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  1. Free Art

    I hope you can get to this one, your art looks great! Basically a crimson Uruk that's pretty short and stout, with high muscle density. He has a bald head, and a long beard, with yellow eyes. He wears just a mere Lioncloth. Here's my skin.
  2. Good to see that Humans are being pushed forwards more by a buff! :D

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Humans already dominate the server why would they need a buff?

    3. Honor


      Sarcasm didn't transfer from text it seems.

    4. NotEvilAtAll



      I should've known from the Orc picture as your profile pic

  3. RP death

    I think we just need to force people to rp out injuries. A cut, arm being cut off etc.
  5. The Return. ((Late Post))

    "Lat am ztill a broken cog, yet to be fixed." Hazurk'Raguk commented.
  6. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    Literally the only NSFW thing I've seen on LotC in 1 year is one of Leowarrior's cyber logs.
  7. A New Era

    "Era ub th'nubded?" Hazurk'Raguk comments as he hears of the news.
  8. [Complete]SLAVE [5 year old high elf]

  9. The Dead Reside Under the Mountain

    "House Wyne's on th' table if Minae be on th' table; Luckily for ye, FALK Geldmeister be providin' th' minae." Lord Garsen Wyne Announced.
  10. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    That's a pretty ******* childish way of responding, even if it is a meme. (This is the last place you should be memeing, as it's a form of feedback.) The man is trying to help you, and you shut him down like this. smh
  11. House Wyne - Human House

    "WELCOME to the fat club. Come speak to me or Kalf in Little Ysrael." Garsen Wyne said.
  12. House Wyne - Human House

    "Welcome, Ye fat ****. Come see me or Protect Kalf in Lil' Ysrael." Garsen cussed.
  13. HOUSE WYNE “**** words” Colours: Purple and Gold Though not a house of Nobility, nor empty promises of Honor and Valor, House Wyne is an interesting group of individuals. Caring only for minae, wine and a good ******* time, it is not unusual to find a member of House Wyne spending their time in a Tavern or around a market, yet uncommon for them to join the guard unless in a scheming plot. They hold no Loyalties, though are not afraid to make and break promises. “It be better to kneel an’ live than stand and die, lad.” - A footman of House Wyne HISTORY A member of House Wyne, 1625 House Wyne is a new and young house, yet to put its purple stain on the world. Founded by Garsen Wyne, it yet has to acquire footsoldiers and loyalists. Not recognized through any empire for its ‘nobility’, they are usually disliked by other houses of Orenia and Norland. The members of House Wyne are still to sworn to any nation, yet it is likely that day will never come to pass. RESIDENCY The Current area of where House Wyne is settles is Little Ysrael in Adelburg, owned by Kalf Goldhand. FAMILY House Wyne is governed by it’s lady and lord, yet unlike other houses, House Wyne does not hand lordship over to the Eldest, but to the one that will make the House the Richest. The Lord will always have an envelope on which provides information on the next lord. FAMILY RANKS; Even though it is Unlike Wyne tradition, Ranks are needed to keep the poor tamed and the Rich powerful YARDBIRD The richest and most powerful of the 'Nobles' inside of House Wyne. PLEBE The middle-men, not the richest nor the poorest rank inside of House Wyne. SPROG The Poor Fuckers-rank inside of House Wyne. CUSTOMS An Halfling performing at a party held by House Wyne; 1628 Badmouthing; “Drunkards, bastards without name, wenches” Above are some of the words often used to describe members of House Wyne, though the ‘friendly descriptions’ usually fall flat, them taking proud in being Insulted, or more often the case; Them growing on a certain insult which is thrown towards them in the Inns and Taverns. Wynes take pride in coming up with the cleverest insults they can manage, which the best being commended with a tankard of mulled wine. Singing; Yep, Wynes delve into soothing their wounds or healing their soul with music and drink. It is a well-known fact that Wynes have deep and tender voices, and they embrace this fact by displaying it in well-populated areas. The Maiden of Alrash A maiden from Alrash The subject of my wonder And also the rash That is down under Fatbuttum Silverblade Second of her name Although I’m not afraid to admit I paid I still felt flayed And on the morrow My wallet empty, my needs fulfilled To my horror, I gaze upon her My eyes were unskilled The ale must have gotten to me For that was no wench But Peter Sigismund, pretty as a flea But oh, his stench! Honor and Valor Oh tarnation, the retardation Of those who fight with Honor; Always so Somber! They be everywhere in sight, Their hearts full o’ light Aye, with Honor ye can fight But ye’ll be givin’ up yer life! Golden Trading company The golden tradin’ company Nae, they do not work subtly Their words be bouldering; Their ferocity be leavin’ ye stumblin’ Always scroungin’ for a penny Which leaves their wealth many Nae mess with th’ Golden trading company; For they do not work subtly Maiden under th’ tree (ASOIAF) My featherbed is deep and soft, and there I’ll lay you down, I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown. For you shall be my lady love, and I shall be your lord I’ll always keep you warm and safe, and guard you with my sword. And how she smiled, and how she laughed, the maiden of the tree. She spun away and said to him, no featherbed for me. I’ll wear a gown of golden leaves, and bind my hair with grass But you can be my forest love and me your forest lass Drinks; Any man of House Wyne which has not tasted the taste of wine on his/her lips, is no member of House Wyne. A child of House Wyne is first offered a tankard of Mulled Wine on his/her 12th birthday. Master brewers, Wynes take pride in brewing their secret-drink ‘Buckfast Tonic’ and often sell it on the markets. RELICS First Bottle of Buckfast The first ever bottle of Buckfast ever brewed, truly a magnificent sight. . . It is House Wyne’s Sygil. Grape Squisher A ceremonial sword used mainly squishing grapes with it’s pommel. SOLDIERS The men of House Wyne are not born into the House, nor loyal men. The ranks of house Wyne consisted of cutthroats and sellswords. They can wear whatever they wish and use whatever weapon they prefer, though if considered well-taught in fighting, they will be handed extra gear. Application to Join the Wyne Footmen; Name: Race: Age: Proficiency in fighting: Preferred drink: