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KiausT (The Alpha ****)

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    I enjoy long walks on the beach, listening to jazz as I watch the sun se- oh shit wait I thought this was Match.com. Sorry, how embarrassing..

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    Vas Vincrute, Cecilia Lepida, Balmak-Kibol (Millosm Lepida)

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  1. I've had tons of great rp fights. I've had one where the guy was new to rp fighting. He was powergaming and emoting badly, so I stopped and helped him through it. Things were much better afterwards.
  2. "Hrrrm... Mal latum flûst" states a red and black clad morghuul.
  3. You gotta quit the application team fam, I ******* hate all these notifications 

  4. "Hrrm... An undead.. army? Those were.. not my men." Balmak-Kibol states upon hearing the news. He leaves to investigate.
  5. Ooh what's this
  6. I'm not even a ******* mage, nor have I ever had any magic on this server
  7. Yes, because when a staff member does something and someone disagrees, it's because they're bias. ***** hold on
  8. It effects me because it's annoyin as **** to see people ***** so much. This playerbase does nothing but ***** instead of appreciate that they have great people volunteering their time to this server for not even so much as a thank you. The staff could ******* fix every single thing about his server, and people would still find a way to b i t ch. It's ******* stupid and immature as hell.
  9. Literally, people love to ***** because they love to *****, Jesus this autistic player base pisses me off
  10. https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/meme/images/8/8b/Y_actually.png/revision/latest?cb=20150702164848 Insanity is a legal term, and the word was invented to describe a criminal who doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong. Hate to be the that guy, but I had to post something besides ******* bitching like everyone else is
  11. Why do people love to ***** so much Jesus Christ; he broke a rule and got banned big deal

  12. "One thousand one hundred ******* minas!" The halfling shouts angrily.
  13. "I need that ******* amulet." States a deep voiced halfling. "Seven hundred Minas."
  14. "Rafe is too smart to be missing. Surely he's on some sort of vacation." Marcas rolls his eyes, then reads the fine print at the bottom. "Good luck with that."