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KiausT (The Alpha ****)

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    I enjoy long walks on the beach, listening to jazz as I watch the sun se- oh shit wait I thought this was Match.com. Sorry, how embarrassing..

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    Vas Vincrute, Cecilia Lepida, Balmak-Kibol (Millosm Lepida)

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  1. @Kowaman can you explain the context of this
  2. Kind of weird that I can't find a lot of Thomas' posts anymore.. Wonder what happened to them..

  3. -OOC- Minecraft Name: KiausT Skype (Preferred, not required): KiausT Teamspeak (Necessary, mic not required): I'm in your teamspeak Nexus Professions: I don't remember Will this be your main?: My second main. I'll rp on it more if rp in norland grows, as every time I visit, no one is rping and everyone is just standing around or the town is empty. -IC- Name: The Chef Race: Human Age: 30 something Where do you live?: Norland Past service to the Ashguard or it's many iterations: I got hit by a girl in your tavern once; that's about it. Uniform: We'll see
  4. Truly eye opening.
  5. At least we can dye beds now
  6. This. I wholeheartedly agree with staff transparency, and I believe it could do plenty of good if used correctly. An important question, would this effect bans in which the accused is refused access to the evidence banning them? I believe it is absolute ridiculous for that to occur, and that anyone and everyone deserves the right to understand why they are being banned. I've never been a personal victim of this, but I do know of at least one other person that this happened to, and possibly another though I'm not sure what the outcome of that ban was.
  7. Fix voting when

    1. mitto


      im pretty sure its not broken it was just against eula

    2. Harold


      What mitto said but economy team is looking at as far as I know ^^

  8. A halfling would be wandering about through the path to Sutica, a battle axe in hand as he searches for the man that had tried to kidnap him just a month earlier. At the corner of his eye he spots a note stuck to an old tree. Curious, he wanders over to it and gives it a read. "Hmm.. Marcy did say I needed to make some friends.." He gives a shrug and, after picking up a piece of chalk, writes out: "Snatcher" He then goes about his way once more, lightly tossing his axe from one hand to another.
  9. I'd enjoy helping in any way I can. I often play a villain, and at the same time I often play the victim. Be it on my ghoul, my angry pirate chef, or my innocent elf. Hook me up, skype is KiausThompson
  10. Balmak Kibol would find one such poster, read it, then scoff. "How.. quaint." He then wanders off to go about his day.
  11. I too wish to learn how to bend spoons with my mind
  12. So what's the deal with the shamanism rewrite, could someone explain the situation to me? 

    1. meg


      Got stalled due to various circumstances and changing of hands on teams. Should be chugging along now under @DivineJustice

    2. Marijuanaology


      It's not a complete rewrite. Everything is pretty much staying the same but Dark Shamanism is being worked on I know, though the way it's written is very confusing.

    3. DivineJustice


      Farseer is changing, Lutauman is being tweaked slightly, Elementalist is getting more lore, dark shamanism completely different, and Spirit Smithing, and Witchdoctor is changing as well. However, due to the complexity of the magic, and around 50 or so spirits which each need to be explained it takes some time. Expect it to be finished in 1-2 weeks.

  13. Add me back to the chat
  14. Help me name these guys pls. The white one is a boy and the black one is a girl