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KiausT (The Alpha ****)

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    I enjoy long walks on the beach, listening to jazz as I watch the sun se- oh shit wait I thought this was Match.com. Sorry, how embarrassing..
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    Vas Vincrute, Cecilia Lepida, Balmak-Kibol (Millosm Lepida)

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  1. Don't just joke about this please. I rp'd someone who legit thought they could do this...
  2. Aww. My undead heart breaks
  3. The more appropriate term would be "self-nuked"
  4. We've told you at least twice that @MaxGemini was not the one who chat bombed. You are only proving him right when he called you stubborn. Personally, from my few experiences with you, you always want to be right. When you are wrong, you do not own up to it. You are argumentative, rude, and often times ignorant. These are traits that I do not want to see someone have on a staff team. I really like your edgy guild, and I find your enthusiasm for things a lot, but frankly, you're far too aggressively defensive. It's a -1 for me. EDIT You literally just blackmailed @Flapman. Someone who has the skin to blackmail anyone doesn't belong on staff. Make it -2
  5. Here you go (doggo pics included)
  6. Name: Kibol Age: 31 Race: Human Role: Courier Are you willing to live in Mjol?: Yes Profession: N/A MC username: KiausT Timezone: Central
  7. "**** off. I serve only the Rurics, and a Lady Ruric is in charge at the moment. I will lay my life on the line for her, and I will not allow this great Norland to be given up so easily." Officer Cecilia Lepida would state.
  8. Lothas pretty cool as long as you aren't a ghoul. She bullies my ghoul on the daily.
  9. "I serve only the Rurics, just as my father before me once did. May the All-Father spit on your grave." Cecilia Lepida angrily states upon learning of the decree.
  10. Psyche ~No I'm not leaving, I just wanted rep.~ (not a meme, just my dog)
  11. Vas shrugs as curiosity gets the best of him. He takes out his favorite ink quill and signs Vas Umbra-Vincrute in large, neatly done cursive.
  12. "300 Minas for the tread of dark illusions"
  13. He's an amazing builder. The Krag looks beautiful! Like no joke I saved a screen shot of it and show friends bc it's so nice and sexy. Also know the guy from birthright, and he was a cool dude to work with. +1