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  1. When things rushed, Things get choatic.

  2. Well! If that is the case they should update /perks. Because for the information I get using /perks is that I have acces to TWO Custom Tags. See yourself using /perks. Or here is a screenshot of it. https://prntscr.com/nwnwox
  3. **MC Names of all involved** _SweetBunny_ **Description** Unable to set a custom tag when being Diamond Level using /cardex **Date of occurance** 02/06/2019 (DD/MM/YYYY) 0:45 **In game specifications** Naïra Enrique **Steps to Reproduce** For example 1. Use the command: /cardex CT set 2 Personality Kind, supportive and Cheerfull most of the time **Expected Behavior** Tag assigns **Actual Behavior** Error: You are not allowed to set a custom tag with index 2 **Additional Information** I’ve tried to set as 0 to. Doesn’t work. This is what it shows for the list **Error Message**
  4. Assuming this question get’s asked a lot. But will LOTC Consider in the long future, to move over to HyTale? IF the platform will be considered worthy
  5. They lied! We must do something about it.

  6. ya know... I am amazed by the art.. Oh god But the price is currently to high for me... So ya gotta wait ((really xD)) But I will surely consider. don't ya worry
  7. IGN: ZoruaSama Race: Human Rank: Nokud Extra: Already in Got told it was good to write it down, so I wrote this down :P
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