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    “ANG GUND GRIIZH” Hazurk'Raguk exclaimed.
  2. Fix Defender Default

    **** my argument is invalid! oh noes
  3. oh you're a flay, I ******* took the bait there
  4. There's an actual meme reasoning behind it. some dude said blah is more like latin then africanese languages,
  5. Act of Regency

    "Ahahah! Agh zo dah kuntz uze 'wordz' to dizmay dah heartz ub warriorz?" Hazurk'Raguk roars, shaking his head.
  6. Fix Defender Default

    lol try again kid Not even at peak times
  7. They sing in Mardon

    "Hmpff, diz zhara rex zouhndz myghti, mih appruuhv ub diz." Hazurk'Raguk commented.
  8. Fix Defender Default

    Anyone who thinks this is genuinely braindead. Who's gonna raid with 3 people? LotC should be a place for PVPers and RPers both. Also yes
  9. Back in the Norlands (Episode 10)

    Perhaps play an Orcish brute or Slave working his way up to become an Honorary? I'd be willing to help you and I think you'd enjoy it from your 'Top 10 races' video.
  10. Times are Gone

    "Hmpff, Alweyz blah'n uhb uhld, inztehd ub aktualli mayk'n a chaynjj." Hazurk scoffed, shaking his head.
  11. [MA] Boerak'Lak

    MC Name: AFRICANESE_ Character's Name: Boerak’Lak Character's Age: 29 (Persona card is incorrect) Character's Race: Uruk What magic(s) will you be learning?: Shamanism - Earth Elementalism Teacher's MC Name: Travista Teacher's RP Name: Shreck’Lak Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes.
  12. I better add my +1 to the list.
  13. [Denied] [ET ACTOR] Aevary

    This might come off as Bias, but I know this man. I have spent valuable time enjoying his RP. He has a certain feel to it all, mostly for comedic effect but Aevary is def on the list for serious RP as well. +1 from me.
  14. [Denied] [ET ACTOR] Azdromoth

    Had some fun events with this guy +1