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KiausT (The Alpha ****)

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  1. Anyone else as excited for outlast 2 as I am?

  2. Parkins for lore team 2017

  3. The only time my ghoul has attacked someone unprevoked was because he needed a new larynx so he could talk easier
  4. I'd totally play your daughter if I were more active in-game.
  5. I don't really know who you are, however you are already cool because you are also from Oklahoma, Okies unite!

    1. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      I was mildly disturbed at how you knew where I lived until I saw that it's on my profile. Okies unite!

    2. LordCommander


      Hahaha! apologies for weirding ya out


  6. We need to set up a Mos Eisley Cantina somewhere right this instant. I love love love this idea.
  7. So, what is there to do on lotc nowadays 

  8. I absolutely agree. I remember like a month or two ago when my ghoul and a necro went out to find my ghoul a new larynx to help his voice sound normal. We ended up getting into a fight, obviously, and one thing led to another and people died. I was expecting to get complaints, but at the end of the rp, we were told that it had been one of the funnest rp events the victims ended up having. (We didn't win, mind you. It was more of a messy draw.) They ended up PK'ing, and I felt bad at first, but eventually I realized how nice it felt to have our actions have a lasting effect. It would be so much more fun if people roleplayed consequences and stopped whining about the bad guys ******* a few things up before the "heroes" arrive. And don't even get me started about the "heroes" who just want to get a fight over with instead of making it fun. (Be me, ghoul talking to ascendant 4+ Paladins show up out of no where Ghoul gets nervous, just fed, doesn't want trouble Ghoul tries to leave calmly Paladins tackle ghoul Impale ghoul Decapitate ghoul No time for ghoul to emote anything other than being effected by blows Ghoul dead "Yay we win! That was fun") This. Not this tho.
  9. Someone with talent needs to create an empire with a culture similar to the ancient Finnish before their fall after the great Finno-Koran Hyper War. Now that would lead to some great roleplay. 

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    2. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      @James2k Smh James. The Finnish empire was once one of the most culturally advanced in the entire world. It wasn't until after they went to war with the Hwan Empire (who were wiped from existence because of their loss) that the Finnish lost their amazing culture. That's what made this war so terrible. It wasn't just the loss of life, but the loss of learning and culture and civilization. Learn your history man. 

    3. James2k


      the great zimbabwean empire was the only place with any culture pre-1867 sorry bud

    4. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      You only think that because the vast majority of historical documents of the Finnish empire and the Hwan empire was destroyed. You won't find anything concerning them in any normal history textbook you get in school. In fact, after the Finnish won the war (barely), they proceed their conquest by destroying every piece of evidence that the Hwan empire even existed, similar to the Spanish and the Aztecs. However, the blood-thirst of Hernando Cortes pales miserably in the face of the destruction campaign wrought by the Finnish.

  10. "Should have came.. to Ker'nor." Balmak replies.
  11. Kry gets a plus one and anyone who thinks she doesn't deserve it is wrong
  12. If this is what Druid rp consists of, I want to be apart of it.
  13. What do you think of me
  14. Make one about my ghoul, Balmak. Make the song fast and upbeat, starting off with how he's a really chill guy, but if you confuse him, he'll kill you violently. Talk about how he travels everywhere using his disguises, and he has a lot of pals. Then make the song get dark and slow, talking about how in life all he wanted to do was raise a family, and how now as a ghoul, he can't even remember the fact that he has a daughter. But then make the song get upbeat and happy again and talk about how all he wants is to make his necromancer happy and how he feels like Nicholas is the only real friend he has. I'd prefer you to squeeze this all in within two minutes, but if you can't, I can try and get enough minas to make it 3.