply make a sign saying that you are selling said item and if someone wants to purchase the item they should contact you, and then hide the oh so precious pixels in a chest 50 meters underground or some bullshit, seriously, it's not that hard dude)
  8. Where the hell is the rep at

  9. Loosen These Bizarro Theft Restrictions

    Ooc barriers such as this only strengthen the "nothing bad happens to the good guys who don't want anything bad to happen" aspect of the server. And when bad things DO happen to someone, seldom does the person attempt to find out who stole from them irp, but instead they whine about it on the forums or to their pocket staff. It's rediculous, unfair, and honestly just childish. Let villains be villains. Let victims be victims. Let roleplay be roleplay.
  10. [Sensory Illusion] [MA] Vestelle

    Memes never quit What the hell did you quote me for you charlatan
  11. [Sensory Illusion] [MA] Vestelle

    You only married him for the magic
  12. Defender Default and the joke it's become

    I've had tons of great rp fights. I've had one where the guy was new to rp fighting. He was powergaming and emoting badly, so I stopped and helped him through it. Things were much better afterwards.
  13. Declaration of Sovereignty

    "Hrrrm... Mal latum flûst" states a red and black clad morghuul.
  14. You gotta quit the application team fam, I ******* hate all these notifications 

  15. [CA] [Homunculi] Ivlisar Naereas, The Lost Cleric

    Ooh what's this