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  1. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    I think people would create personas just for pvp again, instead of fighting on their actual characters.
  2. Raid Rules Feedback

    Before beginning a raid you must use /modreq to inform the moderation team of the Raid beginning. All that’s required is the modreq to be filed - after it has been created you can proceed with the Raid with or without moderator supervision. An example looks like this: “/modreq I am raiding Town A with 8 players and I, John Doe, will be leading the raid.” ****
  3. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    AMEN But yh, Gms have been refusing to act even though they've seen a mass pugsy etc. The GM team definitely needs a rework, maybe even a purge.

    The boat washed ashore near the Warnation of Krugmar's harsh beaches, strong waves battering against it's hull. "Let's get down to bussiness." Hazurk said, eyes settled on the walls of Krugmar.
  5. [Denied]Treshure's GM Application

    -1 Willing to stand for a mass-pugsy. Seems like a good dude OOCly with bad intentions.
  6. Hazurk'Raguk starts smithing spears for the hunt. "Lup-KRUGMAR."
  7. when will you be back my love

  8. Café's with wifi are p cool.

  9. big dog goes home

    Peace my dude
  10. Alternative Death System

    I think we should make it so if you're killed, you have to RP out the injuries untill they can be repaired.
  11. Mapleshire election signup!

    Name: dINGlYDuD'Fud! Race(if you're not a halfling you cannot run): oLog What do ya want to run for?: mAyuRR Favorite drink?: piZz What do you plan on doing if you are elected?: EeHtZ! Anything else to add?: <o/
  12. Gunpowder Vote

    Staff won't listen anyways, they almost never do.