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  1. KiausT (The Alpha ****)


    These are a thing. Gauntlets can be enchanted to fire an arcanic beam of energy to be fired at an opponent. They only work like once or twice before needing to be recharged, however. Sorry if someone already explained it. It's probably more complicated than what I just described, but that's the gist of it.
  2. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    [Community Review] Server Rules Rewrite

    Uhhh from what I know, unless your persona can’t die because CA, suicide is always Pk no matter the circumstances
  3. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    make new player applications harder

    That’s.. not what I meant for my point to be. The point to be made, which may have been unclear, is that there is no lore required anymore to join this server. You don’t have to know anything. Just plop in the name of a town that exists in lotc, match the time period you were born to fit your character, and boom you’re in. I referenced the fact that a war between the dwarves and the humans had been going on, I described the town I grew up using the descriptions the Wiki had given me, and probably something else that I don’t remember, but wasn’t enough. Every time nowadays I see a paragraph of a few sentences getting accepted for a backstory, I laugh. “Yup, they know the name of a town. They indeed are ready for this.”
  4. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    Abyssus's Lore Master Application

  5. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    Was gunna make a pretty long post cuz I’ve played a villain for a long time, but parkins p much covered it. Played an evil cannibalistic pirate chef once, and as edgy as that sounds, people loved me. Of course that was on another server, so maybe that’s irrelevant. Anyways, people are stuck in an “if I don’t win, I don’t have fun.” That’s the biggest pile of bullshit ever. So immature. I lose 90% of my fights as a villain. I’ve been pvp’d, shish kebabed on a spike, and have had my head caved in multiple times as a villain, and I love every minute of it. It’s fun to lose sometimes. People just need to learn how to have fun with it, and no one seems to want to take the initiative to show someone how to properly roleplay, because properly roleplaying means you have to lose sometimes. That’s just the fact of it, and it’s a fact a lot of people don’t understand.
  6. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    make new player applications harder

    Tfw my first application was paragraphs and paragraphs long, and even though the AT member told me how great I did and how I had p much wrote a novel, I still got denied because I got my lore wrong once or twice. Now kids these days just make up any John Doe story and it’s good. Dumb stuff, let’s fix that.
  7. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    Ask Kiaus cuz he’s at work and he’s bored

    How does it feel to be hit with a wave of anxiety every time you’re at a family function and they ask what you’re planning on doing after college :^) I’m a security guard at a casino
  8. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    Ask Kiaus cuz he’s at work and he’s bored

    I’m a bored at work; ask me ****. Or don’t. I don’t give a ****
  9. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    ask hex

    What do you think of yourself
  10. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    ask hex

    What doth thou think of me
  11. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    The Hypocrisy of the Administration Team and their blatant disregard for Pedophilia

    The "adult thing to do" I feel you're trying to get at is notify the police, but in reality that wouldn't work. We'd have to have specific details in order to turn the pedo into the proper authorities. You can't just call 911 and say "oh halp sir mister pedo over here es pedoing ma mineman server up wont you please arres teh pedo". You have to know where they live, their physical address, and gather up a HEFTY some of evidence in order to make your claim look legitimate. Do you understand how many false pedo claims agencies get just because some edgy 14 year old lost a game of CoD? The people in this thread want the direct problem at hand solve. This problem is the fact that we have a number of select people who enjoy erotically roleplaying with minors. We want them off of our server. Yeah, they'll go to some other server, it's not hard to find a kid who wants to engage in adult things on the internet, but as long as it gets them off of our server, I and a handful of other nerdy ass minecraft roleplayers will be happy.
  12. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    The Hypocrisy of the Administration Team and their blatant disregard for Pedophilia

    This server really needs to set some precedents. Is it okay to use discord as evidence or not? Seriously guys, for ****'s sake get ******* organized. At least I got to get on this juicy forum thread.
  13. peep discord my dude


  14. The lack of fast travel makes lotc hard to play tbh

    1. 1784


      The fact that the Dominion will soon fall makes the server easy to play tbh

    2. LtBepis


      Holding W for 10 minutes only to realise there's noone there and having to run back is sooo much fun...